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Modular Design, Beyond Reliability

Huawei UPS Solutions

Huawei Energy Powering the Future


he rapid development of cloud technology is imposing ever stricter
requirements on power supply – the very lifeblood for servers
and switches. Ensuring reliable power supply, Huawei delivers
reliable,efficient, convenient and intelligent UPS to cope with the disadvantages
of efficiency, expansion, and availability hindrances, as well as high
maintenance costs that traditional UPS brings. Huawei UPS provides customers
with the best power supply solution to help customers deal with the problems
encountered on overburdened power grids.
Huawei UPS Design Concept
Reliable Efficient Simple

By using state of art design and Combining optimized circuit topology, Thanks to the hot-swap design of
craftsmanship, Huawei UPS provides and high quality components, power modules and bypass module,
customers the Huawei‘s full-range of UPSs offers the system can be expanded and
comprehensive reliability assurance you the high efficiency with low maintained easily. Moreover, Huawei
measures from power input, energy heat dissipation even in the low provides comprehensive and
load condition, hence reducing the customized solutions that can abate
storage to power output, which
operating expenses effectively, while customers' work greatly.
ensures the safe operation to the
simultaneously ensuring uptime.
end user.
UPS5000-E Modular UPS

High Reliability
•• 5kA lightning protection design on input port to reduce lightning-
related failure rate
•• Wide input voltage range minimizing battery use: 145-260VAC
•• Dual-controller design, eliminating the single point of failure
•• Fault-tolerance design for fan system: 30% load can be driven when 2
fans fail and 50% load when 1 fan fails

Low Power Consumption

•• High AC-AC efficiency up to 93.5%
•• Intelligent hibernation technology to keep UPS operating at high
efficiency (available in both single and parallel configuration)

Small Footprint
•• High power density: 20kVA per 3U height
•• Front maintenance and back-to-wall installation
•• Only 0.5m2 floor space taken up by single cabinet

High Availability UPS5000-E-80kVA-V1

•• Modularized design, expanding as required
•• Hot swappable power module, bypass module and control module,
easy to maintenance and expansion
•• High output power factor up to 1 and no derating for devices with a

Easy Management
•• 7-inch colored LCD showing real-time operation status in various
Optional Components
•• Various communication interfaces including SNMP, dry contacts, RS485
•• Dry Contact Extended Card
•• NetEco network manager, supporting concentrated management to all
•• Antiseismic Kit
the UPSs
•• IP21 Kit
Intelligent Battery Management •• Top Outlet Kit
•• Flexible battery configuration •• BCB Box
•• One battery string shared by all the UPS that are selectable under •• Battery Switch Box
parallel configuration •• Battery Inspection System
•• Intelligent temperature compensation •• Battery Grounding Failure Detection
•• The intelligent adjustment of Battery charging and discharging current Instrument
to extend the battery lifespan •• Battery Temperature Sensor


Model UPS5000-E-(20-160)kVA
Rated Capacity(kVA/kW) 20/40/60/80/100/120/140/160
Rated Voltage 208/220 /230VAC
Voltage Range 145-260 VAC
Input Wiring 3Ph+N+PE
Input Frequency 40-70 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion THDi<3% for linear load, THDi<5% for nonlinear load
Input Power Factor 0.99
Rated Voltage 208/220/230 VAC
Bypass Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±6Hz
Input Wiring 3Ph+N+PE
Battery Rated Voltage 192-288 VDC ( the number of batteries can be selected from 16 to 24; 20 by default )
Voltage 208/220/230 VAC
Frequency Tracking the bypass input(Online Mode); 50/60 Hz±0.25%(Battery Mode)
Output Wiring 3Ph+N+PE
Waveform Sine wave (THDv<2% for linear load; THDv<5% for non-linear load)
Output Power Factor 1
Output Voltage Imbalance Voltage imbalance: ±3%; phase imbalance: ±2°
Efficiency 93.5%
Inverter: 105%<load <110%: transfer to bypass mode after 60 min;111% < load ≤ 125%: transfer to
Overload Capacity bypass mode after 10 min;125% < load ≤ 150%: transfer to bypass mode after 1 min
Bypass: 135% overload for long term; <1000% overload for 100ms
Operating Temperature 0-40ºC
Storage Temperature -40-70ºC
Relative Humidity 0%-95% (No condensing)
Maximum Operating Altitude 1000 m. Above 1000 m, derating according to IEC62040-3
Audible Noise <60dB @50% load, <63dB @75% load, <68dB @100% load
Height×Width×Depth(mm) 2000×600×850
Weight 227-484 kg
Certifications IEC 62040-2; IEC61000-4-2; IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-6; CE; CB
Communications Dry contacts, RS485, SNMP
1. The UPS series are for commercial/industrial use and not used for life support equipment;
2. The critical systems concerning economic and public security must adopt power supply architecture that comply with Uptime TIER III or TIER IV
requirements stated in TIA942. 4
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