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Scotland’s Colleges International identified 5 cities in India for which they were keen to get
market intelligence in the Life Sciences sector. This market intelligence will be used to develop
a business plan that will be the basis of effective and efficient business development activity for
the Scottish Colleges working together to sell vocational education and workforce development
services aligned to the life sciences sector.

As part of this report, we have provided an industry analysis of the life sciences sector for each
of the identified city i.e. Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Goa, Vadodara and Bangalore. For Vadodara
and Bangalore, we have also provided details of the existing education and training providers in
the life sciences sector, their interest in partnering with Scottish education providers. We have
also included details of international training providers (if any) within these two cities and their
approach to market and pricing policies.


India’s life science industry is fast maturing and is poised to make big contributions to the
global healthcare industry. The country is emerging as a competitive base for several segments
of the R&D value chain, especially in late discovery, preclinical, and clinical development. This
sector contributes 15% to the National GDP.

The pharma and biotech industries in India are considered to be the next booming segment
after information technology. Indian companies enjoy several advantages in the life science
industry including low operational costs, low cost technologies, skilled human resource base,
large network of research laboratories and abundant raw material in the form of plants, animals
and human genetic diversity.

India finds a place amongst the top 10 biotech hubs in the world and is one of the five
promising biotech markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The country has over 370 biotech
companies that are involved in a range of biotech related business and another 200 companies
that supply technology products to these biotech companies. Most of the companies are
clustered in the western, southern and northern regions of the country as a result of good
support from associations and presence of research institutes and other leading companies in
these regions.

Amongst the leading Biotech companies contacted in the identified cities, quite a few did not
share information pertaining to their training requirement. Those who did share the information
either did not have a formal training budget or were not willing to share this information. The
companies do not seem to have in place a formal training calendar. In quite a few cases the
Department Head provide the required training.

Some Indian education providers are keen to have business discussions with Scottish Colleges
to explore the potential of developing alliances. The details of these education providers are
provided in the report.

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India’s Life Science sector

India’s life science industry is fast maturing and is poised to make big contributions to the
global healthcare industry. The country is emerging as a competitive base for several segments
of the R&D value chain, especially in late discovery, preclinical, and clinical development. This
sector contributes 15% to the National GDP.

In recent years, there have been several major multinational companies who have established
subsidiaries in India. U.S. and European companies are collaborating with Indian firms to
develop new drugs and vaccines, to conduct clinical trials and toxicity studies, to perform
molecular modelling and lead optimisation, to provide computer services such as bioinformatics,
and to develop industrial production processes for new drug ingredients. Similarly, venture
capitalists from the U.S. and Singapore are helping to fund start-up biotechnology companies in

Indian companies are also set to tap into the global biopharmaceutical outsourcing market.
These companies are increasingly moving into the developed market and transitioning from
bulk drugs to formulation exports. Indian companies are also expected to produce many of the
top drop drugs that are scheduled to lose patent protection over the next few years. India will
not only be accessing the generics market, but the research focus of many large companies has
shifted toward the discovery of new chemicals-providing the skill set necessary for upstream

Overview of the Biotechnology sector in India

The Biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based sectors in India,
expected to play a key role in shaping the country’s rapidly developing economy.

India has been one of the first few countries, among the developing ones, to have recognised
the importance of biotechnology in the advancement and growth of agriculture and health
sectors as early as in the 1980s. Though India has a marginal 2% of the global biotech market,
biotechnology has been a fast emerging sector in India. The consumption of biotech products
was approximately $ 1.8 billion in 1999 and this is expected to be over $4.3 billion by the end
of 2010. India’s rich human capital with a large English-speaking skill base has been the single
largest driver in this knowledge-intensive sector.

The pharma and biotech industries in India are considered to be the next booming segment
after information technology. Indian companies enjoy several advantages in the life science
industry including low operational costs, low cost technologies, skilled human resource base,
large network of research laboratories and abundant raw material in the form of plants, animals
and human genetic diversity.

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According to an industry survey, conducted by the Association of Biotech Led Enterprises

(ABLE), the biotech industry has notched up a growth of 18% during 2008-2009, earning
revenue of $ 2.67 billion. The Indian biotech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% in
future. Exports dominate the biotech industry, with bioservices and bioinformatics as the key
drivers. Biopharma remains India's biggest sector accounting for nearly 70% of the total
revenues in 2007-08. By 2012-13, the sector is expected to be worth INR 224.13 Billion (US$
5.7 Billion). The FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the pharma industry is estimated at US$
172 million during 2005-06, recording a CAGR of 62.6% during the period beginning 2002-06.
The Biotech industry in India mainly consists of five segments:
 Bio-pharma
 Bio-agriculture
 Bio-industrial
 Bio-services and
 Bio-informatics

Bio clusters in India

India finds a place amongst the top 10 biotech hubs in the world and is one of the five
promising biotech markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The country has over 370 biotech
companies that are involved in a range of biotech related business and another 200 companies
that supply technology products to these biotech companies. Most of the companies are
clustered in the western, southern and northern regions of the country as a result of good
support from associations and presence of research institutes and other leading companies in
these regions.

Being home to 200 diverse companies, the biotech cluster in Bangalore alone leads the pack,
with other cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai also becoming preferred
destinations to set up biotech facilities.

Pharma in India

The Indian pharmaceutical industry possesses excellent chemistry and process engineering
skills. This adds to the competitive advantage of the Indian companies. The strength in
chemistry helps Indian companies develop processes that are technically sound and cost

India’s pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in the world in terms of volume and accounts
for 10% of the world’s production. According to a report of Mckinsey, Indian Pharma industry is
poised to grow to an innovation-led US $ 25 billion industry by 2010 with a market capitalization
of almost US $ 150 billion from the current US $ 5 billion generic based drug industry.


A highly organized sector, the Indian Pharma Industry is estimated to be worth $ 4.5 billion,
growing at about 8 to 9 percent annually. It ranks very high in the third world, in terms of
technology, quality and range of medicines manufactured. India’s exports of drugs,
pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals grew by 29% in 2008-2009 to $8.25 billion compared to the
previous year.

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Pharma companies

The Indian Pharmaceutical sector is highly fragmented with more than 20,000 registered units.
It has expanded drastically in the last two decades. The leading 250 pharmaceutical companies
control 70% of the market with market leader holding nearly 7% of the market share. It is an
extremely fragmented market with severe price competition and government price control.
Indian life science companies at various stages of growth

(source: secondary research)

India as an emerging global hub for clinical trials

India is also gaining importance as a clinical trial destination. KPMG estimates the global clinical
research market will touch $ 23 billion by 2011 with India cornering 15% of this in the next
couple of years. There is a growing number of biotech companies that provide R&D services to
global pharma companies. The vaccines market in India will also lead the demand growth in
south-east Asian countries as many new vaccines are likely to be launched in the next few

The life science landscape for India and the specific cities are covered based on the
broader segments of the industry, namely, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. We
realize that the workplan covers the narrow components of the industry. However,
we were unable to collate data on these narrow segments while we worked on the
sector landscape. The broader landscape report encompasses the parameters asked
for and the companies we have written about fall under the specific categories.

