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Reg ion a l S em in ar f o r t h e P ar li am ent s of C ent ra l an d E ast e rn E urop e a nd C ent ra l

As i a
organized jointly by the Hungarian National Assembly and the Inter-Parliamentary Union
23-24 February 2017, Budapest (Hungary)

Please fill in and return one form per participant before 31 January 2017 directly to the selected

Sofitel Budapest Hotel President Hotel Hélia

(Booking deadline: 31 Jan.) (Booking deadline: 20 Jan.) (Booking deadline: 31 Jan.)
E-mail: E-mail: E-mail:
h3229@sofitel.com corporate@hotelpresident.hu david.peto@danubiushotels.com
Fax: Fax: Fax:
+36-1-235-1361 +36-1-510-3450 +36-1-889-5800

Please use block-letters.

Family name: Mr. / Mrs. __________________________________________________

First name: _____________________________________________________________

Country: _____________________________________________________________

Title/Function: _____________________________________________________________

Date of arrival: _______________________________ Time

Date of departure: Time: _______

Name of reserved Hotel:

Phone: _____________________Fax: ____________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

Credit Card information: Type: ____________________________________________________

Holder: _______________________________________________________
Number: ______________________________________________________
Expiration: ____________________________________________________

Please note: Rooms cannot be confirmed without credit card information. In case of no-show or
late cancellation -10 working days prior to arrival- you will be charged a fee corresponding to one
night's room price.

Date: ______________________ Signature: ______________________