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Biol, Jelyza Jade D.

GEC107 – Uu

Reaction Paper

The movie entitled John Q is worth watching for because everyone who would watch those
kind of movie will surely gain learnings and appreciate its essence. The movie will surely touch
the heart and catch the attention of the viewers like what happened to me during and after watching
the movie. It is really interesting since it is a true story happened in a real life. It will definitely
make you cry and admire John for being so brave just to save his son from dying.

Seeing John in the movie and what he did to his son reminds me of my father. John is a
real hero and I’m sure that his son would also say that. I admire him for being a brave father and I
could also say that he’s like my father who is also brave. It is not really easy to be in John’s
situation because being in those situation requires you to have a great courage, determination,
effort, trust and faith in God.

The situation that John is facing is a serious dilemma wherein he is ought to do one action
and he must face the consequences. If he did not do the hostage taking, his son will not be on the
list of those patients who needs donor and his son will also die but if he will do the hostage taking,
his son will be on the list and will undergo heart transplant. Since John did the latter then it only
means that he saved his son from dying but he must face the consequences of being in prison for
the hostage taking that he did.

If I were in John’s situation wherein I am going choose between two choices whether I am
going to do the same as what John did to save his son or do nothing, maybe I will also do the same
thing just to save my loved ones even though it means that I will put myself in an uncertain
situation. Even if it is not easy to put yourself in John’s situation and do the same as what he did
but if it is for the one that you love and is important for you especially for your family then you
can surely do it. As what I say, it really takes courage, determination, trust and faith in God if you
are in John’s situation that’s why it is really hard to choose whether you are going to take the same
action or not because you are putting yourself at stake in the process of saving the life of your
loved ones.

I think John is at Stage 2, Reward Orientation of Moral Reasoning wherein he can do the
hostage taking and save his son and he’ll be with his family when he gets out of jail.

John only wants to save his son and maybe everyone would understand him from doing
the hostage taking. His courageous enough to do those action even if he already knew what would
happen to him next, that he will be put on jail but still he choose to save his son and he choose to
use other people as a hostage just for his son to be on the list. He is really brave, and he even want
to give his heart to his son and with that action of his, we can certainly feel the love of a father
towards his child.

While I’m watching the movie, I was imagining of my father being in those situation while
I’m the one who is dying. Imagining that my father would also do the same thing as what John did
to his son really makes me cry. He’s absolutely and definitely a great hero for his son.

I can sincerely feel the love and ferocity of a father in the movie. A father who’s willing to
do anything just for his family and for his child is a father that is worth admiring for.