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Mrs. Hink

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to color theory, one-point perspective, two-point perspective, value, shading,
observation, imagination and composition through a variety of media. You will gain a complete understanding and
working use of processes, materials and vocabulary. You will be responsible for an organized sketchbook, final
exam, daily work, projects and artist statements.
**Drawing assignments will be completed during class time. If you are unable to complete the assignment in the amount of time
given, it is your responsibility to set up a time before or after school, Hawk Hour and or during Seminar to complete the

Guidelines for Success: v cccxdx
• care about your work, put effort into everything
• communicate positively and respectfully with peers and me
• take care of your materials
• ask questions if you are confused

Class Policy
• Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings
• Have ALL necessary supplies everyday
• Respect others in class and their work
• If you have food or drink, you are responsible to clean up all spills and crumbs.
• Cell phones may be used for reference material and music. Please leave one ear bud out.
• You may use the lab Hawk Hour, before school (7:30-7:55) and after school (3:00-3:30) daily for make-up

Attendance/Makeup Policy
Absence is defined as 5 minutes or more out of class/ late to class. All absences must be cleared up
through the office, on your own time, within 24 hours. Failure to do so results in an unexcused absence.

Excused Absences will allow the student the opportunity to make up the work missed during the
absence. If you are absent the date an assignment is due, it must be turned in the day you return.
All due dates for long term project are not subject to change, except in the event of an extensive
absence of three days or more in a row.

Unexcused Absences prohibit the student from making up credit missed during the absence.
However, it is recommended work is completed for daily upkeep.

Tardy Policy
If you will not make it to class by the bell you need to check in at the tardy table. No students will
be admitted to class after the bell without a pass from the tardy table. Any student more than 5
min. late to class will be counted ABSENT for the hour.

Ending class:
I will let you know when we will start cleaning up for the day. Clean up procedures for each day will be
posted. The bell is a signal for me to dismiss you.


The 5 Point Scale: Projects

Exceptional Proficient Developing The
Not Meeting
1 .75 .5 Target

Use of Formal Identified and Identified elements Identified element & Identified an
Elements and described elements & principles, and principles in others’ element or principle
Principles of Design & principles, and attempted to use artwork in a work of art,
effectively used some in own using a list of
some in own artwork artwork elements &

Creative Process Did significant Did some research Did some research Struggled with

(synthesis and research & design and design work, and design work, but research and
originality) work, and but struggled to struggled to design, as well as
successfully apply ideas generate ideas with ideas
expressed ideas

Craftsmanship Artwork Artwork Artwork Artwork

Presentation demonstrated demonstrated demonstrated demonstrated little
mastery of all intentional control of adequate control of control of assigned
assigned media and most assigned some assigned media and
processes media and media and processes
processes processes

Time Management Consistently was Mostly was Sometimes was Seldom was

Effort prepared for class, prepared for class, prepared for class, prepared for class,
worked productively worked productively worked productively worked productively
on assignments the on assignments, on assignments, and on assignments,

entire time, and and cleaned up cleaned up and cleaned up
cleaned up efficiently efficiently efficiently

Safety and Studio Always maintained Most often Used some safe Frequently did not
Citizenship safe practices, and maintained safe practices and was maintain safe
was responsible in procedures, and somewhat practices, requiring
using materials was responsible in responsible in using constant reminders,
using materials materials with
supervision, and

reminders and

The 2 Point Scale: Journal, Artist Statements, Hallway Displays, Sketches and Research Assignments.

Late Policy: You can use Hawk Hour as well as before and after school to work. After the due date, the
work will be 10% per day it is late until it is 5 days late, at which point I will take the work for half credit
until the end of the grading period. Last day to submit date is posted for a week before the end of the
grading period.