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Dealing with Pressure in School

At some point, you would feel pressured with the number of school work and other responsibilities piling
up on your plate. It could leave you tired and stressed especially if your rest intervals are small. Academic
stress isn’t new as it is becoming a part of a student’s daily struggle to stay on top of everything.
However, the best thing about this is that, when you are able to overcome this feat, you become a step
closer to your goals.

What you need to avoid is when school pressure affects you in negative ways. Since stress affects
different people in different ways, it can leave you overwhelmed with everything. But not to worry, you
are not alone in dealing with school stress. Here are a few techniques on how to manage school pressure:

1. Don’t forget to rest. Never underestimate the power of what an 8-hour sleep could give you. This
is the only time your brain and body recuperate after a long day. Once you get enough sleep, you
can always face another tomorrow with renewed energy.

2. Take your homework one step at a time. Researchers now say that multitasking affects your brain
in ways you didn’t expect – you are actually being counterproductive. But this does not apply to
all tasks. If the tasks your do require utmost focus in order to finish them, then switching in
between these tasks may not be a very good idea. Finish homework after homework at a pace,
and if possible, do homework once it’s been assigned.

3. Make your task list attainable for the day. Pressure piles up when you try and achieve more than
what you can do for the day. Consequently, you’ll find it tiresome as soon as you reach the last
two tasks on your list leaving them unfinished. What you can do is to finish all urgent
tasks/homework for that day and if you’re left with spare time after finishing these tasks, then
you can start doing other non-urgent projects.

4. Take short breaks during exam periods. Once your exam week is around the corner, take time to
prepare for this major event and try not to push yourself to study if you are tired. By taking short
breaks in between studying, you’ll be able to feel refreshed when you tackle on your next lessons.

5. Always find time to tidy your work space. The space where you study is where you spend most of
your time reading and doing homework. It’s easier to become efficient in doing projects if you
know where you kept your art materials and other tools. It’s also time-consuming when you need
to look for important school papers if you don’t file them properly. Efficiency is always key to

When it comes to managing school pressure, the best way to deal with it is to check what your day
consists of and take each part into bite-size pieces. Always remember that changing your habits and being
consistent with it can bring you further as this will mold your character and outlook in dealing with more
stressors in the future.