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Objective: The overall objective is to develop students' written expressions of thought

and provide learners opportuinities to explore ideas and to build connections between
content areas.Written communication objectives for students completing the genearal
education programme are:

1. Demonstrate the capacity to use various writing techniques,(for example,in-class

responses,journals,notebooks,reports,argumentative essays,researh papers,and others
to achieve the specific purposes of the course.

2. Demonstrate the capacity to effectively integrate multiple sources 9primary and

secondary,electronic and print) into the writing assignment of the course.

3. Revise at least one writing assignment after receiving feedback (i.e. teacher,writing
center) so that it demonstrate improvement in written expression of thought.

Course Outline;


1. How to write precisely and effectively

2. precis writings

(a) Methods

(b) Principle point to be kept in mind

(c) speciman of passage for practice

3. Essay Writing

(a) Characteristics of Good Essay

(b) Classification

(c) Hints on Essay Writing/Preparation Practice

4. Letter,Review,Survey,Writing Skillas

5. Vocabulary of Improvement
6. An overview of Tenses


1. How to develop your personality

2. Developing a positive,corporate image

3. Fluency with effectiveness

4. Message Choice: favourable,unfavourable,negative and persuasive

5. 7 Cs of Communication: (a) Conciseness (b) Correctness (c) Completeness (d) Clarity

(e) Consideration (f) Courtesy (g) Correction

6. Presentation: types,planning,delivering practice

7. Interview: Types and Conduct

8. Workshops and Seminar

ENG-421 Communication Skills 3 (3 – 0)

• Oral presentation skills (prepared and unprepared talks)

• Preparing for interviews (scholarship, job, placement for internship, etc.)

• Writing formal letters

• Writing different kinds of applications (leave, job, complaint, etc.)

• Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV), (bio-data)

• Writing short reports

Recommended Readings:

1. Ellen, K. 2002. Maximize Your Presentation Skills: How to Speak, Look and Act on Your Way to the Top

2. Hargie, O. (ed.) Hand book of Communications Skills

3. Mandel, S. 2000. Effective Presentation Skills: A Practical Guide Better Speaking

4. Mark, P. 1996. Presenting in English. Language Teaching Publications.