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Part 1 (25 Questions)

1. In which Veda is the mention of Gayatri Mantra – Rigveda

2. Most part of digestion is performed in – Small Intestine

3. Silkworms are found on soft leaves of which tree – Mulberry

4. Khetri in Rajasthan is famous for – Copper mine

5. Where is the image of any object formed in the human eye – Retina

6. What is the transmission of heat from the sun to the earth – Radiation

7. What is Beekeeping – Apiculture

8. What is the first page of a website called – Homepage

9. Which mirror is used to see the rearview in cars – Convex

10. What is the speed of sound in air – 332 m/s

11. What is the only planet which revolves from its east to west direction on its

axis – Venus

12. Sun mostly consists of – Hydrogen

13. What is the brightest planet in our solar system – Venus

14. Which crop is sown on the largest area of India – Rice

15. Where did India test its first Nuclear test – Pokhran (Rajasthan)

16. Which minerals are found in the Monajeet sand – Thorium

17. Which is the biggest endocrine gland in the body – Thyroid

18. Which is the world’s largest mammal – Whale

19. What is the main ore of Aluminum – Bauxite

20. What was the first artificial satellite – Sputnik I

21. Which planet is known as Sandhya Tara – Venus

22. What is the lowest surface of the atmosphere called – Troposphere

23. Plaster of Paris is made of – Gypsum

24. Fish breathe with – Gills

25. By which process cream is made from milk – Centrifugal Force

Part 2 (25 Questions)

1. Which is the world’s largest island – Greenland

2. Black soil is most suitable for which crop – Cotton

3. Which foreign invaders robbed ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ – Nadir shah

4. Which is the oldest mountain range in India – Aravali ranges

5. Which country has the longest boundary with India – Bangladesh

6. Which river is called Sorrow of Bihar – Kosi

7. Which substance is mixed with gas cylinders to detect the gas leakage – Ethyl

8. Konark Sun Temple is in – Odisha

9. Who presided over the historic session of 1929 of INA – Jawaharlal Nehru

10. When did the Muslim League first demand the partition of India – 1940

11. Which is India’s largest tribe – Gond (MP)

12. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress – Annie


13. How many high courts are there in India – 25

14. Who was the president of the first Lok Sabha – G.V Mavalankar

15. Which state is the largest producer of Saffron – J & K

16. Who was the first president of the Indian National Congress – WC Benerjee

17. Who did Gandhiji regard as his political guru – Gopala Krishna Gokhale

18. Who was the first Indian citizen to receive Nobel Prize – Rabindranath Tagore

(in 1913)

19. In which year did the Mid-day meal scheme begin – 1995

20. Which Constitution amendment is called ‘Mini Constitutin’ – 42nd

21. Who was the founder of Homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann

22. What is the first month of Indian National Calendar – Chaitra

23. Madhubani art belongs to – Bihar

24. Which river is called the South/Old Ganga – Godavari

25. Port city of Indus Valley Civilization is located in - Gujarat

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