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Villegas 1

Eva Villegas

Ben A Jorgensen

English 1010

10 July 2019

Reflection Essay in English 1010

This English 1010 class has been interesting and informative form the beginning

to end. In this class I learned how to understand better the papers written by professional

writers not only that but also has giving me a lot of tips and technics that help me with

developing my skill when it come to write rhetorical or essay papers.

At the beginning of the class it was hard for me to write my assignments in MLA

form. I knew that the papers had to be written in times new roman number 12 and the

was all I could remember the time but thanks the practice in where we turned in all our

assignments in MLA form it was really helpful. Now, I even know how to put the headers

witch at beginning was really difficult for me but actually it really wasn’t. Little by little

my knowledge is growing, but I still have some problems when it comes to citing my

sources because of the authors and web site have a specific way to write it in a paper

although I’m still not quite perfect on the subject but I know that with practice I will get


Moving on when I was in search of my final essay topic, I didn’t know what to

write about. Not long after that, at the place I work some of my coworkers and me were

talking about the news in where they show a video of a baby ho could barley could sit

down carried a phone and a soonest his parents took away the phone he started to cried
Villegas 2

and throwing a tantrum because they gave back so it got me thinking that I would like to

write about something referring to the influence of the smartphones in humans.

After that, approaching the topic I listed the main ideas in order for all my

paragraphs, then, as I stared to write knowing that I had to use Aristotle’s theories

because a good writer and speakers depend upon rhetorical of ethos, pathos and logos in

order to persuade the audience and have a better impact of the content of the paper, as

reader I can rapidly spy logos and pathos and ethos before I didn’t know what they mean

but us I work trough this course I learned how to distingue them and now is easier for me

to know where they are also I learned that make my argument stronger it has to be

believable and well supported with evidence to back it up.

Now, that that class has end. I realized how good and convenient is all the

material and technics I have learned from English 1010 class. Those things will help to

develop my skills and will help me in the area of getting people understand better my

own ideas in the paper because I know also the most interesting object in this course was

learning to respond critically. The point of writing requires critical thinking and planning

is important and beneficial for the beneficial of my future classes.