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Reservation is useful to block/book the material for the future usage for the
particular task( Cost Center Requirement, Production order requirement and
Transfer requirement)
This reservations will be useful in MRP point of view for the MRP controller to
plan the material advancely to get/make the product ready when you want to get
it from Stores,,
based on lead time, MRP be can se that reservation qty has to be include in the
MRP run or not,,
Reservation process
MB21 Create the Reservation
MB22 Change the Reservation
MB23 Display the Reservation
MB25 Reservation list
MB26 Pick List( Post against the Reservation)
MBVR- Manage Reservation
In the reservation process, if we have availability check it will be very useful
Availability check- it is 2 types,,
Static Availability Check- It checks the Inventory Management point of View
for the availability of material at the time GI/Transfer postings
Dynamic Availability Check- It checks the inventory management point of view
as well as MRP point of view at the time of GI/Transfer postings
Material-ABC,. RLT-3 days
You have stock- 100 Nos
Reservation 1- 50 nos for tomorrow
Reservation 2- 50 nos for day after tomorrow

Static Availability Check

GI to Cost center- 40 nos (TODAY) system will allow the user to post the
Goods, since total stock is 100 nos, and rest 60 will be under stock
Dynamic availability Check
GI to Cost center 40 nos(TODAY) system will provide the Error message(based
on the settings) that deficit of 40 nos, even you have the stock of 100 nos in
Since it will consider the PRs (MRP point of view) and provide this message