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Biotechnology in Bangalore

Since the 1980s, Bangalore has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the fastest growing
cities in Asia. From 1981 to 2004 its population doubled to about six million. It is now the fifth
largest city in India after Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

The meteoric rise of Bangalore to a globally integrated 'e-region' was not a mere coincidence
but resulted from a combination of favourable enabling conditions: (1) the city's reputation as
one of Asia's leading locations of education and research; today Bangalore has three
universities, several engineering colleges, and a plethora of well-reputed research institutes
devoted to aeronautics and space, science, health and so forth.

Biotechnology, post the ICT success, has emerged as a recent rapidly expanding sector in
Bangalore. The city accounts for over 50% of the 370 biotech companies in India. Biocon, the
nation’s leading biotech company is headquartered in Bangalore. Bangalore has opportunities in
contract research space, bioinformatics (because of the IT influence) and lot of potential in the
Stem Cell area.

The city has revenue of over $550 for 2008-2009 which is over 20% of the total biotech
revenue for the country.

Pharmaceutical sector in Bangalore

Fundamentally, with its rich knowledge background, Bangalore has been a research and
technology focused city, with inherent limitations in process chemistry. As a result, Bangalore
has a modest pharmaceutical industry with several companies working more on clinical research
rather than hard core manufacturing. The city contributes to 8% of the national exports.

Recent primary research revealed that the Government of Karnataka is planning to allocate a
large section of land for the development of a pharmaceutical park to house large R&D and
manufacturing facilities of Indian pharma companies. This park is expected to be a good growth
driver to the sector in Bangalore.

The key companies that work on pharma manufacturing in Bangalore are Strides Arcolab,
Microlabs, Hikal, Bal Pharma, Medreich, Anglo French Drugs and Himalaya Drugs. India’s
leading pharma company, Cipla, has its bulk drugs and formulations manufacturing unit in

UK companies working with Bangalore

Bangalore has a good success story to tell with regard to working with the UK in the life science
sector. Astra Zeneca UK has its largest Diabetes focused R&D centre in Bangalore. Several UK
companies including Genetix, Physicool and Labmate have alliances and partnerships with
Bangalore-based companies.

CROs including the Scottish company Clintec is based in Bangalore. The city is also home to the
leading science research institute, The Indian Institute of Science, which has a strong UK
background. World-leading pharma giant GSK of the UK are present with a large clinical
development centre in Bangalore.

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Some of the key life science companies to look out for in Bangalore include: Advinus
Therapeutics, Astra Zeneca, Aurigene Discovery services, Biocon India, Jubilant Biosys,
Metahelix Life Sciences, Strand Life Sciences, Strides Arcolab and Xcyton Diagnostics.

20th KM, Hosur Road
Electronics City
Bangalore, India - 560 100
Contact: Mr Rajendra Sharma
Tel: +91 80 2808 2808 / 91 80 4014 4014
Fax: +91 80 2852 3423
Email: Rajendra.sharma@biocon.com
Website: www.biocon.com

Turnover 2009-10: £3.5 billion

Biocon is India’s leading biotechnology company. It is also India’s first biotechnology company.
Set up in 1978, Biocon is an integrated biotechnology enterprise focussed on the development
of biopharmaceuticals. In the biotechnology sector, the company ranks first in Asia and 16th
globally, both in terms of revenue and market capitalisation.

Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw heads Biocon and Kiran with her husband John Shaw holds 60% of
the company’s stock.

The company constantly works on its in-house R&D and also provides custom and clinical
research services to international pharma and biotech majors through its subsidiaries, Syngene
and Clinigene.

Biocon is the first company across the world to manufacture human insulin, INSUGEN, using a
Pichia expression. The company is working on two collaborative projects for the development
of novel medicine, including Oral Insulin and T1h. Biocon markets branded formulations like
INSUGEN, BIOMab EGFR and EPO in India.

Biocon, Syngene and Clinigene together employ about 3500 personnel.


Their business spilt is 70% manufacturing and 30% R&D. Staff training is done at three levels,
lower level, middle level and upper level. Technical staff are at middle level and require specific
training. Most technical training are conducted offsite or done abroad through seminars.

Biocon’s training requirements would be in the area of project management in R&D, monoclonal
antibodies, regulatory, EMEA and MHRA and operational excellence.

The minimum qualification at entry level for technical staff in Biocon is Diploma in Pharmacy or
Bachelor in Pharmacy (Bpharm).

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Strides Arcolab Limited

Strides House
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore – 560076
Contact: Mr Balachander
Tel: +91 80 66580000 / 66580600.
E mail: balachander.n@stridesarco.com
Website: www.stridesarco.com

Turnover 2009-09: £1.9 billion

Established in 1990, Strides is an integrated manufacturer and exporter of finished

pharmaceutical dosage forms – both branded and generic. They are a global player in soft
gelatin capsules and sterile parenterals. They undertake contract R & D and manufacture of
pharmaceutical dosage forms.

They have 13 plants in India, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Italy offering their partners
the advantage of multi-location product sourcing. They have marketing presence in 55


• Therapeutics Goods Administration - Australia
• Medicines Control Council – South Africa
• ANVISA regulation – Brazil


Despite repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Strides Arcolab.

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Micro Labs Limited

No.27, Race Course Road
Bangalore 560 001
Contact Person: Mr Shivaji Kapade – Head HR
Tel: +91 80 22370451 / 54
Fax: +91 80 22370463
Email: shivaji.kapade@microlabs.in
Website: www.micorlabsltd.com

Turnover 2008-09: £1.75 billion

Founded by Mr G C Surana, Micro Labs are a generic manufacturer. They focus on major
therapeutics including cardiology, diabetology, psychiatry, dermatology and ophthalmology.
Microlabs are a privately owned company with around 5000 employees.

Geographical Coverage

Microlabs have a presence in 50 countries exporting major dosage forms in various therapeutic
segments. They have marketing and distribution subsidiaries in 28 countries worldwide and
export to about 60 countries. They have corporate offices in ten countries including the UK,
Thailand, Russia, Vietnam and Ukraine.
• MCC South Africa
• Health Canada


Research, manufacturing, sales and marketing are all integrated in Microlabs. They have not
shared details about their training budgets. We were informed that they do have training
requirements and they are all need based. The entry level qualification for technical staff is
pharma, postgraduates and sciences graduates.

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Medreich House, 12/8,
S.A. Street, MS Nagar,
Bangalore - 560033
Contact Person: Mr Reny Samuel
Tel: +91 80 2549 1545
Fax: NA
Email: reny.s@medreich.com
Website: www.medreich.com

Turnover 2008-09: £ 6.6 million

Medreich was set up in 1976 to manufacture generic and branded drugs in several therapeutic
areas. The company has a joint venture with Medreich plc UK. Medreich has over 1500
employees working across different countries in the world to cater to clients spread across 54

The company’s R&D and manufacturing facilities are approved by regulatory bodies including
the UK MHRA, Australia AG, SA MCC, Health Canada and French FDA. Medreich produce drugs
for large global pharma companies including GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, Wyeth and Merck.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Medreich.

AstraZeneca India Pvt. Ltd.

Bellary Road
Bangalore - 560 024
Contact: Mr Manoj Singalachar
Tel: +91-80-23621-212
Fax: +91-80-23621-214
Email: manoj.sincalachar@astrazeneca.com
website: www.astrazeneca.com

Turnover 2008-09: £56 million

AstraZeneca India Private Limited is an R&D company in India and is a 100% subsidiary of
AstraZeneca UK. At the Bangalore facility the company has a group of over 100 scientists
working on finding new and effective treatments for the cure of tuberculosis.

