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IOT Definition

Referring to ITU has been defined in Recommendation ITU-T Y.2060 (06/2012) IOT “as a
global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by
interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving
interoperable information and communication technologies”.

Application & Solution

Platform (Device Mgnt, Security, Analytic, etc)

Network & Gateway

Sensor Devices
8 EmergingTechnology
HypeCycleforEmerging Technologies

IoT still growing

in the fast lane
for next 10 years.

predicted still
on early stage
and will be at
peak within 2
Indonesia'sIoTMarket in2022

With 400 million devices

Key Success:Collaboration
It's Real?NeedtobeConsider
Weare Here
Industry 4.0 & ICT Ecosystem
we should build a strong
company here

App economy, fintech, etc

Issues in telecommunications
Pillar for Digital Economy Growth
① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥
Usage of Internet Integration of Digital Public
Connectivity Human Capital R&D - Innovation
Services Digital Technology Services
• Broadband & • Competence • use of content • Business • E-Government • Patent
Internet Access • Certified • Communication Transformation • E-Health • New Product
• Massive IOT • Transaction usage • E commerce • E-Education • New Innovation

• Creative Industry • E-Government • Researcher

• Digital Talent • Digital • IOT LAB
• Palapa Ring • Productive Network, Data & Apps
• ICT on Business • R&D Budget
• HTS Satellite Communication (No • Electronic Medical
Education Adoption • R&D Roadmap
• 4G/5G Hoax) Record Integration
Curriculum • E Commerce • R&D Adoption &
• IOT-LPWAN • Increasing • Online Education &
• SKKNI on IOT Unicorn commercialization
• FTTx Transaction Courses

Needs Government Support especially for R&D - Innovation

R&D Activities for IOT

Application IOT4Humanity IOT4EarlyWarningSystem IOT4Industry

IOT4Home, Building, City
& Nation

Device Platform (NMS) Security Platform Analytic Platform
(on cloud/on edge/
on premises)

Network & Access Point (AP)

LPWA Protocol
Network Roaming
Assembly & Manufacture Deployment

Device & Chip Makers Reference Design Firmware Developer

Device Assembly &

• Promoting IOT

• Promoting IOT
• Promoting IOT
HR Certification
Collaborate withUs

December’18 – June’19 : more than 488 members with >300 registered

Partnership with Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA),
Supported by Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Industry, and Economic Creative Agency