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-House Maiority Lead-

er and Leyte (1at Disr)
Volume XXXX, No. 245 Monday, July 29, 2019 I P10.00
Rep. Martin homuet:
dez converses with
columnist, lecturerand
actress Boots Anson-
Roa, whose real name
is Maria Elisa Cristo-
bal Anson- Rodrioo.
after the mass whicli
honored the life and
commemorated the
40th Day ot Ramon
B. Cardenas at the
Greenhills West Ctub-
house in San Juan
City. Boots and Ra-
mon were tormer mem-
bers of the philippine
tmbassy stalt of for-
mer Ambassador and
LeyteGov. Beniamin
"Kokoy" Romu6tdez
in New York. Photo bv
partment to cater to the byemo na tumidnsin din
needs of millions of Over- dardization Law {SSLI 1.l
ng oPPortumty clear the wav to aiother
seas Iilipino Workers
(OFWs; anlC d1s; 12m;1;s
sard Layetano. pay inoease, how that the
-,-__Dgpniy Speaker LRav head of the President,s eco-
"Sa OFW Department VUratuerte said the HoDs;
"We are now organiz€d muna, rto nga ang Dansal_ nomic team-Finance Sec_
leadership will make a bis
to delibemfe hesidat Du- awang bill -na biin'asa"sa push on ihe creation of thE
retary Caflos Dominsuez
terte'spriority measues. The Kongreso. In out case_ I lJepartment for overseas
III-has rcvealed thai the
plenary has already elected have authored it with Eovehment has enough
our colleagues to the maior Filipino workers tOFWsr funds to implernent anoi6-
lraguig Cityl Consress_
posi tiods, '' said RomuatrJl,z tong
with the DeDarhnents er salary aaiustment
woman l,ani Cayetanb and
of DGaster Resilieice DDR )
"Both Speaker CaveF Deputy Spealier paoto and ol water tesource; "Thd Hoitse of ReDre-

ano and I eave the comin - DLrterte. Itoav

isa namans (DI s€ntatives, rmder tlrc laad-
ment that-we are eoins to paniniwala ng atine panY \uvv^, R) and
ano the apptoval
tne approval of ership oI Speaker tAlan
another pay hike foi govem-
r,,,ork double tim;. T"am gulo noong 2016 pa:
Peter) Caydtano. r,Joutrt
elated Lhat the newlv elecF arunayan ko tonoons make a biig push for the
ed Minority Leader.'pasror
naia Villafuerte said the Dlan lmmecbate consideration
DI.A (Departnnent oI For_ also includes teachem'aJld
Benny Abinte, shares the eign Affairs) ako na kahir of thenew salary hike and
same yiew. With thi6 shared
nurses, in support of pres_ the creation of -three new
anong malasakit ng DIA iden t Dutertets call for swift
commitment, I
have no secretafy at ng Paniulo sa congressional action on
cloubt that this
will be one UlW, kailangan mat isans these initiatives durins his
do$ed bi. President Du-
ot the most productive rn-charge na nakatut'ok h in: latest State of the N;tion
terie in fus 4th SONA-
Longress ever,,' Romual- di lang sa weuare and Dro_ more so now drat the head
dez added Address (SONA). of-the state economic tealn
Cayetano said he is lectior; pero pati sa mi&a_ He added there is more has neither raised anv ob-
hanaP ng mas magagan- reason for the Conqress to
committed to a DroDosal oang opportunity, dtDat jection to nor fundin{ con-
creatbg a full-pleitge de- nu;aoong ahensyi ng io_
wfite }|e'i^r' lesi;lation cerns over these DtoDos_
amending tlre Salary Sran- als," said Villafueite. '