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Meeting Minutes

Action Team Name: Active Living

Meeting Date: April 4th, 2008 – 10-12

Note Taker name: Plumb/Brawer/Santana/Smith Telephone #: __________________ e-mail: _________________________

Attendees: Tina Green (Black Women In Sports), Lamar Kendrick, Jessica Anderson (Pa Environmental Council), Natasha Moody, Rickie Brawer, Andy
Dyson (Neighborhood Bike Works), Ayana Bradshaw (Philadelphia Collaborative Anti-Violence Collaborative), Rob Simmons, CR Robinson(Philadelphia
Horticulture Society/Philadelphia Green), Ruby Davis (EPRA), Tracore Aboubacar, Ken Smith (PDPH), Abbie Sanatana (Jefferson), Lisa Jones (School
District), Karl Ingram, Leona Brown (Project HOME), Sister Quaye (PARRC)Maggie O’Neil (Drexel/Citizen), Dottie Wells (Salvation Army), Jim Plumb
(Jefferson), Taraya Gibson, Roy Hoffman (PDPH)

Agenda Item Discussion: Main Points Follow-up Actions Responsibility

Introductions Jim Plumb began the meeting by welcoming Add new folks to the list Calvin James
everyone on behalf of PUFFA and the Active
Living Action Team (Angie Womack and I as Co-
Chairs) and asking each attendee to state name and
organization (if applicable) and note information
on attendance form

Reviewed the agenda – attendee check

Ken provided a brief overview of PUFFA for new

• Later there were questions about distribution
of money
• “How much of the grant money goes to
community groups?”
• Discussion of planning grant contributing to
coalition building and creating plan
(Need to address this more
Reminded all about Community Meeting April 16th
Previous Meeting Follow-up Jim Plumb gave a brief review of previous two
meetings and the background for the presentation
by Harjeet Sembhi, based on recommendations
form previous meetings and contacts to do a policy
scan looking at several organizations.

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New Topics Harjeet Sembhi presented “ACTIVE LIVING Hard copies distributed to attendees; include in Jim Plumb
(see attached)

Importance of SafeScape concepts!!

Discussion followed:
• Corner stores owned by immigrants for
generations, passed down through families; Review with Food Systems Action team Jim Plumb
need to employ neighborhood folks (referred
to Food Systems Action Team)
• Plenty of facilities for active living, folks may
have access, but not feel safe…need Police
Department at the table
Identify their action steps
• Have we connected the dots to the Anti
Violence Groups??? Jim Plumb
• Many, many kids in Charter schools and Investigate
Independent schools – what are requirements
for physical activity?
• Importance of private sector Fitness facilities
• Private sector often hard to engage
• Many, many kids in after school programs;
what are opportunities for PA in these
• Corporate Social Responsibility - PUFFA
needs business and entrepreneurial input;
how to involve major companies in effort;
opportunity Wednesday the 9th at Temple
830-1130 “Social Entrepreneurial
• Larger companies can support and advocate
for policy efforts; Insurers could provide
memberships to local programs, not just
Bally’s, etc; how can they disburse funds to
smaller CBOS who promote physical activity
o Corporations developing policies that
support active living in employees
• E.g – “Business” could fund PCA to continue
PA activities
• Youth have mapped bike trails
• Asset mapping – parks, recreation centers,
YMCAs, PAL centers
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Next Steps
Review Philadelphia Green with Robert Allen
Follow-up on questions raised

Synergy: List examples

of synergy provided at
Data/Information Requests Baseline data used by Philly Green Plan

Next Meeting Date TBD

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