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Jacklyn’s Class Syllabus

Teacher: Mrs. Jacklyn Sulock Email: Jdsulock@jmcss.org Website: sulockandtroutt5.weebly.com

Class Description:

This class will be the 5th grade math class for your students team this year. In this class our lessons are based off of the
Eureka Math curriculum. We will aim to complete all 6 modules this year.

1. Place value 4. Multiplying and dividing fractions

2. Whole number and decimal fractions 5. Area and volume

3. Adding and subtraction of fractions 6. Coordinate plane

Expectations For ALL Students:

I expect all students to come to class prepared to learn, participate, and have positive attitudes. I expect all students to behave
in a way that benefits them and their classmates and provides a positive classroom experience for all. I expect all students to
practice the 7 habits of highly effective people, persevere through difficult times, remain determined to always put forth their
best work, and become self-motivated.

Materials: Grading policy: Grading Scale:

Students will be expected to bring In this class, you will be graded formally A= 100-93
each of these to class daily. and informally, using a variety of assess-
B= 92-85
ments. These are, but not limited to: exit
 Pencil
tickets, problem sets, and module tests. C= 84-75
 Math Workbook This class adheres to the JMCSS grading D= 74-70
 Math Journal policy. Students academic progress will be
F= 69 below
reported every 4 1/2 weeks in the form of
 IReady books (when required) progress report and every 9 weeks in the *Once a student is making a D or lower an academic progression
plan will be started.
*We are only allotted a certain number of copies/materials , I form of a report card.
expect all students to be responsible for their materials and
workbooks and have them with them at all times. Students
that consistently lose or do not have their materials will
*I will contact parents/guardians as soon as a child is at risk of failing.
receive loss of privileges. We will then together set up three meetings to track the progress of
the child to insure they make progress in their work. By the last
meeting we will discuss completion or retention of 5th grade.

Assignments, Homework, Absences:

Completing all assignments and homework is very important to the success of your student in this class. Practicing concepts and
strategies is key to your child’s success. Please check your student’s agenda as well as our website for any information regarding
any assignments and due dates. In the event that a student is absent it is the students responsibility to ask for and complete any
make up work that is missed for the days that they are absent.

Classroom Expectation:

1: Raise your hand to speak

2: Respect yourself, your classmates, and your


3: Keep hands, feet, and any objects to yourself

4: Be prepared and ready for class at all times

5: Have self control and stay focused (Do and be

your absolute best at all times)