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A. Content Standard
The learners demonstrate an understanding of the different hazards caused
by geological processes (earthquakes, volcanic
eruptions and landslides).
B. Performance Standard
The learners shall be able to conduct a survey to assess the possible
geologic hazards that your community may experience.
C. Learning Competency
1. Describe the various hazards that may happen in the event of earthquakes,
volcanic eruptions, and landslides. ( S11/12ES-If-30)


A. Topic Geologic Processes and Hazards

GAD Core Message Shared Responsibility


A. Activity
1. Role Playing
a. The class may be divided into 6 groups which will be assigned with each of
the different geological hazards in two settings; house and classroom. In
choosing the students to be grouped, it must be emphasized that there
should be equal roles to be given for the male & female students like family
in a house setting & in the classroom setting.

Group 1 Earthquake (house)

Group 2 Earthquake (classroom)
Group 3 Volcanic Eruption (house)
Group 4 Volcanic Eruption (classroom)
Group 5 Landslide (house)
Group 6 Landslide (classroom)

b. With different geological hazards assigned to each group, their

task is to act out a scenario about their assigned hazard.
c. Time allotment for the role playing is 4 minutes only.
d. After the role playing, the teacher will give his/her synthesis of all the

B. Analysis
a. How do you think this phenomenon occurred? What could have triggered
this to happen?
b. Can these geologic hazards be avoided or not?
c. Can you share in the class an example of this phenomenon that had
seriously affected a community?
C. Abstraction
a. Give at least 5 hazards that may happen to the identified geologic hazard in
your community?
b. Suggest practical ways to reduce or lessen the effect of these identified
geologic hazard.

D. Application
a. Poster Making
1. The same grouping is followed for this task.
2. Each group will create a picture on the posters depicting on what they
had presented in the Role Playing.
3. The posters may be used as infographics on geological hazards to be
posted on the bulletin board.

Rubrics – Poster Making

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Coverage of Details on the Details on the Details on the Details on the
the Topic poster capture the poster include the poster relate to poster have little
important important the topic but are or nothing to do
information about information but too general or with the main
the topic and the audience may incomplete. The topic.
increase the need more audience needs
audience’s information to more information
understanding. understand fully. to understand.
Use of All graphics are All graphics are All graphics Graphics do not
Graphics related to the related to the relate to the relate to the
topic and make it topic and most topic. topic.
easier to make it easier to
understand. understand.
Organization Information is Information is Information is The information
very organized organized with organized, but appears to be
with clear titles titles and titles and disorganized.
and subheadings. subheadings. subheadings are
Layout & All information Most of the Most of the Much of the
Design on the poster is in information on information on information on
focus and can be the poster is in the poster is in the poster is
easily viewed and focus and the focus and the unclear or too
identified from 6 content easily content is easily small.
feet away. viewed and viewed and
identified from 6 identified from 4
feet away. feet away.

1. Describe the three geologic hazard and give examples of each hazard.

1. Interview one of your elected Barangay Officials and find out the Barangay’s
Risk Reduction Plans.