AstraZeneca India Private Limited also has a new process R&D laboratory (PR&D) set up at a
cost of over $12 million, to develop and upscale safe and efficient processes toward Candidate
Drugs received from AZ Discovery sites located worldwide. It presently accommodates 50 high
quality scientists.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from AstraZeneca.

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Himalaya Drug Company

Bangalore - 562123
Contact: Mr Raghavendra Kulkarni – Learning and Development Manager
Tel: +91 80 2362 1212
Fax: +91 80 2362 1214
Email: raghu.kulkarni@himalayahealthcare.com
Website: www.himalayahealthcare.com

Turnover 2008-09: £36 million

The Himalaya Drug Company founded in 1930 and are based in Bangalore, India with additional
offices in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates; Latvia, Europe; Houston, Texas; Grand Cayman,
Johannesburg, and Singapore.

The Himalaya Drug Company provide herbal healthcare solutions to the Indian and international
markets. They offer pharmaceutical products for children, women, men, and general health, as
well as pure herbal and personal healthcare products, animal health products, such as livestock,
poultry, aquaculture, and companion products. The company sells products through own stores,
multi-branded shop-in-shops, departmental stores, and chemists.

Quality Assurance

Himalaya is the first ayurvedic facility to get GMP certification in India. Their ayurvedic product,
Liv.52 Hepato-protective formula is registered as a pharmaceutical speciality in Switzerland.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Himalaya Drug Company.

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Bioplus Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Pharmed Gardens
Whitefield Road
Bangalore-560 048
Contact : Mr Kumaraguru
Tel: +91 80 28410158 / 28410226
Fax: +91 80 28410232 / 41157105
Email: kumaraguru@bioplus.com
Website: www.bioplus.com

Turnover 2008-09: £17 million

Bioplus was established in 1946 and is a family majority owned business with over 1000
employees, multiple manufacturing sites and business in over 50 countries. Their products are
focused on naturally sourced, renewable resource compounds validated by advanced science.
Their focus is on licensed and OTC (nutritional) pharmaceuticals or healthcare products, novel
drug delivery, excellence in carbohydrate chemistry and biopharmaceuticals.

Bioplus provide research based high performance ingredients for skin health, hair care,
cosmetics and general well being.


Bioplus Life Scienes do not have a dedicated training department. It is integrated with HR
department. We were told that respective department heads train new staff. BPharm is the
entry level requirement for new staff. Technical staff attend seminars, conferences and use
external training modules to keep themselves updated.

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Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd

41, 3rd Cross, 5th Block
Contact: Mr Ravishankar – Head Quality Control
Tel: +91 80 23154770 / 23156757
Fax: +91 80 23389963 / 23306596
Email: Ravishankar.v@afdil.com
Website: www.afdil.com

Turnover 2008-09: £16 million

Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd is a pharmaceutical company with established capabilities
in the areas of product development, marketing, sales and distribution. Their 400 plus sales and
marketing professionals are supported by an ERP (SAP) enabled distribution net work of 23
Carrier and Freight serving 1500 preferred distributors.

Anglo French are the first company in India to manufacture “single vitamin” injectables and a
combination of B Complex Vitamins.


Anglo French do not have a dedicated training department. It is integrated with HR department.
The respective department heads train the new staff. BPharm is the entry level requirement for
technical staff in manufacturing and MSc in Microbiology or Chemistry is the requirement for
Quality Control.

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Bal Pharma Limited

5th Floor, Laxmi Narayan Complex,
10/1, Palace Road,
Bangalore - 560 052
Contact: Mr Kotian
Tel: +91 80 4137 9500
Fax: +91 80 22354057 / 58
Email: kotian@balpharma.com
Website: www.balpharma.com

Turnover 2008-09: £15 million

Bal Pharma Limited were set up in Bangalore in 1991. They are involved in the manufacture of
formulations, bulk drugs and intermediaries and IV fluids and opthalmic solutions. Bal Pharma
has been jointly promoted by Ghevarchand Surana of Micro Labs and the Siroya family of

Bal Pharma have five facilities in India of which four are running and one is in the final stages
of completion.

The company’s main products are formulations, bulk drugs and intermediaries, IV fluids,
finished goods and opthalmic solutions.

The Unit I in Bangalore makes tablets, capsules, liquid orals and ointments. The Unit II in
Bangalore makes bulk drugs and also does contract research for developing bulk drugs.

The company exports to countries including UK, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada,
Cyprus, Egypt, France, Hungary and Jordan.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Bal Pharma.

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Strand Life Sciences

5th Floor, Kirloskar Business Park
Bellary Road, Hebbal
Bangalore 560024
Contact: Ms Radhika Choudhary
Phone: +91 80 4078 7263
Fax: +91 80 4078 7299
Email: radhika@strandls.com
Website: www.strandls.com

Turnover 2008-09: £ 5 million

Strand Life Sciences formerly known as Strand Genomics is a bioinformatics company. They
were formed by four entrepreneurs from Indian Institute of Science who came together to form
Strand Genomics.

Strand Life Sciences pioneers in Discovery Research Informatics. Strand leverages their core
strengths and intellectual property in data mining, predictive modelling, bioinformatics, and
computational chemistry to develop products and solutions for drug discovery.



Strand Life Sciences do not have a dedicated training department. It is integrated with HR
department. We were told that respective department heads train new staff. BPharm is the
entry level requirement for new staff.

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Chandigarh was the first planned city of India after independence, designed by French architect
Le Corbusier. The original plan divided the city into self-contained units called ‘sectors’ as self-
sufficient entities for living, working and leisure. The sectors were linked to each other with
roads running in a grid format. Today, the city has wide public parks, vibrant markets and a city
lake, which contribute to the high standard of living in the city.

Chandigarh serves as the capital of two northern Indian states, Punjab and Haryana, and has
been accorded a union territory status. Chandigarh has been described as a “micropolitan” city
– a city, which, while offering the benefits of a large city, has none of its disadvantages. The
city also enjoys the geographical advantage of being close to the National Capital Region (NCR).
Chandigarh has two satellite cities, Panchkula in Haryana and Mohali in Punjab. The Gross State
Domestic Product (GSDP) growth of Chandigarh has almost doubled from 5.6 per cent in 2000-
01 to 11.2 per cent in 2004-05.

Chandigarh has 493 factories with an estimated investment of GBP 73.66 million and net
income of GBP 20.38 million as of 2003-04. Traditionally, the main industries of Chandigarh
have been light engineering, manufacturing of tractor components, agricultural equipment,
basic metals and alloys, light electronic items, paper and paper products, plastics, wooden
furniture, synthetic and woollen textile, tourism and hospitality and banking. The emerging
industries are IT and ITES, biotechnology, fashion, and education.


Chandigarh offers excellent medical facilities. PG Institute of Medical Research and Education
(PGIMER), established in 1960, is one of the premier medical institutes and hospitals in India
and provides inexpensive medical care to a large number of patients. Chandigarh has the rare
distinction of having two hospitals with the world renowned JCI accreditation - The Fortis
Hospital and the Mohali and and Grewal Eye Institute at Chandigarh.

One centre which forms the nucleus of the biotech research in the region is the Institute for
Microbial Technology (IMTECH) in Chandigarh which takes up research in microbial bio-
processing. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER) focuses on
Pharmaceutical Research and Education.

