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Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis Discourses &Initiations IE.A. Koetting. -- 1st ed.

E.A. Koetting is the greatest magician alive. I declare that without hes­

itation, or doubt. To me, it is a defensible fact.

He is certainly the most prolific. His curriculum vitae boasts eight
cult classic books, several full length video courses, innumerable personal
consultations, rituals for hire, and collegiate seminars-where he lectures
for free. What distinguishes him from his contemporaries, is that he hap­
pily performs magick for his readers. His accessibility and transparency

is unmatched.
Also, his work is precedent. He has innovated complete systems of
magick, and cataloged new spirits . Contrast this against the endless re­
hash of the same, tired, few grimoires, which have advanced very little
since inception.
Together, he and I co-created Become A Living God, which statis­
tically is the most renowned magick project in the world. Through it,
E.A. was the first to transcend the pretentious secrecy of occultism, and

actually demonstrate the performance of many live magick rituals on

film, for anyone who observed.

All that being said, none of these impressive accolades matter. In fact,
my enumeration of his accomplishments is tedious and conceited.
It begs the age old question of philosophy: what truly measures great­

Ancient Greeks pondered how to determine the greatest person. Is it

prolificness, precedence, or popularity? Or, perhaps it is a combination
of all three?
It is none of these.
The touchstone of human greatness is ethical integrity. Integrity is
dedication to virtue.
E.A. devoted his life to black magick as a teenager, and he not only
remained faithful to the left hand path ever since, he has fucking trail­
blazed it-to a point where his mission is simply incomprehensible to
the average sorcerer.
French philosopher, Henri Bergson, quipped, "And those who were
seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the

This quotation metaphorically summarizes my point.

I personally like E.A. Koetting, because the man possesses tougher
moral fiber than any other magician I have encountered-and I have
done painstaking due diligence.
He is a deeply humble, blue collar visionary, who embodies the per­
fect balance of selfish ambition and selfless generosity. Hailing from an
abusive, underprivileged background, he is the honest, hardworking un­
derdog for whom ordinary folks instinctively root.
It is natural for people to align with whoever merits ascent.
Prior to our alliance, E.A. graduated through several criminal-and
in my opinion, stupid-black magickal orders, but inevitably established
his own righteous initiatory fraternity, called Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis.
Latin for Order of Eternal Ascent, it achieved where other sects failed.
The O.A.A. provided aspirants an extremely intensive pathworking,
that required practical skills . To its credit, it was absent of excessive the­
oretical pontification, and hierarchical political rhetoric. In short, the
O.A.A. was purely pragmatic. Learn the lesson, complete the task, get
Of. a. Jtoetttng 3

initiated; no secret handshakes, no silly costumes, no unnecessary com­

plicated ceremonies. It boasted a hardcore underground following for
�-ears, prior to retirement by choice.
We released 200 copies of the 900-page talismanic giant, Complete
Works ef E.A. Koetting, in 2012. This special tome included the confi­
dential manual for the initiatory pathworking of the 0 .A.A. Since then,
occultists who missed the opportunity, have relentlessly pleaded that we
re-release this particular selection of writing one last time. The dilemma
is that we originally pledged to never do so, once Complete Works sold
At a certain point, the sheer willingness to enable fellow man to
evolve, exceeds the desire to obey a former promise, which was conceived
under different circumstances anyway. Become A Living God has
evolved dramatically post-release, and as such, we have concluded that it
is justifiable to liberate this pathworking once again, except inde­
pendently, in its own book-the tome you currently hold.
Black magicians are rational atheists philosophically, so we do not
employ blessings or prayers for each other. But we can bestow aspira­
tional affirmations.
May you rise to Godhood.
-Timothy Donaghue, publisher

"ll o !'OU a t t e p t !'OUt o a t b a s

1&. n i g b t o f t b e jf i f t b jf l a m e ?''

The voice came from nowhere, for no reason, unlike any other voice I

ne\•er heard. It wasn't the voice of God nor the voice of the devil; the
,-oice was a voice creation itself, the voice of the Flames, which creates
all things, sustains all things, and destroys all things.

That voice, those flames roared around me as I accepted the oath and
took my place as a Sworn Knight of the Fifth Flame.
It was the summer of 1999. I was 1 8 years old. And I had just made
a Pact with Masters that I could not see, nor did They speak in Their
own voices, nor did They make any promises. The voice of the Flames,
which surely spoke in Their behalf merely asked me to make a choice.
I had no idea what it meant. I had no idea that I was being groomed.
I had no clue at all that I was undergoing an initiation of any sort but I
knew the power that surrounded me, the power that impaled me when
the voice poured out of the sky.
And I knew what I became the moment that I consented to become
a Sworn Knight of the Fifth Flame.
My entire life has been guided by interactions and by events that
seemed completely random. Now, through the filter of omniscience, I'm
able to see these as exact models, catalysts to get me exactly to where I
now stand.
6 ®rbo agcengum aetprnaltg

Throughout my life, even as too young a child, I felt like I was always
drifting and wandering, always trying to find my way, trying to find an­
swers, to find a reason. All of the things that happened to me, all of the
things that happened because of me, were all ripples emanating forth
from every action, every word, every though, affecting everything around
me. Each ripple timed precisely, not by my mind, not by my calculations,
but by minds and calculations inhuman.
In the process of struggling to find my way through the tentacles and
vines swamping my every movement through life, I found witchcraft. I
found ancient spells which gave me the power to remove those obstruc­
tions from my path, and the power to smash any who would try to stop
me from pursuing my Destiny.
Witchcraft obsessed me, and as I put my hands on it, as I called out
to those old powers, they served me, and they changed me. The meta­
morphosis was fast and it was unstoppable. My family saw it, and they
were afraid. Friends saw it and were afraid. I could see the metamorpho­
sis in me as it occurred, and I knew that I was becoming only that which
I had already been all along, but was just too afraid to embrace.
I moved through systems of magic, one after the next, devouring spir­
ituality like air. My mastery or at least my firm grasp and practical
knowledge of each system came to me not as if I were learning it anew,
but as ifl had known it all along, and was finally starting to remember.
Without a break or pause I would move onto the next, guided by
magnetic attractor, pushing myself deep into the system, studying it, us­
ing it, and becoming it, and then moving on to the next one and the next
and the next.
The seemingly random pieces of the dogmatic jigsaw puzzle will
begin to make perfect sense to me. A formula started to develop, started
�. a. lftoetting 7

to appear before me, not on paper, not in grimoires, not through any
equations of gematria, not through decoding the riddles the sages. It be­
came clear that all the person needed to become God to start using these
ancient sciences this ancient technology, with the one assumption, with
one single personal, practical assertion: That it is real, and that is works.
it wasn't until that horrid voice broke through the air around me once
more, for no reason, not having been called forth by me, not having been
elicited by any actions or inactions or events surrounding me. The voice
disrupted whatever petty action I was engaged in, which now escapes me,
becoming meaningless in the wake of the voice, bellowing words "Sworn
Knight, do covenant to serve always almighty God, which is within you,
and will you covenant to come to the aid and defense of your Brothers in
the Eternal Order, as they come also to your defense? Will you sacrifice
all within you that is not Eternal, so that you may live amongst that Eter­

nal God, which is you?"

Something poured into me after the Flames of the Ninth Degree de­
scended upon me, after those Flames penetrated my chest and my head
and my groin; after the Flames that spilled out of my fingertips, out of
my eyes and the soles of my feet and spilled into this world, incinerating
everything around me and resurrecting the whole world in a perfect state.
_.\ft:er I had crumpled to the floor, my body not capable of hosting an­
other drop of power, something else came into me, a peace, like joy and
bliss and mercy. With it was carried the knowledge of what I was be­
coming and why I was becoming.
I became aware of a plan that was set in place and was carried out,

not in the past, nor in the present, nor the future, but in a realm outside
of time. I witnessed in that moment o f forfeit the convergence of millions
of seemingly random events, coordinated in order to give birth to the
moment in which I could witness that convergence. I have been drawn
towards these paths, towards my choices.
It was not just I who was guided. Others around me were guided to
deliver me to that moment. Those who would speak quietly to me, when
no one else could hear, that the world around us that we can see and feel
and touch is a shell, and there is another world within it and around it -
a world composed of light and power. Those who would tell me these
things, often without even knowing or later not recollecting having said
such words, would tell me also ways that I could mold and shape that
other world, in order for it to mold and shape this world.
Guided also were those who have tried to destroy me, as a child, as a
boy, as a man, interpreting my silence as defeat, while I collected my
power and I learned how to unlock it, with the single focus of making
myself strong enough to begin to destroy them, one by one.
Most people think they are thinking when in reality they are only
dreaming as they sleep, and as they dream their thoughts are woven by
Those who know how to weave webs in the world of Power and Light.
The web of thoughts followed by actions, followed by consequences, fol­
lowed my own Ascent snapped into clarity as I lay crumpled and ex­
hausted on the floor.
I was being taught by teachers whose lessons were heard not by my
years, nor even by my mind, but by a more subtle organ. I thought that
I was being rewarded or punished or taught or disciplined by the people
whose hands or smiles or eyes or words were upon me. These were just
armies of strawmen. My real teachers were beyond this world. They are
of this world, and They are in this world, but They are beyond this world.
I even came to realize much, much later that the Ascended Masters
themselves were not my teachers, that they too were strawmen, their
�. a. iloetting 9

mouths being moved by Others who penetrate deeper into the Mystery
than the Masters who are known could fathom.
Being aware of the teachings that were ongoing, I became actively
involved in them. A student rather than a mid-manipulated disciple. As
the unconscious became conscious, the fury of my Ascent doubled and
tripled. The mysteries of evocation opened up to me and divination and
soul travel, faculties that had eluded me for years, that I had struggled
for, sacrificed for over and over to no avail suddenly were made clear. As
I mastered these and other forbidden arts, those overlords of power di­
rected me in the manner in which I could become like unto Them, and
how I could become one of Them. They began to show me the path that
would lead me to my own literal Godhood.
The Voice didn't come again for a year, a year that was spent on learn­
ing all that I was being taught, the Lessons appearing in my conscious­

ness from a place where my mind couldn't pierce. I had received two
Initiations in that time, the Flames simply flooding this world and col­
lecting around me, swirling and filling me, integrating into my every cell.
The voice came again came after a year of discipline and a year of
power. It came this time while I slept.
"Prepare yourself to receive the 12th Flame."
I sat up in bed naked, sweating from a dreamless sleep. I didn't feel
disturbed, like the voice wasn't interrupting anything, like some part of
me was expecting it, waiting for it.
I heaved my heavy, still-sleeping legs off the side of the bed, turned
my neck and stretched my back and shoulders, bringing my body back
into this world.
Before the voice could launch into its declaration of the vows of obe­
dience to my Godself and all the rest, I said aloud, almost in a shout, 'I'm
to @rbo asunsum aetprnalts

prepared to receive the 12th and I commit to all of the covenants, obli­
gations and virtues therein." Only three visitations from a disembodied,
booming voice from the nether-realms, and I already felt like informality
was acceptable. I sat in silence, closed my eyes, and waited for the Flames
to descend upon me, to fill me with the power of the gods once again.
And I waited.
After at least a few decisive moments of silence, the voice cracked the
air again. ''Teach those who are ready, to deliver your message to those
who can hear it."
I asked the visibly empty air around me, "How will I find those who
are ready and willing, and what exactly am I supposed to be teaching
I had taught people before, but only friends, and only a little. I didn't
have a message. Sure, I had a lot to say. I always did. But nothing that I
could narrow down into one concise message worth delivering.
'When the Master is ready, the students will come," the answer was
given, the voice starting the sentence before I had finished mine, cutting
off my chance to argue the point.
In truth, I didn't want to do it. I had a great job, a nice little house, a
Dalmatian puppy, a girlfriend that I wanted to marry. My life was good.
Busy, and quiet, but good.
The inconvenience was only the mask. I had become convinced that
no one else in this existence could understand, let alone witness the oth­
erworldly things that I witnessed on a daily basis. When I first started on
this path, I sought out others to relate to, to identify with. I only found
pretenders. Not a single person that I had taught even the mildest aspect
of magick wanted to have anything to do with it as soon as they discov­
ered that it is all terrifyingly real. Most of them no longer wanted to have
�. a. itoetting l l

anything to do with me, as the messenger of such chaos. I'd given up,
overwhelmed by wading through masses of human meat, festering while
dreaming instead of thinking.
Not only did I not believe in the human species, but I didn't believe
in myself. I was afraid. I feared that I couldn't teach. I was afraid that
others couldn't learn.
In my heart I withdrew my oath that I had given only moments prior.
It wasn't a question willingness on my part. It was a question of ca­
pability. Or, at least perceived capability. Despite all of the lessons that I
learned I still did not realize, or I had not integrated the knowledge that
with absolute willingness comes absolute capability.
I was through my willingness alone that I became capable accepting
that oath, of doing whatever needed to be done, to serve that God within
me. To glory him, and to never forsake him.
"I accept this out. I make this covenant."
The ascended Masters whom I had met in Soul Travel came to me
one by one, in accordance with the plane that they preside over and with
the powers that they teach, and one by one they laid out a system, giving
me everything I needed to do what was asked of me, teaching me all that
I was to teach, lesson by lesson, initiation by initiation. That Master
would vanish, and then another would appear in his place, continuing
where the previous had left of£
I was awake the entire night. I called in sick to work the next day to
continue receiving the dictation from the very first meditation to the in­
itiation receipt of the 16th Flame.
Once it was finished, I had before me the entire system of the OAA,
save for 17th and the 18th Flame, which couldn't be revealed to me until
I was ready for those initiations mysel£
1 2 @rbo a�cen�um aetprnali�

Exhausted after hour upon hour of receiving these dictations and

transcribing them, I ate and I showered, and then I sat on my sofa med­
itation to relax my mind and allow me to enter into sleep, finally, into
In the moment that my eyelids closed and my mantras began, I was
pulled from this world into another, into a Temple made up entirely by
what I can only call "Divine Light." I had been called there before, yet
it is not a place that can be found, no matter how hard and how long one
might search for it.
This was a meeting-place for the Masters, the Council of Vairag, the
Hall of the Great White Brotherhood. I have been there only a few
times, and each time my life has changed dramatically.
My old guru, the first Soul Master that I met, Sri Suhnam, was wait­
ing for me.
He had three words to tell me. "Check your email."
My eyes shot open and I gasped for breath. Whatever plane that tem­
ple is on is very high, as the body usually only reacts so violently to a
return if you have gone beyond the realm of death, as it enters a sort of
temporary stasis until the soul returns.
Check your email?
If it weren't for the slamming of my heart and my lungs choking for
air, I would have written it off as a very vivid dream.
How does a 400 year old Tibetan monk even know about email? I
asked myself.
Expecting disappointment, I switched my computer on, booted up
my modem, and logged on to my email.
A single unread message awaited me. The sender was unknown to
me. The subject line read, "Seeking A Master."
'le. ltl. it.oetting 1 3

I don't know where he got my email address, or who had told him
about me, but he was the first person that I taught through the O.A.A.,
eventually becoming Initiated to the 16'h Flame.
Hundreds more came as word organically spread of the power and
knowledge found in the Order. Hundreds became a thousand when I
took these teachings to a larger audience through my writing.
ll e s s o n l

it in a chair facing south. Dim the lights, light some black or

white candles in a dark room, or perform this meditation com­
pletely in the dark.
Close your eyes and let your mind soften into a light relaxation. Take
a deep breath in, approximately ten seconds long, and hold it in your
chest. Imagine all of your tension, apprehension and anxiety flooding
into your chest, gathering in your lungs. Release the breath slowly, push­
ing the emotional tar out of your chest with the air. Like a swarm of tiny
files, see in your mind the energy buzzing above you and quickly dissi­
pating in the sky. Continue this cycle of inhaling, gathering negating
emotions, and releasing them in an exhalation.
Having repeated this process two or three times, your mind should
quiet itself dramatically. Opening your eyes, your environment will seem
fresher and crisper than before. An entirely new vantage will not be man­
ifest at this point, but a slight alteration of the consciousness most surely

16 @rbo a�cen�um aetprnalt�

Hold your hands together, fingertips of opposite hands touching. Al­

low your palms to relax while your fingers still remain in contact with
one another until a few inches of empty space rests between your palms.
With your fingertips still touching, let your hands hover above your lap,
parallel with your navel. This should be a comfortable position, the lack
of force resembling an act of levitation.
In the state of spiritual quietude, open your awareness to your imme­
diate environment. Try to see in your mind your surroundings, recreating
them in a mental picture. Make a conscious effort to keep your mind
relaxed, allowing the sharpness of the image to form on its own. As your
imagination hones into your surroundings, do not detach yourself from
it. Do not see it as being some other place far away, or something in your
imagination. Know that it is around you, in the place where you sit. It
surrounds you, and you are a part of it. While you are imagining, recog­
nize the reality of that which you see.
The sharpness of your visualized surroundings having reached their
peak, ease your mind deeper into the image, as if there is more there that
is not yet seen. Let your mind drop into a more subtle state of awareness.
Continue to see in your mind your surroundings, yet at the same time try
to look through them. Relax yourself, allowing your eyes to rest comfort­
ably and your mind to cease straining. In this relaxed state, unite that
which you feel and that which you see in your mind. You can naturally
feel the energy and the darkness around you at all times, but cannot see
it or even imagine it. Here, you must do both.
Some may have problems with this, while others will instantly feel as
if they are literally falling through rings of reality, dropping into an un­
known realm. Either way, do not allow this to distract your attention
from the visualized image of your environment. Do not escape into the
Of. a. Jtoetttng t 7

ecstasy or the frustration of the experience, but know that your reality is
here, now, in that chair in the Temple that you see in your mind and that
exists around you.
As you begin to sink into the greater reality of your surroundings, the
image in your mind will begin to change from its appearance when you
first entered. The physical structure will remain the same, but something
evil will begin to form. A black mist will seem to materialize in the room,
seen through your inner vision, growing thicker and blacker every sec­
ond. Understand that this is not coming into being, but was always there
yet was never before seen. Try to visualize this black mist forming, or at
the very least become profoundly aware its presence.
With your eyelids remaining lightly shut, inhale slowly as before.
Sense the cloud of energy around you contracting, constricting until it
seems like a coagulated mass of midnight is resting just off of your skin.
Hold the air in your chest, intuiting the surrounding darkness following
cue, lingering close. Allow the sensation to smother you.
Let the breath out. As it leaves your chest, sense the cumulative en­
ergy move away from your body. Feel the emotional relief, or perhaps

the grief that floods your heart at the departure of the incarnate desola­
tion. Once the air has left your lips, you should be able to sense the shad­
ows back in their original places.
Watch the mist through your mental vision drift in its place, swaying
\\ith the barely noticeable currents of air and dancing with every minute
movement made. Watch the darkness dance until it no longer seems to
� reacting to stimuli, but appears to be the sole stimulus of action. It

Joes not move because you breathe; rather, you breathe so it may move.
Become aware, in your observation of the darkness, of its profound in­
:elligence, its terrifying prescience of you, its vehicle.
ts ertro a.seen.sum aetprnalts

Inhale once more, feeling the dark fog gathering close around you,
squeezing next to your body. Feel it caressing you, crawling up your skin,
invading even the air that you breathe. Sense the shadows piercing the
social armor you have built around yourself, stripping you and slithering
on the surface of your emotional nakedness.
Try to hear the voices emanating from the darkness, so close to your
body. Although you most likely will not make out words, know that it is
speaking at you, hissing, mocking, tempting towards insanity.
Those who are new to the occult will try to stave off the spiritual vi­
olation that they have warranted through this contemplative ritual. They
will attempt to flee back into the daylight and to the comfort of nor­
malcy. When this desire comes, do not allow it to take hold. Remember
at all times when in the midst of the Powers of Eternity and Magick that
they are always there and they always were, whether or not you have been
aware. Remember that they cannot be exorcised, that the act of banishing
does not rid you of them but instead rids them of you, removing your
conscious mind from their presence.
This meditation will allow you to start to understand the omnipres­
ence and limitless intelligence of the dark currents that assail every mol­
ecule in existence without prejudice. It lets you see that the Powers of
Magick are real and are very relevant. Perhaps most importantly is that
this rite allows Eternity to see you, to know that you are aware of it, and
that you are attempting to ally yourself with it. It is here that the inherent
strength or weakness of the Sorcerer is seen, by both himself and by those
Powers which he wishes to possess.
Repeat this Lesson no more than three times a day, at least 3 hours
apart, until the experience does not feel like it is forced or visualized, but
is very naturally occurring and is sensed as a real occurrence rather than
�. a. Jloetttng l 9

one simply in your mind. As it becomes real to you, its utter true reality
will be understood. Report notes on the experience, noting sensations,
emotions, or thoughts regarding the exercise.

1L t s s o n 3l 3l

The second lesson is focused on improving visualization skills, which will

be used extensively in astral workings and evocation.
Meditate as was mastered in Lesson One. Clear your mind of every­
thing, including the Darkness that surrounds you. When your mind is
again blank, close your eyes and see in your imagination a pendulum
swinging back and forth. It is not attached to anything, but is floating
against a blank background. Watch the pendulum for 10 minutes. You
may find that it disappears, stops swinging, or some other such mental
phenomenon of distraction. Do not allow this to dissuade your medita­
tion, bringing the image back into clarity and continue swinging. Repeat
this exercise no more than three times daily, until the pendulum swings
for 10 minutes uninterrupted, and report notes.

1L e s s o n 3l 3l 3l

Obtain candles, one in each of the following colors:

• Red
• Green
• Yellow
• Orange
• Black
20 <l&rbo ascensum aetprnalis

• Indigo
• Violet
• White
Choose one or two colors to work with each day. Referring to the
following correspondence chart, be sure that if you work with two colors,
their attributes compliment each other, lest your separate workings with
them cancel each other out rather than amplify one another.
Red: Mars, violence, passion, love, hate, war, murder, sex, rape, blood
Green: Mother Earth, green trees, grass, birth, life, giving, healing,
Yellow: Protection, watching over, enveloping with light, dispelling
Orange: Productivity, reproductivity, accomplishment of work and
goals, hard work and the reward there from
Black: Absorbing all other colors, bringing into oneself, death, an­
cient, unknown
Indigo: Spiritual awareness, intuition, self-knowledge, clairvoyance,
expansion of soul
Violet: Divinity, union with self and with the absolute, unlimited
growth, mastery
White: Peace, tranquility, drifting clouds, quiet
Take the first of your chosen candles and set it before you. Sit in your
chosen meditative posture and watch your surroundings come alive
around you, until you have achieved an internal clarity. Open your eyes
and light the candle. Gaze into its flame and relax your eyes, simply al­
lowing your mind to absorb the energy of the candle's flame. Contem­
plate the attributes of the chosen color and feel such attributes welling
up inside you. Sense the coldness or hot, the passion or serenity, the
�. a. itoetting 2 1

darkness or the purity of the color inside of you, all of the emotion that
is related to it building. Raise the emotions of the color within you, and
do not stop them from rising. Do not question the validity of the emo­
tion or try to place it with anyone or anything, but simply allow yourself
to feel.
Hold your right hand over the candle, palm down. Breathe in and feel
the energy that has built up inside of you and the emotion gather in your
chest. Release the breath slowly and feel the energy not leaving your
mouth, but instead traveling through your muscles and veins into your
right arm. Inhale and feel the force that was once emotion solidifying,
becoming an actual energy, as tangible as the wind. With an exhalation,
"push" the color-energy through your arm and feel it flooding into the
candle. Repeat this until the sensation is unmistakably real, the channel­
ing of the color energy through your body into the candle. Sense the
energy being stored in the wax of the candle and being released into the
universe through the burning wick. Continue channeling this color en­
ergy into the candle until it has left you completely.
You may wish to take a break, as this is often spiritually and physically
draining the first few rounds. Set the candle aside, preferably in a box
which has no other purpose than to store the candles that you have im­
bued with power. Return either minutes or hours later and repeat the
above with the second candle that you have chosen.
With each candle charging, a slight energy residue or signature will
remain. Let this drift from you naturally, leaving only a lasting imprint
on your Being by the next day.
Make notes of impressions of each color-energy.
Repeat this for each candle, making sure that each is experienced in
a real and concrete way.
Report notes.

