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Case L:iScvebHBB0.AOE Document 187 Filed 07/20/49 Page Lol UNITED STATES DISTT COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS. -MOMAN HARINAR, : Plant, Chl Ati No. eet" 1TBEC-AD USS BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, au Dafindass, BURROVOMS, DJ Plant? Mobas Mara (‘arhar), precoding pre ae inti thit ction on May 30, ‘2008, (EOF No.2} Matar mended in comple ryt azo 2015 ad aga ‘Noramber 2015, (ECF Max 4.24], Hin I-pagvamdad conplaist was accompanied by mare hue 1900 pages of wtacasans. and auhough fro gaions wae sme una. he sven 0 eae wan BARNS. Bak wally foreclosed ou his eb Low, ‘Mavachiatis and at rwanda etn wuboeuety veceaad the agit of ‘at foreclovrn Sin ganacally [EC Mo, 24) Based on tun allan, Marta brought savertoan cous cluding clin fo asaturing, capri i ingamant,volnows of omits igh, and unr! dacaptvepeastce, agus rs hanks, thw Conic cof Mauachuvets, and wverl individuals and law fom, fe ECF No. 2499 10753). ‘i. Apeil2016 tha Cour Assad sora of tho coun. (ECR Na 43}. Marta sought to thar mand his complaint; but the Cont anid thon runt becasve it eu iat ropowd sandman ware fla and would kv bos wads audi the Defeedans Cnae LASonLIHROADE DacumenAS? Pied 072849 Page 2 al 4 (HEY ou 61,224,118 185) Tha Cou ao done mapa aquest or ijn rai (HCH Nou 120,135) Maa rnpods thas abun ules by lg mates tha (Couns wcuah antigua the itn of mane govt cougar. ad oun oe and ot soe th pevwmuat a (ECE Now. 122, 128, 124,126 127,128, 224,114,184, On March 3,207, Cou dite he raining sous ith ojuton (ECPNo 235] On Seay 17.2018 tha Cou con wns find byte Pent (Cound on Ape 1,201, he Barone Coa ind Haars pits oat of cona,San (ECP Mou. 19, 124) Av of Ap 25,2019 hac hada fil and comple tre win the fara iil ye (nm ey 25,2018, somtnanding te ccackain of hi aciow and Hua pasion tapout ts Court ha seid "Thanos ths Coton” and gag in “PATTER GH CORRUPT CONDUCT ht sonitd inna sue ofc 1 eau hat “MENTAL ILLNESS» eld not bold out Md an scurgancy ote anand i complit and rors an ain om Manchu Supra Coun tothis Coun pusentt Feat Ralf Cli Proce 603) an 64) nd 28 US, § 148, (LCE, 155, L966) provide tha “o}amoton andj tm the cour may rave pty logu eprsenti fom inl judgant, re, or poceeding foro thar posal ald nie or ween), miprautton,olacndct CPN 4B ‘yam oppaving par (or bwcame th judgmanis void” Fad RG, P 60). 28USC. 1446 prota, tte pa ‘fod unt digo uve ay ciation fom «Sate ot ‘il ish ieee te aio Stes fo edt wd on in ‘it a i png aac orange pa Ea oa Fen ln pcm ot ma 8 Seiya nists ciate whee Case L1Scrti882.40R Document LS? Ped 0720/9 Page d oft muse, oh ark’s moti i did fright ono. oa wc cris ha oh Mavaeva ous hve aa adel Rs of Chl reads 0, feo a x aid ‘basis for relia! because the Fedwal Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to proswedings in ‘Muvaess at sour aa PR. Clo PTs gvten ta ocean al si os and recening se Une Stas dot coun aap sd in al 8” (wmuphasis added) | Second, 90 the wtaat Harihar awake relee{ fora the dissniveal of this action, Die rumady nappa Con's or, Maas now hao hs sgt apps ution racouus Thand, Harikar has net properly nomavved the action trom stare court urwoant to 28 ‘USC, | 1486 bosarase he bins ot provided « “sheet and plain wtateanwat of the grovands for ramon” 28K. j 18). Pury Muar ba fd compa 14 ast ‘wotioe of ramovval with tha clock ws required te initiate a removed action im this Cour Sak, Ma. ih Hr apes plat iu Mancha ton be soko ‘ramp, bat DE U.S.C, 9g 1441 (a) nd 1+46(0) provide for moval by defendants emly. Sinth, Mavs wage ramon ha ene pending tas eum alot army aly ‘pivwes that hie reprevants dat! hia motions is state cout bavw bean peeling for more thas a mouth, wharves 2BUS.C, § 144¢(b) nequires that any “ketice of removal of a civil action or proceeding: al bo ld thn 5 dys arch ong by ha ada, ough aren bar of py of inal plauing” 28 VC. 514660). Se Oat a wo an 2 comp acerca th Fun Ra of Ch rent 15, tin aad ‘for the renscen the Coun has prwviowsly articulated in denying Martha's motions to amend Sey (ECF No. 81, 103, 116, 128), Eighth, because this setion tarmiinatd om March 31, 2017 whee " Unde Fadaral Ral of Cel Procadure$1(¢) ta rales apply te acons at have be removed fiom ata cure but sly af th ation be rumoved Case L1S.cuLI8GO.ADB Oseument 187 Filed O7H19 Paget of & ‘he Cour inde all lms wih prejudice, acum ifthe te cout ave could besa to ‘his Coury, wed ot baal wei Bensss mere han Ws yo a6 slapd see ‘his etice Wak Cloned So4LAR, D, Mase, 402680) aihr' eargoncy moiouo anand his egal complaint and to aeuovw a actin ‘om ata our (ECE Mos. 13, 136] « DENIED Cansaring tat his ntion has bows fy gad wud ht now bean lsd fa oes ta vy, Marble rh ings tls docu ey cue ilg ith hn or hs pert lato this ton, 80 ORDERED. aan ie ALEISON D Bmlst