Chandigarh Government has established a Biotechnology facilitation Committee which

comprises 6 officials responsible for coordinating between various agencies of the Chandigarh
Administration for implementation of biotechnology policy, drawing up a detailed agenda and
plan of action for implementing various aspects of the biotechnology policy, interacting with
organizations and experts outside Chandigarh in order to promote the biotechnology policy and
enhancing the value of Union territory, Chandigarh as biotechnology destination and facilitating
biotechnology ventures of all kinds in Chandigarh including research projects, educational and
training projects, production and marketing projects etc.

The state is developing a biotechnology park in the suburbs of Chandigarh to nurture

commercially viable leads through companies. The park, a public-private partnership between
Beckons Industries Ltd and Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, is being set up at
an estimated cost of US$ 22 million. Its facilities will include a biotech incubator for research
and development, pilot testing and other validation facilities. The park aims to attract Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the cluster and contribute to overall R&D in the sector.

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Baddi in Himachal Pradesh is emerging as the Lifesciences hub of North India. Baddi is 45 Kms
from Chandigarh. More than half of India's pharmaceutical production, mainly formulations,
would originate from Himachal Pradesh in a few years from now as 200 odd medium and large-
scale units are coming up in and around Baddi. Official sources claim Himachal is in the process
of attracting investments to the tune of over GBP 600 million.

After diverting a major chunk of Greenfield activities of pharmaceutical companies to the state,
the Government of Himachal Pradesh is now working on a mission to convert the state into a
leading bio-business valley of the country.

The government has announced plans to set up a Biotechnology Park at two sites in the vicinity
of its farm universities in Solan and Palampur for developing Biotechnology Industrial Clusters.
The clusters are meant to be developed as industrial sites for bio-pharmaceuticals,
phytochemicals, bioprospecting, fermentation, biofertilizers, biopesticides, post harvest
processing, bioprocessing, biochemicals, genetically engineered micro organisms, enzyme
production, environment protection and animal husbandry, vaccines, diagnostic kits and
recombinant drugs.

The services offered by the industrial clusters would include lab space for the start-up
companies, affordable office and wet laboratory space, assistance and support in business
development, strategic planning, financing, regulatory assistance and product
commercialization. The government will facilitate R&D, instrumentation resources, faculty
development and technology transfer.

Presently major Indian companies that have investment in the Chandigarh region are Nicholas
Piramal, Torrent, Zydus Cadila, Dabur to name a few.

Amongst Industry Associations, both CII and PHDCCI have a major presence in the


We spoke to all the companies listed here. None of them have a separate training
budget. They were not willing to share information related to training requirements.

Entry level requirement in these companies range from Diploma in Pharmacy to a

graduate degree in Science.

Parabolic Drugs Limited

Parabolic Drugs
SCO 99-100, Sector 17-B
Contact: Mr Pranav Gupta, Managing Director
Tel: +91 172 391 4646
Fax: +91 172 391 4645
Email: Pranav.Gupta@parabolicdrugs.com
Website: www.parabolicdrugs.com

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Parabolic Drugs Limited is one of the fast growing API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and
API intermediate manufacturing and marketing company in the SME segment, with increasing
international presence and a strong R& D foundation, based at Chandigarh, India.

Commissioned in 1998, PDL has two fully functional, state of the art manufacturing units, a
WHO-GMP certified Unit based in Derabassi (Punjab) and a USFDA accredited manufacturing
plant at Panchkula, (Haryana) respectively. The Company commissioned a 6-APA facility at
Panchkula, Haryana in FY 2005 which is approved by USFDA for supply of the product to US

PDL has consistently registered a growth rate of 70% year on year basis over the last three
years, both in its top line and bottom line. The company has managed to maintain its EBIDTA
at 14% in last three years and a PAT of approx.8.25% during this period.

Their long-term strategy includes becoming a preferred supplier to large global pharmaceutical
players for supplying APIs and API intermediates in the regulated markets of US and Europe.
The Company shall be very shortly commencing its dosage business and expanding its market
penetration in Russia, CIS and the Middle East in both API and Dosage segments.

Nectar Lifesciences Limited

SCO. 38-39,Sector 9-D,
Contact: Mr Dinesh Dua, CEO & Director
Tel. +91 172 3047766
Telefax:+91 172 503 3537
M: +91 98781 90900,+91 93576 67000

Nectar Lifesciences Ltd (NecLife) is a 200 million US$ integrated pharmaceutical organization,
offering comprehensive range of Cephalosporin Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished
Dosage Forms. The development and manufacture of quality intermediates, bulk actives have
been critical to their success in becoming one of the largest manufacturers of cephalosporin
range of products and delivering innovative and affordable products to domestic as well as
international markets.

NecLife has tactically positioned itself in the global pharmaceutical industry. It has developed
sustainable production systems to manufacture highest quality pharmaceutical products
meeting diverse requirements of its customer base in over 45 countries worldwide.

Venus Remedies Limited

51-52, Industrial Area - Phase 1
Panchkula (Haryana) 134 113
Contact: Mr Pawan Chaudhary, Managing Director
Ms Monica, Business Development Manager
Tel: +91 172 393 3090/ 393 3094
Fax: +91 172 256 5566
Email: intlmonica@venusremedies.com
Website: www.venusremedies.com

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Venus Remedies India is a research and development driven, pharmaceutical manufacturing

company and claim to be among the top 50 Pharma companies of India.

Their research team has filed many international patents for sophisticated formulations of anti-
biotics and oncological therapeutics. Venus has two manufacturing locations in India and one in
Germany. It is top class manufacturer of Oncological and Cefelosporine Injectable products
following EU-GMP norms for all is activities.

They reach out to all the significant markets across South Asia and contract manufacturing of
these product provides great value to major marketing companies of the world working in India
and the Europe.

Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd

S.C.O. 850, Shivalik Enclave, Manimajra
Chandigarh - 160101, INDIA
Contact: Dr Lalit Wadhwa, Associate Director
Tel:+91 172 2730503,2730920,5061850-53
Fax: +91 172 2730504
E-mail: lalit.wadhwa@indswiftlabs.com

Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd. went public in 1997 and concentrated on the manufacturing of
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The company has emerged as a respectable and
dependable supplier of Bulk-Actives in more than 40 countries. Not only are the company's
plants built as per USFDA, the company employs current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
also, which are recognised and accepted in the stringent regulated markets. The company's
shares are listed on the Mumbai, National, Ludhiana and Delhi stock exchanges.

R&D- The company has built up considerable R&D strengths, centred on a knowledge base pool
of over 80 scientists and technical personnel are working towards the common goal of
achieving excellence in all spheres of activities, be it development of new molecule, changes in
the process resulting in cost reduction or improvement in the quality of products. As a result of
its R&D initiatives, the Company has been able to introduce several new molecules first time in

To enter the regulated markets like USA, EU, Australia, and New Zealand, the Company is
focusing on getting its manufacturing plant approved by regulatory agencies like USFDA, TGA
and MCA.

A new R&D Center with investment of US$ 5 Million is already planned in Mohali with a focus to
develop NCEs. A wholly owned subsidiary of Ind-Swift laboratories Limited has been set up in
US which is operational since March, 2004.

