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Lesson Plan:


Name: - School: -
Year Level / Age Range: 4-5 Foundation Estimated Duration of Activity: 40 mins
No. of Students: 21
Location: Classroom


TOPIC: Language– Phonics and word knowledge

For students to work on their phonological awareness skills and develop skills in PASM in group tasks,
individual targeted learning and in guided ability groups.

-Recognise and generate rhyming words, alliteration patterns, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words

-Recognise and name all upper and lower case letters (graphemes) and know the most common sound that each letter
represents (ACELA1440)

-Understand how to use knowledge of letters and sounds including onset and rime to spell words (ACELA1438)

-Know how to read and write some high-frequency words and other familiar words (ACELA1817)

Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of Identity.
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.
Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.
-Have story ready for beginning of the lesson and have printed out pictures and textas to write up cards with
students to complete the story map for the week.

- Have jolly phonics and PASM syllables activity ready on the mat to complete as group.

- Have PASM cards for students ready to hand out for students to go off and complete individual activities, have
folders ready to go for students to choose their activity for the day.

- Have Ipads charged for students to photograph their activity.

- Have container for guided groups ready with jolly phonics letter cards, caps of letters, individual whiteboards and
textas and oxford word cards for targeted learning groups.

- Have activity or ideas for students to go on with after completing task.

- Focus story – Shoes from Grandpa
- Story map
- Jolly Phonics videos
- Jolly Phonics cards
- PASM – Syllable activity
- Oxford word cards
- Individual PASM activities
- Letter caps
- Individual whiteboards and textas
- Ipad

What will I do? What will the students do? What materials will
What skills and strategies will we use? be used?
What behaviour management strategies will I use?
Group: Story- Shoes from
- Whole class on the mat for whole class teaching time. Grandpa Mem Fox
-Sit Liam at the front of the group near teacher.
Printed characters and
-Allow Liam to pick a fidget toy and anyone else who needs one. board paper and textas
- Modelled reading of story focus of the week ‘Shoes from Grandpa’ by Mem fox.
-Use questions to group and involve Liam’s answers to encourage engagement. Jolly Phonics letter
- Complete story map as a class incorporating the title, characters, setting and cards
comprehension of the story.
- Complete small syllables activity with flashcards and go over jolly phonics sounds as a Syllable PASM activity
PASM Individual cards
-Use students as helpers to complete map and syllables task – give Liam a specific task.
Individual PASM ability
*BRAIN BREAK – Dance break for everyone - 5 minutes.*
Student IPADS for

Guided group
Individual: resources- Jolly Phonics
- Give out individual task cards and clarify the day of the week with the students and the letter cards, videos,
task each student should be completing today. letter caps, Individual
- Students will complete their individual PASM activity dependent on their differentiated whiteboards and
focus of the day. textas, oxford word
- Remind students that they will need to complete two activities and take a photo of their cards.
activity with their task name card in it with the student Ipad and go on with reading a book.
-Remind group of the goals of class pledge, quiet corner and feelings chart rather than Liam

-Clarify instructions individually with Liam and ask him to repeat the instructions to ensure
he understands.

-Give Liam his individual structured step task card and remind Liam that he only needs to
try and complete one activity and that a 10 minute timer will be put on his Ipad for him and
can then listen to reading or play a literacy game on the Ipad.

- Remind Liam of making A choices and remind him of his goal for the day and encourage
Liam to find a quiet space and to engage with his buddy if needs support.

Guided groups:
- Work with one group at a time based on abilities.

Group 1
- Revision of jolly phonics sounds – going back to a SATIPN focus
- Continue to introduce sounds and revise as required
- Explore these sounds alongside jolly phonics video
- Practice writing these letters with individual whiteboards
- Begin blending with these letters with letter caps- identify with students the vowel and
consonant sounds.

Group 2 and Group 3:

-Revision of jolly phonics sounds and continue introducing diagraphs, pace as required
-Blend with letter caps- Encourage students to sort letters into vowels, consonants and
diagraphs – support as required + begin to identify long and short vowel sounds in words.
- Practice writing diagraphs and blended words with whiteboards
- Continue to introduce first 5-10 Oxford Words- pace as required

-Liam is in group 2.
-Liam comes to his guided group with a goal of focusing for 10 minutes.
-Ensure Liam is reminded of his goal of 10 minutes – set a visual timer.
-Liam can do his writing on the iPad.
-Question the group regularly to keep focus and allow Liam to be your helper.
-After 10 minutes – Liam can then have his individual iPad time to play Oxford word video
or app.
-One-one attention is given to check in on Liam’s understanding and how he is feeling.
- Liam does not participate in guided group on the days he has SSO support.

Group 4:
- Short revision of jolly phonics sounds and continue to introduce diagraphs
- Blend and segment with letter caps – students to sort out caps with vowels and
consonants and diagraphs + Identify long and short vowel sounds in words.
Practice writing these words with whiteboards – encourage students to have a go and then
- Continue to introduce first 15-20 Oxford words as required