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CAUSE NO. NT00926834 IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF THE CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI, NUECES COUNTY, TEXAS THE STATE OF TEXAS VS. GUY CONNOR WILLIAMS ORDER DENYING JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS (On Tuesday, July 22, 2019 the Assistant City Attomey, Mr. Simonton, filed a short "Motion to Dismiss without prejudice in the interest of justice.” A hearing on this issue began on July 23, 2019 after the defense attorey was released from the 148" District, Court trial. Trial on this case was scheduled to begin Thursday, July 25, 2019. it was uickly determined that this was not an emergency and therefore the hearing would be recessed and held on the moming of trial, 2 days later. On July 25, 2019 defense counsel, Mr. Gale, was stil in trial in the 148" District Court and therefore the Motion to Dismiss and the jury trial were both continued. The jury tials now scheduled to begin Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2109. (On July 25, 2019 a Joint Motion to Dismiss without Prejudice was fled stating the following reason: “Both parties would like the Court to dismiss this case without prejudice.” This hearing was scheduled to consider that matter. Findings: 41. That the prosecutor had not previously made a plea bargain offer until July 20- 21, 2019 is inconsequential as a Defendant is not entitled to a plea offer. 2. That the Defendant stands charged with a misdemeanor in another Court is, inconsequential in regards to guilt or innocence in this case, any outcome in the pending County Court at Law case is speculative. 3. The case is over 14 months old, a complaint was timely filed 9 days after the alleged date of offense, 4, Multiple pretrial hearings have been held. 5. Twice before this case was called for jury trial and both times both attomeys ‘announced ready but for the case being continued due to a subpoena problem, 6. There was no previous indication the State did not want to pursue charges. 7. There is no indication that the City Attomey supervising the Assistant City Attorney, Mr. Simonton, would not rele the case before the statute of imitations 1 of 2 Witioms 1700026835, runs (SOL runs on §-30-20). Any re-iings would not be in the interest of judicial economy, 8. The case has created public concem. This court does not find that a dismissal serves justice or the public good. ‘The said motion and reasons, having been heard by the court, are considered insufficient to authorize a dismissal of this criminal action; WHEREFORE the said ‘mation is DENIED. SIGNED and ORDERED ENTERED on July 31, 2019. 7 Gail Loeb Judge, Murieipal Court City of Corpus Christi Nueces County, Texas . 202 willams NT00926835