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Nicole Hairah B.

Pante BSMT – T3
The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis And The Case Against Scientism

“Science Is Not The Magician's Twin”

“Science and Magic are twins”. Nowadays, the application of science in our lives are
progressingly evolving into more sophisticated manner. Thus, several problems and
difficulties that we have encountered in the past were being resolved. However, several
people are consciously or unconsciously using ,believing, and abusing it in the wrong way.
And it is called as Scientism. Because of this, it allows us to concur from the deduction that
Scientists are the Magicians' twin.
From the video “The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis And The Case Against Scientism”, it
explains about why C.S. Lewis thought that science resembles magic. The first point is
Science as Religion. Because of the wonder that the bright, intelligent, or genius people have
contributed in our lives, some people considered them as their god. Second is Science as
Credulity. Because science can prove or has an evidence in an unknown occurrence, things,
or mystery, people are easily convince to believe it. And lastly. Science as Power. Application
and products of science are powerful enough to transform our lives and our world. It can be in
a pleasing way, or in a destuctuve way. Because of this, we can consider that science is more
dangerous than magic. For it has an ability to control and rule people, unconsciosly. Unlike,
magic, science is craving for succes and prosperity, and will keep on reaching its goal even if
its no longer ethically or morally acceptable.
Everything is finite in this wold. Even science, has its limitation. It has freedom, but, once
that freedom violates the freedom of others (specifically, humans), it's the time that the
cravings of science must stops. Science is not the problem, it's the scientists, it's the
scientism. For it to become good, humans should rejuvenate wonderful things which
promotes human life, knowledge, wisdom and happiness, rather than extinction, wars, chaos,
and unhappiness. I believe that science is grace from God, thus, it is not villain. That's why,
“Science is not the Magician's twin”.