The fourth lesson teaches the beginnings of working with your astral
light. It is a simple energy exercise taken from Franz Bardon's work.
Meditate as taught previously. Visualize a golden orb above you, feeling
the energy pulsing within it and radiating into the environment. With
an inhalation, pull the golden light into your being until you are com­
pletely filled with it. Exhale and sense the light inside you growing
brighter, more intense, like a white fire that has lit itself within you.
Sense the pulsations coming from within yourself now. Once the pulsa­
tions and vibrational changes due to the golden energy become a notice­
able reality, and you can feel your whole being immersed in the throbbing
and the rushing of the light, let your head fall back onto your shoulders,
so you are looking straight up at the ceiling. Take a deep breath in and
feel the Light that you have invoked gathering in your chest. Let your
mouth fall open, still looking towards the ceiling, and breathe the light
out of yourself. It will often feel thick, noticeably being exhausted from
your body. This is the only way to complete exhaust any energy from
your body, or to completely allow your soul to travel without connection
to the physical - through the mouth. Often, as the energy departs, you
will find yourself choked up by it, coughing or gasping. Allow yourself
to do this naturally if you do, and recover yourself.
Report notes.
Qe. a. ltoetting 23

Meditate, clear your mind and breathe in deeply. Invoke Divine light
as was done in the previous lesson. As you exhale slowly, let the God­
name flow out of you, almost as if of it's own accord, and let it be moved
into the universe on a wave of Divine Light.
Practice this first with your own name. Once you have the feel for the
technique, vibrate El Shaddai three times, Yod He Vav He three times,
and Sat Nam once. Do these separately, and notice the change created
in the environment and in yourself. Each name should have a different
feeling that it produces.
Report notes .
If you have not done much work as a Cantor, or have not had much
practice in vibration of Godnames, and need some more instruction, do
let me know and I'll guide you through it.

The past three Lessons assume that the Aspirant has developed
or possesses by nature the imaginative and multidimensional
sensitivities, prior to approaching the First of the Eighteen
Flames. Most members who actually persevered through the ap­
plication and "proving" process came to me with decades ofoccult
experience and magickal resumes that put my own verifiable ex­
perience through lodges and recognized mentors to shame. Some
of them had studied directly under the biggest names in the oc­
cult; some of them were big names in the occult. All of them
knew, as a simple matter ofknowing, that this 20 year old no­
name Sorcerer, trained by gurus that nobody had heard of and
taught by spirits that nobody thought could be summoned, pos­
sessed something that they desired, and that they had notfound
anywhere else.
24 <!&rbo ascensum aetprnalis

Through the process of aiding these Adepts in Ascent, coupled

with the active work of my own ongoing Ascent, I was quickly
coming to recognizing the power that I had, and the potential
far exponential increase ofit. But, I had taken thatfar granted.
Ofcourse I was on the Master's Path, and ofcourse my Godhood
was being unraveled. What surprised me, though, and still does
continue to surprise me, is the amount ofpower and potential in
the amount of people. The flaw of the saviors and the gurus is
the notion that the people need them. It's quite codependent, re­
ally. My application and testing processes were not in place to
ensure that this sacred science didn't fall into sinister or inept
hands, but was merely a tool oftime managementfar me. View­
ing the whole concept ofasking a person to prove their worth as
a spiritual being in order to get my attention through the lens ef
reality brings the whole guru trip into question; "I have a lim­
ited amount of time" being translated to ''You're not good
enough" is absurd. Especially as it has been proven to me time
and again that Godlike capability is within every last one ofus,
and that ifany person is given the Knowledge ofthese Arts, and
if their Will pushes them to the point ef immersing themselves
in its study, and ifthey Dare to apply this in their lives, there is
nothing that that person cannot do.
In every single case ofassumedfailure in some magickal Opera­
tion or spiritual discipline, the stumbling block is always, in
every single case, distrust ef self The aspirant's mind will be
smashed by visions, their ears will hear spirits speaking, their
eyes will seefarms materializing, even the very elements of the
earth will be thrust into chaos around them, causing every va­
riety ofphenomena, yet they will deny their own manifest god­
hood with the invocation of''It'sjust coincidence. I'm probably
just imagining it. " In reality, they are saying to themselves the
very thing I am ashamed to admit that I was silently telling
everyone who came to the doors of the O.A.A. : You're just not
good enough.
<le. a. ltoetting 25

That is a lie of the worst order, far you are already God in the
flesh, and it's just a matter of the conscious realization and ac­
ceptance of that fact that will unlock the doors to your throne
Ifyoufeel that you're not capable ofinternally seeing, magickally
visualizing, and energetically sensing thefarces, as you're being
directed to do in this work, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.
You are capable of it. And once you experience that reality far
yourself, you're going to laugh at how easy it is, how natural it
is, how it all comes together without much effort at all. The task
is simply to get out ofyour own way.
Ifyoufeel as ifyou can't visually or internally "see" into the spir­
itual, or that you can't clearly visualize these things, or that you
can't evenfeel the rushing ofthe energy around you, then proceed
by pretending like you can. Suspend your self-distrust, suspend
your self-criticism, and pretend that all of these things are not
only possible, but pretend that these things are happening. You'll
find that experience, when cultivated through positive repeti-
tion, is the greatest affirmation ofthe reality ofa thing. People
believe in all sorts of absurd things, from scientifically imposed
limitations to religiously imposed psychoses. At this very moment
you believe ten thousand things that you know if you were to
evaluate logically are simply not true. So, become as a child, un­
concerned about peer acceptance, unconcerned about results val­
idation, unconcerned about proving your worth, and
unconcerned about the possibilityfarfailure.
Experience these exercises in whatever degree of intensity you
are able, and you will put into motion a chain reaction within
yourse!fand within the world around you that will become un­
stoppable, and before you have even resolved the question as to
whether this is real or all in your head, you will be presented
with revelation after revelation ofyour own Godhood.
26 $rbo a.seen.sum aetprnalt.s

Don't trust me on this point; trust yourself. Jump headlong into

these waters, abandoning allfear and doubtfar just a moment,
just long enough to have the experience, and the reality ofthese
things will be present its own evidencefar you.

1L e s s o n l' 3J

Kneel, facing east, hands on knees and head straight forward. Inhale,
raising arms above your head, clasping your hands together save for both
index fingers, which should point upwards - forming a steeple of your
temple body. "Pull" white light into your fingers, and channel it through­
out your entire body. Note the changes in consciousness and being.
Push the energy now to a concentrated point at the tips of your fin­
gers. Exhale, lowering arms to your sides, until 10 fingers touch the
ground. Visualize, as you do this, that a sphere of white light encases
your being. Repeat this exercise until the reality of the sphere is undis­
puted in your mind.

lJn t t t a t t o n
i\. e c e t p t o f t b e jf i t s t jf l a m e

You have already uncovered, through your own experience, what is

necessary for Initiation, on this level, and on every level. You are receiv­
ing the Lessons in a specific order at a specific time, one following an­
other to create a specific effect. This acts as a type of combination lock
that allows you to move forward, Eternal.
�. a. koetting 27

The ritual oflnitiation, on your part, is to meditate and view the mist
around you for five minutes, view the pendulum for five minutes, recon­
secrate each of the candles in the same order as before, pull divine light
from the orb above you, vibrate the name Sat Nam, and form a sphere of
light around you. With this last one, you may feel that you have not
trapped yourself alone in the bubble of light, but that there is now some­
thing in there with you. This is the intelligent, omnipotent, Eternal First
Flame. It will flow down into the sphere with you, and will overwhelm
you, will reside within you. It will purify you and empower you. When
you sense the presence of this Flame, on any level, simply and quietly
state, "I accept the First Flame. "
Allow yourself to react however you may. Some Initiates feel nothing
at first, but over the following few days will notice a slight influx of
power. Others will be shaken to their knees. Some feel the power of the
First Flame flooding through them as they read this instruction letter,
much the same way that I feel it flooding through me towards you this
moment, moving through space to find you and fill you. In some of the
higher initiations, I personally felt my flesh bubbling and burning with
the Flames, and saw all of existence burnt up before me. React however
you will, but know that you have accepted a power and a non-intellectual
source of knowledge into your Eternal being, and that it is only one of
your first steps into Godhood. Know also that as you are performing this
ritual, I will be absent from this world of flesh and will instead be in the
formative worlds of Flame, moving this power in your direction.
The First Flame is yours, not as a gift, but as a birthright that you
have only now come to claim.

The experience ofreceiving thesefirst several Flames may be ex­

cruciatingly intense, or underwhelmingly mild. While it may
28 @rbo a.scem�um aetprnalt.S

seem atfirst thought that those who are less spiritually advanced
in any inherent way will be effected more intensely by these in­
itiations, as their whole being is catapultedforward in Ascent a
much greater distance, the reverse seems to be more true: the in­
tensity ofthe initiation experience seems to be dependent on the
subtle sensitivities ofthe Initiate. Ifthe Initiate canfeel the pres­
ence ofspirits quite easily, or can pick up on thefeelings ofothers
in an empathic manner, he or she is likely going to be in far a
Concerning the actual method and mechanism ofthis sort ofIn­
itiation, it has always stood out in my mind as quite odd. This
sentiment has been echoed by several other Initiates ofthe Order.
Most esoteric initiations assume that the Initiator possesses a
power, spark, or flame, or some sort of "special something" that
the Initiate wants, and can only receive by getting itfrom some­
one who possesses it.
The ritual ofInitiation, then, is transference ofthe same desir­
able yet immaterial thing to the Initiate.
In contrast, the Initiations ofthe O.A.A. make the opposite as­
sumption: The only thing that could possibly be desired by the
True Seeker is that which is possessed by the Eternal Source, the
Divine, whatever you want to call it. This desirable thing is not
as ephemeral in the mythos ofthe O.A.A. as in just about every
other path out there. That which is desired is power and
knowledge, which here is manifested as Flames. These ''Flames"
are the very powers ofcreation, which are self-conscious, auton­
omous, non-corporeal yet quite real and living Divine Flames
These Flames are omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, but
theyfind their highest expression in the physical world through
the works ofintelligent, self-aware, transdimensional physical
embodiments, which is a class that the human species is able to
narrowly squeeze into.
�. a. ltoetting 29

All things were created by the Flames; all things are sustained
by the Flames; all things are destroyed in the Flames.
In receiving these Flames, we are in actuality only receiving the
ability to consciously access them and to work cooperatively with
them, as they already exist within us, as they do within all
things. So, the Initiate is in essence activating his or her own
Godhood Yet, if we were to receive all of them all at once, the
result would be disastrous far the individual, as the elements of
the lower se!fneed to be acclimated to the Flames gradually.
While I can appreciate that this philosophy on Initiation is more
true than many others I've encountered, in that the Flames
dwell within us all, and that through individual unfolding we
simply gain access to them, the whole idea of initiation is nev­
ertheless a magick feather that, once possessed, allows the indi­
vidual to give permission to himse!fto become a magickal being.
The magick never was in thefeather, or in the initiations, but
it has been within you all along.
1Le��on� of tbe &etonb jflame

� m i s s a: r !' o f t b e jf i r s t jf l a: m e

1L e s s o n 3J

egin with Meditation. Once you are clear, visualize a red disk
floating beneath the base of your spine, or between your anus
and genitals. This is the Root Chakra, responsible for the vital,
primal energies that preserve life through raw means. This is the will to
live and the driving force to continue in an otherwise hopeless existence.
Visualize a golden light beneath you, a pool of golden light in the
ground. With an inhalation, pull this gold light up your legs and into the
root chakra. Feel the chakra opening like a flower, releasing its energy.
Repeat this until it feels like it will open no more.
Move the golden light up your spine to an orange disk floating just
over your genitals. This is the reproductive chakra. Open it as you did
the last one.

32 ®rbo ascensum aet!'rnalis

Inhale and pull the light up into a large, golden disk floating off of
your stomach. This is your solar plexus chakra, the storehouse of your
emotion and intense desires. Open it as before.
Pull the energy to a green disk floating over the center of your chest.
This is your heart chakra, responsible for nurturing life, healing and gen­
eral well-being. Open it as before.
Pull the energy to the small sky-blue disk resting on your throat. This
is the Throat Chakra, governing communication on various levels and
basic intellect. Open it as before.
Pull the energy to an indigo disk over the center of your forehead.
This is the Third Eye, responsible for clairvoyance, higher Knowledge,
foresight, prophecy and self knowledge.
Pull the energy finally to your Crown Chakra, a large purple disk cov­
ered in lotus leaves, spanning the top of your head. Open this, and as you
do, see the golden light leaving your body through this chakra and
straight upwards, creating a pillar of light through your body.
There is no need to close the chakras. Simply end the ritual as you
feel most comfortable doing, make your notes and go about life. You
should notice a change in your perception of the universe (and in the way
the Universe perceives you).

I made the samefolly here as is quite often made when western

spiritualists put their hands on eastern disciplines: we take
something that has been developed over millennia and try to
compress our integration ofit into as short a time span as possi­
ble. Yoga and Tantra are delicate systems requiring neither
study nor mere practice, but requiring Immersion. The Yoga, the
Union, needs toflow through the Che/a in all that he does, says,
and thinks. Only then can he speak with any authority on the
matter, far they are not his words, but they will then be the
words ofthe Yoga speaking through him.
Qe. a. lloetting 33

I wasn't even close to this state when I tried to take the infor­
mation given to me by the Masters, with their dictate to "Teach
the yoga of the wheels of the astral body." I still am not there,
although I have indeed presenced such a statefar a short dura­
Most people, when approaching chakra opening, teach as I teach
here that you are to open the chakras from the Manipura (the
'Root'), and move upwards to the Ajna ('the Third Eye'), and
then roll it all up into the Sahasrara ('Crown').

What I hadn't considered until it was pointed out to me by the

Yoga itself, speaking through the body ofa true Yogi who trained
me, is that the higher chakras are the spiritual chakras, and are
more pure. In mundane men, there is little or no access to the
chakras above the throat, and therefore they rarely become con­
taminated by attachment and emotion.
The lower chakras, though, are indeed being accessed constantly
by every mundane person, and, since most people are unconscious
ofthe consequences oftheir actions, let alone the ripples sent into
all ofcreation through their thoughts andfeelings, these chakras
become quite contaminated, which is why so many people are
begging anyone who even looks like a mystic to clear their chak­
ras, or align their chakras.
As the chakras descend, the attachments and emotions filtering
through them grows, until we arrive at the base of the
kundalini, which is also the base ofMaslow's pyramid, and the
concernsfiltered there are those offood, shelter, drink, safety, and
sexual release. To be clear on thefinal mentioned concern, this is
not sexualfolfillment or intimacy, but merejluidic exchange.
lfyou want to turn a man into an animal, take away his home,
hisfood, his water, and his woman, and give him afew hours.
Hopefully, the point is taken as to the worsening contamination
ofthe chakras through attachment and emotion as they descend
in order.
34 @rbo ascensum aet!?tnalis

By beginning at the bottom and working towards the top, we

are taking clean earth energy, pulling it into our most polluted
filter, and then shoving it through to the next, and the next, and
so on, until wefinally drag thesefilth-drenched energies through
the indigo halls ofthe Ajna Chakra, offering up to the god ofthe
Seifa sacrifice ofattachment and psychosis. And then we wonder
why we need to rinse and repeat the fallowing day when our
chakras are all clogged up again.
Instead, ifyou pull light and energyfrom above, from the Heav­
ens, from the Creative Source itself, into your Sahasrara, where
it will individualize and become transmuted into your specific
energy pattern, and then let thatfall like golden water into the
Ajna, where it will be infused with power and intention, and
then into Vishuddha where it will become communicative, as the
energy moves down it will naturally purify and cleanse and en­
ergize your chakras, and the whole ofyour Being.
You can then either ground this power, thus quite literally
bringing Heaven to Earth through the vessel of your body, or
you can cycle it upwards, through now-clean and glowing chak­
ras, and you may give the gift ofyourfoll, nonattached, radiant
Seifto the God that you serve, which is within you. Or, you may
cycle itfarther, and release it towards a specific goal, sending an
uefettered blast ofPower and Light into this world, so that you
may act as God without being hampered as a beast.
An advanced method of chakra opening and empowering is
given in the First Lesson of the 1 ph Flame which utilizes this
up-down-up approach, in combination with bija manta and
other elements. That Lesson is designed to be utilized infoll at
that time, otherwise it simply would been swapped far this one.
In the spirit of avoiding the development of bad habits, com­
bined with the desire to always have the best possible result with
the least superfluous or negative aspects, my advicefar the Ini­
tiate at this level is to keep the meditation as simple as it is given
�. a. �Oetting 35

here above, but to pull down rather than pushing up through

the chakras.

lL e s s o n 3J 3J

The second lesson teaches working with the spiritual elements of fire,
water, earth, and air. In their pure forms, these elements form the base
of creation on this earth.

Meditate, form a Sphere around you and open your Chakras. Choose
one of the 4 base elements. (fire, water, earth, air) . Visualize it to the
e..xtreme, seeing, feeling, tasting, and hearing it. Feel it flooding into the
Sphere through the top, until the Sphere is completely filled with the
.::oncentrated element. Don't try to force a sensation one way or another
with the elements, but simply allow the feelings of them to come as you
rocus on the element and as it floods into the Sphere. Let the element
drift and circle around you, trapped between your skin and the surface of
the Sphere.
Imagine that your body is hollow glass, like an empty pitcher. Inhale,
pulling the chosen element into your body through your mouth, nose,
and every pore, beginning to fill up the "pitcher" with the element. Ex­
hale, feeling the chosen element growing stronger inside you. Try to feel
the effect of the entering element as concretely as possible.
Continue pulling it into yourself until you are completely filled with
the element. Note changes in consciousness and any particular sensa­
tions. You may want to write these in a notebook to use in comparison
\\ith the other 3 elements.
Let the invoked element saturate your entire being, until there is little
\-ariance between you and it. Raise your hands above your head, forming
36 @rbo asttnsum attprna:li!

a steeple with your fingers as was done in forming the Sphere. Rather
than slowly lowering your hands, quickly sweep them down to the floor,
dissipating the Sphere. Go about the remainder of the day, noticing how
the element affects you. When you have gained an understanding of be­
ing filled with that one element, and if it starts to wear on yqu, sit in a
chair, let your head fall back onto your shoulders so that you are looking
skyward, allow your mouth to fall open, and in one exhalation exhaust
the element from yoursel£
Only ONE element should be invoked per day, as jumping from one
to another any sooner would cause an elemental imbalance - creating
serious problems in the mental, astral, and physical being. Invoke a dif­
ferent element each day for four consecutive days.

1L e s s o n 3J 3J 3J

Meditate, open Chakras, and sit or kneel with the fingertips of both
hands touching, palms apart. Relax your hands, letting your fingers
barely touch each other. Now, moving your hands quickly in opposite
directions, one up, the other down, brush your fingertips together lightly.
Do this for 60 seconds, sensing an increase in electromagnetic energy in
your hands. Hold your hands, fingertips centimeters apart, and feel the
magnetic field between them. Relax your arms, and allow your hands to
do as they will. Slowly move your hands apart from each other. You
should notice a magnetic push/pull, which should reach a peak with your
hands a certain distance from each other. Once you achieve this, sense
the same effect throughout your body. your entire being having a mag­
netic push/pull with the universe. Inhale slowly, and note the change in
Qe. a. Jtoetttng 37

the magnetic frequencies. Exhale, doing the same. Experiment with this
a bit, until you have a good feel for the magnetism of your hands.
Send me notes on how far apart your hands get from one another to
achieve peak magnetism, and your general sensations in this exercise.

Lesson 4 has multiple parts, as you will see. Try to do them all in one
night, if possible, or if needed, split the tasks in two, half one night and
half the next. This will create a full immersion or saturation of the expe-
Begin by simple meditation and opening chakras.
Hold your hands inches apart, fingertips together and sense the mag­
netic vibration as was noted in the previous lesson pulsing through your
hands. Move your hands slowly apart, noticing the magnetic push and
pull as before.
In this lesson, you'll need to find a distance between your hands of
critical mass - the point in which the pull is strongest. For most, it will
be between 4 and twelve inches.
Let your hands hover in that area, pushing and pulling at a perfectly
equal rate. Once you have established this critical mass, visualize your
solar plexus chakra growing brighter and hotter. Inhale, pulling the fiery
energy from this chakra up your spine. Exhale and send the energy into
your hands. Rather than the energy being released into the environment,
it takes advantage of the magnetic push and pull and stays between your
What you're doing here is creating a sphere of formed energy in your
hands, empowering it and bringing it into a real manifestation.
36 @rbo asummm aet!'fUalts

Sense to the fullest that you can the effect of this specific energy be­
tween your palms. With the same inhalation/ exhalation, pull more en­
ergy from your stomach chakra and push it into the energy ball.
You may notice the area of critical mass between your hands growing
as you do this. This is normal, as you are adding energy, and therefore
demanding that more unseen space be provided.
Continue to feed the energy ball until you feel it has reached its full
potential. It should be a fiery golden color and may feel hot to the touch.
Sit with it, seeing it in your mind, feeling its glow in your hands.
You now can do one of two things to conclude the Working:
1 . With one large inhalation, bring the energy back u p your
arms and into your solar plexus. This can cause what is called
astral whiplash from too much energy at once, which will
leave you feel overwhelmed. This will subside.
2. You can slowly move your hands down in front of your stom­
ach and "manually reinsert" the orb of energy into your solar
plexus chakra. This is the most natural way to return the en­
ergy to its place.
Once you have returned the energy to its chakra, take a break.
When you have "recovered" from the above, do the same with your
heart chakra, creating a soft, green healing orb of energy and with your
third eye chakra, creating an indigo orb of knowledge, intuition, etc.
Your Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, and Third Eye are the three chakras
you should use in this exercise. At this point, do not start pulling from
other chakras, as you don't want to mix certain energies that closely.
After experimenting with the three chakras, form a sphere around
you, invoke the element that you feel most drawn to (fire, water, earth or
sky) , create an energy sphere between your hands, draw the element into
�. a. Jloetting 39

yourself, and channel it into the ball of energy. Focus on the elemental
sphere of energy in your hands and feed it so much of the critical force
of the element that it seems at any moment it might break out of the
spiritual world and become physical in your hands.
When you have finished the entire Lesson above, or if you have fin­
ished one half of it for the night, rest your head back on your shoulders,
open your mouth, and in one breath exhaust all excess energy from your­
self. (This is called the Opening of the Mouth, by the way, and was used
postmortem in Egypt to allow a soul to leave the body and enter the
underworld. Today, while still alive, it can have the same effect.)
I'm sure as you do this you'll begin to see what can be done with such
an exercise, and we will get to that in later lessons.

3l n i t i a t i o n
i\ e t e i p t o f t b e � e t o n b jf l a m e

The last exercise of the Second Flame is to receive the Second Flame
itself. The following set must be performed in one sitting. and it may
either be exhausting or intensely energizing.
Open your chakras and form a Sphere around you (as taught in First
Flame). Create the magnetic force between your hands. Invoke each el­
ement, one at a time. As the element fills you, push it into an energy orb
between your hands. Once both yourself and the orb are filled, pull the
elemental energy of the ball into your arms and into your being. Exhale,
feeling the element leaving your body. Once it is expelled, invoke the
next element, doing the same for all four elements.
Once the final element is invoked and dismissed, vibrate Sat Nam.
The sky will split open and the Second Flame will rush down to fill you.
40 ®rbo ascensum !aetpmalis

I will be at the other side of the rift, directing the Flames to you. Keeping
the magnetism between your hands, Let it pour out into an orb between
your hands as well. Allow the orb to become so full of the Flames that it
flows over, the orb not being able to contain the power. Let the Flames
do the same to you, spilling over you, flooding through you, overflowing
into this world. You can feel them now, even as you read this, culminat­
ing beyond the regions of the abyss. Let the Second Flame shake your
being and bring your Godself to a more awakened state. Let it saturate
you and become you. Allow your emotions, your mind, and especially
your body react however it will to the power.
1Lessons of tbe tltbirb �flame

Ql! m t s s a r p o f t b e s;, e c o n b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 1J

editate and open chakras. Stand, facing east. Raise your

arms and join your hands together as was done with form­
ing a Sphere. Inhale and visualize/feel a dark blue energy
gather in your hands, coming both from the ground and the air, and also
from deep within. " Push" the blue protective energy into your index and
middle fingers, until it is clearly sensed.
Lower arms, feeling the indigo energy concentrated mainly in your
right hand. Close left fist and lower it either to your side or place it palm­
out over the small of your back. Keep right hand index and middle fin­
gers extended, still carrying the energy as it moves. Keeping right arm
straight at elbow and wrist, lower it until your two extended fingers point
at the ground a few feet in front of your feet.

