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29/07/2019 Money Is Your Life Blood | REAL MADE MEN


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Money Is Your Life Blood

Originally posted on: Jul 14, 2011.

I always talk about how you guys need to spend money in order to get noticed by women. However,
I want to talk about the other end of the spectrum, men who spend too much money in order to get
the women that they desire. These men see other men with hot girls, and out of envy, they throw as
much money as they possibly can into a lifestyle that they hope will a ract the ho est girls.

Some of these guys actually succeed. They spend an incredible amount of money, and are able to
sleep with the women that they want to be sleeping with. That said, no one actually pays a ention to
what happens to these players down the line. They all end up dating fat white women. Not because
they want to, or because they themselves are physically una ractive, but rather, because their very
life blood, money, is incredibly scarce, and fat white women are the only women that will have them.

Why is that so? It’s because said men lived way beyond their means. They rushed out of their parents
home too soon to get an apartment too early. They spent entirely too much money hanging out with
their friends. They ran up debt on items that they really couldn’t afford. In turn, these men ruined
their credit or placed themselves in a situation where they have so much debt that they get stuck
living paycheck to paycheck. And if they were really lucky, they were gifted child support payments
while they work a job that pays really crappy.

Let me get something out of the way: money isn’t all that important to most women. However,
without it, your options with women are incredibly limited, especially if you’re an older guy (no
a ractive woman wants a 35 year old man with nothing to show for himself). Without it, you can’t
afford to go to the places where the good-looking women hang out at, you can’t afford to buy nice
clothes to get noticed by good-looking women, you can’t afford to get loans to be er yourself, you
can’t afford to buy the big ticket items that signal to women that you’re a success.

As a player, especially you younger guys, you have to be able to see five or ten years down the line.
You may not be able to get the women you want now because of a lack of resources, but if you choose
to get yourself into a financial mess, you will struggle with women for the rest of your life. At least
when you’re young, there is a way out, a future with women. However, if you get yourself into a
financial mess, your bills will pile up, your credit will be ruined beyond repair, and you’ll spend your
way into a black hole of oblivion with women. Money is your life blood, and you should always treat
it as such.

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29/07/2019 Money Is Your Life Blood | REAL MADE MEN

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