Morepen Laboratories Ltd

Morepen Village
Nalagarh Road
Near Baddi, District Solan
Hiamchal Pradesh- 173220
Contact: Maj Upwan Kulshreshta, Head HR &Training
Tel: +91 1792 233284/233286
Email: upwan.kulshreshta@morepen.com
Website: www.morepen.com

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Established in the year 1984, Morepen Laboratories is a fast growing Pharmaceutical company
listed in all major stock exchanges in India. It has resources of international standing; USFDA
approved manufacturing facility for API at Masulkhana (Himachal Pradesh), adhering to the
most stringent standards of quality excellence. In addition to this state-of-the-art finished
dosage and API plants at Parwanoo and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) have the latest cGMP
guidelines, and their Quality Systems, Technical Product Information and Documentation
processes etc., are in perfect line to meet the regulatory requirements for Exports to various

Morepen is one of the largest producers’ of Loratadine in the World and presently has, over
90% market share of generic Loratadine in the US market other than the Innovator by
supplying the bulk drug to top class customers like Novartis, Merck etc. Morepen is the
approved global supplier to these companies.

The R&D center at Masulkhana, Parwanoo and Baddi is well equipped and hi-technology based
with over 40 scientists working on various projects primarily for new innovative non-infringing
processes and development of cost effective proprietary technologies. The company has filed
14 patents in last three years including 6 international PCT applications. Morepen has recently
filed an international patent on a new amorphous form of the cholesterol-reducing drug Lipitor
(Atorvastatin) that is the largest selling drug in the world.

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Goa is a tiny State on the west coast of India. Goa is situated towards the southern end of
Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It was liberated from Portuguese colonial rule on December
19, 1961. Goa state has representation in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha at Delhi and has
a Legislative Assembly of 40 members.

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Area 3,702
Altitude Sea level to 1,022 metres
Population 1.2 Million (1991 Census)

Capital Panaji
Climate Maximum 32 degrees Celsius, Minimum 21 degree Celsius
Rainfall 320 cms. approximately (From June to September)

Languages English, Portuguese, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi

Net Domestic INR. 18 billion (£257m)
Per Capita INR. 14,736 (£210)
Per Capita INR. 30,710 (£439)
Bank Deposit
Bank 321
Literacy Rate 82.32%

Goa includes port of Mormugao - a major, modern and thriving port, the highest exporter of
iron ore in the country. In addition a new, massive outer harbour is on the drawing board. Goa
will receive 2.5 million and above tourists by 2008, both international and domestic.

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New projects on the anvil include:

1. Software Technology Park

2. Integrated Infrastructure Development Scheme Park (IID)
3. Film City
4. Growth Centres
6. Food Park/Wine Park/Bio-Tech Park/Pharma Park
7. Sky-bus project

Biotech and Pharma

Goa's annual production of pharmaceuticals is around INR 28 billion (£400m) and about 1/10th
of India's pharmaceutical production comes from Goa. Goa also accounts for nearly INR 5.5
billion worth of exports. Goa has traditionally been perceived as one of the hot tourist
destinations of India attracting a large number of Indian as well as foreign nationals each year.

The state government introduced Biotechnology Policy for Goa in October 2006, with a mission
to accelerate and integrate the existing achievements in research and industry. Goa which is
known for its blue waters and golden sands throughout the world, has become an industrially
developing state. Known for its high-literacy rate, knowledge of English and pleasant

The industrial activity is on fast track in Goa with positive government attitude and support.
Currently there are over 7000 small scale industrial units with presence of more than 150 large
and medium scale industries employing.

Pharma industry in Goa is facing serious manpower shortage. The attrition rates in the state's
pharma enterprises is estimated to be 40 percent, far higher than the 25 percent prevailing in
the national pharma industry.

Major initiatives taken by the Government within the sector:

 The government of Goa, through its Goa Industrial Development Corporation (Goa-
IDC), has allocated land for a Pharma Park and two Biotechnology Parks in the state.

 The government will constitute a committee that will re-examine the policy. The
committee will comprise experts from Goa University (GU), National Institute of
Oceanography (NIO) and other such renowned institutes.

 Going a step further, the industries department is now working to set up a biotech
incubator in Goa in partnership with Goa University and the Goa State Industries
Association (GSIA).

 The setting up of the biotech incubator facility in Goa is in an advanced stage of

approval and a memorandum of understanding will shortly be signed between the
government, GU and GSIA. The government is also trying to rope in existing biotech
industries in Goa to support the biotech incubator facility so that later, these units can
sponsor students and researchers to conduct research on their areas of specialisation in
the incubator.

 The state government is already promoting the biotech industry in Goa. Besides
numerous small units, it has approved several big units such as Syngenta Biosciences at
Corlim which will conduct "research and development to discover, develop,

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manufacture a range of agro chemicals designed to improve crop yield and food
quality". It can employ 128 people.

 Unichem Laboratory Limited at Pilerne is another such big industry. The unit is a
bioscience centre with a research and development facility with employment potential
for 32 persons. The government has also recently cleared Biomab Limited, a unit of
Cipla at Verna. The Rs 59 crore unit also deals in biotech research and development. It
has an employment potential for 80 persons.

 Peninsula is developing 3 Special Economic Zones in Goa. Government of Goa has

identified Biotechnology as a thrust area and has earmarked land for development of
Biotechnology SEZs. Peninsula has been allotted two such plots of land spread over 170
acres for the development of Biotechnology SEZs. The other one is for Gems &

Peninsula Biotechnology Park, Location: Verna, Goa

This 120-acre complex will be dedicated to the field of Biotechnology. This complex will hold a
tenant mix of companies involved in the manufacturing and processing of Biotechnology
products. This Park will hold the best infrastructure & facilities to support the requirements of
the companies thereby making it a world class experience.

Peninsula Life Science Centre, Location: Sancaole, Goa

This 50 acre project dedicated to the field of Biotechnology will be the destination for
companies providing knowledge based services, research and business outsourcing. The
complex will provide research, laboratory and office space to the tenants alongwith latest
amenities to match the best standards in the industry.

Major lifescience companies having manufacturing facilities in Goa:

Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd. Kare Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Knoll Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vicco Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Unichem Laboratories Ltd.

Cadila Health care Ltd. Sander Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Lupin Ltd.

Indoco Remedies Ltd. Wyeth Ltd.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd Aventis Pharma Ltd.

Ratio Pharm India Pvt.Ltd. FDC Ltd.

Cipla Ltd.
Micro Labs Ltd. Sandu pharmaceutical Ltd

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The companies listed here have not shared any information related to their training budgets. As
of now, they are not keen to have discussions with SCI.

Vicco Laboratories
25, Jerbai Wadia Road,
Bhoiwada, Parel,
Mumbai - 400 012, Maharashtra, India
Contact: Mr G K Pendharkar, Chairman
Mr P Y Palwankar, Managing Director (Human Resource Head)
Tel: +91 22 24147780 / 24143552 / 24149096 / 24147992
Fax: +91 22 24143316
Email: gkp@viccolabs.com
Website: www.viccolabs.com

Turnover: INR 1.5 billion (£21m)

Staff: Not disclosed

Established in 1952, the Vicco Group has emerged as a maker of internationally known products
of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of natural medicine

They have production units at Dombivli, Nagpur and Goa in India. Their Goa plant was set up in
1997 and it has a built up area of 90,000 sqft. Their best known products are Vicco Turmeric
skin / sun screen cream, Vicco Vajradanti powder and paste and Vicco SF (Sugar free) paste.
About 15% of company's total production goes to overseas market. VICCO products constitute
4% of India's paste market.

