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MONTHLY Level of Have you been a public official? If yes, did
INCOME Education it motivate you to run for office?
Farm to Market Roads, Electrification, Yes, out of curiousity and was motivated by
Brgy. Secretary, Brgy.
Bantayan Oscar M. Abajon College Supportig Farmers, IP Supporter
Kagwad the city mayor.
Clean and Green Barangay
Yes, my constituents encouraged me to run
Binicuil Jerry L. Fuentes College Punong Barangay
for office.
Sandugo Awardee Yes, his experience as a kagawad and his
Camansi Jude V. Semillano College Brgy. Kagawad
constituents motivated him.
Under Electrification, Road concreting
Farmer, Security Yes, my neigbors and the people around
Camingawan Roger M. Regalia Grad Guard motivated me.
Sandugo Awardee
Farmer, Security
Camugao Nestor E. Dolar College Guard

Factory worker, Brgy. Top 6 in his class during his college years. Authored Yes, his constituents motivated him to run for
Carol-an Jocerel M. Paculanang College resolutions: Curfew hours and Task Force Kalinisan
Kagawad office.
Sandugo Awardee, Outsanding Rice Grower Yes, because she was once a government
Da-an Banua Ana J. Linas College Agri Technician (Barangay), Bangus Grower Champion (Barangay)
employee for seven (7) years.
Undergrad Electrification, Road concreting Yes, my experiences and the people around
Hilamonan Rolando T. Seron Punong Barangay
Elementary motivated me.
High Electrification, Road concreting, Assistance to Yes, people around was the reason and he
Inapoy Elizalde L. Genogaling Farmer farmers
School want to serve.
Retired Philippine Clean and Green Barangay Yes, he was already a servant of this country
Linao Albino C. Bendo College Army and wants to continue it.
Undergrad Farm to market roads, Water System, Concrete Roads Yes, his co-kagwads, his children and his
Locotan Danilo E. Abanilla Driver, Bgry. Kagawad
College constituents encouraged him.
Road concreting, farmer assistance
Magballo Egan N. Antonio College Punong Barangay Yes, his exeperience and his want to serve.
Farmer assistance, concreting roads
High Yes, he was motivated by his constituents to
Oringao Norberto S. Serra School
run for office.
Hacienda overseer, Number one kagawad, Education center, road
Santiago B. Tamayo, High concreteing, bridge and day care center building Yes, my constituents encouraged me to run
Orong Driver, Brgy. Kagawad,
Sr. School Punong Barangay for office.
Under Sandugo Awardee
Heavy equipment
Pinaguinpinan Samuel C. Carrera Grad driver, businessman
Road concreting, farmer assistance
Salong Gerard G. Tronco College Engineer
Road concreting, farmer assistance, farm to market
Tabugon Vincent S. Villo College Punong Barangay roads

Sandugo, Electrification, Road Concreting,Farmer

Undergrad Brgy. Electrician, Brgy. Assistance
Yes, my colleagues in the council enouraged
Tagoc Ramir B. Miran College Kagawad me.
Farmer assistance, concreting roads
High Yes, I've been a kagawad and to serve more is
Tagukon Angel J. Fernando Farmer
School my motivation.

High Health facilities Yes, my family and the people around

Talubangi Lucresia P. Doniesa Punong Barangay
School motivated me.
Sandugo Awardee, Electrification, Water
Businessman, Brgy. Yes, his constituents motivated him to run for
Tampalon Arthur P. Villaflor College System,Birthing Center, Best in Financial Mgt.
Awardee office.
Philippine Army, SK Leadership Awardee (High School), Sandugo
Awardee, Road Concreting, Water systems, health
Yes, his constituents motivated him to run for
Tan-awan Benjie M. Miranda College Chairman, Punong
Barangay facilities office.
Farmer assistance, concreting roads, health facilities
Yes, his passion and his constituents
Tapi Joestarr B. Bandojo College Punong Barangay
motivated him.
Health facilities
Gerardo M. Tabujara, Undergard Yes, his his friends and his constituents is his
Barangay I College
Punong Barangay
Law graduate, Past President-JCI Bankal, Past President Kab
City Lions Club, Past President KCC Alumni Assoc., Past
Barangay II Rey G. Cordero College Contractor President Federation of PTA, Director of Sinulog
Foundation Inc.
SK Kagawad, Sk Scholarship Programs, Clean and Green, Sandugo,
Yes, it motivated me to continue to help my
Barangay III Arnel John O. Cagape College Chairman and Brgy. Medical and Dental
Kagawad community, my constituents.
Educational Assistance
Barangay IV Juvi M. Talaman College Businessman

Became a licensed broker. Became a punong

Manager, Salesman, Yes, my motivation is to keep up the welfare
Barangay V Joel J. Alibango, Sr. College barangay.
Supervisor of the public.
One that I consider an achievement is being elected
Barangay VI Dennis T. Oyos College Brgy. Kagawad as a punong barangay. The time I can already call
myself as an official public servant.
When I became a public servant.
Barangay VII Ronnie G. Porras, Sr. Course

Health facilities, New barangay hall

Jose Antonio L.
Barangay VIII College Farmer
Do not have any yet. Yes, because of her husband who's a former
Barangay IX Cecelia C. Jaranilla College Day Care Worker
punong barangay of Brgy. 9.

Monthly Income
Php 19,000 Below
Php 20,000 -
Php 100,000 Up