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G: A pleasant afternoon to everyone.

M: The Technology and Livelihood Education department of this school will celebrate the 2019 Nutrition Month
celebration with the theme…

M/G: “Kumain nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo… Push Natin ‘To!”

M: …in consonance with the Department of Education’s mandate to participate in the celebration by stipulating
relevant activities that will emphasize proper nutrition and its account on the health and well-being of students and
their families.

G: And today we are now holding its Opening Program.

M: Yours truly is the Master of Ceremony for this afternoon’s program. I am ______________ and with me is

G: Before our program, may I respectfully acknowledge the presence of our principal, Dr. Arliana A. Arboleda, and
the Heads of the different departments.

M: For Filipino – Mrs. Hermelita Nocidal

G: For Science – Mr. Joel Vizconde

M: For Mathematics – Mr. Philip Cabildo

G: For Araling Panlipunan – Mrs. Cristina Norberte

M: For Mapeh – Mrs. Maricel Carballo

G: For ESP – Mr. Lorenzo Buenaventura

M: For English – OIC is Mr. Christopher Morata

G: And of course our very own TLE Department Head – Mrs. Maria Teresa Salcedo

M: We would like also to acknowledge the presence of the representatives of the different Councilors of the District
6 of Quezon City.

G: To start our program, please rise for the Nationalistic Song to be led by Mrs. Analyn Llaban, followed by the
Invocation led by Mrs. Marites Morillo.

M: Thank you Teen Glee. Please be seated as we listen to the Opening Remarks of the STEP adviser, Ms. Marifher

G: Thank you Ms. Bigornia for that very warm opening remarks.

M: Now you will witness the GLIPSE OF FILIPINO CULTURE AND CUISINE. For Grade 7, may we request Mrs. Crisanta
Cordero to present their Region.

G: Let us now give a round of applause for Grade 7. For Grade 10, may we request Mrs. Marites Morillo to present
their Regions.
M: Thank you Grade 7 and Grade 10 for such an amazing performance.


G: Before we continue with the presentation of the Regions, let us call on the TLE teachers to introduce the speaker
who will render the Inspirational Message.

M: To fully achieve this creative introduction, we the TLE Department, conducted a research and survey to some of
our beloved principal’s friends, former co-teachers, former co-workers, and also from the school that she worked with.

G: It is a great opportunity for us to have a leader with marked excellence like her here in our school. Once again,
let us call on our beloved principal, Dr. Arliana A. Arboleda! (CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP HAHAHAHA  )

M: Thank you Dr. Arboleda for the heartwarming and inspiring message that can be our weapon in fulfilling our
advocacy as a teacher.

G: This will be treasured in our minds and hearts as we continue with our journey. We will move on to the
Awarding of Certificates for the appreciation and recognition of our performing teachers in our Department from the
previous school year.

M: This is one of the awaited moment for us teachers, right? May we call on stage Mrs. Maria Teresa Salcedo,
Department Head of the TLE department.

G: To continue, for Grade 9, may we request Mr. Gerwin Patinio to present their Regions.

M: Let us now give a round of applause for Grade 9. For Grade 8, may we request Mr. Von Felipe to present their

G: Thank you Grade 9 and Grade 8 for the astonishing performances. Now, may we request Mrs. Maria Teresa
Salcedo for the closing remarks.

M: Thank you for the heartwarming message.

G: And that ends our program for today, thank you very much fellow students, ladies and gentlemen. We are
hoping for your cooperation in joining the activities.