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We have already discussed the types of SAP Projects. Now we will see what are SAP Tickets.
SAP Tickets are nothing but problems or issues raised by the end customer in a company where end users
are running SAP project.
Once the SAP project is implemented, support phase begins. Support team is responsible for solving the
tickets/issues in day-to-day business.
For any support project, customer will set up Help Desk. If any problem occurs customer will call Help Desk
and register the issue/Ticket.
Different companies use different software products to manage SAP Tickets. Remember this software is not
provided by SAP. It is third party software. There are many software products in the market like Manage Now

et c. You can call these software products as tools.

All tools will provide the common attributes which are listed below-
1) Every user will be provided with user name and password to enter into the tool
2) We can see the tickets assigned for a particular user name.
3) You can list all open tickets by giving the Date Range
4) You can list all closed tickets by giving the Date Range
5) You can list out all the open tickets assigned for an User
6) You can list out all the closed tickets assigned for an User
7) You can see the description of the Ticket, by entering the Ticket Number. You can see who had raised the
Ticket, what is the problem. What is the severity of the Ticket?
There are lot many other attributes like you can transfer the Ticket to another user etc.

What is the severity of the problem Ticket?

When a Ticket is raised, it will be given severity. There are following severities. It may vary from company to
Severity 1
Severity 2
Severity 3
Severity 4

The severity will be decided based on the business critical impacts. If there is large impact on the business it

will be given 1 severity, if it is having least impact then it will be given 4.

Severity 1 problem tickets should be solved in 8 hours.

Severity 2 problem ticket should be solved in 16 hours.
Severity 3 problem ticket should be solved in 15 working days.
Severity 4 problem ticket should be solved in 30 working days.

Again the no of days may vary from one company to another.

All these things will be decided when giving the contract to the IT company. The agreement is called as
SLA stands for Service Level Agreement.

What happens if a particular ticket is not solved by the IT company according to the SLA/Contract?
The Customer imposes fine on IT company as per the contract/SLA.