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Efigenio A.

Lumanlan 1-M

“God created man in His image; male and female. He created them. He blessed them saying:
“Be fertile and multiply, fill the whole earth and subdue it.” (Gn. 1:27f)”

Marriage or the sacrament of Matrimony in the Church is an important aspect in a

relationship that a couple should do to make their love seal with the grace of God and with the
blessing of the Holy Spirit. As provided in the CFC, marriage is an affair not only of two
individuals, but also between two family groups, Many beautiful Filipino cultural customs and
values surround courtship and marriage in the various regions of our country. It is a covenant with
God by the man and woman who wish to be united. The moment they intend to be joint they are
one and inseparable. The simple calling for couples in the church is to imbibe their duty as husband
and wife. Meaning they need to procreate and to create a family that will be the Church. They are
bound by their promises to fulfill this duty because it is task that a couple must do to achieve the
goal of their relationship. The children are the fruits of their love.
Couples can value the sacrament of marriage by becoming faithful to his/her partner. It is
a simple equation but hard to do. Don’t cheat. They can value their promises by their actions like
becoming honest and sincere to the love. They should understand with compassion and love his/her
partner in all of its flaws. It should be noted that nobody is perfect, therefore by entering in
marriage, a person should accept all the flaws and weakness of his/her partner to be able to live
until death and be able to value the true meaning of marriage which is love.
One good reason to motivate a couple to enter into a church weeding is that it is the most
solemn and most meaning form of marriage because it has blessing that only God can give. I do
believe that marriage in the church is most romantic and the best of all because one of the witnesses
in the marriage is the creator. The One who creates us, The One who unites the couple and the One
who gives us life.
A couple should have a marriage inside the church because it also symbolizes the fidelity
and the true love between the two parties. I also do believe that if Jesus is the center of love that
they have between each other, their love is unbreakable, even the most complex problem seems to
be a simple one. To conclude, marriage is also a vocation that comes from God. Marriage should
not be seen in its negative way for some look on that perspective, rather it should be seen that it is
a vocation that God has plan before people are conceive in the womb of their mother. Every couple
should be grateful that God will be their witness and God gives them blessing.