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Muhammad Mubariz Khan

Mechanical Engineer/ Project Supervisor/ Management Trainer

| Language: English, German, Punjabi, Urdu & Arabic | Nationality : Pakistani

| Mobile: +92-305-8516847 |E-mail: itsmubi786@gmail.com | D.O.B : 23-02-1993


Mechanical Engineer with more than 1 year and 3 months of progressive

experience within diversed industries. Demonstrated expertise in
Engineering Cooperation, Management training, Maintenance Services,
new equipment installation, and Policies development. Strategic thinker Key Skills :

Formulating and executing result-oriented strategies. This entails key CAD/CAM Professional
modernupgradation & research,market research, detailed economic & market Ansys Software (Basic)
analysis with the application of right quantitative & qualitative tool and Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop (Basic)
people management. Proactive and well organized team player and strong
Computer operator (Advanced)
commitment to work plus excellent communication, negotiation, Mechanic (Basic)
organizational, problem solving and time management skills. Seeks a more Electrician (Basic)
Sanitary work (Basic)
challenging work profile to utilize gained experience and management
skills. Swimming


ASSISTANT MECHANICAL ENGINEER (March, 2017 to April, 2018)

Samad Rubber Works, Lahore Pakistan

DIRECTOR & PHYSICS TEACHER (February, 2015 to February, 2017)

Stellar Institute of Sciences, Mirpur AK

TRAINEE MECHANICAL ENGINEER (September,2015 to October, 2015)

Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila Pakistan

TRAINEE MECHANICAL ENGINEER (August, 2014 to September, 2014)

Mangla Hydro Power Plant, Mirpur Pakistan

✓ Selected Candidate in Pakistan of NASA “Solar Parker Probe” in 2018-19
✓ Awarded “Employee of the Month” at Samad Rubber Works in November, 2017
✓ Received award of “Best Ambassador” award at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Swabi in 2014
✓ Winner of “Airex’13 Module” in Engineering Competition at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Swabi in 2014
✓ Winner in “Football” at Mirpur University Of Science & Technology in 2013
✓ Received award of “Best Performance” as a Co-editor in Magazine at Pak Kashmir College in 2011
✓ Winner in“Physical Training Competition”at Quaid-e-Azam School Rawalpindi in 2003
✓ Winner in “English Debate Competition” at Presentation Convent School Murree in 2005
✓ Received award of “Ambassador” at Art Gallery Murree in 2005
✓ Winner in “Mathematics Competition” at Kashmir Cambridge School in 2007
As a Mechanical Engineer

✓ Assessing project requirements

✓ Inspecting and measuring the performance of mechanical devices and generators
✓ Maintaining and modifying equipment to ensure its safety and reliability
✓ Agreeing budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers
✓ Planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment
✓ Co-ordinate with intra-departmental and extra-departmental teams to ensure progress on current
working plans
✓ Installation, operation, maintenance and repair of equipment as centralized heat, gas, water and
steam systems

As a Director & Teacher

✓ Scheduling and work assignments

✓ Ensuring quality standards, completing evaluations & handling complaints
✓ Eliminating grievances and appeals and performing other duties as required
✓ Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory work, assignments, and papers
✓ Compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others
✓ Maintain student attendance records, grades, and other required records



Mirpur University of Science & Technology, Mirpur AK Pakistan Oct, 2012 to Oct, 2016
3.2 CGPA

Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences, Mirpur AK Pakistan Sep, 2009 to Sep, 2012

Kashmir Cambridge School, Mirpur AK Pakistan Aug, 2008 to Aug, 2009


✓ Design and manufacturing of Hovercraft Final Year

✓ Design & Fabrication of Flywheel Model 6th Semester
✓ Design & Fabrication of Solar Cap &b Kit 5th Semester
✓ Design & Analysis of Mini Hydro Power plant 4th Semester
✓ Design & Fabrication of Hydraulic Bridge Model 4th Semester
✓ Design of a Load Calculator in Excel for Installing 3rd Semester
of Solar Equipment.
✓ Event Organizer of “American Society of Heat Refrigeration & Air Punctual
Conditioning MUST” in 2016-17 Adaptive
✓ Volunteer of “ Youth and Women for Peace & Dialogue (YWPD)” in Creative
2015-16 Self Motivated
✓ Member of “Educating Child Labor Organization MUST” in 2015- Hard Working
16 Quick Learner
✓ General Secretary of “AAINA Arts & Dramatics Society MUST” in Goal oriented
2014-15 Team Worker
✓ Vice President of “American Society of Mechanical Engineers
MUST” in 2013-14