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Without GST
S. No. DETAILS 1150/- 1250/- 1350/-
01- Steel Bars Kamdhenu / Amba Kamdhenu / Vimal Vimal
(TMT) shakti 6,8,10,12,16 mm 6,8,10,12,16 ,20 mm
6,8,10,12 mm
02- Sand Mixed fine sand Sand free from dirt Sand free from dirt
03- Aggregate Mixed (12+20mm) 20mm 20mm
04- cement Prism/JP/Ultra tech Prism/JP/Ultra tech Prism/JP/Ultra tech
05- Bricks 1st class chimney 1st class chimney 1st class chimney
06- Electric wiring Cona 1,1.5,2.5 mm RR 1,1.5,2.5mm Finolex 1,1.5,2.5,4mm
07- Tiles Local upto Kajaria upto Kajaria/Nitco upto
40/sqrfeet 60/sqrfeet 80/sqrfeet

08- Marble Upto 40-50 Rs per Upto 50-60 Rs per sqrtfeet Upto 60-100 Rs per
sqrfeet sqrfeet
09- Sanitary Washbasin, Washbasin, Indian/English Washbasin Counter
Indian/English Seat Seat Hindware Basing Wall hang Seat,
Local Indian/English Seat
Hindware or Periware
10- Sanitary Pipe PVC Local Kisaan Finolex
11- Chaukhat (Door) Malaysia saakoo Malaysia saakoo Malaysia saakoo
4x3 4x3 4x3
12- Doors (Room) Flush door upto 70 Water Proof Flush door Water Proof Flush door
Rs per sqrfeet upto 80 Rs per sqrfeet upto 90 Rs per sqrfeet
13- Doors (Bathroom) Fiber Flush door upto 70 Rs per Water Proof Flush door
sqrfeet upto 80 Rs per sqrfeet
14- Windows Malaysia with Malaysia With Safety Grill Malaysia With Safety
Safety Iron Grill Grill
15- Railing 175 grade Mild Iron 202 grade steel Iron 304 grade steel
16- Kitchen Platform Green Marble Marble or Granite upto Marble or Granite upto
80Rs/sqrft 120Rs/sqrfeet 200Rs/sqrfeet
17- Water tank No water tank Waterwell 1100 liter Waterwell/Cemented
1100 liter
18- Dahleej Plan Marble Granite
19- Floor Tiles in Rooms Tiles Marble or Tiles
20- Staircase and Kota or Marble Kota or Marble Kota or Marble
Open Space Without Molding Without Molding With Molding
21- Roof floor Plan Cemented Plan Mosaic Mosaic
22- Curing By householder By householder By us
23- Footing As Per DWG As Per DWG As Per DWG
24- Paint Birla White putti+Oil Birla White putti+Oil Paint Birla White putti+Oil
Paint Primer+Oil Paint
25- Electric Fitting Cona Modular Cona Modular Girish Modular
26- Bathroom Fitting 140Rs/Tap 220Rs/Tap 350Rs/Tap
With Mixer Fitting With Diverter
27- other Deemak Treatment Deemak Treatment+ dr. Deemak Treatment+ dr.
fixit in concrete of slabe fixit in concrete of
slabe+special water
proofing in toilets and

01- Above Rates applicable only for Single Face House/Duplex and below/within covered. If
House Have doubles Face then Extra charge applicable.
02- If any change made after construction by householder then extra charge Applicable.
03- For fall ceiling Extra Charge Applicable according sizes.
04- For fly ash/cement brick in place of clay brick 100 Rs per sqr feet extra.
05- For Main gate charges Extra.
06- For Marble/Granite on top of parapet wall Charges Extra.
07- Only the Ramp Staircase can be done under the above rates.
08- Soil/Brick/Sand filling for raising levels not included in above rates.
09- Above rates includes Wooden Chaukhat (Door & Window Frames).
10- Above rates can be change due to site location and according to design.
11- GST Extra.

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