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Qi Men Dun Jia

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1. 3 Nobles that protect: Yi-Yin Wood Bing-Yin Fire, Ding - Yang 12. Great Moon
Fire Yang Energy: Deity of Blessing-Secretive, Dual Persona,Deep
2. 3 Victory Palaces: Divine Light - Divine Blessing - Divine Force in though, vital information, hiding intentions, seeking
knowledge- Represents knowledge, inspiration, ideas,
3. The 4 aspects of Energy: Deities, Universe & Miracle's, - destiny
uprightness-Thoughtfulness, altruism, creativity & mystery-
stars, Heaven & opportunity- doors, earth & action -and stems,
known for its complexities - Access to secret and helpful
Man & people
knowledge & formals - Calm independent & vale to do the
4. The 10 Deities: The 10 Deities are also known as your Guardian
things stealthily - Helpful when acquiring solutions &
of Destiny
achieving goals using knowledge. Represents misery, curses,
5. Black Tortoise tattles, infidelity, & subterfuge, things that are hidden. There is
Yin Energy: Bribery, Espionage, Insider trading, Mystical also devotional blessings & happiness. Tragic planning will
powers, Secret negotiations, Underhanded dealings - end positively.
Traditional known as the <Master Magician, Ability to
13. Jia: First of the Heavenly Stems, Yang Wood, the beginning
mesmerize & influence others, Can attune oneself to the
14. Men: Door or gate
thoughts & feelings of others- Ability to manipulate
surrounding energies. (Known as the dark force of the chief). 15. Nine Earth
Represents gossip & quarrels, burglary & financial misfortunes. Yang Energy: Deity of Persistent & Perseverance- Nurturing,
Unlawful dealing like murder and espionage. Governs both Respectful, Gentle & quite, Kind & Humble, Creating
good and bad, theft & policeman. opportunities - Represents material wealth and assets-Kind-
hearted, delicate, calm, supportive, mindful, caring, humble, &
6. Chief
warm- Charitable deeds, ability to create businesses which
Yang energy: Heavenly Yi God, Regal, winning,Nobleman,
benefit society, land. Downside: self centered, greedy,
Mentors Luck, Natural Born Leader, minimizes problems-Chief
is head of the 10 deities-protected by positive energies,
spiritual abilities & connections-ability to achieve everything 16. Nine Heaven
that is desired- high moralistic value, purpose is to help, Yang Energy: God of Valiant-Energetic & active, charisma &
protect & serve. No evil can touch you. Symbolizes wealth, influence, meaningful coincidence, right place, right time,
fortune, fortune & fame. This Deity is associated with Noble Interest in self improvement,- Represents dynamism, important
supporters and those who tap into this deity will be blessed to matters, clarity of thought, premonition, openness, insights &
be outstanding among the rest. excellence- Make excellent outcomes, wealth & fame possible
- represents happiness, beauty, intelligent, power of insight,
7. Divine Blessing: This palace is used when you are looking to
send a request to the universe to initiate plans, manifest a wish 17. Qi: Mysterious, rare, unusual
& achieve your goals faster. 18. Red Phoenix
Initiate Plans- Wish Fulfilling - Job promotion - Asking for a Yin Energy: God of Debate- Contract, Written rules,
aRaise, - Manifesting Goals. Documentation, sharp wit, singing & talking, people listen to
8. Divine Force: This palace is used to help you win in business what you have to say.- Also called Fire Deity or Deity of
deals & negotiations, used to win in wealth related and career Culture, Concealed part of Black tortoise, - Represents
related goals. arguments, debates & public hype- Ability to communicate &
win arguments easily- Articulate, quick-witted, influential &
9. Divine Light: This is the palace to use when you what to receive
inspirational- Governs manifestation through mantras & words.
good energy from the universe for healing and improvements-
Vicious tongue, insignificant squabbles, robbery & misfortune,
Healing- cleansing - Dispel bad luck - Improve creativity -
danger of deferrals, hindrance happenings.
Enhance thoughts- enhance work preformance.
19. Six Harmony
10. Dun: Hide, escape
Yang energy: Deity of Protection, soft, flexible, partnership,
11. Grappling Hook seeking love, cheerful & calm, good networker. -Represents
Yin Energy: God of Vengeance- Deploy physical tactic to peace, collaborations, relationships & warmth- Favors union &
victory, Attaining the shortest path to victory, take no prisoners bonding activists-promotes connecting with people who
approach to winning- Represents one's ancestors, gifted with matter- favorable for achieving through cooperation. Good for
healing powers, deep understanding of culinary art, medicinal starting joint ventures or negotiations because the outcome
herbs & medicine, Esploratory mind- ability to see past lives will be positive. Dark side: influences a person to feel the need
or alternate selves.This Deity is a Yin Earth Deity which is to de defensive in dealing with others.
hidden under the white tiger. Represents struggle, injury,
accidents, obstacles & challenges. Aggressive & competitive.
Governing aspects related to land & ligation.
20. Surging Snake
Yin Energy: God of Mystic Arts- Violent, Practical, two faced, surprise attack, gloomy & eccentric, finding items or land, hypocritical
& scheming - Known as the sorcerer or wizard, naturally sensitive to environmental energies and emotions of others- Able to redirect
the energy from around the environment- Can control economy & market conditions- ability to sense spiritual entities.
Eccentricity,slyness & cunning. Individuals may experience doubt &fear. Events will have a poor outcome. Deceptive nature results in
things that may not be always what they seem.
21. White Tiger
Yin Energy: Ferocious God- Incrimination someone else, getting others involved through trickery, summoning great stamina &
strength- Represents perseverance, determination, drive & maturity- Strong & courageous fighter- Leadership skills, Raley get sick, but
able to recover quickly, - Infinite amount of energy and stamina. Good for sports. Denotes battles, wounds, mishaps & impediments. It
speaks of threat, affliction & premature birth. Fights a brutal battle with strength and ferocity. Able to energize others.