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For a world of sq uare and rectangular

shapes, lnf ranor offers a beam pattern that f its.

It's ditticult and expensive to try and make round
light patterns fit square shapes - building
facades, parking lots, playing fields, etc. lt uses
too many overlapping beams with light spilling
over the edges or intruding on a neighbor's
privacy. And it wastes energy. lnlranor Series
891/895 has a beam pattern with corners - to lit
shapes with corners.
The lnfranor Visual Beam method o{ Iixture
specification, which defines only the relevant
light in the beam pattern, delivers illumination ol
unsurpassed uniformity. Because this illumina-
tion is so even and precisely controlled, you can
achieve your lighting objective using less watt-
age, lhus saving energy. To the eye, this
reduction in wattage isn't noticeable because the
light is devoid of hot spots and dark areas.

Components 4. Lens Clear glass, thermal and impact resistant. Gas-

1. Housing - miter bend construction of extruded alumi- ket is extruded silicone rubber for tight seal and long life.
num. The deepjormed rear panel is sheet aluminum, 5. Ballast Housing 895 model ballast housing is
crimped in place and permanently sealed. Factory extruded aluminum with integral heat sink lins. End pan-
finished with electrostatically applied oven-baked acrylic els are aluminum with EPDM gaskets held in place with
enamel. stainless steel screws. Ballast housing is separated from
2. Reflector Assembly Precision die-cut steel reflector the lamp housing to minimize the affect of lamp heat on
formers welded into a rigid assembly. Ref lector surfaces the ballast components.
are highly specular aluminum lighting sheet, held in place 6. Ballast Components Mounted on a heat dissipating
with stainless steel springs. The 9' x 24' reflector is a one- extruded aluminum ballast bar. Ballast bar slides out of
piece aluminum spinning. housing for convenient servicing. Ballast connections are
3. Door Frame Extruded aluminum with internal corner plug-disconnect type.
keys. Held in place wjth self-retaining stainless steel 7. Fixture Yoke Rigid steel bar. Reversible for up or down
screws and salety cables that serve as hinges for conve- aiming. Will accommodate various mounting options.
nient servicing. (Yoke not shown in illustration for clarity)

: t*1
Wind Load
895 - 6.0
891 - 5.2

Series 895 lntegral Ballast

895 - 92 lbs.
891 - 59 lbs.

Series 891 Remote Ballast

Shield options
Shields attach directly
to door frame.
Beam Classification
lnlranor Candela
Lamp Type & IES Beam+ NEMA Lamp* Beam
Visual Average
Wattage Beam#+ 100/o Max CD Type Position Max Eflic. o/o
I x24 8x26 1x2 HORZ 1 ,229,158 1,098,424 28.2
12x44 13x36 1x3 HORZ 467,417 453,086 22.9
12x50 13x53 1x4 HORZ 381,224 350,859 25.9
Clear 1000 watt
Metal Halide 12 x70 13x84 1x5 HORZ 239.123 222,268 25.2
Vertical @1 10000 Lumens, 35x30 40 x37 3x3 VEFT-BD 222,269 212,313 322
Hortizonal @1 05000 Lumens 35x50 41 x72 3x5 VERT-BD 158,013 146,834 40.2
35x70 43 x77 3x5 VERT BD 1 18,331 115,227 43.0
40 x 100 49 x 100 4x6 VERT-BD 101,679 88,822 46.5
I x24 10x57 1x4 HOBZ 714,317 547,928 23.0
10x70 18x88 2xs HORZ 229,032 194,209 24.7
10x90 17x91 1xs HORZ 201,820 185,083 22.8
Clear 1000 Watt
High Pressure Sodium 35 x80 116x96 6x5 HORZ 121,649 100,956 52.1
@ 140000 Lumens 55x80 120 x 101 6x6 HOBZ 90,357 75,027 57 1

70 x80 122 x 108 6x6 HORZ 7 4.570 681,046 595

90x85 123 x 108 6x6 HORZ 53,269 46,249 49.8

#VisualBeam Classilication are used lo specilyb€am patternsin ordering information,

+Beam Spread oesignation; Vertical deg rees by horizontal degrees-

The lixtures can also b€ used with lower watlage verions ol thes€ light sources. Consult lactor lor photomelric and application inlormation for these lower watlage verions.
'Bylurning the reflector system 90" within the tixtu.e, the beam horizonlaland vertical patterns are reversed. This allows lor up to 30 ditlerent patterns without changing
thelixture orientatlon, . Supplemental Photometric Reportsare available through your lnfranor representative.

