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Role Profile

Role Title: Lead Category Manager

GRF Role Title: Global Senior Category Manager

Group function/ BU De Beers Group Services Pty Ltd Date May 2015
Department/ Operation Shared Services – Supply Chain Job band Band 5
Location Based at Johannesburg Supply Chain Centre
Discipline/ Sub-discipline Global Category Management


The Lead Category Manager provides strategic leadership to the De Beers Group of Companies’ on negotiable operational
spend. This role is a shared services role and provides strategic sourcing capability across the GoC – directly supporting the
wholly managed business units and indirectly supporting the joint ventures. This role also requires leadership and engagement
at an Anglo American level with regards to Group Category Management and implementation at a Business Unit level.


The Lead Category Manager will be responsible for establishing sound relationships with internal and external stakeholders,
facilitating cross collaborative value creation. This is achieved through the effective management of a team of Category
Managers focusing on development and implementation of category strategies and management of the source to contracting
process through understanding key business requirements and effectively managing Suppliers


Level of Work 3 Designing and optimising individual systems

The Lead Category Implementation Manager understands the different processes involved and the ways that they are related
together to ensure optimised effectiveness and efficiencies to meet the GoC’s business imperatives


Work of Role Output

Operational Excellence Delivery on Value Creation and DV
targets: direct output
 Manages and co-ordinates BU Category Managers on BU own and regional
cross BU categories to draft and deliver on category planning and fact based
strategic sourcing, including the implementation and roll out of sourcing
strategies and initiatives and the capturing of delivered benefits – Managerial Fit for purpose business solutions to
authority. deliver on business imperatives – direct
 Supports and facilitates category planning and strategic sourcing of central led
global categories and lead/advise central Category teams on business unit
Fit for purpose business solutions to
needs and requirements – Advisory authority
deliver on business imperatives – direct
 Drives and ensures value delivery against current, historic and benchmark output
spend, based on strategic sourcing principles i.e. understand and manage the
life cycle cost and/or TCO of equipment, spares, materials and services to Fit for purpose business solutions to
satisfy business needs – Managerial authority; deliver on business imperatives – direct
 Drives and supports strategic sourcing initiatives on safety, sustainable and output
reliable sourcing, supplier relationship management and emerging market
development – Managerial authority. Deliver within agreed Service Level
Agreements – direct output
 Supports the operations to maintain their license to operate through the
advancement of local procurement and the black economic empowerment Fit for purpose business solutions to
focus – Service authority deliver on business imperatives – direct
 Supports and drives physical Supply Chain objectives by aligning and output
integrating objectives into category management activities i.e. Category
planning, supplier engagement and agreement KPI negotiations – Advisory
 Provide support and functional leadership, expert advice and guidance to
operations and capital project procurement staff – Advisory authority
 Manage the section's expenditure within the approved budget – Managerial
Applicability, appropriateness and
Governance efficacy of governances, approved
alignment plans and recorded results –
 Participate in the development of Group Supply Chain policies and strategy and
direct output.
implement continuous improvement programmes and new procedures –
Approval for controls, preventative
Managerial authority
intervention and corrective action plans
 Ensure compliance with regulations, policies and procedures in procurement
– direct output
for operations and capital projects – Managerial authority

Approved strategies as base, known

Customer and Stakeholder Relationships
business objectives and alignment plans
 Establishes, manages and facilitates appropriate relationships with internal – indirect output.
stakeholders by being the key point for end user challenges and needs relating
to centre-led, regional and BU owned categories - Advisory authority
 Develops and maintains relationships with key existing strategic suppliers and
identifies and develops potential new partners within the supply market – Deliver within agreed Service Level
Managerial authority. Agreements – direct output
 Builds strong cross-functional relationships with stakeholders across Supply
Chain and other key functions – Managerial authority
 Provides intelligence on local shortages, constraints and supplier
performance– Service authority
 Manages the relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure
the attainment of business model objectives – Managerial authority.
Visible felt leadership – direct output
Safety - Managerial authority

 Create a safe and healthy work environment where all can work effectively
without hurting the environment

Strategic Effectiveness - Managerial authority

Ensure commonality and alignment of
 Accountable to provide strategic leadership and guidance to team of Category delivery, expectation and development
Managers in order to align SC category planning and strategic sourcing requirements – indirect output
objectives with BU objectives.
 Responsible to integrate and facilitate inter Anglo American based Business
Unit Category management and SC Central Category team activities to ensure
world class category management results and optimal category value of
ownership for De Beers Group of Companies.
 Ensures alignment to De Beers Supply Chain strategy and objectives

