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1. Rifa is a diligent girl. She always…. at 04.30 A.

a.m. Then she makes up her bed at 04.45 a.m. B. soup
A. goes to bed C. fried rice
B. takes a bath D. birthday cake
C. gets up
D. goes to school 9. We will go to KFC next Sunday. We will eat… .
A. pizza
2. She usually has breakfast at a …. B. fried rice
A. half past six C. fried chicken
B. half to six D. birthday cake
C. half past five
D. half to five 10. Are fruits and vegetables good for our body?
A. Yes, it is
3. My father….newspaper in the living room every B. No, it is not
morning. C. Yes, there are
A. reads D. No, there aren’t
B. read
C. writes 11. Andit : “ What do you like to drink, Cici?
D. write Cici : I like … .
A. a cup of coffee
4. What time do you go to school everyday? I go B. a bowl of meat ball
to school at… . C. a pan of pizza
D. a loaf of bread
11 12 1
10 2 12. Wulan : ….you like some grapes?
9 3 Iyan : Yes, I do
8 4 Wulan : Take it
7 6 5 Iyan : Thank you very much.
Wulan : You are welcome
A. a quarter to six A. do
B. a quarter past six B. does
C. a half past six C. is
D. a half to six D. are

5. Do you always … .TV everyday? 13. Rani : …..

A. look Bayu : Thank you
B. see
C. watch
D. read

6. Does your father always leave for office at a What should Rani say to Bayu?
half past seven a.m. ? A. Congratulation
B. Happy birthday
11 12 1 C. Good luck
10 2 D. Be careful
9 3
8 4 14. Farel : What is your father?
7 6 5 Hanung : My father is a… He goes to the rice
field everyday.
A. Yes, she does. A. teacher
B. No, she doesn’t B. doctor
C. Yes, he does. C. farmer
D. No, he doesn’t D. pilot

7. Always – Ubaidillah – has - at – dinner- 15. Tika : What is your mother?

06.00p.m. Wiwid : She is a nurse.
A. Ubaidillah has always dinner at 06.00p.m. Tika : What does she do?
B. Ubaidillah always has dinner at 06.00p.m. Wiwid : She helps doctor in the… .
C. at 06.00 p.m. Ubaidillah has always dinner. A. bank
D. at 06.00 p.m. has Ubaidillah always dinner. B. hospital
C. school
D. airport

8. Tomorrow is my birthday. My mother will

make… .
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