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On signing this I declare that I will follow all the From the date at the foot of this contract you indefinitely are full property of the Derby Celts Motor Cycle
rules laid out in the Property Contract section of Club. The only exceptions are working hours, direct family emergencies, illness, or legal duties. All other times
not mentioned you are owned wholly buy the club and must follow instructions whenever given.
the document.
The only way out of contract is to complete the “GET OUT CLAUSE”, which can only be activated with 1
I have read through and fully understand and months notice.
commit to all items listed and discussed.

If I fail to comply, and evidence is provided where BODY

I failed, the contract will be terminated and I
commit to pay £3000 to Derby Celts MCC, and Buy signing this contract you understand that your body is now full property of the club at all times unless
complete a “walk of shame” at a location to be previously stated. As your body will be fully owned by the club, they have full right to dictate where you will
chosen by the Club Principal. be, what will be worn, and what you will do until the contract terminates.

Katie Hardwick

You must carry out all work tasks, jobs, and activities given to you by any member of the group when asked.
________________________________________ The task must be done to the best of your ability with no complaints at any time.


All sexual requests must be carried out as requested whenever possible. On signing this contract, you forfeit
the right to refuse sexual acts to any official member of the group. Any member of the group also has the
right to demand you to carry out sexual acts of ANY type with any other persons.
On signing this Derby Celts MCC agree to allow
Any requests regarding acts involving activities that may cause bruising or injury, poo, and excessive pain
Katie Hardwick to live her life as normal at all times may be refused and reported to other club members, as these are not permitted.
that she is not called upon for the group under the
details of this contract.

We fully understand and commit to follow this The club has the right to take any photos and videos of Katie at any time, in any situation, wherever and
contract as it is written. whenever they want.

Whenever Katie is acting under contract, we will The club also owns full rights and privileges to all photos and videos taken during the contract period; this
keep her safe at all times. includes distribution rights.

If any member of Derby Celts MCC fails to comply

with all that is written the contract is terminated. TRANSPORT
Also, all photos and videos taken during the
period of the contract must be deleted Only excusable reason for not fulfilling the terms of this contract is if you are unable for any reason to attend
where you are needed due to transport issues. If evidence is provided that you are unable to get to us, and
we are unable to fetch you, it will not be seen as a breach of contract.

Michael Davidson, Club Principle



Any illness, accident, or death where direct family members are involved. Direct family includes mother,
father, any grandparents, any siblings.


The club has full control over all photos of you Katie. Any photos sent out yourself without prior approval
will result in a breach of contract. It also allows the club to use all photos, past and present, and videos
for any purpose they wish including public showings, posters, flyers etc.


Being unable to commute do to being away from Cardiff for family, work or social reasons. Also if your
car is not drivable and a member unable to pick you up.


Katie Hardwick must walk a minimum of 0.5 miles along a route set by the club principle. The walk must
be completed under the following conditions
- Hair tied up
- Black high heels
- Naked
- Must receive at least 5 cumshots prior to walking, that cannot be washed off
- The words “I chose this, I’m a slut” must be written on the body


When the club claims to keep Katie safe it is meant that she will not come to any harm from any third
parties she gest involved with when under instruction of the club.


To end the contract Katie will spend one night with each member of the group as full property of that
person, followed by a weekend of at least 48 hours spent living and working at the clubhouse under
current contract rules, carry out at least 5 professional pornographic photoshoots and 2 posed nude
ones, star in a porn film made by the group lasting a minimum of 1 hour.

Once all this is completed Katie must receive a cumshot from any club member that wishes to
participate, with a minimum of 10 men. She will then be dropped at the end of the street she resides at
to walk to her house. Once home she must never contact the group again.