Kare Labs Pvt Ltd

L- 40, Verna Industrial Estate,
Verna, Goa 403 722
Contact: Mr. J. Y. Sardesa, Executive Director
Mr Dinar Mardolkar, General Manager Human Resources
Tel: 91(832) 2783469, 2783471
Fax: 91(832) 2783470
Email: info@karelab.co.in / jys@karelab.co.in / dinor@karelab.co.in
Website: www.karelab.co.in

Turnover: INR 120 million (£1.71m)

Staff: 50

Kare Labs Pvt. Ltd.’s manufacturing facility was set up at Verna, Goa in 1997. This facility is
modern and has been approved by multinational companies like Abbott, E-Merck and Aventis,
besides leading Indian Companies for third-party manufacturing.

The company has high volumes capacities and manufactures formulations in dosage forms
including, Tablets (Plain, Sugar & Film coated), Ointments/Creams/gels, Liquid orals. They are
certified under the WHO GMP certification scheme.

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Currently, the company is primarily engaged in contract manufacturing activities for reputed
Multinational and Indian Companies like Abbott, Merck, Cipla group, FDC, Sigma etc. Some
products of the company are being supplied to Central Government, and semi-Government
Institutions. It is also exporting its products to some of the neighbouring countries.

The company provides only in-house training and spends less than 1% of their
turnover on training.

Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

3rd Floor, Dempo Trade Centre Bldg., Patto Plaza,
EDC Complex, Panaji 403001, Goa. India.
Contact: Mr Cesar Menezes, Managing Director
Ms Shruti Mhatri, HRD
Marketing Office :
101/2, Floral Deck Plaza, Off. Central MIDC Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 093.
Tel: +91 22 2839 0681 / 2 / 3 / 9 / 0730; Fax : +91 22 2839 0733
Email: shruti@wallacepharma.net
Website: www.wallacepharma.net

Turnover: Not disclosed

Staff: Not disclosed

Wallace was formed through collaboration between Carter Wallace Inc. and Cosme Matias
Menezes Pvt. Ltd. in the late 1960's. Wallace is today a wholly Indian company and has
emerged as a leading player in the Indian domestic market. In the international arena, Wallace
is also rapidly emerging as a fast growing healthcare solution provider.

Their current product range has leading brands in the antibiotic, anti-infective, pain &
inflammation, topical antibiotics, antiacne, paediatrics, dermatology and diabetic segments.
Wallace reaches out to over 100,000 medical practitioners and 35,000 retail chemists in India.
Wallace formulations can also be found in many countries around Asia and Africa. They have an
ISO 9002 certification.

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Indoco Remedies Limited

Indoco House,
166, CST Road, Santacruz (East),
Mumbai 400 098, Maharashtra, India
Contact: Mr. Vilas Nagare, Sr. Vice President - International Business
Ms. Aditi Kare Panandikar : Director - Business Development & HRD
Tel: +91-22-2654 1851 to 2654 1855
Email: hrd@indoco.com / vilasn@indoco.com
Website: www.indoco.com

Turnover: INR 3.5-billion (£50-m)

Staff: 500

Indoco Remedies is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of Formulations (Finished

Dosage Forms) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in India. Indoco has a strong
international presence in the regulated and emerging markets. The Company is looking at
various opportunities in untapped markets and association with business partners in the global
markets to boost its revenues.

As a company, Indoco remains focused on APIs & Formulations business and will be looking to
expand the same, both in the domestic as well as international markets. Indoco has a well-built
brand portfolio of 135 products in various therapeutic segments, including high growth life style
segments such as Anti-Diabetics, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Musculo-Skeletal,
Nutrition and Dental care.

Indoco has built a visible presence across all its markets in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Latin
America and other CIS countries. A number of its products have emerged as brand leaders in
the Indian and in International markets. Indoco has made significant investments to build
capabilities in API manufacturing and R & D services to enhance its visibility. As of today, the
company operates in over 35 countries globally for Formulations and APIs. With approval of its
Finished Dosage facilities by the US - FDA, Darmstadt – Germany, TGA Australia, MCC-South
Africa and UK - MHRA, Indoco has emerged as the most suitable partner and provider of
Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) to its customers globally. With a
sizeable basket of own Dossiers in CTD format, Indoco is all set to offer the full range of
services including APIs with DMFs/CoS and CTD Dossiers with supply of Finished Dosages.

Indoco Remedies Goa Plant I is a product manufacturing facility which includes solid dosages,
creams, ointments and liquid dosages with a vertical flow system, monolithic flooring, fully air-
conditioned RM and FG stores. The unique feature is that it has a separate Pilot Plant. The plant
has capability to manufacture Aqueous, Non-aqueous and Photosensitive products. It has HVAC
system that maintains Relative Humidity to 40% +/- 5%. The facility has now been expanded
to meet the growing demands by our customers from the regulated markets.

Indoco has two plants in Goa the first facility is approved by UK-MHRA (for Solid Dosages and
Creams & Capsules), MCC South Africa, TGA - Australia (for Solid Dosages, Liquid Orals and
Creams & Ointments) and by Darmstadt Germany (for Solid Dosages). The Solid Dosage facility
has also received approval from Brazilian food and drug agency, ANVISA, marking the
beginning of company's foray into one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. The
Plant also holds the WHO-GMP approval.

The second sterile facility for Ophthalmics and Injectables approved by USFDA for Ophthalmic
preparations. This facility has also been approved by MCC - South Africa and Ministry of Health
- Tanzania.

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Geno Pharmaceutical Ltd

Pharmaceutical Complex
Tivim Industrial Estate PO
Karaswada, Mapusa Goa 403 536
Contact: Mr Dilip Salgaocar, Chairman and Managing Director
Mr V L Sawant, Human Resources Manager
Tel: 91 832 2257216/7
Fax: 91 832 2257215
Email: genopharma@genopharma.com / personnel@genopharma.com
Website: www.genopharma.com

Turnover: Not Disclosed

Staff: Not Disclosed

Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established in December 1975. It commenced commercial

operations in March 1977 initiating manufacture of its formulations on contract basis in Mumbai
and Goa. Simultaneously, Geno initiated construction of its own formulations manufacturing
facility at Karaswada, Mapusa – Goa.

Geno has the W .H.O. - G.M.P. approved facilities at Mapusa, Goa to manufacture Tablets,
Capsules, Syrup and Ointment in the Plant extending over 5 acres of area. Geno is also an ISO
9001:2008 certified company with revised schedule M compliance.

Geno has a marketing network embracing entire country consisting of 22 Depots and over 1298
authorized distributors located at strategic spots throughout India supported by 680 strong
Field Sales Force.

They have a wide marketing network all over India with 680 Field Sales Personnel, 1298
authorized stockists and 22 depots located at Mumbai, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Raipur,
Cochin, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Madurai, Chennai, Calcutta, Guwahati, Cuttack, Patna, Ranchi,
Lucknow, Varanasi, Ghaziabad Jaipur, Uttaranchal, Zirakpur & Delhi.

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Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.

Peninsula Chambers, Ground Floor
Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (West)
Mumbai 400013, Maharastra, India
Contact: Mr N. H. Israni, Chairman
Mr. Dolfred Furtado, Personnel Director
Tel: 91 22-6663 8000
Fax: 91 22-6663 8120
Email: info@bluecrosslabs.com / dolfred@bluecrosslabs.com
Website: www.bluecrosslabs.com

L-17, Verna Industrial Estate, Verna,
Goa - 403 722
Tel: 0832-2783296, 2783440
Fax: 2783298
Email: akb@bluecrosslabs.com

Established in 1980, Blue Cross Labs is one of the leading research-based pharmaceutical
companies in India with over two decades of experience in providing healthcare products.

Their product range includes highly advanced pharmaceutical products covering major
therapeutic segments like antibacterials, pain management, antispasmodics, cough & cold
preparations, cardiology, diabetology, dermatologicals, anti-ulcerants, antipyretics etc. in
different dosage forms.

They have state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at Nashik and Goa in India. Their plants are
modern and well equipped with spacious operational areas having adequate capacities for
manufacturing world-class pharmaceutical products.

Their plants are approved by F.D.A., W.H.O and many overseas countries for compliances with
current G.M.P requirements.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Blue Cross.

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Ratiopharm India Private Limited

402 Omega, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai
400 076 Mumbai, India
Tel: +91 22 6641 2100
Fax: +91 22 2570 5991
Email: contact@ratiopharm.in
Website: www.ratiopharm.in

Ratiopharm India was established in 2001. They are engaged in contract research &
development: pharmaceutical development, analytical research & development, intellectual
property studies, develop novel routes of synthesis for APIs.

Ratiopharm India supports sourcing and purchasing requirements of Ratiopharm group. Their
Research & Development Centre in Goa is a recognized Export Oriented Unit.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Ratiopharma.

Cipla Ltd
289 Bellasis Road
Opp. Sahil Hotel, Mumbai Central East
Mumbai 400 008, Maharashta, India
Contact: Mr S V Iyer, Head Human Resources
Tel: 91 22 23082891
Fax: 91 22 2307 0393
Email: gloria.dsouza@cipla.com
Website: www.cipla.com

Turnover: INR 53 billion (£666m)

Staff: 20,000

Established in 1935, Cipla is a leading player in the domestic market with a major share in
many therapeutic segments. They offer the widest range across various dosage forms in these
segments. It is the market leader in several critical areas like respiratory and HIV. They are
among the leaders in many disease segments where they provide a wide range of medications.
Prominent among these are HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Asthma and Respiratory Disease. The “Cipla”
name enjoys a high reputation among the Indian medical fraternity.

Cipla exports to more than 180 countries worldwide and more than half its turnover comes from
its international operations. With over 5700 product registrations worldwide, they continue to
leverage its strategic partnerships to expand sales and increase market share overseas.

They have units at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Patalganga (Maharashtra), Kurkumbh

(Maharashtra), Verna (Goa) and Bengaluru (Karnataka). They have invested significantly in
newer, state of the art facilities which are among the best equipped and modern. During the
past 3 years alone they have incurred a total capital expenditure of nearly INR 20
billion(£250m). In 2008, they invested over INR 3 billion(£3.75m) in a new pharma project in
Sikkim, which has already supplied large quantities of drug formulations to the domestic market
including capsules, tablets, nasal sprays, inhalers, eyedrops and respules commenced
commercial production during the year. A dedicated formulation unit is in the final stages of
being set up in a special economic zone in Indore, Madhya Pradesh at an estimated cost of over
INR 7.5 billion(£9.4m). This factory complex will commence production in 2010. In Bangalore, a

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new API facility is being set up as also expansion of API production in both Kurkumbh and
Patalganga. R&D activities are being expanded in Vikhroli (Mumbai) and Patalganga

Several dosage forms and APIs manufactured in the Company’s plants continue to enjoy the
approval of major international regulatory agencies. These agencies include the US FDA, MHRA
(UK), PIC (Germany), MCC (South Africa), TGA (Australia), Department of Health (Canada),
ANVISA (Brazil), SIDC (Slovak Republic), Ministry of Health (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), the
Danish Medical Agency and the WHO.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Cipla.

Aventis Pharma Ltd (Sanofi-Aventis Group)

Aventis House
54/A, Sir Mathuradas Vasanji Road
Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093
Contact: Mr Pradeep Vaishnav, Head Human Resources
Tel: 91 22 2827 8000
Fax: 91 22 28370939
Email: pradeep.vaishnav@sanofi-aventis.com
Website: www.aventispharmaindia.com

Turnover: INR 9.7 billion (£139m)

Staff: 2100

Established in 1956, Aventis Pharma Limited in India provides medicines for the treatment of
patients in several therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular Disease, Thrombotic Diseases, Diabetes,
Oncology, Central Nervous System and Internal medicine.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Aventis.

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Unichem Laboratories Ltd

Unichem Bhavan, Prabhat Estate, S V Road,
Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai 400 102, Maharashtra, India
Contact: Mr Prasad Joshi, Head Human Resources
Tel: 91 22 6688 8333
Fax: 91 22 2678 4391 / 8665
Email: Prasadjoshi@unichemindia.com
Website: www.unichemindia.com

Turnover: INR 6.5 billions (£93m)

Staff: 3,000

With formulations forming the core of Unichem’s business, the company also manufactures
active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs or bulk actives). In addition, it has several pharma
products that address relevant and growing therapeutic areas like gastroenterology, cardiology,
diabetology, psychiatry, neurology, anti-bacterials, anti-infectives and pain management among

Unichem is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and has six drug manufacturing locations across
the country including in Goa. In keeping with its commitment to benchmark quality standards,
several of the company’s facilities have been accredited by reputed international organizations
such as the US FDA, ISO, UK MHRA (earlier MCA), MCC (South Africa), WHO (Geneva) and TGA

The company has taken several important strides in the critical area of pharmaceuticals
Research & Development (R&D). It has expanded its R&D facility in Mumbai to spearhead
research in Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) and chemically synthesize non-infringing
routes for the manufacture of medical products directed at regulated markets. In its effort to
drive innovation, Unichem has established a proprietary Pharma Technology Development
Centre in Goa to focus on the development of generic formulations comprising immediate
release as well as NDDS and ANDAs exclusively for the US market. The facility has also been
equipped to handle the development of formulation for New Chemical Entities (NCEs). Further,
the company has also established Biotech facility at Goa to invent, design, develop and
commercialize biotech and biosimilar products.

Unichem’s Goa plant is setup at Pileme about 12 Km from the capital city Pangi. Built in 1997 it
caters 100% of the export market of Unichem. This plant has consistently met Current Good
Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines and WHO specifications. It has also rigorously
complied with environmental and safety regulations and requirements.

Unichem's international operations are divided into three distinct regions: European Union (EU)
(Unichem's growing presence in the EU is driven through its 100% subsidiary, Niche Generics,
UK.), The Americas and Rest of the World (Zone 1)


They are interested in finding an education partner to help develop a programme that could
help with staff retention.

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• Gujarat accounted for 45 per cent of the national pharmaceutical production in 2006–07.
•It is the first state in India to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and
finished dosage forms.
•The state accounts for 90 per cent of intravenous sets manufactured in the country.
•It is home to more than 902 allopathic manufacturing units and 2,122 contract manufacturing
•Gujarat accounted for 22 per cent of India‘s pharmaceutical exports in 2006–07.
•It is home to the largest number of clinical research organisations in India and over 100
companies with WHO-compliant manufacturing units.
•Gujarat has a considerable presence in homoeopathic medicine with 7,500 practitioners, 216
government dispensaries and 15 colleges.

