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Republic of the Philippines

Technical-Vocational-Livelihood -Cookery-12

Semi – Detailed Lesson Plan


Time/Time Frame: 55 minutes

I. Objectives:

At the end of one- hour lesson, the students are expected to;

1. Recognize kitchen premises to be cleaned and sanitized;

2. Classify and describe the uses of cleaning agents;
3. Clean the kitchen area in accordance with food safety and occupational health regulations;

II. Learning Content:

LO 2. Clean and Sanitize kitchen premises

Topic: Kitchen surfaces to be cleaned
Code: TLE_HECK9-12KP-Ib-2
Reference: Books, Internet
Materials: Books, pictures DLP,Module.

III. Learning Task

A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Greetings
3. Checking of the Attendance
4. Unlocking of Difficulties
5. Motivation
 Picture Prompt

B. Development of the Lesson

1. Activity
a. Background Knowledge

2. Analysis

Ba. Can you name some of the cleaning agents?

3. Abstraction

a. What do you think are the parts of the kitchen premises?

b. Why do you think there is a must in cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen
d. Why do we need to classify the cleaning agents?

4. Application

 Reporting

In a group of seven, list down the cleaning agents and its uses in cleaning and
sanitizing the premises of the kitchen.

IV. Evaluation

Classify and describe the uses of cleaning agents. Write your answer in ½
sheet of paper.

V. Assignment
In your notebook write at least 2 kinds of appetizer.

Prepare by:

Lorna L. Aceberos