42 ®rbo asceusum aetprualts

Push the indigo energy from your fingers into a ray that touches the
ground pointed at. Feel more blue energy coming into you, and imme­
diately discharging through your fingers, as if you have become a facet
for the energy. Visualize the blue ray turning into an inextinguishable
flame of the same color.
With fingers still sending an energy ray to the ground, begin slowly
pivoting or rotating your body clockwise, or to the south (deosil) . Make
sure you keep your arm straight, moving only in a circle with your body.
See the indigo flame leaving a burning circle on the ground around you,
until your fingers point again to the eastern ground. Exhaust remaining
energy at the point where the circle completes. Drop your right arm to
your side, and notice the burning blue circle surrounding you. You
should be able to sense its presence and protective power. See it at least
in your mind to the extent of knowing the exact boundaries of the Circle.
Sometimes the flame's heat can even be felt.
Doing this, there is no need for a physical representation of the Cir­
Once you can draw a Circle in this manner successfully, stand in the
center of the Circle and raise both arms straight out to the sides, parallel
to the ground - forming a cross of your body. Call, in a clear and com­
manding voice: "The Circle is fortified in all planes, and is powerful in
my service. The flames burn forever to protect me, and to illuminate this
astral region. One Eternal round - this
Circle will not be broken! "
After this is pronounced, you may not step or reach out of the Circle.
For now, it is the only barrier between yourself and any nearby entities
or harmful influences. It is also recognized as a Divine force, which ALL
things respect.
�. a. Jtaetttng 43

Drop your hands to your sides and clear your mind of everything but
the Circle flaming around you. Take careful mental notes of sensations
and alterations in conscious state in this period of reflection.
Report notes.
To banish the Circle, stand facing east. Hold your hands, palms fac­
ing east, level with your hips, about a foot from your body. Visualize your
hands pulsing with the same blue energy that the Circle is composed of.
Sweep your hands upwards and in front of you, visualizing the entirety
of the border of the Circle being swept away with the motion. As you
sweep the Circle away, Will the indigo energy to dissipate and assimilate
into its origin. Continue doing this until the Circle is gone.

'l. e s s o n 3J 3J

Meditate, open Chakras, form Circle of Flames, and repeat the final
Calling given in the previous exercise. Raise your arms slowly over your
head and clasp hands together, fingers becoming a steeple. Pull red, fiery
energy into your hands this time, in the same manner as with the blue
energy of the Circle.
Lower hands, left going to the side or small of back, right index and
middle fingers pointing at the astral flaming Circle's eastern point. In
the same manner as with the Circle, direct a beam, steady and clear, at
the eastern point on the ground. (This is where good visualization/vision
is a big help)
Begin tracing an equilateral triangle on the ground outside the Circle,
one point should be touching the eastern most point of the Circle, the
other two forming a line parallel with the north-south diameter of the
Circle. Visualize and feel the red fire left on the ground burning more
44 lll}rbo astensum aet!?rnalis

evenly and "solidly" than the indigo. Feel the restraining power of the
Triangle sending vibrations throughout the astral plane.
Exhaust remaining red energy at the eastern point, and kneel in the
center of the Circle. Once again, take careful mental notes of sensations,
imagery, and alterations in conscious state in this period of reflection.
Report notes.

1L e s s o n .3J .3J .3J

Your next lesson is the calling forth of the cardinal watchtowers. It is

important to note that often the watchtowers manifest as actual stone
structures, and at other times may manifest simply as the guardian of
those watchtowers. The Cardinal Points may even sometimes manifest
as animals in coordination with the specific direction.
Different traditions may use the attributes of each direction a bit dif­
ferent. The method put forth here is the most commonly accepted in
Western Tradition.
North: earth, solidity, life-bearing, generative, maternal. Its colors are
citrine, olive, russet, and black.
East: air, intelligence, compassion, clairvoyance. Its colors are yellow
and violet
South: fire, will, passion, destruction, violence, intensity. Its colors
are red and green . . . sometimes a fiery yellow.
West: water, emotion, love, peace. Colors are blue and orange.
Facing east, meditate, open chakras, and cast Circle.
Stand with arms out to your sides, forming a human cross. Imagine
and sense all attributes of air coming from the east, until you have a good
Qe. a. Jtoetting 45

idea and feel for the cardinal. Try to let the attributes and colors build
into manifestation or at least astral culmination.
Call: "Guardians of the watchtowers of the east, I call you
forth to protect this circle and to bless it with your presence. Guard­
ians of the watchtowers of the east, upon the winds, come!"
Feel the entities, usually one or three, rarely more, forming in the
space before you. Once you are aware of the presence of the watchtower
and/or guardian, turn (deosil) clockwise to the south.
Try to feel the heat and the violence and ardor.
Call: "Guardians of the watchtowers of the south, I call you forth to
protect this circle and to empower it with your presence. Guardians of
the watchtowers of the south, upon the flames come."
To the west: "Guardians of the watchtowers of the west, I call you
forth to protect this circle and to bless it with your presence. Guardians
of the watchtowers of the west, upon the waters, come."
To the north: "guardians of the watchtowers of the north, I call you
forth to protect this circle and to strengthen it with your presence.
Guardians of the watchtowers of the north, upon the earth, come."
Face east again. Call, "I give my thanks to you, Guardians of the
watchtowers. I now ask not that my will be done, as my will is imperfect,
but that here within the sacred circle, standing upon hallowed ground,
that the will of the Eternal be made manifest through me. I ask, oh
Guardians of the Watchtowers of the east, south, west, and north, and
by the powers of fire, water, earth, and sky; I ask for protection and guid­
ance even after the Circle is dismissed. I ask that you be my guardians
and my guides as I stumble in the darkness in search of those Flames that
were lost before time began. This is my will, and the Will of the Eternal.
So it is done!"
If the presence of the guardians is not sensed, do not read or recite
the previous until they ARE there.
This serves as a type of self initiation and an introduction to the first
powers with which you will be working on a practical level.
Take note of impressions during the ritual, especially after addressing
the collective watchtowers.
Dismiss the watchtowers with a downward sweep of the hands, after
thanking them for their presence. Feel the sweep of your hands and the
current of air created thereby sweeping these Watchtowers away. They
may not completely be gone - you may feel their presence still there, or
with you personally, afterwards. If so, this is as it should be.
Report notes.

With this particular set of discourses, the tethering of the order

ofthese Lessons with my own developmental history is obvious.
The layout ofthe Lessons and the Initiations mimics the lessons
that I naturally learned, in the order in which I learned them.
lf we are Operating under the assumption, as I am, that this
entire system was one communicated to me byfarces beyond the
physical plane in communication so subtle that my conscious
mind was unaware ofit, then we can also make thefurther as­
sumption that I was guided towards doing things in a particular
orderfar a particular reason, and so that model would possess a
value in itself.
lf, instead, it is thought that this whole system is my own crea­
tion, then the genius of my superconscious mind recognized the
value of this systematic approach far my own Ascent, and as­
sumed that ifthe exact method isfallowed in the exact same syn­
tax, that the results would at least be similar.
Qe. a. �Oetting 47

Interestingly, the Initiations do seem to echo this same idea, that

it is not only what you do that's important, but also in what
order you do it.

3J n t t t a t t o n
l\. t t t t p t o f t b t ijt g t r b jf l a m t

Form Circle. Call Watchtowers. Stand facing whatever Cardinal you

feel most comfortable in. Raise your arms to your sides, parallel to the
ground, palms upwards, head back, eyes towards the heavens . Vibrate
" S at Nam," and visualize etheric gates opening above you. Open Chakras
and circulate energy through your Being.
When your energy peaks, call "Meat Solvalla, Vaskalla Trepardat,"
calmly yet with authority.
Receive the Third Flame. Let it ride through you. Let it consume
you. Allow the intensity of the Third Flame to sweep you away. The key
is to not fight it. Like the release of the soul's orgasm, let it build and

quickly run through you until you shake with the power of it. Let it no
longer simply effect your emotions and mind, but allow the sensation of
the Third Flame to move your flesh, to imprint your every cell with your
own godhood.
1Le��on� of tbe jfourtb jflame

Qe m t s s a r p o f t b e � b i t b .1' I a m e

1!. e s s o n 3J

he past three Flames have been very structured, doing this and
that to achieve a specific inner and outer result. Now, with the
Fourth Flame, this will all become extremely personalized. We
will work on what you, specifically, need to Ascend. You will be pushed
to succeed where in the past you have not. You will be pushed outside of
your comfort zones and your own expectations of what you can accom­
plish. I see deep inside of you, and I see the darkness and self-doubt that
hides there, and the root ofit all, and I also see the Flames that are eating
away at the idea that you are not invincible. You have worked to master
your mind and to attune your senses to a greater existence than the flesh,
and now you will begin to master your world, and to reclaim your throne
above it. I now will begin to hand you the keys to Power, as they have
been handed to me, and with them you will Ascend without restraint.
50 @rlro a.ucen.uum aetpmalis

The First Lesson of the Fourth Flame is a purely physical and mun­
dane one. Construct a ritual staff or obtain a ritual dagger.
If you choose to use a ritual dagger rather than a staff, the blade
should be at least 6 inches long, and the handle should either be made of
natural wood or should be black. No overly ornate designs should be
made in the blade, hilt, or handle. The blade should also be sharpened,
as it will indeed be used to cut.
The ritual staff is to be cut while alive, and should be tapered, the top
ofit thicker than the base ofit when the thin end is placed on the ground.
The top, thick end is to be rounded with a knife or sanding paper. The
whole length of the thing should come at least to your chin when placed
on the ground. The staff, being a phallic tool of assertive will, should be
thick, reflecting your own ideals for phallic width, representing the most
raw, sexually based power of domination.

The statement, " We will work on what you, specifically, need to

Ascend, " was quite obviously due to the one-on-one nature ofthe
dissemination ofthese discourses. I would send each Initiate the
Lessons one at a time far the first few years of operation. The
Initiate was then to report the success ofthe Lesson, and then I
would send the next. If any questions or clarifications were
needed, I would give whatever assistance was required over
email, phone, or in person until the Initiate was able to complete
the Lesson.
The Order's active membership had exceeded my ability to treat
each Lessonfar each Initiate individually, so I compiled the Les­
sons into discourses, and required only a single report in order to
receive the Initiation.
The personalization ofthe Lessons is also seen in the statement,
''I see deep inside of you, and I see the darkness and self-doubt
�. a. '.ltoetting 5 1

that hides there, and the root ofit all, and I also see the Flames
that are eating away at the idea that you are not invincible."
I had become quite personally invested in each Initiate, to the
degree of peiforming scrying sessionsfar each one ofthem before
sending their next Lesson. So, each of the original Lessons sent
out were personalized in this way. The above statement was one
such personalization.
This approach, too, was removed from the standard operation
out of necessity. As I scoured through the countless emails and
letters to andfrom Initiatesfar these Lessons, Ifound that many
of them contained very similar statements such as this taken
from scryng sessionsfar the Initiate's progress. Because ofthe rep-
etition ofthis advice and these insights, it seemed appropriate to
leave this "personalized" statement in the Discourses.
In so doing, I've had several students comment that they have
found it to be especially applicable to their own situations.

1L e s s o n 1f 1f

Perform the following using the ritual dagger you now have, and you
may consecrate any further items in the future using the same method.
Meditate, open your chakras, and draw a Circle around you. Create a
magnetic sphere between your hands, and allow the sphere to take on
one or a mixture of the colors black, red, and violet. Allow this to reach
a critical mass. Kneeling or standing, with your hands still buzzing with
energy, take your dagger in both hands, held an inch or two from the
center of your chest, the tip pointing to the sky.
Sense the power circling around you and the energy filling the room
or area. Breathe in and feel it responding, moving tight around the Cir­
cle. As you do this, also feel your own energy moving, growing, ready to
52 @rbo a.seen.sum aet1?malis

break out of your skin. Breathe out, and rather than feeling your breath
and energy leaving from your mouth, feel it leaving through your right
arm and imbuing itself into the fabric of the dagger. Continue doing this
until the dagger feels as if it is glowing and hot, ready to burst with en­
When it is brimming with power, call, "Creation of steel, be the dag­
ger through which the will and power of Magick may flow and cause
change in this world. I seal this calling upon you, and I seal the power to
perform your purpose within you, Eternal. " At this, feel the power that
you have transferred to the dagger solidifying, becoming as real and in­
tegral as the metal and wood.
Dismiss the Circle and put the dagger away where it will not be
Report notes.

1L e s s o n 3J 3J 3J

In lesson 3 you will need to get into direct conscious contact with the
Flames which you have been invoking and activating with your Initia­
tions here. Sit, stand, or kneel facing south. Meditate. Pull energy up
through your feet and legs as in opening your chakras, but rather than
stopping at your lower chakras, feel it passing through your root chakra
and your reproductive chakra, which are now in a way permanently open
and receptive, and filling your solar plexus. Feel your solar plexus burst­
ing open and releasing immense heat and light the instant that the energy
enters it, and then instantly becoming completely receptive and active at
once, both taking energy and giving it. Pass the energy to your heart
chakra and do the same. Pass it through your throat chakra, which is
�. a. lltoetting 53

errantly open and is barely affected, and into your third eye, which bursts
open as well. Sit and feel your whole being connecting to existence with­
out any walls or restraints. It is Soul and God, face to face.
Feeling the peace and power of Eternity moving through you, take
�·our dagger, hold it near your breast as before and call out, "As the
anointed Emissary of the Third Flame, I call upon the seven sons of the
phoenix and the Keepers of the Flame to ignite the Flames around and
within me. Burn this Servant of Flames so that I may rise again! " Sense
the Flames gathering around you swiftly, as if you are surrounded imme­
diately by liquid power. Breathe in deeply and feel the Flames within you
igniting as well, feel your whole being on fire, every cell within you awak­
ening in the agony of immortality. Feel God stirring within. Holding
your dagger in your right hand, point it either at the ground or the sky
and feel the Flames rising through you and spilling into the dagger.
Gather your will and push the Flames through the dagger. Try to see
them, feel them erupting into this plane. Like the energy that was used
to draw the Circle and Triangle previously, see the Flames leaving the
tip of the dagger, only as they enter this world, sense the much more
concrete effect, sense the permanence and violence of the Flames on this
lowest world. The Flames are pure power, untainted, unquestioning,
simply acting when they are called to act. This power now flows through
you. When you speak as the Emissary of the Flames, the Flames listen.
When you command with the power of the Flames, the universe obeys.
Practice this until the Flames within you and the Flames that you
move through the dagger are as solid as the ground that you pass them
to. It is important that this not be toyed with, such as gathering the
Flames and " shooting" them at people. The effects could be irreversible.
Also, it is important at this point that you not allow your mind to focus
54 ®rbo asceusum aetpmalis

on anything but the immediate goal when the Flames move through you.
You are the Emissary of the Third Flame, and therefore you command
more power than most so-called historical Gods. You hold a piece of the
power which was used to create all things from nothing, and which will
return this universe to nothingness. Be careful with that power. Always
remember that the Flames will be the fiery agent of translation from
mortality into Godhood.

You have experienced the Flames personally, intimately, and Eter­

nally. This makes the rest of the Lessons from here on out much easier
and effective, as well as the receiving of the Flames at initiations. At first
they will stir in you when you receive them, as has been the case in the
past three initiations. Then they will begin to destroy you so that you
may realize that you cannot die. Finally, they will destroy everything else,
and you will stand as God of a waiting universe. In your final initiations,
we will sit across a table from one another and the heavens will split and
the world will fall away as you receive the Flames.
Pull the Flames from around you, above you, and within you, and
project them into the tip of the dagger. Feel them burning and growing
more fierce, and feel the inherent power of the dagger increasing as the
Flames increase. Once the Flames reach a peak, slowly raise the tip of
the dagger as high as you can towards the sky and see a stream of power
flow through an ethereal gateway into the dagger. Call: "Alpha. " Slowly
pull the dagger down and touch the tip of it to the earth and call,
"Omega." Sense this action grounding the energy, creating a pillar of
Flames in the place where you stand. The dagger may be difficult to pull
�. a. lloetting 55

down to the ground at first, as if the stream of light acts as a "tractor

beam," demonstrating how concrete this power is. Stand back a foot or
two from the area where you touched the beam to the ground and sense
the power flooding into the earth, dispersing through the ground. Take
notes on your observations here.
Next, touch the tip of your dagger to the base of the pillar on the
ground and call "Omega. " Feel the energy that was dispersed into the
ground, the Flames that have gathered in the area, collecting near the
dagger, crawling up inside of the steel. Move the dagger upwards, carry­
ing the pillar with it until it returns to the ethereal plane. Hold the tip of
the dagger into the air and call, "Omega." Return the Flames to their
Report notes.

I personally chose to construct and consecrate a Flame Staff, and

I separately used a simple black-handled ritual dagger.
My experience with the Flame Sta.ffwas quite remarkable, my
ability to allow the power toflow through me enhanced
However, it's use was short lived, and it is never brought up
again in the Lessons after this Initiation, likely because it is
merely a crutch, or more aptly a set oftraining wheels, allowing
the Initiate to experience theflow ofpower through the body into
the staff, to acclimate to that influx and outflow, before requir­
ing this to be done without such a tool.
I have always maintained that tools are simply props that allow
us to tap into a power already resident within ourselves. Once
we are able to gain afluid connection with that specific power,
developing familiarity with how it flows through our bodies
into the tools, we can then discard the tools.
56 @rbo ascensum aet1?rna:lts

That being said, I do use a ritual dagger quite often, although

more oftenfar actual cutting or stabbing, rather than as an es­
sentialfonction ofdirecting energeticflow.

lf n i t i a t i o n
l\. e c e i p t o f t b e jf o u r t b jf l a m e

The Fourth Flame is yours, and now you receive it.

Stand in the center of the room, without a Circle drawn or any ritual
performed, and hold your arms out to your sides, forming a human cross,
your dagger in your right hand.
Call : "Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu. Itz ranta mant kala mant

atzu belt tasu. Vaskalla itz ratzu kantantu velchatza! " This is the Flame
Chant. It possesses a natural rhythm which should be kept when speak­
ing it. As you speak it, feel the words shaking reality and bringing it
down, the power of it moving through your whole being, and moving
from your dagger into the world.
A wind tunnel surrounds you and grows to a near shriek. You can feel
the winds blasting against you and threatening to push you over. The
power of the Flames you have received peaks within and around you. A
pillar of Flames is instantly opened, running through you into oblivion.
Allow the Flames to tear you apart, to kill you in whatever small
measure, and to simultaneously bring you to life. Hear the din around
you growing louder, the unheard noises screaming in your ears as the
Flames rush into this world.
Qe. a. Jloetting 57

Finally, the heavens will fall silent, leaving your body trembling on
the ground. Your temporal being has surrendered and has made way for
the God within.
The Fourth Flame is within you, Eternal.
1Lessons of tbt jf iftb jflame

� m i s .S a r p o f t b e jf o u r t b jf l a m e � r o -
b a t i o n e r � w o r n i! n i g b t

1L e s s o n 1f

® btain 8 violet candles.

Set the candles in a circle around you at equal intervals.
Bring your ritual dagger into the circle with you. Sit in the
center, facing south, light the candles, and begin meditation, relaxing
your mind and moving into the moment. Open your chakras and call the
Watchtowers. Feel the collective energy of the burning candles around
you calling the Flames into activity. Feel the Flames coalesce in the room
and within you. Feel them thickening until it feels as if the whole room
is ablaze. Through the Flames, notice the presence of robed figures look­
ing on. These are some of the Sworn Knights of the Order which have
been called to watch over and empower you and your life so that you may
Ascend. Each member of the OAA is protected and empowered such,
and only at this point do they become aware of it, although they are told

60 �rbo a.ucensum aetprnalis

such before joining. Become aware of them even if you can't see them.
Simply know that they are there and feel their presence, and feel the
Flames growing even stronger as you come together in the same room.
Focus your mind wholly upon Ascent, in whatever way it manifests
in your mind. Feel the sensations that you imagine instantaneous Ascent
would feel like. Feel your own power doubling, your vision expanding.
Know that in this moment you are in full Ascent. Know also that that
which you now feel and now understand is barely a fragment of the
Here, you must make a pact, an oath with the Flames, with the Sworn
Knights of the Order (as you are soon to enter into their inner circle),
with myself as the Grand Emissary of the Flames, and with your Sel£
State, in your own words, that you are dedicated to your spiritual growth,
that it is your intent to Ascend towards limitless power and understand­
ing, and that you are pledged to using the Flames to carry yourself into
your own Godhood. End this declaration with "This is my decree, before
the guardians of this Temple, before the Sworn Knights of the Order,
and before the Grand Emissary of the Flames: that the heavens will move
in my behalf, that the skies will clear in my wake, and that the planets
will tremble at my call. This, and unnamable more, I command should
it be required for my Ascent. May all the hosts of heaven and the fiends
of the lower worlds hear this, and hearken to my call. I am Eternal."
Sit in silence and contemplate these things.
Report notes.
ae. a. '.itoetting 6 1

1!. e s s o n 1J 1J

Obtain a few grimoires containing the names, attributes, and sigils of

spiritual entities.
From these grimoires, choose 2 sigils to use in making changes in
your life or in your inner being. Reply with the names of the two entities
and your desired manifestation for lesson III, in which you will be given
the method of charging/consecrating the sigils using the Flames.
For this initial operation, do not try to use Magick to move the plan­
ets out of alignment or alter the atomic structure ofwater. You'll perform
miracles with time, and with time there will be no limits. But right now,
you are still bound, you are still limited, and we must break those bonds
gradually. Choose goals that are simple, but which when successful can
be attributed to nothing but Magick.

1!. e s s o n 1J 1J 1J

Draw the sigil on a 6x6 square of paper. Bring it and your dagger into
the Circle with you. Kneel facing south, meditate, draw a Circle around
you, and set the sigil on the ground in front of you, with the dagger set
to the right of it, ready to be taken up when needed. Call upon the
Flames verbally to come near you, to rise up inside of you, and to enter
this plane. Once you feel them surging through you, turn your gaze to­
wards the sigil. Lock into your mind your goal - what it is that the spirit
can do for you. Try to see it as a still picture, and allow yourself to feel
the emotions attached to achieving that goal. DO NOT feel the emo­
tions of longing for it, but rather of having already achieved it, as that
62 ®rbo ascensum aetprnalis

which is inside of you will manifest in the world outside. Gaze INTO
the sigil, as if you are seeing through it rather than looking at it. Relax
your eyes and allow the energy of the sigil to begin to come through,
keeping your mind focused on your goal. Once the energy starts flowing
through the sigil, some of its lines might disappear from the paper and
then reappear, or they might seem to move or physically vibrate. This is
a sign that the physical world is being transmuted by your Operation,
that you are effecting change here and now. Continue concentrating even
harder on your goal and allowing the sigil to transform however it will.
Once it is complete, the changes will cease and the whole sigil will seem
to be alive and vibrant. This is what I refer to as "opening the sigil. "
Once the sigil i s open, i t i s ready to receive your command. Place your
right hand over the sigil, not touching it but hovering an inch or so above
it. Feel the Flames well up inside of you and flow effortlessly through
your arm and out of your hand, being sucked up by the sigil. As you do
this, also transfer your desire with the Flames into the sigil until it is gone
and you cannot bring to mind that which you desired.
State, " Spirit __ , I, , Emissary of the Fourth Eternal
Flame, have called you near and have opened the power of your sigil to.
(State what it is that you desire). So it is, Eternal. "
Put the sigil away where it will not be found, and do not look at the
face of it again. Folding it in half will usually help with this, as you can
transport it without looking at it. As you come close to the sigil from
that point forward, you will feel its power radiating, your desire coming
to fruition through its energy.
When your desire has been fulfilled, take the sigil outside, unfold it
and look at the face of it, thank the spirit for its help, and burn the sigil,
stating that you are releasing the spirit from your service.
�. a. ltoetttng 63

Report notes immediately following the ritual.