People Management
 Responsible for the setting and preparation of KPIs for team as well as Ensure commonality and alignment of
personal development and training plans to ensure alignment to the overall delivery, expectation and development
objectives of the De Beers Supply Chain – Managerial authority requirements – indirect output
 Allocate work, manage performance (contractors included), train direct reports
and maintain discipline in section – Managerial authority

Project Management – Service Authority Define project scope and objectives and
Implements projects / initiatives as and when required, taking cognisance of assist with business case justification
project principles, project scope, specifications, time and cost parameters, heath, and facilitating project delivery – direct
safety and legal requirements by: output

 Identifying projects / initiatives for short term solutions or modifications

 Initiating projects / initiatives in line with standard procedures, performing
feasibility studies, and justifications accordingly
 Contributing to the planning and co-ordinating of projects

Managerially accountable to Head of Supply Chain
Direct reports Category Implementation Managers (7)

Lead the definition, implementation and continuous improvement of category strategies

with emphasis on combining capital, spare parts, repairs, maintenance and services so at
to allow a beneficial agreement in respect of cost and risk for the GoC.

Key internal role relationships

Head of Supply Chain – De Beers Group
 Provides an advisory service on all data / reporting requirements
BU Supply Chain Personnel
 Provides an advisory service on all data / reporting requirements
 Provides an advisory service to South African BU’s relating to Preferential
Procurement reporting requirements
DBGS Supply Chain Performance and Risk Management
 Provides an advisory service on all data / reporting requirements

External relationships Anglo American Head Office, Suppliers and Customers

 Bachelor degree level, preferably in business and/or engineering disciplines.
 Advanced university qualifications, preferably in business administration,
commerce, or other relevant discipline (MBA, MCIPs, etc)

 Membership of relevant professional body
EXPERIENCE  Broad experience and success in Mining or maintenance management in large
operations would be advantageous.
 Experience of sourcing or operations related to the responsibility category / sub
 Must demonstrate an understanding of strategic sourcing techniques and TCO
analysis or demonstrate aptitude for full training in this discipline
 Strong operational experience in a Supply Chain Management role in a Mining and
Operations environment.
 Proven purchasing, goods consolidation, warehousing, inventory management and
logistics experience
 Strong relationship management capability
 Successful career in the mining industry, finance or maintenance intensive arenas
 Proven track record for problem solving and successfully delivering projects

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS  Demonstrable track record of achieving results (business, operational, financial,
projects, people)
 Successful track record of exercising judgement/effective decision making
 Change leadership and management experience
 Proven track record for problem solving and successfully delivering projects
 Ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity
 Ability to build and nurture positive working relationships with various stakeholders
 Management skills (ability to plan, organise, lead and control)

 Diamond Mining Industry

 Legislation: Preferential procurement and Mining Charter
 Supply Chain Policies, Procedures & Systems

Skills required for role:

 Strong Leadership skills
 Ability to manage diversity and promote a high performance culture
 Excellent business acumen and a continuous improvement mindset
 Customer and service orientation
 Supply Chain Integration
 Related technical terms, processes and procedures pertaining to discipline
 Knowledge of supply chain value concepts
 Ability to engage and network with key stakeholders
 Proven track record for problem solving and change management
 Background and understanding of governance principles

Technical Competencies

 Integrated Risk Management (Level 4)
Comprehensive Anglo American process for managing risk. Managing supply risk in the
Supply Chain context.
 Performance Management & Reporting (Level 4)
Basic or detailed knowledge of the operational activities of our mines and processing
plants, i.e. understanding what processes, equipment and inputs are needed to
 Stakeholder Engagement & Communications (Level 4)
Identification of those parties who are relevant and must be engaged with regards to
specific projects and activities performed by Supply Chain.
 Project Management / Planning (Level 4)
Application of structured processes to organise and manage business activities and to
deliver projects.

 Sustainable & Responsible Supply Chain (Level 3)
Awareness of sustainable practice in our engagements internally and externally.

Role Specific
 Category Management (Level 4)
The knowledge of strategic sourcing processes and methods and the ability to apply the
knowledge in the context of our business.
 Negotiation (Level 4)
The use of specific negotiation skills and techniques in order to reach an acceptable
outcome or agreement between two or more parties.
 Project & Capital Procurement (Level 3)
All procurement activities within the context of Capital Procurement Projects (which can
be different to routine procurement processes)


A1 - Broad Scanning(Level 2)
Seeking and using the broadest internal and external view, beyond current issues and constraints
Pays attention to the broader mining business
B2 - Collaboration(Level 2)
Building relationships and fostering cross boundary collaboration
Initiates cross boundary collaboration
B3 - Impact and influence(Level 2)
Deepening self-awareness and applying influencing techniques that gain commitment and support
Adapts influencing style to different situations
C3 - Business acumen(Level 2)
Applying rigorous commercial and business thinking to decision making in order to generate value
Understands how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace