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2 Samuel 127,

For some time now, I have been persuaded that any idiot or charlatan, especially one that hides his identity under a vague reference to Scripture, can write a blog. No doubt, the same one would consider himself a scholar and maybe even published author. You, sir, are perfect proof of my point. I do not know you. I have no recollection of the two of us have ever met. You came into my line of vision when a friend forwarded your scurrilous hit piece on Dr. Derek Thomas, whom I have known for some forty years.

After close to fifty years of pastoral ministry, as I consider what you write here, my mind takes me to three places, any one of which deeply concerns me:

1. I ask myself, am I hearing from a person who is mentally troubled?

2. Or, am I hearing from a person who egotistically wants me to know that

he has appointed himself a prophet, albeit one who does not understand the Bible’s teaching?

3. Or, am I hearing from an evil person who is an abusive, evil, verbal


There may be other possibilities, of course, but these three are the first that come to my mind as I read your Email, 2 Samuel 127. What I do know, sir, is that you need help. Frankly, anyone who has taken the time to do what you have done has too much time on his hands and as they say, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” That phrase, by the way, is likely rooted in Proverbs 16:27: A worthless man plots evil, and his speech is like a scorching fire.

I must confess that I became suspicious about the credibility of your scholarship when I read your quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, a self- confessed transcendentalist, nature worshipper, and self-promoter who wrote sexually charged poetry to another male student while he was at Harvard. Then, as I read further down, I found out that your partner is a fan of Margaret Mead. Really? Really? Margaret Mead???

Here are some questions that I have for you, 2samuel127: How many care visits have you made while you were digging up dirt on Derek Thomas? Derek Thomas does that pretty much every day! How many people have you reached out to help while you have been trying to take down another

person? Where in Scripture do you find your commission to write what you

have written here and in prior blogs? The pharisees, perhaps? How has the community you live in been enhanced while you were scheming against a man God has used wonderfully through many years? Have you ever seen

a statue to someone whose claim to fame was that he helped the race by

taking down other people writing, well, let’s just call it what it is, “trash”?

Then, I wonder, just who appointed you Derek Thomas’s judge, 2 Samuel 127? (I’m thinking now about Matthew 7:1-3).

Let me say clearly, sir, that if my first thought is what is happening with you

is accurate, I will help you find the help you need to be well again. If that is

not it, then clearly you have a much deeper spiritual issue that needs to be addressed.

When I go to the Bible (from which, I suspect, you have plagiarized your pseudonym), I discover all kinds of refutation for your gossip. For example, you chose not to “practice” our Lord’s clear instruction in Matthew 18:15-17. You are commanded there to take specific steps, the first of which is that you would contact Derek Thomas personally and speak to him in a reconciling tone. Indeed, that whole passage is focused on reconciliation. Have you done that 2 Samuel 127? Or, do you simply lack the backbone to take that step?

2 Samuel127, self-appointed prophet and judge who would bend the Bible

for his own moniker, in addition to the passages already cited, you seem to have disregarded the following passages, which I commend for your prayerful consideration:


I know that you would be aware of other passages that you have violated

by writing this and other recent Emails of yours. This list is a good place to begin and I commend it to you. If you would use one verse, 2 Samuel127, you would do well to use them all. After all, you wouldn’t want to be called an “empty vessel” (see Romans 15:13; 2 Corinthians 4:7,16; Ephesians 5:18; John 7:37-39; Acts 2:1-4)would you? What would that do for your arrogance and egomaniacal writings?

You, sir, owe a number of people your apology and you need to seek their forgiveness. You could, if you were half a man, begin with Derek Thomas and his wife, Rosemary, whom you have hurt very badly by your perverse and ungodly behavior. After that, you need to contact other people with whom you have corresponded concerning this matter. I know only part of your list but I am sure you have the full record.

2samuel127, consider this letter my Matthew 18:15 approach to you. I will allow you a reasonable time (say, three days) to get back with me and tell me that you have found the help you need to get better or that you have begun the penitent reconciliatory behavior our Lord commands. If I do not

hear from you, then I will be forced to pursue the steps that follow, first, with a well published letter to all my ministerial friends (there are thousands of them!) warning them of your heresy. After that, in accordance with the Matthew 18:15-17 passage, who knows? After all, it says, “tell it to the church.”I guess that would begin with a mass mailing to all the congregations I have the privilege addressing (again, many of them!). What

I do know is that, like him or not, Derek Thomas is a man God has chosen

to use powerfully and, forgive me, I suspect that any fellow who behaves as you have been behaving recently will never be half the man Derek Thomas is. I mean can you name for me just one person who has been drawn nearer to God because of such behavior as yours?

Meanwhile, until I hear from you, I will be praying for you to do what the Savior calls good.

Leslie Holmes, D.Min., Ph.D. (the real me-nothing phony about that signature!)

Note: Received 8-6-2019