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A. Schooling
1. Common verbs:

Register for/ enroll in/ enlist in/ Cancel/ call off

Sign up for Postpone/ put off

2. Subjects:

Science Biochemistry Geology

Business Accounting Law
Creative writing class Banking Finance
History Psychology Arts/ humanities/ social science
Maths Linguistics
Economics Literature

3. Types of course:

Introductory course Non-credit course Seminar

Intermediate course Credit course Optional/ elective course
Advanced course Prerequisite course Full-time course
Required/ compulsory course

4. Languages:

Portuguese Spanish French

Russian Italian Arabic
Mandarin/ Cantonese/ Chinese

5. Offices/ Departments:

Admissions office Foreign/ international/ Common hall

Student union Overseas student office Hall of residence

6. Others:

Applicant High mark/ perfect grade Full marks

Course Orientation week Enrolment
Test Application form Exam
Mid-term exam Arrangement Final exam

B. Library
1. Borrowing/ Returning books:

Borrow Check out Charge for

Due Overdue Renew
Renewal Return

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2. Sections in the library:

Audio and video Rare book collection Reading room

Information desk Multimedia centre Study lounge
Delivery desk Open shelf

3. Library-related lexical items

Library card Date of expiration Due date

Student card Bibliography Second-hand book
Book Admission card Classification
Fine Index Interlibrary service
Current issue Reservation Librarian

4. Common expressions

It’s out of stock It’s out of print

C. House
1. Types of housing

Flat/ apartment Hotel Dormitory

House Motel Hostel
Hall of residence

2. Room and equipment

Bedroom Bathroom Dresser

Kitchen Balcony Filter
Basement Storage place Furniture
Attic Hall Closet
Entrance Lobby Faucet
Porch Sink Cabinet
Square Air conditioner Wallpaper
Stove Central heating Microwave oven
Fireplace Roof Fridge/ refrigerator
Heater Vacuum cleaner Washing machine
Radiator Bookshelf Furnished flat
Ceiling Lock
Living room/ sitting room Cupboard

3. Others

Lease Facility Landlord

Landlady Tenant Rug
Sheet Mattress Towel
Blanket Carpet Insect repellent
Burglar alarm Leaking Flickering light
Curtain Rent

D. Illnesses

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1. Symptoms

Symptom Heart attack Cough

Flu Cold Toothache
Earache Headache Allergy
Backache Sore throat Chill
Indigestion Dry cough Vomit
Itch High/ low fever
High/ low temperature
High/ low blood pressure

2. Specialists, treatment, medicine

Doctor Sweating medicine Surgeon

Surgery Dentist Injection
Physician Treatment Penicillin
Make an appointment Operation Aspirin
Take one’s temperature Capsule Bandage
Prescription Eye drops Tablet

E. Banking
1. Account-related lexical items

Open an account Cash point Account balance

Fixed account Close an account Automatic teller machine (ATM)
Time deposit Savings account Checkbook
Current account

2. Currency

Pound/ Dollar Penny Foreign currency

Cent Cash Bill/ note

3. Others

Balance Cash a check Credit card

Credit rating Debt Deposit
Endorse a check Inflation Interest rate
Identification card Loan Mortgage
Withdraw money Penalty Recession
Installment Signature Valid
Accountant Cashier Service charge

F. Market

Supermarket Snack foods Shopping basket

Meat and poultry Cash register Pet foods
Canned foods Line Frozen foods
Baked foods Paper bag Paper products
Dairy section Bottle return Check-stand
Produce section Shopping cart Checker
Baking products Aisle Bagger

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G. Travelling
1. Hotel

Hotel Book/ reserve a room Room service

Lodge Single room Double room
Front desk Motel Twin bedroom
Receptionist/ desk clerk Bellboy Tip

2. Travel

Destination Emergency exit Domestic flight

Flight number Connecting flight Check-in counter
One-way ticket Airport Flight attendant
Round-trip ticket Return ticket Travel agent
Business class First class Terminal
Fasten Economy class Platform
Aisle Customs

3. Others

Passport Walking boots Rope

Long trousers Flashlight Fortnight
Lighter Driving license Video
Visa Tent

H. Appearance/ Characteristics

Gender Slim Idle

Bald Healthy and strong Contact lenses
Beard Optimistic Courageous
Straight hair Upright Industrious
Blond Tolerant Generous
Hair style Painstaking Pessimistic
Height Selfish Extravagant

I. Clothing
1. Types of clothing

Career women’s wear Casual wear Nylon

Cardigan Uniform Pullover
Jeans Tie Sportswear
Vest Pants/ trousers Sweater

2. Clothing-related lexical items

Logo Tie clip Sleeve

Zipper Pink Button
Sunglasses Silver Slipper
Out of stock Laundry Sandal
On sale Earring Sneaker
Bargain Boutique

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J. Common names

Matthew Paul Harry

Alice Lee Anderson
Angela May Brown
Louise Charles Green
Julia Richard

K. Disasters/weather

Lost child It’s raining cats and dogs. / It’s Drought

Airplane crash pouring. / Today is a perfect day Hurricane
Earthquake for ducks. Volcanic eruption
Fire Sunny Breeze
Shower Cloudy Drizzle
Search and rescue team Car accident Heavy rain
Tornado Explosion Mild

L. Organising words

I’d like to begin/ start with To sum up

To start with In conclusion
Firstly, Secondly, Finally… All in all
In addition Next
By the way Let’s talk about
Again Let’s move on to
Anyway About

Source: 15 Days’ practice for IELTS Listening, Xia Li Ping and He Ting

Improve your Listening and Speaking skill, Sam Mc Carter and Barry Cusack

Xuan Phi IELTS – Teach by knowledge, care by heart