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DOCTRINE: To explain the importance of the prophets in salvation history

MORALS: To discuss ways to manifest one’s response to being a prophet
WORSHIP: To point out on the celebration of the Eucharist as an opportunity to listen to the
message of the prophets of old

WORD OF GOD: Matthew 1:18 - 25


The coming of the Messiah was a manifestation of the love and goodness of God. He was a
sign of liberation for those who were within the bondage of oppression and injustice. He was
prophesied by the prophets of old so that God’s chosen people can envision a future filled
with hope and glory.

What was the purpose of prophetism in the Old Testament?

The basic purpose of prophetism was to call the chosen people to constantly align themselves with the
will of Yahweh.

Prophetism was an established divine institution that reminded the Israelites to be loyal, faithful, and
obedient to the covenant they had with God because in their story, there were moments when they
became unfaithful to the covenant they established with God. Recalling the history of the people of
Israel, we noticed that many of the kings appointed by God were not true to their role as leaders of
the people of God. Many leaders and rulers in the community failed the expectations of Yahweh.
Hence, prophets were called to speak God’s message to His people.

Who were the prophets?

Prophets were men called by God to speak His words to the people.

How did the prophets respond to the call of Yahweh?

Prophets responded to the call of Yahweh by exercising their role when circumstances appeared this

1. Prophets denounced kings and other rulers of the chosen people when the kings and rulers
commit the sin of idolatry (worshipping other gods)
2. Prophets defended the moral laws when the chosen people stopped respecting and ignoring
their importance in their lives.
3. Prophets announced the possible punishment God may give the people if the Israelites did not
live according to what the Covenant entails.
4. Prophets acted as advisers to kings regarding political matters and their private life.
5. Prophets proclaimed ahead of time God’s plan of saving his people by zealously preparing his
people for the most awaited coming of Jesus, the Messiah, who would usher the great day of

What are some of the various figures of Jesus as prophesied by the prophets of old?

1. Jesus was prophesied as the Son of Man ( Daniel 7:13 – 14)

2. Jesus was prophesied as the Emmanuel which means “ God with us” (Isaiah 7:14)
3. Jesus was prophesied as the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:5)
4. Jesus was prophesied as a prophet ( Deuteronomy 18:15)
5. Jesus was prophesied as King ( Zechariah 9:9)
6. Jesus was prophesied as a Priest who offered Himself for his people (Isaiah 53:8 – 10)

Why is the Old Testament of great value in understanding the prophecy about Jesus?

It is in the light of the Old Testament that we come to understand Jesus for the New Testament is
the fulfillment of the Old Testament, of the realization of the promise given long before.

God is speaking to us today through the Old Testament prophets as much as in the days of old.
The prophetic message is inspiring an extraordinarily active ministry of the Catholic Church in the
Philippines in its thrust for justice through a preferential option for the poor. The prophetic
message of conversion, of hope in the Lord, of fidelity to the Covenant with God our Savior,
remains ever new and ever relevant. (CFC 440)

The prophets did more than prophecy a Messiah King and Suffering Servant. Their call to
conversion a radical upheaval. ( Jeremiah 1:10 ; Isaiah 14: 26 -27; Jeremiah 32:26 - 27).
The old world is coming to an end: rooted up and torn down, destroyed and demolished.
God is bringing a new world who can be to existence building and planting it. “This is the
plan proposed for the whole earth. The Lord of hosts has planned, who can thwart him?”
(Isaiah 14:26 – 27)

In the New Testament, we meet Christ our Lord responding in similar fashion to the same
question about salvation. When the rich young man asked, “What must I do to inherit
eternal life?” Jesus replied: “ Keep the commandments”… “If you wish to be perfect…. Come
follow me” (Mark 10:17-22). In Jesus Christ our Savior, God is with us, for us. Therefore
obey Him! ( CFC 450)

Whenever we participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, we must pay attention to
the readings, in particular the readings from the Old Testament, for through this readings,
we discover the situation of a people waiting and longing for the coming of the Messiah, noat
other than Jesus. Listening to the reading at the Mass enables us to learn the message of
the prophets of old which we can use in order to live a holy life, as we ourselves are called to
be messengers of God’s Word to others.

1. Prophets were called to speak God’s message to His people.
2. The Old Testament prophets have been talsking , with great anticipation,
about the arrival of “Someone” who would liberate the people of God from
the bondage of sin and oppression.
3. God’s Word in the Old Testament is necessary for us today, and throughout
our lives to understand the Christ our Savior fully.

Reference: Signs of the Time: Frando, Aviles and Diaz

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