A key to successfully using sigil magick as well as every other sort

ofmagick, was given to me by an Initiate who had peiformed a
channeling session with Azazel, and came to me asking.for clar­
Azazel told him that, 'Tn ritual, you are paying with your
power to buy time. " Nofarther explanation or elaboration was
offered by the Demon.
After discussing his specific goals, as well as the internal alchemy
during his ritual, the statement made perftct sense.
In ritual aimed at mundane, practical results, we are essentially
working in the nonphysical world to specifically alter time in the
physical world, especially in the case offinances, career, fame,
and similar matters, which were indeed what his goals revolved
Ifwant to have excess money, get a job promotion, attain a cer­
tain level offame, get a girlfriend, improve an existing rela­
tionship, etc. , the application of mundane effort would
accomplish these, as well as most other tasks. The issue is that the
reward would likely take much longer to manifest, as well as
often requiring much more work, if the course of things is al­
lowed to proceed with organically.
What the ritual is doing, then, is gapping the time between the
work and the reward. I have personally used ritual several times
to open up career opportunities, gain career advancement, in­
crease my income, and enhance the recognition received far my
work, in a variety offields.
There are several instances that this idea of "Paying in power
far time" doesn't necessarily apply, and the one that is likely the
most common is that of 'dumb luck. ' Many of my rituals have
been successfully folfilled through the right person being at the
right place when they should be. . . but often when they otherwise
wouldn't be. Magick, then, didn't necessarily gap the time to
bring me the result I wanted, but insteadjust pushed luck in my
In the case ofthis particular Initiate, though, the metaphor was
And, as an approach to experiencing success specifically with sigil
magick, but again with nearly allfarms of ritual, it is vital far
you to internally, emotionally and psychologically close the gap
between your desirefar the end result and its attainment, so that
youfeel as ifyou already have what it is that you desire.
With this internal alchemy complete, your observation ofreality
will be one in which you possess the thing rather than long far
it, and the result will have no choice but to conform to your ob­
servation any more than electrons can choose whether to assume
thefarm ofa particle or that ofa wave.

First, breathe in and feel your chakras becoming active and vibrant.
Breathe out and feel them all beginning to open at once. Feel the energy
in your root chakra building until it is ready to explode. Inhale slowly,
and as the breath rises up in you, feel the energy from the root chakra
also moving up your body in a pillar of light, opening all of your chakras
as it passes. In this manner, open all of your chakras with one inhalation.
Standing, feel the Flames gathering above you in a brilliant cloud.
Inhale, pulling the Flames into your Crown chakra, where it grows violet
in color as you exhale. Inhale and pull the Flames into your Solar Plexus,
which glows a sun-gold color as you exhale. Inhale and pull the Flames
to your feet, where it pools around your feet as black energy. all of the
negative attachments having flooded out of you like black oil. Inhale,
Qf. a. 1!toetting (;5

gathering the dispersed energy back into your feet and as you exhale feel
your feet growing warm. Inhale, pulling the energy and the Flames di­
rectly from your feet up your body back into your Crown, and release
back into the ether above you with an exhalation.
The microcosm's Divine Receptors/translators are now active. Inhale
slowly, pulling pure white light from far above you into your Crown,
filli ng your entire being with it. Sense the peace and mercy that comes.
Let the feeling overwhelm you, taking away all of your fears, your self­
doubt, your insecurities. Allow the light of creation to make you whole.
Sit in this state and meditate upon it. Sense the path that you travel,
and sense that you are no longer traveling it alone. Sense the millions of
Sworn Knights of the Order that stand behind you, and know that you
are soon to be armed with their same power.
Report notes.

1f n i t i a: t i o n
l\. e c e i p t o f t b e jf i f t b jf l a: m e

You have passed through all of the trials necessary, and are now a
Sworn Knight of the Order, accepted into the Inner Temple of the Ordo
_-\scensum Aetyrnalis. You are protected and empowered by those of us
who do not die, and who know no limitation. Prepare to receive the Fifth
Sit in meditation. When you have reached the necessary state of re­
ceptivity, allow your mind to wander through the past weeks of experi­
ences with the Fifth Flame. Remember the entities whose sigils you have
charged, and the results that have come and are still coming from that.
66 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

Feel the power flooding into the Temple as you recollect these experi­
ences. Remember also all of the previous Lessons wherein you unlocked
the Deity within step-by-step. Remember the previous Initiations. As
you do this, you will feel the Flames stirring within you, and the heavens
will open to pour them into this plane. Perform the previous Lesson, and
when you have opened yourself as a vessel of Spirit, and the Light chan­
nels through you, kneel on your right knee towards the South. There I
will be, and I will pass the Fifth Flame to you, Eternal.
1Lessons of tbe �txtb .flame

� w o r n lt n t g b t o f t b e jf t f t b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 3J

B aron of the Order has been assigned to be your personal spir­

itual guide and guardian, and he will fulfill this calling through
the spiritual planes and states for now. Being Adept in all of the
esoteric arts, all of his power will aide you and guide you, and most def­
initely will protect you. Shortly, you will receive his name as well instruc­
tions on contacting him first through the spiritual senses.
The first lesson of the Sixth Flame is to draw and consecrate the Seal
of the Sworn Knights.

es @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

1 . The circle i s symbolic o f the eternal state, which we stand in,

as we are in Eternity, and as the calling of the Sworn Knights
is Eternal, and will pass with you from life to life.
2. The triangle is symbolic of the manifestation of the eternal
state on the physical plane, the union of the upper and lower,
or the precipitation of the Flames into the Lesser worlds, and
the retuning of that power to its source. Ex Rhombus in Tri­
angularum, ex spiritus regnum in manifestus. one eternal
3. The inverted pentagram is one of the first symbols of man's
Ascent into godhood through his own efforts.
Draw the symbol in black ink on white paper. Study its design and
shape. Open yourself to any initial impressions you receive. Consecrate
it as you did with the sigil and square previously and let the power of the
Flames flow through the sigil. Also, you will feel as you gaze into the
sigil, that the other Sworn Knights are gazing back at you. You will also
find a stronger personality, intelligence, and power coming through the
sigil. this is your assigned Baron. Do not ask questions or engage in sen­
sory conversation of any sort at this point, but simply feel the energy and
the Flames, and allow yours to move as well, the sigil becoming a transfer
point between yourself and the Sworn Knights of the Order.
Put the sigil away some place safe for future use in contacting the
Sworn Knights through the Sigil. With it, all of them will rush to your
aide if you call them, and you will likewise be able to come to their aide.

This same symbol can be used as a gateway by drawing it on the

ground around you or before you. As you open this repeatedly,
you will alsofind that the Seal is engraved in astralfarm in the
very center of your own chest as an emblem of your allegiance,
the seal efyour Brotherhood visible to all who are able to see it.
�. a. ]!toetting 69

1L e s s o n 3l 3l

_____ has been assigned to be your Guardian until you reach

the level of Baron of the Ninth Flame. A good deal of future lessons will
incorporate you working with ___ , and his influence will be noticed
when he is present.
Construct a Circle and Triangle. Perform the Invocation of Divinity
(pulling Flames upwards through chakras, and pulling light down
through body, forming a channel). Present the Seal of the Sworn Knights
within the Circle before you as you kneel or sit facing north. Scry into
the seal and open it as before, and call your guardian' s name. While many
of the Sworn Knights will be aware of you, will be the one
who seems to step through the Seal and enter your reality.
This is basically and introduction. Try to get a good feel for his per­
sonality, as well as for his individual strengths and weaknesses. He will
immediately gain the same information about you, and will use this to
help you the best he can. Report notes on the introduction as well as
specific messages or impressions from ___ when this is completed.

This is, once again, a case ofthe lost personalization ofthese Les­
sons when transferred to the current massformat.
The pairing up ofBaron and Knight continued throughout the
Order's lifespan, and it served as an excellent teaching tool far
both parties. The stated goal was to help every Initiate raise him
or her selfto the point of teaching and Initiating others coming
into the Order, exponentially increasing the reach ofthe Order's
limbs into the collective psyche.
I will attest to thefact that this had worked much better than I
hoped it would
70 @rbo ascemmm aet!'rnalis

I am compelled to also reveal that rarely did either ofthese cou­

ples meet or communicate through physical means. They were
given each other's magickal names only, and were to work on the
Inner Planes, or the spiritual realms, and to make all requests
and replies there, rather than through mundane means of com­
This was an interesting aspect to the experiment on its own, as
I was able to witness alarming accuracy in reports from both
parties, spread out among hundreds ofthese pairs.
I am also aware that although I officially closed the Ordo Ascen­
sum Aetyrnalis immediately before announcing Become A Liv­
ing God, for reasons I'll detail in these notes, there are still
several Initiates who refused to cease their work, and several
Barons and Masters in the Order who still continue to teach
these same Lessons and administer these same Initiations. Black
Magicians never are good at obeying authority.
Nevertheless, as far as I've seen, aside from some personal
touches, the Lessons taught are essentially the same, and the In­
itiations are still as potent as when I conducted them, ifnot more
so (due to the increase in egregoric intention}, and those who are
doing so with having authentically risen through the Order
proper maintain the Internal Contact Policy ofthese pairs.
It would then be possible, in theory, to utilize the Lessons given
in this text, and to make all of the contact necessaryfor proper
Initiation and mentorship in the Inner Planes, regardless ofthe
"official status" ofthe Order.

The third lesson of the Sixth Flame teaches the basic calling forth of
wandering, earthbound spirits. I am going to send you an excerpt from
the book I am currently writing, Evoking Eternity, which teaches this.
Qe. a. itoetting 7 1

Obviously, since the work is copyrighted, I have to ask you to not dis­
tribute it outside of this conversation (not that I'm worried, just to cover
my bases) .
Here, you are simply calling spirits forth, not i n solid materialized
bodies, but in spiritual bodies. You are to become aware of them, to sense
them, after which you will learn to see them.
You may prefer to perform this simple rite outside, although your in­
door Temple will work just as well.
Shut out all light from the Temple, light the candles on the altar, and
seat yourself behind it. Close your eyes and enact the meditation which
will invoke omnipotence. When your entire being is aglow with Divine
Power and Light, and that force flows from your eyes, hands, and radi­
ates from every pore in your skin, open your eyes and let your gaze drift
to the empty space between the white candles. Without looking directly
into their flames, allow your peripheral vision to notice the light shining
from the wicks, the aura that it creates, and the meeting of their orbs of
light in that space on which your eyes are focused.
Take a deep breath in, retaining focus on that empty air above the
altar, and feel the Godforce within you stirring as you breathe. Feel it
gathering in your throat and in your mouth, ready to spill from your lips
like a bursting dam of energy. Know that if the omnipotence is released
from you in the form of words, all of existence and its countless inhabit­
ants will be compelled to answer and to obey. Let the breath out by call­
ing in a clear, controlled voice, "Spirits, hear my voice. Spirits, hear my
call. Spirits, gather around me. Make yourselves known to me. I call you
out of the shadows and out of the graves, and I command you to stand
before me. Spirits, I compel you . . . come!"
72 @rbo ascensum aetprnali!

Do not allow fear to plant even a single seed within you. Steady your
heart, as it surely begins to thump as the wandering spirits' eyes move to
your direction. Hold fast in a tranquil state, still aware of your own om­
nipotence as you sit and wait. As the conjuration was recited, if it was
truly done so with Authority, you will have sensed the spirits bounding
over the hills take notice of you. These spirits are by far the most willing
to fly to your side and to make themselves known, and although for pur­
poses of attainment or Ascent they are impotent, they are each unique
and individual entities that you can observe.
Simply sense their presence, and once you do, thank them for coming
and dismiss them.
Report notes for next lesson.

Call wandering spirits near as in the previous Lesson.

Relax your gaze and let your vision blur slightly, taking the strain of
observation off of your eyes and shifting it to your Other senses, which
will begin to See from your Third Eye, in the center of your forehead.
As you initially visualize the entities and receive impressions of their im­
ages, you will likely notice a fine pressure in the center of your forehead.
When you encounter this, allow the energy that is trying to push its way
from you, the invisible indigo ray oflight that is attempting to burst into
the Temple with its omniscience, to do so without restraint. Give your
will over to your Greater powers, and trust in them when the time comes.
The first step in actually viewing the spirits present, even if only in
your mental vision just yet, is to locate them. After you feel that the spir­
its that you have called near are indeed near, inhale and hold the breath
�. a. ltoetting 73

in your chest for a moment. Shut off your mind. It is vital that you not
allow your brain to interfere with your comprehension by inserting its
own images or critiquing those impressions that do surface. Slowly let
the breath out. As you do so, sense your own intellectual awareness, your
natural omniscience, flood the room. Sense the general location of the
spirits, or if there are many, sense the location of the most powerful or
the nearest one. Don't think, don't analyze, don't imagine; just receive.
Your impressions at this point are not to originate in your mind, but are
merely received by your mind. Feel the spirit's location in the same way
that you can feel a stranger enter the room behind you. Remember, you
are not performing an exercise in imagination, but are simply tuning your
extant senses into a phenomenon that you have likely experienced in the
past: the awareness of the presence of a non-physical entity.
Once the actual location of a spirit is discovered, train your senses on
that space. Do not look at the space occupied by the spirit, keeping your
gaze locked in the glow of the two white candles in the center of the
altar. Simply stretch your senses and your awareness out to that one spot
in the room. As you do this, your own conscious recognition of the pres­
ence of that particular spirit will grow stronger, sometimes frighteningly
so. Bring your emotions back under your command, not reacting to your
surroundings, but acting upon existence.
People learn about things through analyzing them, and they analyze
things by asking themselves questions about them. Without questions,
there can be no answers. Ask yourself, "How tall is this spirit?" Imme­
diately, your mind will give you a response. If you have to search for an
answer, it will not be true. Trust your senses, trust your answers, and trust
yourself. Often, the moment the answer comes, with your eyes still gaz­
ing into the eternal glow of the candles' flames, you may see an outline
74 @rbo ascensum aetpmalis

of a figure through your peripheral vision in the spot where the spirit is
known to stand. Do not focus on this, but continue focusing on that
empty space before you.
Ask yourself now, "How is the spirit holding its body?" With this
question, your mind will no longer attempt to answer in words, but will
choose the easiest path by placing an image in your mind, or sometimes
in that elusive peripheral vision. It is also at this point that the energies,
those emanating from the multitude of spirits that have presented them­
selves, from the power of the ritual itself, and from your own God- State,
will begin to overwhelm you, in collusion with your brain's inability to
accept the impossible. This will cause a dizziness or lightheadedness, and
it is often reported as a feeling of sinking through the floor, or general
spatial imbalance. Remember to breathe and to gather yourself, and alt­
hough the disorientation will not subside altogether, you will still be able
to continue. You may as well be tempted strongly to let your eyes drift
shut. Resist this, as it is a ploy to cease the barrage of spiritual reality on
the illusion-soaked brain. Keep your eyes focused forward and allow the
image of the stance of the spirit impress itself on your mind, or even on
your vision.
As you see these things, it is vital not to relegate their value to the
mind and imagination, but to place the importance of it on the reality of
the spirit that stands in that disclosed location. As you see it in your
mind, also sense it in your chest, in your heart, in that place within you
that knows that you are in the presence of a thing that is beyond the
flesh. As the impressions are transferred to your mind from the spirit, it
is your duty in order to obtain a real image ofit to then transfer the image
back to that place where the spirit stands, rather than letting it dwindle
�. a. itoetting 75

in the unreal annals of the brain. Staring at the candle's glow, as the im­
pression of the stance of the spirit comes to you, project this image back
into its place of origin, seeing it either in your mind or your peripheral
sight as standing in that stance before you. Hold this image in your mind
maintaining it for a matter of at least a few seconds, sure that it is not
going to vanish the moment that you take your attention away.
Ask yourself, "How does the spirit move?" What you are doing is
step-by-step receiving and interpreting the whole figure of the spirit.
You are lifting the veil between your mind and the spirit. When you ask
this question, you will likely see the spirit begin to move. It is not that in
asking this you cause the spirit to move, but rather that the spirit has
been in motion as any living thing is, and in asking the question you are
allowing your mind to observe this motion. The spirit therefore is not
put into motion by your question, but it is your mind that is put into
motion. You will see this outlined figure which stands in a certain place
at a certain height and in a specific stance move its arms, hands, head,
legs, or even mouth.
It is difficult to get this far in your uncovering of the image of the
spirit without having perceived some of its more detailed features. Ask
yourself slowly, 'What is the appearance of the spirit's face?" For some
reason that has eluded both myself and my spiritual associates, this ques­
tion elicits the most dramatic response from the observer, often being the
observation which ends the session of viewing for the moment. Some­
times the image of its face will flash in the mind immediately, and ap­
pears threatening or hideous, making it nearly impossible to retain
conscious control over the emotions. Other times it may look pleasant,
but as the mind attempts to analyze the details of it, the brain begins to
shut down the whole of the process, always the enemy of magick. The
76 $rlJo ascensum aetprnalts

key to successfully working through this step is to avoid the details and
to accept the general image. The body of the spirit is made of a finer
matter than that of the flesh, and it needs to be treated as an evanescent
thing, to be accepted as it is in the moment and never confined to our
expectations. Simply allow the image of the spirit's face to come, and
transfer that image back to the spirit, outside of yourself in the world of
the real.
Take a moment before continuing to view the whole entity that you
are observing. You have built a mental and a visual image of it from what
you have received through your natural senses. Move your attention away
from yourself, away from your mind, as your focus has surely shifted from
the spirit to yourself, to your faulty imagination and your egoistic pride,
and back to that space that was originally uncovered as being occupied
by the spirit. Return your senses to the awareness of the reality of its
presence, and now you do not have to simply understand that it is in that
place, but you can see it standing there as you have analyzed its form. An
interesting occurrence that is noted is that the spirit will seem to be sus­
pended in time and space, allowing you to view it. In the realm of spirit,
however, time and space do not exist as concrete laws, but are constructs
of the mind which are at times convenient and at other times a nuisance.
Do not allow the seeming suspension of the spirit to deter you from
viewing it and from sensing its presence. Be sure, however, that the im­
age that you are viewing is not in your mind, but is in the Temple, outside
of yourself. Be honest with yourself and you will have little difficulty in
trusting yourself.
Ask, "What does the spirit wear?" The image will be added to auto­
matically. You may likewise ask yourself any question that will assist in
the unveiling of the spirit.
Qe. a. 1ltottting 77

The final question that you should ask for this exercise is not one for
yourself alone, but is for both you and for the spirit. Sense the spirit there,
and see it in your mental vision as you have uncovered it. Breathe in and
feel the power which still floods through you reactivating within your
chest. Let your breath out by asking, "Spirit, what do you say?"
Initially the voice of the spirit will seem garbled or nonsensical. Relax
your mind and feel the pressure that has gathered around your head, spe­
cifically around your ears. Feel it throbbing with a beat that may seem
chaotic, much in the same way that words would seem were they not
understood by other people of the same tongue. The words spoken by
the spirit in response to the question will remain in the air around you.
Relax your neck, your forehead, your ears, your eyes, your eyebrows, and
your mind, and ask yourself, 'What has the spirit said." The words may
come slowly to you, one at a time until you grasp each. Allow them to
come as they will, and if it is necessary, write them on a piece of paper as
they come. One of the most difficult parts of this whole process of com­
municating with spirits is to hear the voice and for that voice to be heard
in "real-time." Often, at first, the spirit's mouth will move and seconds
later the first of a string of words will enter your mind. As you progress
at hearing the voice and interpreting the words in your own native lan­
guage, words will appear in your mind, and then the spirit will move its
mouth to speak them. This is an inconsistency only in your observation,
and with time and practice will balance itself out.
Report notes.
78 @rbo aicensum aetprnalts

Ji n t t t a t i o n
l\ e c e t p t o f t b e � t x t b jf l a m e

You have developed your inner senses amazingly, and shortly you will
discover that you exist more there than here.
Outside, draw the Seal of the Sworn Knights on the ground, the top
of the seal in the south, large enough to kneel within it. It should be
inscribed deeply in the ground so that your kneeling does not destroy the
image. Hold your ritual dagger in your right hand and feel the Flames
flowing through it. Point it towards the Seal on the ground and trace the
lines, empowering the Seal with the Flames. Kneel within it, facing south
and meditate upon the Flames, calling them into higher activity within
and around you. Feel the Flames continue to build within the lines as
you so meditate, finally breaking from this plane into the Eternal worlds,
uniting the upper and lower. Feel the seal beneath you open as a gateway
into the Kingdom of Flames, and feel the gateway expanding around you
and above you and within you, Flames pouring into this world from the
spot wherein you kneel.
Call the name of the Baron who is your guardian. Sense him and see
him as you have learned to do, and notice the many Sworn Knights
which begin to come with him. If there are any other ritual preparations
that you need to perform before receiving the Sixth Flame, your guardian
will give them to you.
Call my name, Eric Archaelus Koetting, or I am also known in the
planes above the astral as just Archaelus. I will come as well, manifested
before you, visible to your senses now then ever before. Try not to pay
too much conscious attention to seeing me and my features, however,
�. a. �Oetting 79

but remain focused on the Flames and the increase of them through the
Kneeling there, say the words, "I am ready to receive the Sixth
Flame. " I will begin channeling the Flames to you. Receive them until I
have finished, although it may seem like there are too many Flames for
�·ou to hold inside of yourself, like you will explode with them. Explode.
Let them overwhelm you and run over you like a cup that has been filled
too much.
When you have received the Sixth Flame, refocus yourself and bring
to your conscious mind your position as a Sworn Knight of the Order, a
coworker with the Eternal Flames and its Emissaries. You will again no­
tice more Sworn Knights around you. Some may try to give advice, to
welcome you, or to converse. You may do so as you wish. They are your
Eternal brothers of the Flames.
Report notes.
1Le��on� of tbe Si>ebentb jflame

S5> tu o r n it n f g b t o f t b e S5> f x t b .1' l a: m e

lL e s s o n 3J

(Excerpt from Works of Darkness)
he visualizations and sensory impressions have been, up to this
point, impressions only, filtered, calculated, and given a logical
value by the organic machine of the brain. Those things beheld
in the mind were not creations of it, but rather were symbolic images
through which the mind was able to identify an abstract with an absolute,
in the same manner that the mind interprets all phenomena - the dif­
ference here being the depth of the phenomenon and the height that the
mind must reach to interpret it. The task that remains is to deliver these
sums and values to the rest of the organism, defining to even the core of
the nervous system the exact parameters of that which is seen, heard,
smelled, tasted, felt, and instinctively known about the specific thing that
once evaded awareness altogether.

