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Manpro Ringkasan

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Engineering Procurement Construction

• Process Design • Procurement • Actual
• Basic Design Process Construction
• Detailed • Contracts • Construction
Engineering • Paper works Management
• Contracts &

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Process Design Basic Design Detail Eng.

• Input: Data R & D or similar • Input: PEDP, Client & other info • Input: Basic Design
proven process • Activities: defining the process • Activities: Detailed project
• Activities: define the process and required calculations so as definitioan, engineering
• Output: PEDP , general process to provide informations for calculations so as to provide
definitions (raw material, detailed design comprising sufficient informations for
process, product), equipment, activities of all area of projects Procurements & Construction
and informations (drawing, including its management • Output: All final & accurate
description, specifications) • Output: Spec. long delivery spec. for equipment & sevices,
including cost estimation item, input data & methods and procedures for
informations for Detailed Eng. construction & start up

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• Inquiry, vendor screening, vendor list, bidding, Technical &
Commercial evaluation, vendor selection, Insurance
• Purchasing, Expediting (expedite certified drawing & vendors
activities, inspect vendor shop & facilities), Inspection & Testing
• Receiving, Claim processing, Account Payable

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• Actual Construction: Civil, mechanical, electrical etc
• Construction Management
• Commissioning, Start Up, Performance Test, Plant

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