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IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HINDS COUNTY - STATE OF MISSISSIPPI CITY OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI VERSUS CASE NOs: — 2018-180318; 2018-183450, 2018- 180318C, 18-183450B, 18180318B, 181803184 COLEMAN BOYD, BO BOYD, LUKE BOYD AND SARABETH BOYD ORDER THIS MATTER CAME before this Court on the Agreed Motion of the Parties to dismiss the above named cases. The Defendants and Affiant have reached an agreement and the Court, having, considered the same, finds the agreement to be in the best interest of justice and the parties. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED AND ADJUDGED: 1 That all of the charges against said Defendants shall be dismissed; 2. ‘That should the Defendants or Affiant violate the Order, a contempt hearing shall be held where upon a finding of guilt, the violating party may receive up to six (6) months in jail andor fined up to $1,000.00; 3 ‘That the Defendants shall not direct any threats at Dr. Nathan or any other employees at the Jackson Women Health Organization; 4, That the Defendants agree they shall not follow Dr. Nathan. Likewise, Dr. Nathan agrees she will not follow the Defendants. 5. That the Defendants and Affiant agree to stay ten (10) feet away from each other at the Jackson Women Health Organization and sidewalks around it; and thirty (30) feet away from each other at other locations. So Ordered and Adjudged on this the 29" day of July, 2019. JeffReynolds, fady Wilson White, Chief Prosecuy City of Jackson, Mississippi Sarabeth Boyd