62 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

Gazing through a black-backed mirror into nothing will show the

Seer exactly that: nothing. Scrying mirrors are powerful tools, however,
when they are actually employed in a purpose. Before humans learned to
make and form glass into flat panes, ancient Sorcerers polish brass, cop­
per, silver, marcasite, and most often obsidian to a reflective sheen.
Through these earliest scrying mirrors, Black
Magicians would peer into the unseen worlds and speak with the ma­
While some purists insist that the Operator's mirror be made of pol­
ished metals complementary of the astrological bodies of Luna, Venus,
or Jupiter, either crafted by the Magician himself or by a craftsman that
is indeed a Practitioner of the Arts, in all actuality the Black Magician
can make a suitable scrying mirror for a few dollars with materials he may
already have or that he can easily buy from any store. A simple piece of
round, clear glass that is thick enough to resist easily breaking will work
as well as a slab of polished obsidian. Ideally, the diameter of the round
glass should measure between a foot-and-a-half to two feet, providing
for a greater panorama, yet not obtrusive in size. Simple black matte
paint on one side of the mirror, enough to completely cover the surface
and allow no light whatsoever to shine through, provides an excellent
reflective surface with the visual depth needed to be used as a reliable
scrying device.
Prepare the Temple with a chair facing south and a small table, upon
which the scrying mirror should be set. The mirror should be leaned
against an object or held in an adjustable plate holder so that it sits at
about a 60 degree incline. When seated in the chair and looking straight
into the mirror, with the room lit up as in daytime, the Operator should
have a perfect view of either the ceiling above his head or the edge where
�. a. '.ltoetttng 83

the wall behind him meets the ceiling. Either way, no objects such as
ceiling lamps or his body should be reflected in the scrying mirror. Two
black candles should also be set on the table, either in line with or slightly
behind the scrying mirror, as to provide light without casting a glaring
reflection in the mirror. The Operator should be prepared also with the
drawn sigil of the spirit Sastan, who has the ability to guide the Sorcerer
into perfection of the art of scrying. This same sigil should be put away
at the end of each scrying session with it, and should be brought out and
reconsecrated each time you practice scrying until initial success is had.
Having all other light sources shut out from the Temple, light the
two candles and take a seat before the mirror. Inhale; gather all of your
tension, apprehension, and all of your thoughts and feelings from day­
to-day life in your chest, and exhale, feeling the negative attitudes and
emotions leaving you with the breath, dissipating in the air.
When you are relaxed and your mind is clear, hold the sigil in your
right hand and gaze into it. Relax your stare and focus your mind on a
visualization of the mirror, such being the target of the sigil consecration.
In your mind, with your eyes still fixed on the sigil, see a clear mental
image of the mirror no longer being a black void, but instead filled with
images. Don't try to make out the images that you are seeing in the im­
aginary mirror, but simply know that they are there. Hold the mental
image of unknown figures appearing in the mirror until the sigil begins
to open and flash.
When the sigil has opened and is flashing, move your gaze to the
scrying mirror. The exact "gaze" that is used in scrying is the same as is
achieved in sigil charging. Your eyes should be relaxed, not searching for
something that is not seen, but waiting to see something that has not yet
manifested. This relaxed and receptive sight may not be difficult to
achieve, having moved your vision directly from the sigil which you have
just opened to the mirror. The mind should likewise be brought into a
relaxed observation of the mirror, kept from asking questions of the na­
ture of the thing to be manifested and simply waiting to see for itself.
The first manner in which the projected vision of Sastan will manifest
is as a white mist or fog appearing in the mirror. The black sheen in the
mirror will spontaneously begin to dull, a white sheet of ethereal mist
covering most of the surface of the glass. This should be recognized as a
sign that your scrying senses have awakened and are waiting for direct
communication with the spirit. The mist may begin to clear not long
after it has formed in the mirror. Some Practitioners report seeing tiny
points of light appearing in the mirror as the white fog clears, others
claim that entire scenes lay waiting behind the mist, playing out in full
splendor once the mirror is clear again.
Before anything can be seen in the mirror, the ethereal vision must
first make some type of connection with your mind - with your general
awareness. Gaze into your scrying mirror and watch the white fog begin
to clear from its surface. Keep your mind relaxed and receptive to the
images which may come, rather than forcing something - anything - to
appear. With your eyes towards the mirror, bring your mind briefly and
somewhat superficially back to the sigil. Remember the lines and the an­
gles, and the circle that binds them all.
In the same manner in which you divided your attention equally be­
tween a sigil and your visualized desire, focus your gaze on the mirror,
allowing yourself to become entranced by the abyss into which you are
peering; at the same time, bring to mind an image of an enormous py­
thon. Rather than trying to concoct a mental image of the most fero­
cious, slithering, creepy serpent that you can image, relax your mind and
Qf. a. Jtoetting S5

begin the visualization with the basic form of a large snake. Bring its
colors into focus: pale green, grey, and dull silver. Once you can see these
colors, bring your attention to the serpent's head. All of its intricate de­
tails will naturally fill themselves in, until its black eyes show an intelli­
gence and personality that could never be imagined or duplicated.
When the mental image of the python is clear and sharp in your im­
agination, turn the majority of your attention towards the mirror, the
python remaining on the surface of your mind. Inhale deeply. As you
exhale, feel your vision piercing through the darkness in the mirror. Re­
peat this, sensing that with each breath the mirror is becoming more alive
and responsive to your visual probing.
Know that the python is not a thing created by and existing in your
mind, but is an entity independent of your brain's electrical currents.
Know that the serpent could now be seen in the scrying mirror if only
that sight were fully restored. Like a child playing make-believe, imagine
that the body of the python is swirling on the surface of the mirror. Look
deep into the mirror and imagine the form of it, project the shape of the
snake onto the black glass.
Usually, it at this point that the scrying senses reach a peak and a
plateau, carrying the Sorcerer into the vision until he has seen all. As the
image which was once in your mind is projected into the mirror, the sur­
face ofit will seem to darken, and perhaps to deepen, in the same manner
that it filled with white fog at the onset of scrying. It can then be con­
sidered that your scrying senses are fully awakened and receptive, and
need only to be dialed in to the right frequencies to see what lies beyond
the glass.
The first real success in scrying may come as a sharp and colorful
mental impression of the serpent in the mirror, not originating from the
S6 ®rbo ascemmm aetprnaliit

mind and being projected into the mirror, but seen as originating from
the mirror and being projected into the mind. The Operator will be able
to watch the snake move and squirm, and may even communicate with
him in these movements, the mind perceiving what the eyes cannot, his
imagination having released its control and the4 perception simply pick­
ing up where the creative mind left off. While some may achieve such
clarity of perception in their first few scrying attempts, this manifestation
in itself is more likely to take several days of disciplined practice.
Continuing to scry into the python, or into anything else with the
same focus and discipline, again and again, will eventually bring the ex­
ternal senses into alignment with that which is seen by the inner mind.
Once the serpent can be seen in the mirror as clear, colorful and inde­
pendently animated - either by the eyes or the inner sight - you may
leave the serpent be, and retire the sigil of Sastan in the appropriate man­
ner, giving verbal thanks for his assistance in awakening your senses thus
far. The mirror should be covered in black cloth, preferably silk, and
should be put where it will not be seen, touched, or damaged.

1C.. e � � o n 3J 3J

You will learn here how to interact consciously and often using the
physical senses with the energetic vibrations of others.
Begin by placing your right hand about an inch off of a person's skin.
You can do this while giving them a hug, patting them on the back, or
in many other casual connections. Allow your hand to linger just an inch
from their skin, and turn your attention to the energy flowing from them.
Relax your arm, and sense the magnetic push and pull created by their
�. a. l!toetting 87

energy flux. If you're able to do this long enough, you will find that their
energy reaches an "event horiwn," or a near-solid point in their aura.
Once you have felt a person's energy in the above manner, now prac­
tice seeing it. You may have caught yourself doing this unconsciously,
and have simply shaken it of£ Looking at a person at least 6 feet away,
look directly into their eyes, even if they do not return your gaze. Relax
your mind and gaze at them as if the person was a scrying mirror. Relax
your eyes, relax your muscles, and allow your vision to awaken. At first,
you will see a glow around the subject's body, which will either be bright
or golden. Try to "feel" what color it might be, although you likely won't
see this as the colors are usually too sensitive for the eyes to see.
Report notes, and when you are able to clearly feel and see the ener­
gies, we will work on manipulating them in greater degrees with the next

lL e ss ss o n 3J 3J 3J

Psychic Vampirism must be learned as a tool and a weapon in your

1. When first learning to drain a person's energy, stealing their
power for yourself, you may need the help of a willing partic­
ipant. Simply ask a friend, lover, family member, or other as­
sociate for her right hand, which you will hold, palm down,
in your left. The right hand moves energy from the self, while
the left hand moves energy into the sel£ As long as you don't
have a particularly sinister reputation, most people will have
little complaint in going along with whatever you're about to
do. Visualize a bright, blue light which fills the body of your
SS ®rbo asttn.&um aet!'tnali!

subject. Inhale, and feel this light moving down her arm and
through her hand, tingling your left hand as it leaves her and
enters you. Exhale, and rather than feeling the energy return­
ing into her, sense it sealing itself inside of you with the ex­
halation, becoming your life-force rather than hers. Continue
to pull her energy from her with a deep breath in and seal it
within yourself as you breathe out. The first experimentations
with vampirism through touch will yield minor results: you
will sense a slightly heightened state of mind and sensation
and your victim may notice a slight dizziness or tiredness.
With each feeding of this type, you will find that you are able
to drain more energy from your victim in a shorter amount
of time, soon far surpassing the high that was once achieved
through blood feeding.
2. Once you are able to pull a considerable amount of energy
from your victim as you shake her hand or touch her shoulder
in passing, you will have little use for this specific method of
psychic vampirism. Using the same visualization and breath­
ing techniques as before, stand next to an unknowing victim,
not touching her but sharing a close space, begin to drain the
life from her, in a manner similar to the above practice, in­
haling as the energy is pulled from her and sealing it within
yourself as if it were your own. It may initially require more
mental concentration to achieve the same result, but should
be much easier to master than the previous method. Each
time you feed from a victim in such a way, put more space
between the two of you. Soon, you will find yourself feeding
Qe. a. �Oetting 69

from one specific person across a room, or as you pass subject

after subject on the street.
3. Feeding from a victim through eye contact i s best practiced
when you are in a position to be sitting with others for an
amount of time. Good testing grounds are restaurants, class­
rooms, pubs, and a classic feeding ground is church. An
Vampiric Adept with whom I would Work and study with in
a Blood Temple took every Sunday morning in a Pentecostal
church, feeding from the energy that was being flung in every
direction. Select a target who is seated close by and is facing
you. Begin to feed from your target in the same way that was
learned when practicing psychic vampirism through close
proximity; it is rare for her to not look in your direction when
she is being drained by you. When she does, hold eye contact
with her as long as possible. The moment your eyes meet,
sense a definite link being established between you. Visualiz­
ing this link as a blue ray of light may be helpful. You will
find a greater pull of power from her through her eyes than
ever before. Maintain eye contact as long as you are able to,
pulling her life from her through the gaze. Looking into an­
other person's eyes, especially a stranger, for any longer than
a passing moment tends to make most everyone uncomfort­
able. Break through this social barrier and use your victim's
discomfort as yet another opening into her soul. Her greater
will, her unconscious understanding of her spiritual violation
will gnaw at her mind until she rips her gaze away from you.
Once she looks away, cease feeding from her and move to a
new target. When you are able to initiate feeding the moment
90 @rbo ascensum aetprnalts

your eyes meet someone else's, you should be able to feed on

anyone that is within sight.
4. Feeding from multiple targets at once requires the develop­
ment of what are often called "astral tendrils." These tendrils
are spontaneous rays of light which attach to a person and
siphon their energy into you. Seen with awakened vision,
tendrils look like small sunbursts whipping out from the
vampire's aura, and sometimes take a manifestation similar to
that of the photographed ectoplasm of early 1 900's psychic
mediums. At a party, gathering, or even at work or school,
select two targets, preferably at opposite sides of you. Divide
your focus between them, feeding from both of them at the
same time. Try to view this feeding like you are stretching
out your arms to touch both of your victims; rather than your
arms touching them, your astral body will respond instead.
Once you are able to divide your attention in such a way to
make noticeable astral contact with your subjects, the amount
of energy that you drain from two victims may at first be
overwhelming. Continue to practice time and again, until
draining two victims is not only easy, but is found to be lack­
ing. Move to three targets in the same way, working your way
up to consciously feeding on five targets at once. At this
point, the feeding mechanism will begin to react inde­
pendently, pulling energy from others without your conscious
command, but very much within your awareness. Your astral
body has thus been converted into a life draining machine.
5. Set u p the altar i n your Temple with a black candle t o the left
and a red candle to the right. Close your eyes and visualize
�. a. lloetting 9 1

your victim clearly, making out all of her features in perfect

clarity. Relax your mind and allow her surroundings to come
into view: her bedroom, kitchen, a club or restraint. Where
ever she may be, allow yourself to gain a sense of it. Do not
criticize your impressions, but accept them as they come.
Once your victim is seen clearly and is precisely placed in spe­
cial reality, feel yourself moving near to her, right next to her.
As was done with the previous feeding technique, stretch out
your astral arms and place an invisible hand on her chest, over
her heart. Pull her life out of her chest. It will flow with less
resistance than ever before, flooding you with her Blood Es­
sence, draining her completely, often immediately exhausting
her and possibly causing short-term illnesses until she is able
to regenerate that which was stolen.

lJ n i t i a t i o n
i\ e c e i p t o f t b e � e b e n t b jf l a m e

Light a few black candles for lighting and set your scrying mirror out
in front of you, allowing you to see into it while seated in a comfortable
Gaze into the mirror and connect with the Flames that are surround­
ing you. Allow yourself to see them in the mirror. Connect your mind
also with me, and feel my presence entering the mirror, merging with
the Flames. As you do this, they will take on a body of Flame. I will move
from the mirror into your Temple, and will offer the Seventh Flame to
you. You must reach out and take it, reach into my flaming body and pull
them from me. Once you begin this, a flow of fire and power will enter
you that seems limitless. Receive as much of it as you can, and then say,
"It is finished, Eternal." The Seventh Flame will continue to seep into
you for a maximum of three days.
SS> b.l o r n lt{ n t g b t o f t b e SS> e b e n t b jf l a m e

1L e � � o n 3l

m he First Lesson of the Eighth Flame is the summoning into

presence Angelic powers and entities. This differs from evoca­
tion in that you will not be bringing specific named entities
into concrete manifestation, but instead will open a gateway through
which only Angelic entities and energies may travel, and will set up a
beacon which will call these beings forth.
This may be a difficult lesson for you to stomach . . . or maybe you'll
be surprised by your reaction. A hidden aspect to the Lesson . . . to rede­
fine spiritual alignment. Either way, it will be interesting for you to ex­
Before we begin, read the next paragraph out loud. This is a blessing
and a confirmation coming from me to you.
94 ®rbo asceusum aetprualis

" Sworn Knight of the Seventh Flame, by the Power of the Eighteen
Flames I confer upon you the power and the priesthood necessary to ad­
minister unto the sick, to heal with the touch of the spirit which is guided
by your hand, and to call upon the ministering of angels. In the name of
the Eternal, as the Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames here on
earth, I confer this power upon you, Eternal. "
You must begin the ritual by cleansing your Temple of all energies,
bringing it to a base level. Fill a chalice with clean, cold water, and add a
good amount of salt to the water, stirring until dissolved. Kneel, facing
east, and hold the chalice in both hands in the air, the base of it at eye
level. Vibrate "EL SHADDAI," and sense/visualize the water being
filled with glorious white light from above. Bring the chalice down and
holding in your left hand, dip your right index and middle fingers in the
water, channeling your own light and power into the water. State, "In
nomine dei nostri et fili et spiritus sancti, amen."
Stand and begin sprinkling with those same two fingers the blessed
water on the floor, saying, "I command you to depart." Feel the energy,
the darkness, the shadows fleeing from the Temple. Sprinkle all of the
walls, the ceiling, and the floor, and pay special attention to sprinkling
the doorways and windows. Place the chalice anywhere out of the way
when you feel that the room is energetically still.
Stand again in the center of the room facing east and see a white light
gathering above you. Reach your hand into the white light and pull it
down into your forehead, touching your fingers there, and then touch
the center of your chest, your right shoulder, and your left shoulder. Feel
the light filling your whole being. Feel the peace, the softness, the silent
j oy, the divine love filling you. Allow this to take root in you.
lie. a. Jtoetting 95

Reach out your right hand with index and middle fingers extended
outwards and draw a cross in the air in front of you. Do the same to each
cardinal direction. When this is finished, kneel facing east. With your
eyes open, relaxed, looking into your spiritual surroundings, vibrate, "EL
SHADDAI ." Let the light and power of this name flow into the room,
and then continue, "Deliver into this Temple thine Holy Angels to min­
ister unto me, to commune with me, to teach me and to empower me.
Deliver the Angels. Deliver the Angels. Deliver the Angels." Repeat this
last sentence, allowing yourself to enter a gnostic trance or a state of rap­
ture, continuing the repetition until you can sense angelic powers and
entities entering your room.
Once the room is filled with light and angels, you are free to either
converse with them, to receive information, or to request assistance with
some task. Angels are extraordinarily powerful in moving magickal cur­
rents. Once you have done this, dismiss them, again, "In nomine dei
nostri, et fili, et spiritus sancti, amen."

I. e s .s o n .3J .3J

The second lesson of the Eighth Flame is to call, as in the previous

exercise, upon demonic or infernal entities.
If possible, immediately before the ritual some sort of deviant sexual
activity should take place. If this is simply masturbation fueled by sinister
fantasy or the actual thing, this in itself will produce an appropriate en­
Light 6 black candles around you, counterclockwise. Breathe and feel
darkness closing in on you.
96 ®rbo ascensum !!letprnalis

Stand, arms held lightly to your sides, palms downwards, state: "I,
__ , Sworn Knight of the Seventh Flame, command the gates of the
infernal realm to open beneath me. Kal Niranjan, Lord of Blackness, de­
liver your dark emissaries to my command. Above me, I call upon the
gate of Da'ath to open up and to cast your evil chiefs to earth, within this
temple. I call upon the gates of Binah, Naos, and Algol to open and to
send emissaries of chaos to this Temple. Come Ngraahh. Nstah clmah
kltala! Nstah
clmah kltala! Nstah clmah ktala! "
Feel the darkness and the demons enter the temple.
Prick your finger or cut yourself to draw blood, and drip or collect
this on a piece of white material or paper. Kneel on your right knee, hold
this before you, to the demons that have gathered.
"I sacrifice my blood to you, princes of darkness. I offer you my es­
sence, my spirit, my blood, for power. Accept this sacrifice. "
Burn the paper in one o f the candle's flames.
Feel the darkness close in even more, the number of the demons
growing out of control. At this point, turn your attention inward and
remember that you are a being of Flames. You are the Sworn Knight of
the Seventh Flame. Feel the Flames erupt inside of you, spiritually light­
ing up your entire Temple, not chasing away the demons, but bringing
them into a state of awe. They recognize the Flames, and revere them.
Stand and hold your hands to your sides. State loudly, " Evil Spirits,
archfiends, denizens and armies of hell, give me your power! "
Breathe in and feel the demonic power entering you, overwhelming
you, causing your own power to flare up like a million suns. Take a ride
on the dark whirlwind, and when you return, thank the spirits and dis­
miss them. and sleep.
�. a. l&.oetting 97

Jl e s s o n 3J 3J 3J

You will need to begin by researching the roman God Janus, paying
special attention to references concerning his personality, dispositions, as
well as any images of his appearance.
Sit in a chair in the center of the room facing north. Meditate to bring
yourself to a point of neutral-being, not thinking, analyzing, of even ac­
knowledging your external environment, but existing in-between.
Draw an astral circle around you with blue, fiery energy. Seat yourself
again in your chair.
Close your eyes lightly and bring Janus' image into mind. Mentally
and imaginatively clarify this image, which will be a collaboration of all
of the images that you have seen of him, until what you see in your inner
vision is no longer an illustration or a sculpture, but is an actual being of
flesh, as if from your direct memory rather than through ancient artwork.
Once your vision of Janus is real, you must project it into your imme­
diate environment, inside of the Circle. Basically, imagine that instead
of being a tiny image inside your mind, visualize Janus standing inside of
the Circle before you, in the full size that he would stand were he real.
Through this imagined presence, begin to sense a connection to the de­
ity, know that he is aware of you and your efforts to contact him.
Call: "Janus, the gates have been opened. I, Sworn Knight of the Sev­
enth Flame, ask you to come to me, to descend here into this temple.
Janus, bless me with your presence, your wisdom, your insight, and your
power. " Continue this "prayer" as the energy within and around you
dictates, letting it flow from you without force, but instead forcefully
moving through you. As you do this, as you pray so, J ansu will enter the
Circle, at which point you are to invite him into you.
96 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

"]anus, enter me and fill me, I invite you in. Seat yourselfin this vessel
and become me. " Again, continue this invocation as intuition dictates.
Allow Janus to enter you, to become you. Pay attention to the physical
sensation, as you will feel your body adjusting, possibly even transfigur­
ing itself to meet Janus' form. If Janus asks what exactly you desire, your
answer is to be "to open the doors within myself, and to open the doors
without. "
Report notes as usual.

Working with Janus on any kind ofongoing basis will give you
a supernatural mastery over thefield oftime itself, manipulat­
ing the flow of it, causing it to either speed up or slow down.
There have been unsubstantiated reports of causing it to flow
backwards andforwards, always erratically and in spurts.
The warning also must be given that all that is taken must be
paid back, meaning ifyou intend to speed up time, then at some
point you'll have to experience a slowing down of it, and vice
I'm certain that Adepts experimenting with this idea havefound
ways ofgetting awayfrom paying the temporal debt. L myself,
would rather not tinker with something asfragile as a timeline,
except in the most desperate circumstances.

1L e s s o n 3J l'

In Lesson IV of the Eighth Flame, you will learn the skill of medi­
This is not so different from your previous exercise, except that you
will not be fully calling the entity forth and then in, but will simply con­
nect to it and will allow it to speak through you.
�. a. '.i!toetting 99

Find an entity in any grimoire that you'd like to learn more from.
Write out a list of questions that you'd like to have this entity answer in
Draw the sigil, and have an altar prepared before you, upon which
two black candles should be burning. The sigil should be set on the altar.
It is best to have an assistant help you with this, sitting outside of the
circle and asking the questions to you, as you are channeling the spirit,
and recording your answers on paper. If this is not possible, have a pen
and notebook ready for you on the altar as well.
Have ready a chalice or bowl of salt water.
Draw a Circle around your immediate working area. Call the Cardi­
nal directions forth. Open your chakras, and pay special attention to your
Crown being opened and ready to receive.
Dip the index and middle fingers of your right hand into the water,
breathe in and fill yourself with Divine Light, and breathe out and allow
this light to enter the water. Do this until it is filled with light.
Open the sigil as you have previously learned to do, and feel the spirit
coming near.
Call, " Spirit (name), I call you here, into this Temple, to fill me with
your knowledge. Take hold of my tongue that I may speak your words.
Take hold of my brain, that I will know your thoughts. Take hold of my
hands, that their gestures will be yours. Spirit (name), come! " Repeat
"(name), come!" and sense its presence filling the Circle. It will not nor­
mally take a bodily form, but instead will be a mist or a floating presence
growing thick. When it is fully inside of the Circle, stretch your arms out
to your sides, opening your body to the spirit, and state, " (name), enter
1 00 09rllo ascensum aetprnalis

You may find yourself choking a bit as the spirit does enter you, as
well as minor convulsions. Since this is not a full possession, you should
be able to endure it without incident.
Give yourself a few minutes to integrate the new intelligence within
you, and then ask (or have your assistant ask) the spirit's name. With this
minor of a "possession," you will retain enough of your own will and
mind to dually ask questions as well as answer them, if you do not have
an assistant.
Once the spirit has given its name satisfactorily, begin asking the
questions which you have written down, recording your answers as well.
When the Operation has been completed, either you or your assistant
can thank the spirit for coming and ask it to depart. It will resist. I have
yet to see a spirit not resist. At this point, dip your right hand in the
consecrated water and drip some of it on your head, saying " (name), de­
part! " Rub this on your face, saying the same. Wash your hands in it,
saying the same. Continue this down your body, feeling the spirit leaving
you piece-by-piece as you wash yourse1£
After the spirit has left you, sprinkle the remaining water around the
room, feeling the spiritual residue departing as you do so.
Report all notes when this is complete.

There are gradient borders between all of these skills. If you

evoke and communicate with a spiritfar long enough, you'llfind
that its voice is no longer coming from it, but from you. If its
voice comes from you far long enough, you'll find that it's not
coming.from you, butfrom it, but that you and it have become
indistinguishablefrom one another.
Spirit communication can, and often does, lead to channeling,
and channeling can lead to possession. And possession can lead
to enlightenment.
�. a. ltto etting 1 0 1

3J n f t f a t f o n
l\ t t t i p t o f t b t Qf t g b t b jf l a m e

Prepare yourself to receive the Eighth Flame.

