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3% Level 3 on RN Maternal Newborn 2016, Tips

Hello! I just took the RN Maternal Newborn 2016 proctored assessment and received a level 3 and a
93.3%! My school requires us to take and pass them every month and get a level 2 or we do not move on.
This test requires an 80% for level 3. I did not read any of my actual textbooks, but I did read the whole
ATI Maternal Newborn study guide book. I took every ATI question available I think... practice test A and
B and actually looked up where I went wrong in the book. I also took the quizzes that are under learning
system RN 2.0 and RN Mentor on my phone. I pay for NCLEX Mastery and used their questions too,
basically any questions I could find. Even though I didn't read my textbook I did use the question, which is
normally what I do. I study with questions. ( I don't reddit a ton if the format is bad, I just know I searched
how to pass pharmacology and someone wrote something like this and I liked it) It is 70 questions it was
less than a minute a question, I think to take it, but I still had lots of time left. 10 questions do not count and
are for ATI to I guess get new questions later. (See how we do on them) Here are some topics covered :

Shoulder dystocia (press above symphysis pubis if head retracts back into mom)

Car Seats! 2 questions and they were not at all in the book, but in the peds ATI book. Baby at a 45-degree
angle and chest clip needs to be armpit level. The straps of the car seat need to go below the shoulder rear
facing and above forward facing.

How to delegate postpartum maternity care correctly

Food groups with the most fiber?

Prolonged Decelerations

Placenta Previa, bleeding during pregnancy

The sequence of a newborn assessment

Nonpharmaceutical pain relief

Low blood pressure in mom, what do you do?

mastitis pain, what can help?

Large gestation age infant issues

down syndrome, a single crease in palm 2 questions.

Newborn stats o2 resp temp,

tubal ligation, 2 questions on that fully understand everything about it.

Who are not candidates for oral contraceptives?

How often should a diaphragm be fitted or the fit checked?

Early declarations what to do?

Pitocin with contractions lasting 45 seconds what to do? and 90 seconds what to do?
Pant if pt. feels the urge to push but not fully dilated.

an increased intracranial pressure in the newborn symptoms

the head is the largest part of the infant

Know how to elicit the reflexes in babies. Moro is a loud sound as well as how ATI demonstrates in their
study book.

Funic soufflé know what that is.

That is all I can think of right now before I head out to my WIC out rotation. It's my final day of Maternal-
Newborn and I'm so sad. I loved the class and this is for sure what I want to do now! I will say my
classmates felt that the test was mainly postpartum and newborn. I'm also sure its more than one test too,
but I know the pharm person helped me a lot by warning me about chemo drugs!

Good Luck!