How to Order
Build the order number in the following sequence:

o '/

Specify Refer to Pole section

Lamp lor catalog number and
Wattage wind load rating


L. ,) /-*-.1
SF - SlipFitter F
\t 6J I /--1
.-.-r--e \l
TF - Adjustable Tilt ,a \.,
\ : ,./_--:-,.-
K - Base Pad Assembly (requires slipfitter)
J - Base Ptate Assembly
sFv /-6tp E I rr = WB- SlipFitter \,,1:lN-NotRequired
Wall Bracket
YJ ?
/7, L
- Horizontal Sector Note E
\l(sb - Noi Required
Visual beam is used to designate beam patterns
Note B 1000i1500 MH 1000 HPs

for Modei 891 only 924 3530 924 5580

CB - Cast Ballast Box 1240 3550 1070 7080
GA - Galv lron Ballast Box 1 250 3570 1090 9085
(Consult Factory) 1270 40100 3580
N- Not Required

Note C Note F Note G

TS - Top Shield M - Mercury E- Black (standard)
35 - Three Sided Shield H - Metal Halide NS- Not Standard
45 - Four Sided Shield S - High Pressure (turnish color
3L - Three Louver Shield Sodium number or sample)
NK- Not Known
CS- Concentric Shield
N - Not Required
Sample Specification rloodlisht shall be the in contour by springs of stainless steel. Beflector sur-
lnfranor Series 891/895 with a beam spread of faces shall be high purity, high specularity aluminum
vertical x horizontal. lighting sheet. (9" x 24" reflector is one-piece spun
Housing The housing shall be square shaped, miter- from aluminum).
formed and welded from a single piece of extruded Ballast The floodlight ballast shall be U.L. listed, high
aluminum. lt shall have a deepjormed rear panel of power lactor, constant wattage autotransformer type.
aluminum sheel, permanently sealed and crimped in The volt ballast shall be able to reliably
place. The floodlight shall be prewired and shall be starta-watt,--lamp
equipped with 3 feet of 16 3 cord. down to zO'F.
Door Frame The door frame shall be square shaped Ballast Box (895 model) The ballast box shall be
and corner keyed from extruded aluminum. lt shall made- of extruded aluminum wilh integral heat sink
contain a lens of clear thermal and impact-resistant fins. lt shall have end plates o{ aluminum, gasketed
glass sealed with a gasket of extruded silicone rubber. with high temperature EPDI\4 gasket malerial, and
The door frame shall be expressly designed so that secured with slainless steel screws. The ballast com-
accessory louvers, shields, stone guards, etc. may be ponenls shall be mounted on a Jinned aluminum extru-
rigidly attached to it when required. The door {rame sion, designed so that the entire ballast assembly will
shall be secured by I selt-retaining screws of stainless slide out of the ballast box for ease in servicing. The
steel, and shall include 2 stainless steel cable hinges surlace contact of ballast mounting extrusion into the
between door frame and housing which also serve as ballast box shall allow maximum transler of heat from
salety cables. ballast to outside air.
Yoke The yoke shall be formed lrom rigid steel bar U.L. The Iloodlight shall be U.L. listed for use in wet
reversible for up or down aiming, and will accommo- locations.
date various mounting options including 2" pipe slipfit- Finish Electrostatically applied black spatter baked-
ter, 2" pipe tilt fitter, horizonlal sector, base plate, wall enamel {inish. For other colors or finishes, consult
bracket, etc. lactory.
Retlector The reflector system shall consist of preci-
sion die-cut steel blades, with the reflector strips held


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