In a Circle of Candles, call forth your personal mentor within the
Order using the Seal of the Sworn Knights as well as any other words or
signs that he has passed to you. Call him forth, and then call him in.
Once he is you and you are he, allow him to take full control over your
body, lifting your hands to the heavens or flinging them out to your sides.
State: "I am prepared to receive the Eighth Flame. " The Flames will
rush down into your Temple and into you. This will likely cause the
Baron to depart until you are filled with the Flames entirely. Thank the
Baron or Master for his assistance.
Report notes.
lLessons of tbe Jifntb ,flame

& w o r n 1&. n i g b t o f t b e � f g b t b jf l a m e ­
� r o b a t t o n e r 1/j a r o n

i. e s s o n 3J

it in a chair in the center of your room. Meditate as was

learned in your very first lesson. Breathe in deeply, and as you
breathe out, with your eyes closed, see the mist clear the room
completely, leaving a mental vision of your room that is much clearer
than before.
Breathe in and feel your energy constrict around you. Breathe out and
feel your energy move past your skin, radiating into the room. Do this a
few times, enough that when you breathe, you do not think about it, but
you realize the reaction of your spiritual bodies to your breath.
With your eyes closed, through your inner vision, look around your
room a bit. Look at the walls in front of you, pictures that might be on
them, furniture that might be in front of you. Now look to your right

1 03
1 04 @rbo ascensum aetpmalis

side, without turning your head or opening your eyes. Observe every­
thing that is in the room on your right. Do the same for your left. Do
the same for the area of the room behind you.
This first part may be a bit overwhelming, realizing that your spiritual
vision has absolutely nothing to do with the position of your body. You
may stop here and restart later if you need to. If not, continue on.
Focus your inner vision on any one object in the room. Make sure
that it is one that is a few feet away from you. Breathe in, prepare yourself
to take a closer look at the object, and as you breathe out move towards
the object, without moving your body. You might notice that your body
slumps, or that your breath stops don't worry, you are still alive and you
can always return. Allow your body to care for itself, you have greater
needs to meet than breathing.
As you travel towards the object, keep only the object in sight. Don't
start looking around the room just yet. Just move in one direction, to­
wards the object. The shock of this will often whiplash your spiritual
bodies back into your physical body. This is okay. You can either stop
here for now, or start again.
Move out of your body again, towards the object, making sure that
you move out of yourself with an exhalation of breath. Often, when you
inhale, you will begin to move back into your body. Also, if your mind
turns to your body, that is where you will return. Where the mind goes,
the rest of you follows. So, to stay out of your body, keep your mind
focused on the object, and as you breathe in, rather than moving back to
your body, feel your spiritual bodies becoming stronger, solidifying more
in their place.
One trick to doing this successfully is to allow yourself to become
intoxicated by whatever object you are viewing. The more interested you
Qe. a. �Oetting 1 05

are in seeing the object from this new vantage, realizing that you can
move around it, above it, below it at will, that its colors are new and
interesting, etc. will keep you in place.
Once you are able to remain outside of your body for more than a few
seconds, I want you to slowly turn your attention to another object in
your room, and as you breathe out, move towards that object and view it
in the same manner. When you have the hang of this, I want you to look
at your body. As you breathe out, push yourself away from your body, to
avoid getting sucked back inside. Seeing your body from third person is
the final test of whether you are imagining, or if you are experiencing it.
Finally, move through your walls to an object outside of your room.
I'll often do this outside, and will move miles off into the distance, stop­
ping to look at a person or object far off. It is amazing the detail you can
pick up, and the speed at which you can travel.
Report notes.

Anchoring yourselfto objects, as is donefar your veryfirst travel

as you anchor yourself to the object across the room, can be vital
to maintaining your place and not being sucked into the gravi­
tational well ofyour physical body.
Knowing this makes Travel much easier. Rather than trying to
go to a place, go instead to an object - or a person - inside ofthat
place, and then either anchor your attention to it, or find a
nearby object to anchor yourself to.
This is mostly helpfal in physical-to-physical travel, as the
gravitational pull back to the body diminishes as you move into
dimensions outside ofthe physical
1 06 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

1l e s s o n 3J 3J

Having learned how to exit your body and to have your consciousness
survive without the aid of your physical being, I now want you to learn
how to actually Travel. This will be done in two parts.
1 . Travel to me. I will b e aware o f your presence here. Try not
to see this as a "test. " Don't worry about your presence being
strong enough for me to notice, or "what if he says he never
saw me?" Simply leave your body, and turn your attention to
me. You will immediately move towards me. Notice the cit­
ies, the countries, and the continents moving by you at light
speed, and notice you stopping in my home or in my Temple.
Simply come to me, and then return home.
Report this part of the Lesson to me when completed.
2. . Choose any other physical place you'd like to travel to.
Travel there and observe it with your new vision. Report this
as well.

Far too many people get caught up in being what I've termed
"astral tourists. " This can be put in a couple different contexts,
neither ofthemflattering.
The first is that they will use their ability to travel outside of
their body to do and see things that seem, to me, to be entirely
unimportant, and entirely irrelevant to any greater Work.
Once the basics ofcoaxing the consciousness to exit the body have
been achieved, the tourists satisfY themselves with their ability
to check in on friends and relatives, occasionally successfolly re­
porting events or surroundings, in demonstration oftheir spooky
QI!. a. l!toettfng 107

Before long, they will bore of this, only zipping to loved ones
when a sense of need arises, but largely putting this Ascendant
Art in the closet to gather dust.
Ifthese tourists do venturefarther out and deeper in than boy­
friends' bedrooms and mothers' bedsides, their travel can some­
times seem to be quite adventurous, but in the whole devoid of
purpose, absent ofintent.
The Travel, then, becomes an escape from a world offlesh
wherein they must toilfar their reward, wherein they must work
and sacrifice far change, rather than creating it instantly
through a subtle change ofmind.
They may even manifest before their astral eye all variety ofse!f­
satiating scenarios, the very air of the spirit world conforming
to their thoughts and delighting them with visions ofpast lovers
in torment, passed relative in paradise, or passionate past-times
with thought-created concubines.
The subtle dimensions are very responsive to the directed
thought and aroused emotion, and that whole world will shift
in accordance to the observer. Even ifthese travels and the ad­
ventures in them are real, the question still remains: So What?
It is to the avoidance of this malady that these Lessons in Soul
Travel farce the Adept to leap from one tall tower to the next.
Exploring these other worlds is fan, and it is teaching, and
therefore it is necessary. It can be done on the Adepts own time.
These Lessons do not dictate every action to be taken. They don't
lay down the procession of every hour spent awake. These Les­
sonsfarm a syntax that, iffallowed, will guide the Adept into
knowledge of the first-hand, experiential sort, and they will
turn loose upon this world a supernaturalfarce ofchange.
And they have.
1 08 ®rbo ascensum a'.ttprnalis

1L e s s o n .3J .3J .3J

Create colored representations of the five Tattvas. These are basic

shapes and colors, related to the five elements, as given below.
Fire: red, equilateral triangle.
Air: blue circle.
Water: purple crescent moon.
Earth: yellow square
Spirit: black oval.
Draw and color each of these on a separate paper.
Sit in a chair in the center of your room, holding one of the tattvas in
your hand. Meditate, clear yourself of obstruction, and open your eyes to
see the image of the tattva in your hand. Gaze into it in the exact same
manner in which you would open a sigil. When the tattva opens on the
paper, turn your gaze immediately in front of you, where you will be able
to see the tattva floating in the air, usually over six feet tall, as a gateway
into that realm. Leave your body and enter the tattva. You will have ef­
fectively traveled from this world into another. Take notice of your sur­
roundings, how you feel, any sounds, tastes, or smells, etc.
You will usually be greeted by a gatekeeper, who can show you around
the area, or can take you to the ruler of that plane. Stay as long as you
like, and travel as deep into the world as you care. At any time, when you
desire to leave, all you need to do is turn around and the gateway will be
behind you, regardless of how far away from it you have traveled. Go
back through the gateway and re-enter your body. Do your best to not
panic while in the other world and try to go directly from there into your
body. Always use the gateway that you have opened, travel back to this
realm, and then gently enter your body.
Qe. a. l!toetttng 1 09

Do this with all five tattvas, and report notes.

The tattvas, ofcourse, are hastily defined here, and the directed
travels to their realms are hastily passedfrom one to the next.

In truth, the depths ofthese particular aspects could be explored

far lifetimes and never will one realization be repeated. The
word "tattva " itselfcan be translated as "Thing-ness. " It is the
essence ofa thing. Ifany tattva isfallowed deep enough and long
enough, it will lead back to the Self, with a capital "S. "

Ifthe Initiate had timefar that, though, the Lessons would have
begun with this one, and would have gone no farther. And this
world would be without a good number oftrue Adepts.
Instead, a straight path was drawn, to bring the Initiate into
an experience, allow him to integrate the experience into his be­
ing, and then before he is able to lose himselfto it, another, bet­
ter, grander one awaits.
This is both the beauty and theflaw ofa black-magick-approach
to traditions ofsuch depths as the Vedas. We can either have it
all, or we can have it now. Sometimes we can 't have either, but
the black magician almost always puts his money on "now. "

1L e s s o n 3l l'

Study the first five chapters of Evoking Eternity: Forbidden Rites of

Evocation and, applying the principles of evocation, evoke any one entity
of your choice. You can choose to either view it through your scrying
mirror, or through your inner vision standing before you.
1 1 0 ®rbo ascensum aetprnalis

1L e s s o n l'

Evoke the Baron or Master that has been assigned to help you, using
the formula given in the previous Lesson. Three things are to be com­
municated with your Tutor:
1. 'What remaining Lessons must I receive from you before re­
ceiving the Ninth Flame?"
2. "Are there any activities, substances, or other things that I
need to remove from my life in order to continue my Ascent
beyond the worlds of the occult?"
3. "You have assisted m e immensely, but now a s I move beyond
the Ninth Flame, I will no longer be Working with you. We
are brothers/sisters, Barons, warlords in the same battle and
army, and under the canopy of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyr­
nalis and the Eighteen Flames, forever we will be united. I
thank you sincerely for your guidance and protection, and I
ask now only for your blessing as I receive the Ninth Flame."
Report notes.

1J n t t t a t t o n
.R e c e i p t o f t b e Jl t n t b jf l a m e

Arrange your Temple for the ritual of evocation. Have with you the
Seal of the Sworn Knights . This will be the sigil that you will be using
in the evocation. I am the entity that you will evoke, clothed in my Eter­
nal body of Flames.
Cf. a. itoetting 1 1 1

Open the Seal of the Sworn Knights. Project yourself through it into
the Flames. Call my name, either Eric Archaelus Koetting, or the name
by which I am known in the spiritual worlds, Archaelus. Call my name
several times, moving back towards your body as you do so. When you
re-enter your body, this call will also be made by your lips. Transfer my
presence into the Triangle and call me forth there, with, "Archaelus,
Prince of the People, Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames, by the
full power and force of the Flames which I hold, I call you into presence
here before me, to bestow upon me the Ninth Sacred Flame. Archaelus,
come. Archaelus, come. Archaelus, come!"
Once I stand before you in the Triangle, step towards me as close as
you can without leaving the Circle, and kneel upon your right knee.
Bowing your head, state, "Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames, I am
prepared to receive the Ninth Flame. Reach through the veils of time,
space, and spirit, reach from the Triangle into this Circle, and pass this
Ninth Flame to me."
I will reach through the barriers, will place my hands upon your head,
and you will receive the Ninth Flame. When you are finished convulsing
and you have caught your breath, thank me and dismiss me as usual.
You are now named Baron of the Ninth Flame.
:li a r o n o f t b e Ji t n t b jf l a m e

I. e s .s o n 1f

jf ind a magick Square from either the Sacred Magick of Abra­

melin the Mage, from Enochian Magickal Systems, from
Kingdoms of Flame, or from any other source of Magick
Squares. Rather than calling on one spirit, it will call upon sometimes
Set your Temple up for a ritual of evocation, save for the Triangle,
which will not be used here . Burn either copal or dittany of crete incense
in incense braziers either within the Circle, or at any place outside of it.
Draw the Square on a 6x6 square of paper. Bring it and your dagger
into the Circle with you. Kneel facing south, meditate, draw a Circle
around you, and set the Square on the ground in front of you, with the
dagger set to the right ofit, ready to be taken up when needed. Call upon
the Flames verbally to come near you, to rise up inside of you, and to
enter this plane. Once you feel them surging through you, turn your gaze

1 13
1 1 4 119rbo ascen!um aetprnalt!

towards the Square. Lock into your mind your goal - what it is that the
spirit can do for you. Try to see it as a still picture, and allow yourself to
feel the emotions attached to achieving that goal. DO NOT feel the
emotions of longing for it, but rather of having already achieved it, as
that which is inside of you will manifest in the world outside. Gaze into
the Square, as if you are seeing through it rather than looking at it. Relax
your eyes and allow the energy of the Square to begin to come through,
keeping your mind focused on your goal. Once the energy starts flowing
through the Square, some ofits lines might disappear from the paper and
then reappear, or they might seem to move or physically vibrate. This is
a sign that the physical world is being transmuted by your Operation,
that you are effecting change here and now. Continue concentrating even
harder on your goal and allowing the Square to transform however it will.
Once it is complete, the changes will cease and the whole Square will
seem to be alive and vibrant. This is what I refer to as "opening the
Square." Often, the letters inside the square will disappear one line at a
time, and will reappear. Write these down or memorize them in the se­
quence in which they activate.
Once the Square is open, it is ready to receive your command. Begin
by calling out the names within the Square in the sequence in which they
were activated.
Place your right hand over the Square, not touching it but hovering
an inch or so above it. Feel the Flames well up inside of you and flow
effortlessly through your arm and out of your hand, being sucked up by
the Square. As you do this, also transfer your desire with the Flames into
the Square until it is gone and you cannot bring to mind that which you
Qe. a. lltoetting 1 1 5

Transpose the image of the Square into the empty space in front you,
becoming a gateway into the power of that Square. You will not be en­
tering through this, but instead will be calling the spirits and powers
through it to you.
State, "I Baron of the Ninth Eternal Flame, have called you near and
have opened the power of your Square to. (State what it is that you de­
sire) . Appear now in this Temple before me to bring my desire to pass.
Come, spirits of the Square. Come, spirits of the Square. Come now into
this Temple, spirits of the Square." When they have materialized, greet
them, thank them, and restate your desire. Allow them to guide you as
they may towards a more full accomplishment of your will.
Put the Square away where it will not be found, and do not look at
the face of it again. Folding it in half will usually help with this, as you
can transport it without looking at it. As you come close to the Square
from that point forward, you will feel its power radiating, your desire
coming to fruition through its energy.
When your desire has been fulfilled, take the Square outside, unfold
it and look at the face of it, thank the spirit for its help, and burn the
Square, stating that you are releasing the spirit from your service.
Report notes immediately following the ritual.
t ta @rbo asrensum aetprnalis

i. e .s .s o n 1J 1J

Leaving your body, move above your ceiling into the sky, and con­
tinue to rise, until you are no longer in the earth's atmosphere. Call the
name, "Binah," sensing the vibrations moving through all of creation,
and allow your vision, and therefore your motion, to be directed to the
planet of Saturn. As you near it, notice that it possesses a spiritual double,
which will draw into it spiritual matter, like a spiritual "wormhole."
Travel directly into the opening of this gateway, and you will likely find
yourself in what can only be called the Abyss, the Acausal Realm, or
Outer Darkness. There will be others there who have traveled that far,
but have become stuck or lost. You will hear them, but not likely see
them. Do not try to help them. There is nothing you can do for them.
They need to Ascend on their own at this point.
Exit the blackness. If you find yourself back at Binah, call the name,
"Algol." Your vision and motion will be directed far in the distance, to
two bright stars near each other, one smaller than the other. Travel there,
and notice that the stars rotate around each other and that their plasmic
matter drifts from one to the other, like a stream of energy and heat. It
is in the center of this transfer stream that the gateway will be open. Also
notice the debris scattered around the stars. These are the planets that
existed there long ago. They held intelligent and powerful beings who
destroyed themselves by splitting what once was a single star into two
If instead of coming out of the abyss at Binah, you find yourself in­
stantly transported to Algol, all you need to do is travel into the vortex
within the stream.
et. a. Jtoetttng 1 1 7

Travel in between the planets, into the transfer stream, and allow
yourself to move into the gateway that is there. Again, you will find your­
self in the Abyss, but this time it is much more violent and chaotic.
Screaming, wailing, and hideous, malevolent noises will be heard. Also,
flashes of light and fire can be seen here. Do not become hypnotized by
the sounds and the lights, but instead leave the Abyss.
Call out the name, "Naos," and you will find yourself directed to an
enormous star. As you near it, you will see that it is a giant blue sun,
emitting ultraviolet light. Travel into the Sun, and you will find that you
enter a place beyond the Abyss, into a realm of Godhood. The light will
be blinding and the power will be excruciating. Bear it for a few moment,
breathe in the power, and exit the gateway.
Return your direction to the earth and travel there, back down into
the atmosphere, through your roof, and into your body.
You have entered the Abyss, have retained your self with the dross
and the fear removed, and have united yourself with two of the three
great pillars of the metaphysical plane within our galaxy, the Triangular
spread upon which all Black Magick is built. You can return to any of
these as you wish, but take care to not stay too long, nor to become lost
in it.
At any time you are in peril, call my name, and call upon the Sworn
Knights, and even in the Blackness of the Abyss, the Power of the Flames
will become your Messiah.

This Lesson is takenfrom an obscurefarm ofastrological under­

standing, supposedly passed down from ancient Albion to cer­
tain Satanic Magicians in the United Kingdom, who
formulated and disseminated a philosophy of Satanic idealism
called The Order ofthe Nine Angles. Despite the manyflaws in
the system that they created, some gems were preserved in their
t ts @rbo ascensum aetpmali!

Works, one ofwhich is the knowledge ofwhat they termed "Star

Gates. " These are star systems which act as nexions or gateways
between dimensions.
The three Star Gates that the supposed descendants ofAlbion
were concerned with were Dabih, Algol, and Naos.
Algol is the demon star; the Devil's Head; Satan 's Eye; Medusa 's
head. It is a double star system In the Perseus constellation. Its
symbol is a severed human head. A head once belonging to a
body, but is now decapitated and bloody. Algol represents blood­
shed and decapitation, and is linked with Blood Baphomet, not
a goat-man/woman in this case, but a Dark Goddess covered in
blood. The star system itself is red, the color ofblood, and blood
is the key that opens this gate.
Dabih is "The Butcher. " This is yet another double star system,
this time in Copernicus, which is the constellation of the goat.
The names ofthe stars within the conste/ltion are obviously rep­
resentative ofthe various aspects ofthe goat in various stages of
life and death. The star system bears the name Dabih, "The
Butcher, " ergo representing the Sacrifice ofthe Goat, immolated
upon the altar to the Gods ofDarkness. Dabih is the gateway of
flames, and throughflames will it open. The color ofthat star is
also the color offire: yellow.
Naos is "The Ship. " It dwells in the "Puppis" constellation as a
blue giant. One ofthe brightest stars we can see, bearing the ti­
tle, "The Brightest Star in the Heavens. " The constellation as a
whole appears as a ship; notjust any ship, but the Argo, the ship
ofall ships, sailed by Jason in search of the Golden Fleece, pro­
tected by Hera the Queen Moon Goddess, and consecrated to Po­
seidon, the lord ofthe seas - both seas ofwater and seas ofenergy.
Puppis used to be part ofthe larger constellation ofArgo Navis,
but it was so immense that the constellation was broken into
parts, the great ship of legend being shattered. ''Puppis" is the
"poop deck " ofthis ship, torn away.from the bulk ofthe vessel, its
�. a. Jtoetttng 1 1 9

dismemberment being the destruction of the ship and crew.

"Puppis" is also the name ofthe secret things within the temple,
the mysteries ofthe workings ofgod revealed to man. Naas is the
Star Gate ofwater, and its color is blue.

In all 3 cases, there is something that was whole that now is

broken. The 3 great gateways offire, water and blood are clearly
represented in each ofthem. However, what must be understood
far ritual symbolic application is that the most basic description
ofeach Star Gate (the head, the ship, and the goat) on its own is
not the key that opens the gate, but the image once it has been
broken. A severed head. A burning goat. A broken, sinking ship.
The Spilling ofBlood. Destruction by Fire. Death by Water.
These Star Gates connect to earth through Binah, which is Sat­
urn - specifically, so Azazel tells me, to the ''black rift between
the rings" ofSaturn, in the moon Mimas.

If the Initiate will Travel.from there to any ofthese stars, they

willfind a gateway into the acausal world, the truest non-du­
ality. Nothingness. The Primordial Abyss.
The work ofthe Black Adept is to presence this dimension ofeve­
rything-and-nothing. And then, to embody it; and then, to be­
come it. The Black Adept can either then choose to lose himselfto
the acausal, being assimilated back into nothingness, his whole
being, physical and otherwise, becoming an empty vesselfar the
Dark Gods to fill and act through . . . . or he can maintain him­
self, andpresence and embody the acausal, yet refitse to dissolve,
instead assimilating the Acausal into his Self, thereby making
all ofthe Dark Gods and even the Acausal a vesselfar his works.
This is the icon of Baphomet. Not the extremes of a/I-or-noth­
ing. All and nothing. Male and female. Good and evil, dark
and light, right and left, man and beast. All opposites embodied.

Presencing and Becoming this unholy Union is not the end, but
the beginning, as the real work is never to get to heaven, but
1 20 @rllo ascensum aetprnalis

instead is to bring heaven to earth. Or hell. Or darkness ever­

Through rites ofrecalling, which I won 't detail here, but which
I myselfhave already attempted to peiform in the Mojave De­
sert, and was dissuaded through aggression by conspiracies on
the right handpath to stop me at any cost. Such is the potential
danger ofopening these Star Gates and invoking the Dark Gods
into this world. This rite of recalling will go forward, without
announcement and without warning.

Regardless of my own desire to thrust myself into the mouth of

the abyss if its belly might hold any secret thing, I would not
guide students under my care to abandon themselves in such a
way. Instead, this exercise merely introduces them to two of the
three Star Gates, through Saturn 's ancient doorway into dark­
ness. From there, nothing other than their own Destinies will
determine how deeply they tread into the primordial wasteland.

1L e s s o n 3l 1J 3l

Leave your body and either remain in your Temple, or travel out­
doors. Look down at your spiritual body and notice its shape, color, and
density. Imagine now the image of any animal that you may choose. So­
lidify yourself in your place, and rather than traveling towards that ani­
mal, instead call it to you. A spiritual form of the animal will come. Open
your arms, and it will leap into you. This will be violent, and somewhat
painful, but allow it to ravage the insides of your spiritual body. Tum
your attention inwards and merge your identity with the animal's. Be­
come the animal that you have invoked. Notice your spiritual legs bend­
ing backwards, your feet shrinking into paws or hoofs, your hands
turning as well, your torso bending itself. Become the animal. Take on
Qe. a. i!totttfng 1 2 1

its form entirely. No longer are you human, but are not the beast. Go out
as a ghost beast and roam as it would, allowing yourself to unrestrict your
behavior. Hunt, mate, feed, or whatever else the instinct of the animal
dictates. Return to your Temple as the animal, and putting your spiritual
hands on your Solar Plexus, breathe out and eject the animal spirit from
within you. Notice your spiritual body returning to a human form.
Although this is not a part of the Lesson, per se, if the same is done
while still within your physical body, your body will at first contort itself
and will react minorly in the same manner as the animal. Eventually,
physical metamorphosis will take place, initially minor changes, but with
enough practice, shapeshifting in this manner is possible on this plane.
Such advanced operations of this sort are to be conducted far away from
humans, however.
You may also, as you continue to progress, choose grander forms,
such as a dragon or a phoenix. Do not, at this point, do so with godforms.
This is dealt with later, with appropriate protections in place. Doing so
without these protections can easily cause loss of sane comprehension,
complete loss of higher reasoning, and fatality.
After the first animal has been successfully invoked and shifted into,
spiritually, report notes.
122 @rbo ascensum aetprnalts

Using the same method as previously, exit your body, move to a re­
mote location, and look down at your astral body. Breathe in, and rather
than noticing your environment contract around you, notice your spir­
itual body growing. As you exhale, notice it solidifying in its size. Con­
tinue doing this until you have become a giant, as large as you wish to
Exhaling, releasing your size, return to your previous perceived spir­
itual size. Notice the color of your astral body. Bring to mind the color
yellow, like the sun, and as your inhale, notice that your spiritual body
takes this color into itself, until you are completely yellow. Take note of
how you feel, how your body moves diffeently, what new powers you
have. Choose three other colors to shift into, and do so.
Again, doing this in your body will produce very physical results.

1L e s s o n �

Using the same methods as previously, although you do not need to

leave your Temple for this one, leave your body and bring your mind to
the Nine Flames which you possess. Feel them filling and surrounding
you. Breathe in and notice that they are no longer powers which reside
within or around you, but instead become them. Shift your entire being
into the Flames. This will only hold for a few seconds, due to the inten­
sity of it, at which point you should return to your normal spiritual form.
Repeat this a few times, experiencing the ecstasy of the Flames as much
as you can bear, and then return to normal.
Qe. a. ltoetttng 1 23

Again, doing this in your physical body will produce physical results,
although it will stir up the Lower worlds with the recognition of a god
walking amongst us. People will fear you and will be in awe, while others
will purposefully avoid you. You can enter this state at any time, however,
to Become the Flames and experience instant Ascent. This will also trig­
ger instant Karma, however, when all that you do that is not in accord­
ance with your destiny will be removed from your life, not in weeks or
months, but immediately. Instant Karma is a dangerous tool, only to be
used when you are ready to lose everything to Become Everything.

