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Stephen Willats - Attracting the Attractor

Claire De Rouen 2019 no ISBN Acqn 29806
Pb 18x23cm 56pp 44 ills 34col £25.00

ATTRACTING THE ATTRACTOR presents photographs made in Yeading (Hayes, Greater

London) in 2018, along with text and graphic elements. Willats has long been familiar with
Yeading, conceiving of it as a normative built space that serves as a setting for typical, ordinary,
life. For ATTRACTING THE ATTRACTOR, Willats photographed two women walking along a
residential street in the area, one behind the other, never touching or speaking, but clearly 'in
relation'. Their tempered interaction articulates a psychic experience and social condition
characteristic, perhaps, of urban habitation. They neither know each other, nor are they
completely unknown to each other.