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Ftonipa, JGute Coast Univenstry Suvevt Success & ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT duly 25, 2019 Dr. Winston Bishop 3424 Dora Steet Fort Myors, FL 33616 VIAEMAIL Deer r. Bishop, | am in recelp of your correspondence te me dated July 17, 2919 appealing Florida Gut Coast University’s intent to Impose a aseipinary acton to terminate your employment from the University ‘At your request, | have rereviowed al ofthe materials surounding your appeal including: 1) your appeal eter dated uy 17,2018; 2) FGCU's Procuremet Services P-Card Audt ‘Summary dated July 8, 2019; 3} FGCU Regulabon PRS.016, Disciplinary Actions; 4) 25 wo as speaking wih Associate Viee President of Academic Engagenent Andrew Cinoman who byersees the department with which you worked in. Based on my re-revew and further analysis. ‘fal the information gathered, my decision Is fo deny yout appeal. My deckion is FGCU's fal facton on this mater. Sincerely, ‘Nhat & Loroletr Mitchel, Cordova ‘Vee President & Professor cc: Vee H. Leonard, Vice President & General Counsel [Andrew Cinoman, Associate Viee President, Academie Engagement Dolores Keiser, Senior Director, Academic Support Programe and Services Human Resources fn fhe Vie Prost 08 Catan Conte +0501 FEU Bova Sum: Fon ters Fare 586-0565 (aioye00 182 onetuvdenunes