Jl e s s o n lJ 1J

Sitting in a chair in your Temple, shut out all of your lights. Open
your eyes and see before you a great, black gateway opening. This is a
scrying window, and can be used just like a scrying mirror. Using it as
such, scry either into the random events of the spiritual world, or into
specific spirits, forces, or circumstances.
Keep your eyes open throughout, allowing your inner vision to trans­
late to your real vision what is occurring. At least one entity will appear,
and it may very well be a Sworn Knight, Baron, or Master. Hold open
conversation, taking notes on what is said.
Report all notes.
1 24 ®rbo ascensum aetprnalts

Evoke more than one, preferably at least three entities to accomplish

one, grand goal. Don't set out a triangle of manifestation at all, but
simply allow the spirits to materialize where they will. The Watchtowers
can be evoked, the Crown Princes, or any other set of cooperating spirits
set to one goal.

1L e s s o n l' .3J .3J .3J

Using all that you have learned about evocation, evoke to the physical
plane (without the use of mirrors) three entities of your choice, one at a
time, in separate rituals at separate times, usually with a cleansing period
between each one. Take copious notes during and after each evocation,
which you will forward to me as you go. The one stipulation is that at
least one of these three needs to be a demonic entity, and one needs to
be angelic. All three should serve different functions and should be em­
ployed in different tasks.

1L e s s o n .3J X

Evoke to the physical the Seven Sons of the Phoenix, using the Seal
of the Sworn Knights as the gateway through which they will travel.
Simply calling them by that name over and over and seeing them in your
inner vision will be enough to pull them to you. Exclude the Triangle
from this Operation, allowing the Seven to circle the Circle as they wish.
They will not sit and converse, but if they are questioned, before the
ef. a. itoetttng 1 25

question has been spoken they will answer it telepathically to you. Again,
record these silent conversations. Dismiss them as a Baron of the Ninth

1r n i t i a t i o n
i\ e c e i p t o f t b e l O t b jf l a m e

Arrange your Temple for the ritual of evocation, leaving the Triangle
out of the Temple altogether. Have with you the Seal of the Sworn
Knights. This will be the sigil that you will be using in the evocation.
You will evoke first the Seven Sons of the Phoenix, and in their midst I
will arise.
Open the Seal of the Sworn Knights. Project yourself through it into
the Flames. Call out to the Seven Sons of the Phoenix, and as they come,
return to the physical to materialize them there. Call my name, Archae­
lus. Call my name several times, moving back towards your body as you
do so. When you re-enter your body, this call will also be made by your
lips. Transfer my presence before you and call me forth there, with, "Ar­
chaelus, Prince of the People, Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames,
by the full power and force of the Flames which I hold, I call you into
presence here before me, to bestow upon me the Tenth
Sacred Flame. Archaelus, come. Archaelus, come. Archaelus, come!"
Once I stand before you, surrounded by the Seven Sons of the Phoe­
nix, step towards me as close as you can without leaving the Circle, and
kneel upon your right knee. Bowing your head, state, "Grand Emissary
of the Eighteen Flames, I am prepared to receive the Tenth Flame.
Reach through the veils of time, space, and spirit, reach from the Trian­
gle into this Circle, and pass this Tenth Flame to me."
1 26 @rbo asctnsum aetprnalis

I will reach through the barriers, will place my hands upon your head,
and you will receive the Tenth Flame . When you are finished convulsing

and you have caught your breath, thank me and the Seven, and dismiss

us as usual. I will remain a minute more, gradually fading from the Tem­
ple .
1i a r o n o f t b e t O t b jf l a m e

1L e � � o n 3J

Open your chakras using the method outlined below.

1 . The Muladhara chakra i s located at the base of the spine, and

manifests as a red wheel of light between the genitals and

anus. Correlating with the most base, primal organs, the Mu­

ladhara chakra is related to the animalistic instincts of self­

preservation and mating, on the most primitive level. The

symbolic appearance of the Muladhara chakra is a four-petal

lotus. The Hindu deity representing this chakra, and said to

reside therein, is Ganesha, the well-known "elephant god,"

the opener of doorways. The Muladhara chakra's element is

earth, and its mantra vibration is LAM.

2. The Swadhistana chakra manifests itself a s a n orange wheel
of light in the area between the genitals and the navel. Relat­

ing obviously to the reproductive organs of both sexes, the

1 27
1 26 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

Swadhistana chakra corresponds to the generative, reproduc­

tive, and creative abilities of the individual. The symbolic ap­

pearance of the Swadhistana chakra is a six-petal lotus. The

Hindu deity who dwells within this chakra is Vishnu, the

preserver of life. The Swadhistana chakra's element is water,

its mantra vibration is VAM .

3 . The Manipura chakra manifests a s a bright yellow wheel of
light in the abdominal area. The Manipura chakra relates di­

rectly to the adrenal glands and pancreas, and is the store­

house for the emotions, as well as the generator of personal

will, as well as the human will to power. The symbolic ap ­

pearance of the Manipura chakra is that of a ten-petal lotus.

The Hindu deity dwelling with this chakra is Rudra, the

fierce god of storms, fire, and the hunt. The Manipura

chakra's element is fire, and it's mantra vibration is RAM,

the supreme mantra of spiritual fire.

4. The Anahata chakra manifests as a bright, deep, green wheel

oflight directly over the heart, in the center of the chest. This

is the ultimate center of Soul's embodiment, the single place

in the lower worlds wherein absolute peace can be found. The

Anahata chakra is shown as a twelve-petal lotus. The deity

dwelling within this chakra is Ishta Devata, which can be un­

derstood as one's own personal deity, the god or goddess

within that is always comforting, always protecting, always

guiding, and always calling closer to Ascent. The element of

the Anahata chakra is earth, and its power is the healing, nur­

turing, live-giving essence of the earth in its purest form.

Anahata's mantra vibration is YAM .

�. IR. lltoetting 1 29

5. The Vishuddha chakra manifests a s a light blue wheel oflight

over the throat. Aside from the obvious attributes of clarity

and communication provided by this chakra, the Vishuddha

chakra also brings balance to the individual's understanding

of themselves, to their intellectual abilities , and to their ulti­

mate connection to and compassion for all other people. Sa­

dasiva is the deity within the Vishuddha chakra, and it is also

the foundation upon which Shiva and Shakti's personifica­

tion Parvati stand as the first of the three higher chakras lead­

ing to self-godhood and absolute Ascent. The symbolic

appearance of the Vishuddha chakra is a sixteen-petal lotus,

it's element is air, and its mantra vibration is HAM .

6. The Aj na chakra manifests as an indigo wheel of light in the

brow, slightly above and exactly between the eyes. While full

and continuous activation of the Aj na chakra brings mental

focus, clairvoyant awakening, prescient knowledge, and per­

fect memory, perhaps one of its most hidden powers is power

itself; one who has consciously developed their attunement

with the Aj na chakra are granted the power of the gods . This

is not given here superfluously or lightly, but is meant quite

literally. Into the fully-activated Aj na chakra, the Master can

funnel any of his desires, and can release them from that in­

digo vortex like Shiva's apocalypse into the universe, and the

whole of creation will answer. Instantaneous manifestation of

desires, obliteration of obstacles, all forms of alchemy and

magick, and the purest forms of creation and destruction are

realized through the Aj na chakra. T he deity dwelling within

130 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

the Aj na chakra is Ardhanarishvara, the perfect union be­

tween Shiva and Shak.ti. The Aj na chakra possesses two lotus

petals, one on either side of the chakra. Pure, indigo flame is

the element of this chakra.

7. The Sahasrara chakra manifests as a thousand violet lotus

petals on the crown of the head, and is the ultimate attain­

ment of God Realization and union with the Eternal. Full

and permanent activation of the Sahasrara chakra brings the

individual into a state of Christ Consciousness. The Sa­

hasrara chakra corresponds with the pituitary gland, which

facilitates the brain's communication with the whole of the

endocrine and nervous systems in the body, as well as with

the thalamus , which allows the whole of the brain to com­

municate, receiving and delivering information in a usable

format throughout the entire brain. While various deities

have been credited as presiding over the Sahasrara chakra, it

is indeed inhabited by one's own Godself, what is often re­

ferred to as "the Inner Guru," which is in actuality an exter­

nalized form of the Supersoul, internalized within this



1. Begin by entering a light, meditative state. I t is not necessary

here, at the beginning, to enter a deep Gnostic trance, as the

vibrations, mantras, and the circulation of energies will cu­

mulatively bring you deeper into yourself than most medita­

tive techniques are capable. Visualize in your mind a bright

light above you. You're not required to see a cloud, a column

of light, or even a concentration of light, but simply a bright

�. a. Jtoetttng 1 3 1

light. Know that you are not merely imagining this light, but

that you are tuning in to a thing that was and is always pre­

sent. As your practice with this method of chakra work in­

creases, the light will become visible to your physical eyes, as

if a million watts of florescent light is turned on above you.

O nce you see this light, sense it no longer lingering above,

but instead feel its rays flowing down upon you, touching

your head, and bring the fullness of your attention to your

Sahasrara chakra. In fact, attempt to transfer your entire con­

sciousness , your entire sense of being, into the Sahasrara

chakra, as if you no longer exist in your body as a whole, but

that your entire existence lies in that chakra. Vibrate the

words, "Aum Vyam Vyasadevaya Nahmah" nine times , with

each repetition the light above funneling down into your

head, into your chakra. As you vibrate these words of power

and as the light does descend to you and take residence there ,

you will likely begin to feel slightly dizzy, and you may find

breathing somewhat more difficult than before. You will feel,

and will possibly see many strange things as you proceed

through this Operation, and it is imperative that you do pro­

ceed, rather than stopping to catch your breath or to regain

your bearings .

2. Practice Pranayama, or control of breath, inhaling deeply and

slowly, holding that breath, and then exhaling slowly. The

tingling in your head caused by the initial activation of the

Sahasrara chakra will likely increase, as will the dizziness . Do

not mistake this for simple hyperventilation, for if you con­

sider it, you really are not breathing any more than you would
132 @rbo ascensum !lletprnalis

if you were holding a light conversation with a friend. Rec­

ognize that the dizziness is due to the increased energetic cir­

culation through your being, which is not only quickening

your blood flow, but is also causing your entire adrenal and

pituitary systems to perform at their peak. After a few repe­

titions of inhalation - holding - exhalation, move your entire

consciousness into your Aj na chakra. Feel the indigo energy

streaming both into and out of this chakra, and see the two

lotus petal on either side of it. Once you have fully and con­

sciously connected with the Aj na chakra, vibrate the words

"Sohung Akaal," "Immortality of the Soul," which indeed is

a power granted by the full activation of the Aj na chakra.

Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out, let the words

building up power in your Aj na chakra.

3. Bring the fullness o f your consciousness into your Vishuddha

chakra. This experience of transferring and localizing your

consciousness to these spiritual centers will grow, not only

with repetition of this practice, but also from one chakra to

the next. View the 16 petal lotus, as if you are in the center
of it, each petal glowing a bright, light, blue color. Breathe in

deeply and slowly, feeling the lightness and the clarity of this

chakra, and as you slowly let the breath go, allow your con­

sciousness to sink again, into the Anahata chakra.

4. Bring the fullness of your consciousness into the Anahata

chakra and view the 12 petal lotus around you. Inhale, feeling
the peace and serenity of the chakra all around you, as well as

the growth and healing that occurs whenever this chakra is

activated. You will begin to notice that these experiences are

�. a. ltoetttng 133

not simply taking place in your awareness, or in your localized

energy centers, but that your environment, the world around

you, shifts as well, the exterior reality momentarily reflecting

the internal state. As you exhale, allow your consciousness to

sink from your chest into your stomach, into your Manipura


5. Bring the fullness o f your consciousness into your Manipura

chakra and view the 10 petal lotus around you. Inhale and
feel the spiritual fire warm your nostrils and fill your chest

with heat. Again, this may cause a similar reaction in your

environment, your room suddenly feeling warmer and per­

haps more chaotic. As you breathe out, allow yourself to sink

lower, into your Swadhistana chakra.

6. Bring the fullness of your consciousness into your

Swadhistana chakra and view the 6 lotus petals around you.

Breathe in, filling yourself with creativity, life, j oy, and secu­

rity. As you release the breathe, release yourself down into

the final chakra.

7. Bring the fullness of your consciousness into your Muladhara

chakra and view the 4 lotus petals around you. Breathe in and
sense the earthiness of the chakra, the grounding of your en­

ergy in this chakra. It is best at this point to seat yourself on

the floor, if you did not begin this exercise seated such. As

you exhale, sense all of the energy that you have collected

moving not only down and out of your Muladhara chakra,

but also draining from your spine into the ground. Most

available occult writings instruct in the visualization of roots

spreading out from your spine into the ground in order to

134 @rbo ascensum aetprnahs

"ground" your energy, but I have found that this is perhaps

too literal a visualization for the real manipulation of pure

energy. Instead, simply sense the energy that is, sense the

power that has built and has traveled down your body. It is

real and can be experienced as real. All that is necessary is to

sense that energy which is now pooled in your Muladhara

chakra drains into the ground like water, seeping from you

and returning to the earth. This may sound spiritually ex­

hausting, as if you are giving up all of your energy completely,

but in reality it is refreshing, allowing you to start anew and

to rebuild your Kundalini energy in purity.

8. The above seven processes oflocalizing your consciousness in

each of your chakras and connecting with their power acti­

vates them in an initial way. Although this gives each chakra

a primary spiritual charge, this does not mean that they are

automatically not blocked, counter-rotating, or in any other

way functioning in a less-than desirable manner. Your full

being, the combination of all of your bodies, is a great cross­

roads, and that crossroads is protected by doorways that need

to be opened. In Hinduism, the Deva Ganesh, the common

elephant-figured "god" is the opener of doorways and the re­

mover of blockages. To truly gain access to the first chakra,

the Muladhara chakra, and therefore to the entire energetic

system within your being, the assistance of Ganesh and his

tremendous power can be called upon by calling his mantra

"Aum Garn Ganapatayeh Namah." Modern Kundalini Yoga

follows the Indian tradition of singing these mantras in

belching and erratic vocal fluctuations. While I am not going

Qe. a. 1ltoetting 135

to condemn this as incorrect, I have found that, as a western

occultist and spiritual Traveler, giving these mantras in one

clear, elongated breath invokes the power of the mantra fully

in the first repetition. I nhaling through your nose slowly and

deeply, bring your attention to your Muladhara chakra, feel­

ing the tightness of all of the muscles, as well as the tightness

of the spiritual energies blocking the ascent of Kundalini. Al­

low your exhalation to assume the mantra, "Aum Garn Ga­

napatayeh Namah," exhausting all of your breath in the

mantra. Your muscles will relax slightly and you may feel a

strange and new electricity running through your spine. Re­

peat the mantra, feeling the muscles around your chakra re­

laxing more, the energy opening up, and even the ground

beneath you itself opening to offer up its power. Repeat this

mantra again, until you can feel all the blockages in your root

chakra breaking and crumbling.

9. Return your consciousness fully into your Muladhara chakra,

pulling all of the energy that in the earth beneath you into it,

reveling in the openness and clearness of the chakra, the re­

ceptivity of that shining spiritual organ. Inhale, feeling the

throbbing power at the base of your spine, your anus, and the

lower part of your genitals. As you exhale, allow the breath to

carry the Bij a Mantra "LAM" out of the lower parts of your

body, through your throat, and from your lips. These Bij a

Mantras are "pure mantras," i n that they possess power of

their own, they create substantial change even without the

aide of intention and will. These are the mantras that were

Uttered by Brahma to bring creation into existence, which are

136 ®rbo ascensum aetprnalis

spoken by Vishnu to keep all things in balance and harmony,

and which will be whispered by Shiva to bring the universes

to a fiery collapse. As you exhale this Bij a Mantra, it will re­

solve the Muladhara chakra entirely, opening it, energizing

it, and clarifying it to a greater extent than is possible with

any amount of visualization. With the giving of the mantra,

bring your consciousness and the energy that is pulsing in

your Muladhara chakra into your Swadhistana chakra.

10. The Kundalini power that has been cleared and raised from
the Muladhara chakra now resides in your Swadhistana

chakra, and of its own force begins to purify that chakra.

Sense the power that you have raised into your Swadhistana

chakra throbbing and swelling, and feel the chakra opening

like a blooming rose. Inhale, sensing the clearness of the

chakra and feeling the complete relaxation and receptivity of

the entire genital area. Exhale, and as you move your con­

sciousness and Kundalini up into your Manipura chakra, vi­

brate the Bij a Mantra "VAM," the power of the mantra

completing the opening and activation of the Swadhistana

chakra and allowing you to move upwards without restraint.

1 1 . Energize and open the Manipura chakra as before, inhaling

and sensing the complete opening and clearing of it. Exhale,

bringing your consciousness and Kundalini into your Ana­

hata chakra with the Bij a Mantra RAM

" ." The " RAM " Bij a

Mantra i n particular invokes the purest element o f fire, burn­

ing away all impurity not only in the Manipura chakra, but

in the whole being as well. As you move upwards out of the

Cf. a. ltto etting 137

Manipura chakra and give this mantra, feel the fiery power

of the mantra and.

12. Dwell inside of the Anahata chakra, and as it is purified by

the Kundalini power which has been magnified by the previ­

ous chakras, sense the extreme silence and serenity of the

place. It is in this silence that you will be able to connect with

"Ishta Devata," or your own personal Deva, the god that

dwells within your heart. Whisper the name, "Ishta Devata,"

calling out to your own personal deity within you. Inhale,

feeling absolute peace, love, and contentment. As you move

from the Anahata.

1 3 . Energize and open the Vishuddha chakra, inhaling and sens­

ing the complete opening and clearing of it. Exhale, bringing

your consciousness and Kundalini into your Aj na chakra with

the Bij a Mantra "HAM ."

14. Dwell in the Aj na chakra, recognizing that it is from this

place, from this chakra within yourself, that the entire uni­

verse is created. It is from this chakra that you create your

environment, your world, your circumstances and your even­

tual destiny. To fully activate the Aj na chakra, call upon the

power of Agni, god of fire, with the mantra "Agni Tanna

Pracodayat," sensing the flood of blue flame in your Aj na

chakra sweeping down into the lower chakras , burning away

any remaining impurities .

1 5 . Feel your Aj na chakra, the area in the center o fyour forehead,

throbbing with pressure. As you exhale and again vibrate

"RAM," to invoke the element of fire to complete the cleans­

ing and opening of this chakra, roll this sensation of pressure

136 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

that has built up in your forehead up your head into your Sa­

hasrara chakra. This may take some practice, but as you do it

and as you transfer the pressure from your Aj na chakra into

your Sahasrara chakra, the physical encrustations on the pin­

eal gland break away, clearing you of addictions and opening

your being to spiritual light and understanding. Memory will

also improve, as will mental clarity, foresight, as well as a deep

connection with your spirituality.

16. Notice again the pure light above you, which has not moved
since the onset of this exercise. Sensing your Sahasrara chakra

beaming with light, move your consciousness from that

chakra into the divine light above you by vibrating either

"OM," or " S at Nam."

17. All of your chakras are opened, activated, energized, and are
functioning to their full potential. Sit and contemplate this,

returning your consciousness into your body as a whole, and

indeed feeling the wholeness of your self. As you go about

your life, you will notice the glow about you, the connected­

ness that you seem to have with your environment, your

world, other people, and your ultimate spirituality. Others

will notice this as well, and will often inquire as to the no­

ticeable glow. This will fade, however, as the frustrations and

the monotony of life grinds on you. Repeating this exercise

daily, usually in the morning before leaving your home, will

not only keep you centered and spiritually focused, but you

will also notice that your days become less stressful, circum­

stances automatically aligning themselves to your higher spir­

itual vibrations .
Qe. a. Jtto etttng 139

Report notes.

1L e s s o n 1J 1J

Opening Chakras as in previous lesson, sit in silence once you are

open and breathe in deeply. As you exhale, vibrate "Huuuuuu" with all

of your breath. Breathe in again, and do the same . Continue this medi­

tation as long as you can, feeling the peace and love of the Light of Power

building in you. Silence your lips and hear Hu continuing to vibrate

through your being without being spoken.

Close your eyes and see in your inner vision the figure of a man. It

will begin as a vague outline in your inner vision, but will gradually clear

as you relax and allow it to. Wait patiently, still vibrating HU throughout

your being, until the image is as clear in your mind as if you are seeing it

with your eyes. It may be me, or it may be another, but either way, it is a

Master come to guide you. Converse with him shortly, thank him, and

open your eyes. Your room may seem a bit brighter than before, and the

peace will remain with you for some time.

Report notes.

1L e s s o n 1J 1J 1J

Repeating the previous Lesson, see the Master in your inner vision.

As you continue to vibrate HU, you will realize that the Master is in the

room with you. Step out of your body and you will find yourself there

with Him. You will see him or her standing in your room in pure spiritual

light. Ask him to Travel with you, and he will lead you to some physical
places , usually natural places, and will explain the importance of these to

you. This is the first step of Soul Travel.

Report notes.

Vibrating HU, see in your mind the Master Suhnam. He is a large

man with darker skin and short black hair, usually wearing a tan robe. As

his image clears in your inner vision, you will realize that he is far away,

physically. See in your inner vision his surroundings clearing as well, until

you can see the room that he is in. Continue to focus on this until you

find yourself in the room with him. This is full Soul Travel. You will

have entered the Hindu Kush mountains, to a secret temple where Su­

hnam teaches . Enter the Temple and find yourself before Suhnam. He

appears as a large, Tibetan man in a brown robe with short hair. He exists

on the physical plane , as well as all other planes at once . He often is

teaching classes full of people, so simply sit in and learn. You will notice

that some of these people are physical, while others have Soul Travelled

there as you have, to learn from him. Understand that none of this is

imagined, but is very real. If you can hold on to the reality of it, you will

solidify your Soul Travel.

When you have the opportunity, ask Suhnam if you may read from

the Scriptures of Light. It is a large book written on gold leaf. Read from

this as much as you are able, as the information within is staggering.

Converse with Suhnam as is appropriate, as he can teach you mastery

over your physical body, your energies, and your environment. Often,

returning from Soul Travel is much like j umping into a body for the first

time . . . your body will have to adjust quickly to your energy, and it might
�. a. ltoettfng 141

feel like an electrical shock. When I return from Soul Travel I can feel
my heart thud to life and I gasp for breath as if my body had died while
I was away.
Return to the Temple to learn from Suhnam as much as you need in

order for him to allow you to view the Scriptures of Light. You may also

mention my name, Archaelus , as I am known on the spiritual planes , and

tell him that I sent you. This tends to open up some doors .
Report notes.

1l e s s o n lJ

Opening Chakras as before, sing close your eyes and vibrate the name,

" Suhnam. " H e will come t o you. Ask him to guide you to M aster

Darshwan , who is a tall, muscular man with blond hair but slightly asian

looking eyes. You will leave this physical plane through a gateway, and

will be led to a brilliant palace, sometimes looking like a pyramid. Climb­

ing the steps, enter the gates, and you will find Darshwan, most likely

teaching a class as Suhnam was. Again, ask to see his copy of the Scrip­

tures of Light. Although some words may come into view, as he resides

in the astral plane, the ideas will flow from the pages like power, taking

sometimes weeks to sort through the information. Return with Suhnam

to your physical body.

Suhnam will also instruct you in how to better Soul Travel. Through­

out the remainder of your Ascent, Suhnam and all of these Masters will

remain with you, guiding you and waiting for you to take a seat at Their

Return to Darshwan's Temple, without calling upon Suhnam, and

speak with Him concerning control of the astral currents . He can teach

you much about this, and about manipulating the illusion to your ad­

vantage . He may often refer to the Scriptures of Light, giving you an­

other chance to read from it. Return to your body.

JJ n t t t a t t o n
l\ e c e t p t o f t b e l l t b jf l a m e

I will call out to you from all around you, telling you to prepare to

receive the Eleventh Flame. Find a place where you can sit down, and

announce, "I am prepared to receive the Eleventh Flame . " The Flames
will pour down upon you. Accept them as they come.

Report notes.
Jj a r o n o f t b e t t t b jf l a m e
fj r o b a t t o n e r m a s t e r

1L e s s o n .3J

\!C he First Lesson of the Twelfth Flame is to enter the causal

plane, go to the Temple of Light, and ask to view the Akashic

Records. This will give you access to all information. You will

specifically be looking for information concerning your previous incar­

nations, or your existence before this incarnation.

To get to the Temple of Light on the Causal Plane, simply turn your

inner vision towards it, and you will be able to view its appearance, at

which point you will be able to travel there . You may feel some pain in

doing this, as you will shed your astral body during the Travel. Master

<2itantz will likely be the Master who will greet you, and he may require

you to study with him or fulfill some other requirements before allowing

you to view the Akashic Records, after which he will guide you to them.

