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About application procedure of criminal background certificate

1 What is a criminal background certificate (non-criminal certificate)?

This certificate is issued only when submission is requested from a public institution such as the
country of travel, such as travel abroad (long-term stay etc.) or acquisition of overseas licenses
or qualifications.
Please note that the issue may not be possible depending on the reason for the request.
2 Those who can apply

The Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters

accepts applications for those who meet the following conditions for those who are required to
have a criminal background certificate from a public institution such as a travel destination . In
addition, we can not accept in police station.
 Currently Japanese or foreigners who are registered as residents of Osaka Prefecture
 Currently, residents are registered overseas, but the final resident registration location in
Japan is Japanese or foreign in Osaka Prefecture

(Attention) We can not accept application by agent.

Documents necessary for 3 applications
(1) Public documents stating the applicant's name and purpose that can be confirmed
as necessary to submit a certificate
 Letter from a public organization (request document from the embassy etc. to the Japanese
 Application form for a visa or permit for which a criminal background certificate is
 In addition, please contact us except in countries where there is no issuance of letters from
public organizations, and applications for visas and permits.
(2) Passport

(Attention) copy impossible

Within the expiration date. (The passport number will be posted on the criminal background
certificate. It may become invalid if the passport number is changed due to renewal etc.)
(3) Copy of resident's card
(Attention) It is thing without mention of my number within six months from issue, copy is
 Foreigners may use a residence card
 Those who have transferred their resident registrations abroad have to "remove the vote of
the resident card or vote for the family register" and "documents that show the current
address of residence" (local residence certificate, rental contract for housing etc.)

If all the following conditions are met, we will accept a driver's license instead of a copy of the
resident card.
 Address of resident's card and driver's license is the same
 No change to permanent address after obtaining a passport
 The kanji of the name must be perfectly matched between the driver's license and
resident's card

Please see the following page for details.

Documents to confirm applicant
4 Reception date

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 9 am to 5:30 pm

(except Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, December 29 to January 3)

(Caution) The application procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Application is not reservation system. If applicants overlap, they may wait for more than an hour.
5 Application place

Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters Affiliation Division Overseas travel person in charge
(please receive at the first floor)
 Address: 3-11, Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
 Phone number: 06-6943-1234 ext. 46223
 Nearest station:
Subway Tanimachi Line Tanimachi Yonchome Station
1-B Exit about 5 minutes walk
Chuo Line Tanimachi Yonchome Station
No. 9 Exit about 5 minutes walk
Map around Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters
6 fee

7 issue

10 days to 2 weeks after the application procedure is completed. You may need more days than
usual, such as Golden Week and New Year holidays, so please apply in a timely manner.