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Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics

Performance Task
First Semester, 1st Quarter | S.Y. 2019-2020


 The students are required to showcase different aspects of Filipino culture thru an audio-visual presentation or
AVP (i.e. short film). In the said AVP, the following characteristics of culture should manifest:

Group 1: Culture is learned.

Group 2: Culture is shared.
Group 3: Culture affects biology.
Group 4: Culture is adaptive.
Group 5: Culture is maladaptive.

1. Each presentation should have a story plot or script as its guide for completion to be submitted on ________.
2. Each group is supposed to complete a Gantt Chart for weekly, regular evaluation. The hard copy is to be
submitted on the due date together with the final output.
3. The minimum duration of the presentation is 3 minutes and should not exceed 5 minutes.
4. Call to action and/or moral of the story should be included in the AVP.
5. The AVP must have an appropriate title and encapsulates the story and message of the short film (e.g. “Cool-
turang Pinoy” or “Noypi”).
6. All shoots should be conducted within the school premises. Class periods will be allotted for the PETA
completion. However, in the event that a shoot will be done outside the school, secure a permission slip for
such an activity, and accomplish a waiver stating the name of the activity, date and time, place, and adult
supervisor that will oversee the activity.
7. Each presentation should be burned in a compact disc, properly labeled.
8. Self and peer evaluation will be done after the submission of the final output.
9. The final output must be submitted on ________.


 Each group member must submit a Term Paper.

In at least 7-10 sentences, answer the following questions comprehensively:

1. What conclusion can you draw from the aspect/s of Filipino culture demonstrated by your group?
2. In your opinion, is the Filipino culture demonstrated by your group good or bad? Justify your answer.
3. How will your group output be significant with your holistic development?
4. How will your output be an instrument of relevant social transformation in the school? In the community?
In the Philippines?

 Times New Roman, Font 12
 Justified, 1” margin on all sides
 1.5 spacing
 Minimum of 3 pages; maximum of 5 pages
 Short bond paper