144 @rbo a.seen.sum aetprnali.s

lL e s s o n 3J 3J

The second lesson of the Twelfth Flame is to pathwork the Tree of

Life, from Malkuth to Kether, evoking the Archangel of each sphere

with the request for their knowledge and power, and then Assuming the

Godform of the traditional planetary deity. You can do this reversed, if

you wish, to assume the godform and in that body perform the evocation,

if you like. O nce you have reached Kether, work your way D OWN the

backside of the Tree, evoking the Evil Chiefs until you are back at

Malkuth. It is your task to diplomatically subjugate each of these Arch­

angels and Evil Chiefs, through your own Magickal Will, after which

they will all serve you fully, will administer to you at will, and will grant

you familiars to assist you in daily life.

Below is an excerpt from Evoking Eternity which gives the details of

each Sephirothic and Q!ippothic Sphere. You will need to research to

find sigils for each of the entities, and for at least a few you will need to

intuitively create your own sigil for them, as none exists on file.

Given below is a concordance for each Sephirah, its planetary corre­

spondent, and the powers and abilities of the angels of each.

1 . The Sephirah of Malkuth i s represented in the physical plane

as earth . Its angels have power over the four elements of fire,

water, earth, and air, as well as the cardinal directions of

north, east, south and west, each direction and element hav­

ing an individual power and purpose. While the specific ele­

mental spirits are treated in their own category apart from the

Angelic Orders and Sephiroth, the ruling angels of Malkuth

e. a. Jtoetttng 1 45

are dealt with in the same manner as the angels of the re­

maining ten Sephirah. M alkuth is ruled over by the archangel


2. The Sephirah Yesod is represented in the physical plane as

the moon which orbits the earth. Its angels have power over

the initial forms of ritual Magick, witchcraft, and illusion, as

well as sexuality and the minor currents of intuition. Yesod is

ruled over by the archangel Gabriel.

3 . The Sephirah Hod i s represented i n the physical plane a s the

planet Mercury. The angels of Hod are given power over the

sciences, especially medicine and alchemy. They are great in­

structors in these arts, as well as having miraculous ability to

heal any malady and to adjust the elements of the lower world

to provide for the spiritual Ascent of the Magician. Another

ability of the angels of Hod is to assist the Evocator in dis­

covering the secrets of Magickal Initiation, opening doors for

further spiritual growth and self-discovery, either as a solitary

Practitioner or through the vehicle of a religious Order. The

archangel ruling over the sphere of Hod is Michael.

4. The Sephirah of Netzach is represented in the physical plane

as the planet Venus, which has for millennia been synony­

mous with love and peace. Aside from their power over these

invisible emotional currents , the angels ofNetzach have great

influence over the forces of passion, in its many forms. It was

known to the Sumerians , Greeks , and Romans that the God­

dess of Venus, by her many names, was both the matron of

lovers and the defender of warriors . If ever the heart is fully

engaged in a cause, whether that cause be for procreation or

146 @rbo ascensum aetprnalts

for destruction, for art or for death, the Venusian Goddess

dwelled in that heart. Haniel is the archangel that rules over


5 . The Sephirah Tiphareth i s represented i n the physical plane

as the sun, the source of all light and abundance in our solar

system. As such, the angels of Tiphareth have power over

wealth, health, protection, and prosperity of all sorts . All that

is good and life-sustaining is governed by these angels. The

archangel ruling over this Sephirah is Raphael.

6. The Sephirah Geburah i s represented i n the physical plane

as the planet Mars. The angels of Geburah have power over

power itself, over strength and vitality. In this sphere and its

inhabitant angels is held the currents of domination and vic­

tory through aggression. The archangel ruling over Geburah

is Kamael.

7. The Sephirah Chesed is represented in the physical plane as

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Its angels have

influence over the powers of leadership, rulership, and great

affluence. Chesed is ruled over by the archangel Tzadqiel.

8. The Sephirah Binah i s represented i n the physical plane as

the planet Saturn. The angels of Binah possess knowledge of

the most ancient teachings and the most secret doctrines, as

well as having power over death, destruction, disease, and ill­

fortune. It is known to some adherents and Orders of Tradi­

tional Satanism and Dark Ascent that Binah is one of the

three spiritual gateways in the whole of the universe which

leads into the realm of the Dark Gods, which is an acausal

dimension lying deeper beneath creation than even the abyss .

�. a. Jtoetting 1 47

Binah is the realm of pure understanding, the likes of which

are deathless and ageless. The archangel ruling over this dark

sphere is Tzaphqiel.

9. The Sephirah of Da'ath is often called the "invisible Se­

phirah," meaning that it has no corresponding planet, alt­

hough modern occultists such as Zechariah Sitchin believe

that it is represented by the planet Nibiru which has an or­

bital pattern outside of the solar orbit of the remaining plan­

ets, and which passes into our solar system every 3 ,600 years,

bringing with its return apocalyptic maelstrom. Others of a

darker influence posit that a wormhole or an actual physical

gateway into another dimension exists in the space between

the planets Saturn and Neptune (figure 2.2.) . Other, perhaps

more obj ective, occult philosophers relate the Sephirah to the

planet Pluto. The "angels" of Da'ath are as hidden as the

Sphere itself, and are said by many Kabbalists to never have

common intercourse with mortals and Magicians, but serve a

Higher Function for those that are ready to cross through the

abyss into the realms of Godhood. Yet another view is that

D a'ath is the Sephirotic Sphere linking the Sephiroth to the

Qlippoth, or the Tree of Death, also called the Evil and Ad­

verse Tree . As such, the "angels" of the sphere of Da'ath

would in actuality be the Qlippothic demons. Regardless, the

powers emanating from this invisible Sephirah are those of

the Final Initiation of the Aspirant, the destruction of the

Lower Self, which may have the end result of the absolute

oblivion of the individual, or the resurrection of the God

within. Spiritually and Magickally traversing through Da'ath

is the end of the mortal and all of his fallible comprehension,

and is the Path to the greater understanding that all is noth­

ing. As it seems with all things relating to the sphere of

Da'ath, there is great argument concerning the archangel of

the hidden Sephirah. Most traditional Kabbalists claim that

since Da'ath represents the abyss , wherein nothing can dwell,

there is no archangel ruling over it. In opposition is the

thought that the archangel Amahiel is given reign over the

powers and entities of Da'ath, while others claim that it is

none other than Chorozon.

10. The Sephirah Chokmah is represented in the physical plane

by the planet Neptune. The angels of this sphere have do­

minion over the higher faculties of intuition and seership.

The word "Chokmah" is translated to English as "wisdom,"

and it is this non-intellectual comprehension that Chokmah's

angels both contain and can cultivate in the Evocator. The

archangel ruling over Chokmah is Raziel.

1 1 . The Sephirah Kether is represented in the physical plane by

the planet Uranus . The angels of Kether have dominion over

the pure knowledge of Divinity, and can assist the Magician

in discovering this Godliness within himself. The archangel

presiding over Kether is Metatron.

1. Below are the Q!ippothic spheres, which are the inverse of

the Sephirothic spheres, being the dark side of each of those

planets. The names of the evil chiefs who rule over them are

also given.

1. Nahemoth, also called Lilith, is identified as the imbal­

anced Sephirah of Malkuth, and is translated as "Evil

�. a. lloetttng 149

Woman." The energies and demons of the Sphere of Lilith

have influence over the carnal aspects of mortals, leading

them into lustful and "sinful" acts which would pull them

away from spiritual Ascent and towards the state of an in­

stinctual biped. The Evil Chief or Grand Demon of Lilith is


2. Gamaliel is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Yesod,

and is translated as ''The Obscene Ones ." The demons of

Gamaliel further the evil work of the demons of Lilith, going

beyond mere provocation to moral animalism in their power

over corruption of the mind and heart. Where the angels of

Yesod instill the initial sense of power and Magick in the life

of the Evocator, the wicked angels of Gamaliel plant the

seeds of malice. Gamaliel is, interestingly, ruled over by the

Grand Demoness Lilith.

3. Samael i s identified a s the imbalanced Sephirah o f Hod, and

is translated as "Poison of God." Where the angels of Hod

teach medicine and science, the demons of Samael teach the

art of reversing the health of others and forbidden alchemy

of the darkening of the soul through Demonic Descent.

Where the Mercurial spirits and angels guide the Magician

in the sciences which bring oneness with God, it is a forbid­

den metallurgy and alchemy that is taught by the dark angels

of Samael. The Qlippah Samael is ruled over by the Evil

Chief Adramalech.

4. A' arab Zarak is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Net­

zach, and is translated as ''The Raven of Dispersion." The
1 50 @rbo ascen.&um aetprnalt.&

demons of A'arab Zarak are often seen in their manifesta­

tions as ravens with the heads of demons. Their control is

ironically over lack of control. When Netzach is in perfect

harmony with Hod, intelligence and passion unite to propa­

gate harmony and to provide a continuous flow of Divine

Love into the lower worlds . When they are not balanced,

A'arab Zarak and all of its demons reign over unbridled lust,

greed, and jealousy, which can result in the crimes of rape,

theft, and murder. The Arch-Demon ruling over A'arab

Zarak is Baal.

5 . Thagerion is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Ti­

phareth, and is translated as "Painful Movers ," or "Disput­

ers ." T he demons of Thagerion manifest themselves as great,

black giants full of anger and wrath towards even their allies .

They have power over enmity, setting lovers, families , socie­

ties, nations , and even worlds against one another. They are

governed by the Grand Demon Belphagor.

6. Golachab i s identified a s the imbalanced Sephirah of

7. Geburah, and is translated as "The Burners with Fire." The

demons of Golachab have the power of arson, making the

solar light that once shone over all things in bounty to be used

for bane, making red with flames all things that once were

green. Golachab is ruled over by the Evil Chief Asmodeus.

8. Ga'agsheblah is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of

Chesed, and is translated as "The Disturber of All Things ."

Rather than presiding over creation as leaders in the manner

of the angels of Chesed, the demons of Ga'agsheblah use

their power and abilities to lead the universe into disarray. A

Qe. a. ltoetting 1 5 1

greater function of these demons is t o teach the Q!ippoth

Arts to the Black Magician, whereby he may utilize the same

powers and energies as the demons, and may reign as a God

of Darkness upon earth. This Sphere is governed by Asta­


9. Satariel is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Binah,

and is translated as "The Concealers ." The demons of Sa­

tariel are given the power of concealment, of secrecy. While

this power, at first glance, may seem not only vague, but also

unimpressive, in Working with Sateriel's inhabitants it

quickly becomes clear that one of their greater functions is to

perform and to teach the concealed arts, or the secret arts,

especially those involving the recalling of chaos and baneful

Magick. These secret Operations offer the D ark Initiate

some of the most potent keys to demonic power. The ruler

of Sateriel is the notorious Evil Chief Lucifuge.

10. Daath is the ninth Q!ippah, whose attributes are the same as
given for the Sephiroth, as it is the only sphere that remains

in both the Tree of Life and that of Death, connecting the

two symbolic entities in the same manner that life and death,

good and evil, damnation and exaltation are inseparably con­


1 1 . Gagiel is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Chokmah,

and is translated as "The Hinderers ." The energies exuding

from that sphere, and the power that its demons possess, bind

the universe and restrict creation from fulfilling its full po­

tential, which often takes the form in human interaction as

152 ®rbo ascensum aetprnalis

self-delusion, confusion, consternation, and stagnation.

Beelezebuth governs the Sphere of Gagiel.

12. Thaumiel is identified as the imbalanced Sephirah of Kether,

and is translated as , "The Twins of God." The powers of the

Sphere and its demons create a distinct bipolarity between

man and God, each the other's enemy. Through this, the

Lower is cut off completely from the Higher, and the Light

of God is shut out from the Darkness entirely. By some

sources, the ruler of Thaumiel, and therefore the Head of the


Adverse Tree is Moloch; others give that title to Satan.

1L e s s o n .3J .3J 3J

Assume the Godforms of Anubis, Osiris or Isis (depending on your

gender preference) , and Thoth, in that order, within one day.

1L e s s o n .3J �

Call out to Suhnam, seeing him in your inner vision. Open your eyes,

transferring the inner vision to your external senses, until He is present

in the room with you, without using incense or any sort of manifestation

base .
�. a. �oetttng 1 53

3r n t t t a: t t o n
l\ e c e t p t o f t b t 1 2 1 b jf l a: m e

Soul Travel to Suhnam ' s temple. He will have a main cathedral you

may enter. Look at the ceiling and you'll notice a blue star. As you look

at it, you'll notice it's not an object, but an actual star. Hear my voice

coming from this star, "Prepare yourself to receive the Twelfth Flame."

You then will receive the Twelfth Flame, the Flames flowing down from

that star. Lose yourself into the experience.

� a s t e r o f t b e t 2 t b .1' l a m e

lL e s s o n 3J

;ffl editate, bring yourself into the state in which you are able to

Soul Travel. Rather than leaving your body, though, call the

name of Suhnam, focusing on him. Rather than traveling to

him, keep your Spiritual bodies where they are and bring Suhnam to you.

No circle or any other occult devices are necessary. Ask to learn the way

of the Eternal, and learn from this M aster. Do this once a day, each day

until the process is flawless and Suhnam materializes in a substantial

form before you. A solid, photographable materialization is not neces­

sary, but a spiritual form that is steady.

1 56 @rbo ascensum aetprnalts

1L t � � o n 3l 3l

Call Tabul Sab'cha, an African Master, who is a small, bald, African

man, usually carrying a walking stick, and bring him to you as well. He

may offer to take you to his temple, which you may do if you wish.

1L t � � o n 3l 3l 3l

Call Suhnam , Darshwan, or T abul Sab' cha as before .

Once they have gained a spiritual solidity, ask to touch them. Reach

out your hand and shake hands with the Master. A good portion of their

light and knowledge will pass from them to you. At times a physical hand

can be felt as well.

Create an egregore .

Decide on a task you would like a spirit to serve. A long term task is

better for this working, such as protection, wealth, etc. Meditating on

that task, allow an image of what this spirit might look like . Draw this,

create a sculpture of it, write its appearance down, or do something to

solidify the specifics of its appearance. Create a "lamp," which is a phys­

ical device that will connect the spirit to this world. This can be the
sculpture of the spirit, an empty vase with a lid, or any non-mechanical

obj ect which serves no other purpose than to house the spirit. Upon this

lamp , draw or engrave the sigil of the spirit, as your intuition dictates.
�. a. l!toetttng 1 57

You may also write its name upon the lamp. All of these details will make

themselves known to you as you commence this work.

Meditate, feeling the Flames rising up in you. Holding your right

hand over the lamp, state, " (name of spirit) , I (your name), Emissary of

the Twelfth Flame, breathe the breath of fire into you, to give you life

and power and form." Holding the image of the spirit in your mind, lean

down to the lamp and literally blow on it, feeling the flames leaving your

mouth and entering the lamp . " (name of spirit) , I command you to rise.

(name of spirit) , Rise!"

After creating this egregore, evoke it before you, introduce yourself as

El Shaddai, God Almighty, and tell it what its task is. Ifit is a temporary

task, give it a termination date, at which time you will destroy the lamp,

all sigils related to it, and will return the spirit to the abyss.

The question here arises as to whether you are creating a spirit, or if

you are receiving information about an existing spirit. 1.) You are the
creator of all things in your reality, including all of the spirits, gods, dev­

ils, etc . , and the religions surrounding them. and/or 2.) All things , even
those which do not exist in your temporal reference, have already been

created, existing in the matrix of reality. All we do is pick out of the realm
of possibilities that which we are ready to manifest. Somewhere between

these is the truth.

1 58 @rbo ascensum aet!?rnalts

ll.. e s s o n �

Travel to the Temple of Suhnam or Darshwan. Ask him to guide you

to the mental plane. If you can get there on your own, you may do this

as well. Once you are on the mental plane, find the Temple of Light and

discuss with the Masters there Tabriz how to transfer pure knowledge to

another person, how to communicate from one soul to another, without

using any form of physical communication.

ll.. e s s o n � 3J

Soul Travel daily, to the mental plane, until this becomes more com­

fortable than being in your body. When you have reached this level of

comfort, without the aide of any of the Masters, Travel higher than the

mental plane, beyond the boundaries of time, space, and causality. O ften,

this will seem as an abyss, an outer darkness, absolute chaos . There is an

order that lies beyond this, but the chaos must be assimilated first.

If you find yourself lost in the abyss , call my name, or the name of

one of the M asters , and they will return you to your body, or to a safer

plane .
�. a. lloetting 159

3J n i t i a t t o n
i\ e c e i p t o f t b e 1 3 t b jf l a m e

All Initiations beyond the Twelfth Flame are given, received, and en­
acted through realms and states beyond duality, beyond causal space and

time. As such, there are no corresponding rituals, practices , or Opera­

tions, but merely an opening of the Self and a receiving. The Grand Em­

issary of the Eighteen Flames will direct the Flames to you in the

moment that you open to receive them.

lLessons of tbe t 4tb .flame

;ffll a s t e r o f t b t 1 3 t b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 3J

Assume the Godform of Anubis, and Become him.

1L e s s o n 3J 3J

Assume the Godform ofJanus , and Become him.

1L e s s o n 3J 3J 3J

Assume the Godform of Osiris, and Become him

1L e s s o n 3J �

Assume the Godform of Maat, and Become her

1 62 @rbo ascen.&um aetprnali.&

1L e s s o n �

Assume the Godform of Isis, and Become her

1L e s s o n � 3J

Assume the Godform of Thoth, and Become him

1Lessons of tbe t 5tb .flame

;!$l a s t e r o f t b e 1 4 t b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 3l

it in meditation, and when you have reached an appropriate

state of gnosis, open your eyes and let them automatically find

an object in your surroundings . This can be a manufactured

obj ect or a natural one. Soul Travel outside of your body and enter the

obj ect. Become the object fully, your thoughts, your energy, your form,

all of your attributes becoming the object. Forget entirely who you think

you are .

Repeat this at least 3 times with different objects , noticing the differ­
ence in each of them.

1L e s s o n 3l 3l

Soul Travel in complete Ascent, traveling through realms and states

of being as high and as fast as you are able. Break past the mental plane

1 63
1 64 �rbo ascensum aetprnalis

into the formative plane, where all that exists is pure Flame and light and

sound, like an ocean of liquid color. Notice that you no longer have form,

but you are the light that surrounds you, you are the sound that you hear,

you are the energy from which all things are formed.

This will be a painful travel, as you will tear away mind and form


Repeat this until you are able to enter this plane at will.

On the formative plane, observe the light that you are and that sur­

rounds you and notice that it seems to be flowing away from a single

source. Swim against the stream to this source, where you will find Sat

Nam, the only embodiment in this plane, and is the central source of all

creation. Look upon Sat Nam. Describe to me in your report what you


1L e s s o n 3l 1J

Returning to Sat Nam, become Him, become the central source of all

creation, the funnel through which Divine Power flows to create all form

and action in the worlds below. Feel your arms and legs stretching out

and becoming pure Flame, as well as your vision and your hearing and

your breath, all aspects of yourself being the Creator.

�. a. koetttng 165

Become S at Nam, and then move deeper into yourself. From here,

you will no longer travel outside of yourself, but will only travel deeper

within. Before you can reach the True Source, the Eternal, you must face

your own darkness. Enter the Abyss , the acausal state that separates the

Creator from the creation. Lose yourself in outer and inner darkness, and

only when absolute hopelessness sets in may you realize that your j ourney

has just begun. O nce you have emerged from the Abyss , report to receive

the Fourteenth Flame.

lLessons of tbe l 61b jflame

:fll a: s t e r o f t b e t S t b jf l a: m e
� r o h a: t i o n e r ® r a: n b <f m i s s a: r p

1L e s s o n 3J

hrough astral travel and evocation, discover an undiscovered

part of the astral plane, inhabited by powerful entities . Dis­

cover gateways that can be made to that Kingdom, how spe­

cifically to evoke the entities of that Kingdom, outline their hierarchy,

and obtain names, sigils, and attributes of no less than 33 spirits .

Make a written record of your findings, to serve as an Inner

Order grimoire, to be shared amongst the Grand


1Lessons of tbe t 7tb jflame

� r a n b � m t s s a r p o f t b e 1 6 1 b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 3J

voke to full physical materialization a god.

Once materialized, ask the god how you can possess its pow­

ers .

The god will either willingly give you this information and power, or

it will give it to you unwillingly, as you will have to coerce and constrain

the god to do so. You are not to leave the evocation until you have re­

ceived this information and have tested it.

1 69
@ r a n b � m i s .S a t !' o f t b e t 7 1 b jf l a m e

1L e s s o n 1J

Combining evocation and soul travel, using the Seal of the Sworn

Knights, or using the Demonic Circle of Pacts , open your body as the

supreme gateway between the worlds .

1L e s s o n 1J 1J

Through Soul Travel, Evocation, and Divination, discover how a per­

manent gateway may be established on earth. Discover what must be

sacrificed in order to do this. Such a sacrifice will be nearly impossible

for you to fulfill. This is the Sacrifice of Abraham .

1L e s s o n 1J 1J 1J

Open the gate

@ r a n b QE m i s s a r !' o f t b e l S jf l a m e s

1L e .u s o n 3l

1learn to operate your omnipresent body, expanding and contracting it


1L e s s o n 3l 3l

Learn to create objects instantly through evocation.

A key to doing this is to structure and evoke the same object into
the same place daily. The veil will weaken between the worlds
in that spot at the same rate that the object solidifies over time.

1 73
1 74 l!&rbo ascensum aetprnalis

1L t s s o n 3l 3l 3l

Learn to dematerialize objects by speeding up their resonance and

folding them into astral pockets

1L t s s o n 3l '.lJ

Through Soul Travel, generate critical mass to the degree of brief re­

materialization in a remote physical location; possess a human body for

an indefinite amount of time, thus paving the way for forced reincarna­


The mistake that I've been making with this exercise until re­
cently is that I've been randomly selecting places to travel to
when Ifirst sit down to do so.

Instead, find one place to travel to day after day, and in that one
spot choose one object to anchor to, and the place itselfwill become
a ready landing-padfar your physical materialization.
The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis was a success.

Through it, through the Initiates and students, through the teachings

that would otherwise be inaccessible to many who did receive them, the

Order was a success . To those many who benefitted from those teach­

ings , and also those who received initiations of power which allowed

them to take their Destiny in their own hands , and to shape their worlds

with the force of their wildest imaginations, the Order was a success.

I also beheld my own Destiny, and I was fortunate to have to have

the opportunity to behold the real unfolding of the limitless potential of

those who took these teachings and flew with them .

In the O .A.A., I myself failed.

I failed due to my own character flaws . Esoteric Lodges and lnitiatic

Systems are set up in a way that facilitates the evolution of these flaws .

When one individual or a minority of individuals assumes the ability to

systematically decide which people deserve these teachings of the most

sacred knowledge, when one or a few are able to decide who gets to be

liberated and who is allowed access to their own potential, that doesn't

lead to tyranny; that is tyranny.

I had become a tyrant. Not because tyranny is in my blood or in my

mind, not because I desire to enslave any others , not because I desire the

worship of others, but because I had no other model.

An individual who wishes to be initiated into these sacred sciences

must beg and plead and get on the good side of the guru in order to be
1 76 @rbo ascensum aetprnalis

initiated. They have to appease that guru, that initiator in any way nec­

essary or access to the knowledge is going to get cut off.

What needs to be understood is that the initiator is not the individual

who helps you perform the ritual. You are the own you are your own


I fell into that trap, allowing the human side of myself to get in the

way of the God part of myself. Even my very inability to break that par­

adigm at that point in my own development was my flaw. I didn't know

of any other way, but I wasn't insightful enough, or I wasn't courageous

enough to make another way. I could feel and could taste the self-loath­

ing as I reviewed the lesson notes of each Initiate, preparing to tell them

whether or not they had earned access to their own power.

When Timothy Donaghue approached me with the concept of cre­

ating a website to get this information to anyone and everyone with the

desire for it, and to allow equal access to this knowledge, regardless of

economic standing, political leaning, social class or personal relation­

ships , I will recognized that this is the model I should have been using

the entire time.

There is an allure to the mentor- apprentice relationship, for both

mentor and apprentice, but it fosters the false externalization of individ­

ual potential.

Now that a new model, a better model, has been not only presented

and demonstrated, but has been proven to work, there is no longer any

excuse to continue spiritual tyranny.