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SEINE STERNER LIGHTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Whether you're lighting a campus mall, a public square or an office building, Lans-Cube does the job as part of the total aesthetic concept. This is a unique new design that's easy to integrate into your architec- tural or landscape plans, giving you beauty by day, security by night, The concrete cubes can be pro- ~ BREAST CANCER blaze er) duced in an almost unlimited num- ber of surface colors and textures to match or meld harmoniously with the building and surroundings. Choices range from tinted aggre- gate to brick, wood, honed or pol- ished granite. Lans-Cube's security capability goes beyond providing gentle, non- Ce LANS-CUBE glare lighting for your building or grounds. It has the unusual effect of Projecting a giant shadow when anyone walks in front of it, making their movement clearly defined on the building Lans-Cube is the kind of innova: tion that makes Sterner @ leader in outdoor lighting, Lans-Cube fits right in Lans-Cube is designed to be an asset to your architectural and environmental concepts; a valuable adjunct to your security system. Its design and range of surface colors and fin- ishes makes it compatible with most settings, and it has a record of reducing vandalism to building and grounds. Wherever it is used, Lans-Cube is on the job day and night, en” hancing and preserving the beauty of the en- vironment; and protecting the area with Ronglare fioodlighting and its unique giant shadow effect. Lans-Cube is tough too. Lans-Cube units are built with maintenance-free fixtures in steel-reinforced concrete housings that pro- tect them against damage by vandals, ground maintenance equipment and weather. Main- tenance is reduced to the very minimum. ‘The modular form of Lans-Cube adds to its adaptability. You can use single cubes lined side-by-side, stack them in varying heights or group them to fit the space. They range in Size from 12x12 inches to 36x36 inches, with wattages from 100 to 1000 watt H.I,D. Choose the standard model with 10-gauge steel pro- tective grill or the street model with adjusta- ble louvers that let you direct the light to meet your exact specifications. Lighting with Lans-Cube gives you the kind of design choices you usually expect to get only with a custom job, offering the utmost in flexibility, environmental compatibility, secur- ity and lighting efficiency. It all adds up to a lighting system in the finest Sterner tradition. Specifications HOUSING ‘The housing shall be wet cast concrete, vibration settled and reinforced as required with steel. The facing shall be architectural precast in acid etched, exposed mosaic or honed finish. (State type of fi ish.) All back-up concrete to be Hi-Early Type III-A with sand and pea gravel. Both facing and back- up material shall have a minimum compressive test of 4000 psi at 28 days and maximum absorp- tion of 5% in accordance with Standards of ACI-704, HARDWARE 10 gauge steel grill expanded in a special pattern, 17 gauge steel frame and accessories. Grill as sembly secured with tamperproof hardware or optional key lock. All hardware to receive an electro-dip finish or baked acrylic enamel finish. Color as specified (see color chart), FIXTURE Shall be Infranor Type —__ (Refer to fixture specification.) PHOTOMETRICS See Section FINISH ORDERING INFORMATION a8 specified. Dimension Chart Lans-Cube housings are available in three tex- ARTORE tures: Exposed aggregate, acid etched and honed. aAlBicl| op AVAILABILITY The color selected from eoier chart enteral and Tntranor 2A consistent throughout the casting. Other colors pee and finishes are available by contacting the factory. bra | a2" |r| 2" | 175" | a Par Lampholder uaa | 2a" | sr] or | a.76° | intranors31/595 ORDERING INFORMATION Las | 28" | 22” | 4” | 1.75" | Infranor 561/565, Objain size desired from dimension chart at right. Select, or Ga insoquonee, a coge foreach feature rom those lst in |.38 | 36° | ao-| «| 2or | ireger 691 win the forma iustrated below. EXAMPLE: Li2 EB A E N & e RS » oe & ¢ s ‘ se s 3S é | Liz OBTAIN OBTAIN See SEE NOTE: i FINISH GRILL NOTE Nore — | Obtain Luminaire CODE cove a 3 | number from inftanor Las FROM. FROM Luminaire order | tse | saupue CHART information. CHART NOTE A B—Mesium Bronze NS—NotStandard— -NOTEB Black Enamel Enamel Dur. 912 Furnish Sample KL — Keyed Lock (Standard), © — Dark Bronze NK Not Known G— impact Glass Lens ‘A— Light Bronze Enamel — Dur. 311 Enamel — Dur. 313 G— Natural Aluminum N=Not Required LE — Polycarbonate Lens 8, ENCLOSURE HINGE DETAIL Lans-Cube plus Infranor...two bright ideas that deliver more effective security lighting. Use Lans-Cube for design compatibility and supe- rlor security... add infranor for its unique precision beam control”... and you have a brilliant solution to many floodlighting problems. Special reflectors in all Infranor floodlighting fixtures create unique rectangular beam patterns that can.be controlled to exactly fit the area you want to illuminate, vertical or horizontal. With Infra- or, you can cast a wide, low beam across the lower half of a building,-with sharp cutoff at the edges and comers; fill a public square with light from edge to edge: or extend a pencil-thin beam Up to the top of a steeple. When your Infranor fixture must be mounted on or near ground level and there's no existing struc- ture or landscaping features to accommodate it, Lans-Cube provides a beautiful answer. Infranor lets you angle the beam to fill just the area you want to light; Lans-Cube lets you do it in a way that’s completely compatible with the building de- sign and landscaping, and provides the added ad- vantage of the giant shadow effect for security. Together they make a bright idea worth looking into. Ask your Sterner representative for complete specifications, photometric data and available options. ENCLOSURE GRILLS colors and finishes ETCHED HONED AGGREGATE Lans-Cube units are available in acid etch, honed or exposed aggregate finish, and an almost unlimited number of colors. You can ‘choose one of our 15 most popular colors shown above, or send us a sample and we'll match it. Our extensive color-matching capability allows us to match Lans-Cube finishes to any other |, including brick, wood, granite, curtainwall construction, sidewalks, ground rock and even corporate colors. Note: The colors illustrated are as close to actual finishes as the printing process permits. Actual finishes will vary only slightly from these printed colors. STERNER LIGHTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED Winsted, Minnesota 55395 (612) 473-1251 Pritedin USA evieod ve