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OINFRENGRE eR ia1) ere eh For a world of square and rectangular shapes, Infranor 715 offers a beam pattern that fits. {t's dificult and expensive to try and make round __—_achieve your lighting objective using less wattage, @ light distribution patterns fit square spaces- building _ thus saving energy. To the eye, this reduction in facades, parking lots, playing fields, etc. The wattage isn't noticeable because the light is devoid of results are too many overlapping beams with light hot spots and dark areas. often spiling over the edges or intruding on a Think in Color? neighbor's privacy. This excess light wastes Infranor adds a new twist to landscape and building Baergy The antranor Series 715.Nas rectangular floadighting. Sterner-FX color correction and accent Ree eee ene eee oe Saco lens filter systems are available in many different : ; spectral highlights for the 715. Sterner-FX can The Infranor Visual Beam method of fixture warm metal halide, avoiding washed out colors, or selection, which defines only the relevant light in_ shift high pressure sodium away from yellow to the beam pattern and thereby delivers illumination prevent "browning" of reds and earth tones of unsurpassed uniformity. Because this illumina- Dramatic landscape effects with moonlight filters are tion is so even and precisely controlled, you can also one of the many possibilities with Slerner-FX. Components ‘Sterner-FX coated tempered glass lens available in Housing-Spherically shaped, with a cast aluminum narrow, medium or wide beam patterns. The lens rear housing and spun aluminum front cover. assembly is rotatable to facilitate precision beam Reflector-The reflector system shall be high purity @djustment. anodized specular spun aluminum providing Finish- Electrostatically applied black, baked enamel precise beam control. is standard. Optional Duranodic finishes and other Door Frame / Lens Assembly-The door shall be _Paifted colors are available, consult factory. past aurn an ead iconiai ia |ocmed cea ULL- Fixture is U.L-listed for use in wet locations. fe 4 * k as { @ i | nas Slope Fitter Mount Yoke Mount Mounting Accessories Yoke Mounts Optional Shields O°e¢ Slope Fitter Mount Limited aiming adjustment possible in file, Slopa fifer requires tactory ‘aiming, consult factory for application assistance. Multiple 715 Slope Fitter ‘nis algo avaiable consult factory i v Beam Classification é iaeet Lamp Lamp Infranor | IES Beam+ | NEMA Maximum Wat Lumens 10%MaxCD | Type | Candlepower 175 19300 24x36 2x8 78,000 Clear 175 13300 99 x 82 3x5 19,500 Metal 475 13300 57x85 iB 14,000 Halide 100 7200 24x 36 2x3 ED-17 100 7200 39x 82 3x5 100 7200 57x85 4x5 150 16000 25x40 2x9 150 +6000 40x 85 3x5 150 "16000 60x90 4x5 | “100 | 9500 25x40 2x3 100 500 | 40x85 3x5 100 9500 40x75 60x90 + ean Spe Densin Vara sornes by Poor oes Ordering Information Obtain the catalog number for the luminaire which fits your requirements. Select in sequence, a code for each feature from those listed in the format shown bel low. Sage [Maing [goes mre [Semraten, Wao |Lare nay] Lacie se Rttn| tne | | FRE” err for ne | | Note Note | Note Nelo Note | 32 277 | Noe ze Pae Sa, @ ms | ME | |e 3 Sosy [UEP [aeiae. | “P| Sima EXAMPLE: 715 SF EC N 22 56 175 HH 120 E N NoTe a Norec Nore e SF. 2 Ibs sipiner I Base Pad Asseriiy Fe Net Hale TF 2 ps adusabe Base Pit Aer & High restr Sodium Siro @. Fused Terminal oes tis-Horeotl Saco & Poyeatonte Store Guns We Yoo Mount © Stree See! Sey Cabe nore F IF Spo tort Nor Required ar Sarcare Ni: Not Slander Note ® Nore (Far ctr uber Be Top sie MSs Beam is sed to eesamos) We Vera See Sessa bear pars wx. Not noon He Horsoral res EC. Mutover Set Metal Haide | HP. Sodium NS” Not Requres 175W | 100w | 150W | 1oOW 17x28 | 17x28 | 18x30 | 18x30 22x56 | 22x56 | 25x60 | 25x60 36x70 | 36x70 | 40x75 | 40x75 + Limited acjusiment possible infield, requires factory aiming, consul factony * Voltage Not Determined Sample Specification 715 HOUSING Floodlight shall be Infranor series 715 with a beam spread of vertical by hori- zontal The floodlight shall be spherically shaped, with a cast aluminum rear housing and spun aluminum front cover. The pre-wired floodlight shall be equipped with 4 feet of type STOW cord. (yoke mount only) REFLECTOR The reflector system shall be high purity anodized specular spun aluminum to provide precise beam control, DOOR FRAME/LENS ASSEMBLY The door shall be cast aluminum and contain a domed, clear or Sterner-FX coated tempered glass lens available in narrow, medium or wide beam patterns. The lens assembly is rotatable 10 facilitate precision beam adjustment. 1-800-328-7480 Fax 800-328-3635 os mena (612) 473-1251 Winsted, Minnesota 55395 INE 715-0489. @ 60 Steer Lighting Systoms Incorporated (NFRENG BALLAST The floodlight ballast shall be U.L. listed high @ power factor, constant wattage autotransformer type. The volt ballast shall be able to reliably starta__watt,__lamp down. to -20°F. Ballast shall be integrally mounted in the luminaire. LAMP SOCKET The lamp socket shall be a medium base porcelain type. FINISH Black, factory applied baked enamel is standard. Other finishes and painted colors are available, consult factory. UL. The floodiight shall be listed as suitable for wet locations. 715 Shipping Weight 28Ibs. ‘A STERNER COMPANY Pamesin ne USA