The landscape of Gujarat Biotech industry consist of more than 50 Biotechnology companies
and 66 support organizations.

 The thrust areas of Gujarat Biotech industry include healthcare, pharmaceuticals,

agriculture biotechnology, industrial enzymes, bioinformatics, contract research, marine
and environmental biotechnology
 The present annual turnover in biotechnology in Gujarat has been around USD 150 –
175 million
 Some of the prominent domestic biotech companies include Zydus Cadila, Concord
biotech, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Maps India & Intas.
 Players like Sterling Biotech, Zytex Biotech, Bayer Cropscience & Quintiles have started
their operations in Gujarat. New start ups include Aumgene Biotech, Augene Biotech,
Enzymes Ltd., etc.

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The Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2009, that the State Government organises, saw investments in
the biotech sector and pharmaceutical sector to the tune of Rs 25 billion (£333 million) and Rs
32 billion (£427 million) respectively

In the biotech sector, 30 MoUs were signed by 25 companies. These include two international
companies, six companies outside Gujarat while 17 are Gujarat-based companies. In pharma
sector, 27 MoUs were signed by 25 companies including four international companies, four
companies are outside Gujarat while 17 are Gujarat-based companies. The projects include
contract manufacturing, bulk drug manufacture, formulations, drug delivery systems. The
investment is expected to generate employment to around 14,000 skilled people.

Biotech and pharma sector

Over the years, the biotech and pharma industry sector in Gujarat has seen myriad
developments. The state government earlier formulated the State Biotechnology Policy 2007-
2012 and the Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission was set up with the primary purpose of being
the catalyst for entrepreneurs and attracts investments in the biotech sector in Gujarat. Gujarat
boasts 50 biotechnology companies and 66 support organisations. The current turnover of this
sector is around $195-245 million. There are 67 percent corporate biotechnology units, 20
percent academic units, 11 percent R&D institutions and two percent NGOs. The stakeholders
of Gujarat biotechnology industry compromise 60 percent of healthcare, 20 percent of
agriculture, 16 percent of each industry and environment sectors and the other sectors
contributing eight percent.

Over the years, the state has also evolved as the hub for pharmaceutical companies, which
contributes to over 42 percent of India’s total turnover in the pharmaceutical sector and provide

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employment to 5,200 people. The state has around 3,267 registered units with total
investments of $1.6 billion. Prominent names in the pharmaceutical sector are Zydus Cadilla,
Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Concord, Cadilla Pharma and Intas Biopharma.

Gujarat’s other strengths include agriculture biotechnology which includes companies like
Bayer Crop Science Ltd, Excel Cropcare, Gujarat Life Sciences and Gujarat State Fertilizer and
Chemicals Ltd. In the industrial biotechnology front major companies are Maps(India) Ltd, Anil
Biochem Ltd, Americos Industries Inc and Zytex Biotech. Other areas include environmental
biotechnology, bioinformatics, educational infrastructure and the upcoming marine

Gujarat is setting up a biotech Special Economic Zome (SEZ) at Savali, Vadodara having a total
area of 1,700 acre. In addition to this, the state is also decided to develop a hub of academic
and research institutions. Other SEZ zones include Pharmaez (Zydus Cadilla) which covers 48.83
hectares, PHAEZ (Cadilla Pharma) which covers an area of 200 hectares, Dishman Pharma SEZ
which covers 139 hectares and JB Chemicals SEZ covering a total area of 130 hectares

The projects pertain to R&D, product development, manufacturing and contract research in bio-
pharma, agriculture, marine environment and animal biotech. The investment in these sector is
expected to generate employment to 7,300 skilled people. Vapi-Surat cluster, Ankleshwar-
Bharuch cluster, Anand- Vadodra cluster, Ahmedabad cluster and Bhavnagar are the main areas
of focus for investments. In the year 2000, Rs 3 billion (£40 million) was allotted for the
development of biotechnology sector in the state. Investment of around Rs 2 bn (£27 million),
has been made in the period between 2000 to 2006. Investment of around Rs 15590 million
(£210 million) has been earmarked for the development of the biotech sector in the year 2009.

Some of the prominent domestic biotech companies include Zydus Cadila, Concord
biotech, Cadila pharmaceuticals, Maps India and Intas Biopharma. Players like Sterling
Biotech, Zytex Biotech, Bayer Cropscience and Quintiles have started their operations in

The state is rich in biological resources, has been a traditional base for pharmaceuticals, an
industry in which biotechnology finds wide applications. All of this is backed by academic
infrastructure and strong government support.

The trends clearly forecast a strong growth for the biotech industry in Gujarat. The specific
areas of thrust would be biopharma, agri-biotech and marine biotech. Government is already in
process for developing specific infrastructure in each of the sub-sectors in the form of industrial
parks. Each of these parks would also have biotech R&D incubators, which would help to
promote innovation.

The growth would further be fuelled through the fructification of the various memorandum of
understandings (MoUs) signed by the international biotech companies with the Government of
Gujarat. The increased focus of traditional pharma companies on biotech would also drive the
growth of the sector.

Driven by new enterprise and innovation in recent years, biotechnology sector in Gujarat is
witnessing persistent growth.

Agriculture Biotechnology
 Gujarat has sizeable agrarian economy with major percentage of land under cultivation
in central Gujarat
 Stakeholders in Agri-biotech segment represent industry, NGOs, Government PSUs &
laboratories and Centers of Excellence

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 Major player in agriculture biotechnology include Bayer Cropscience Ltd., Excel

Cropcare Ltd. Gujarat Life sciences, and Gujarat State Fertiliser Corporation.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Biotechnology

 Gujarat’s pharmaceutical sector accounts for around 45% ofthe total pharmaceutical
output in the country
 The State has around 3267 registered units with total investments of USD 1.6 billion
 Major players include Zydus Cadila, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Concord,
Cadila pharma and Intas.

Industrial Biotechnology
 Gujarat being home to the chemical industry, has developed strengths in the industrial
enzymes segment and has been able to leverage its manufacturing strength in
industrial biotechnology
 Major players include Maps (India) Ltd., Anil Biochem Ltd., Americos Industries Inc. and
Zytex Biotech


Most of the companies listed here have not shared information related to training
budgets. These companies have also not shown any interest , at present, in hearing
from SCI.

Zydus Cadila
Cadila Healthcare Ltd
Zydus Tower, Satellite Cross Roads
Ahmedabad 380015
Contact: Mr P R Joshi, Head Human Resource
Mr Satyanarayana
Mr Upen Shah, Company Secretary
Tel: 91 79 26868100
Fax: 91 79 26862365
Email: prjoshi@zyduscadila.com / suryanarayan@zyduscadila.com
Website: www.zyduscadila.com

Turnover: INR 5.7 billion (£71.43 mn)

Staff: 10,000

India‘s leading pharma company with sales of US$ 629 million in 2008–09. Zydus Cadila is an
innovative global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets
a broad range of healthcare products. The group’s operations range from API to formulations,
animal health products and cosmeceuticals. Headquartered in the city of Ahmedabad in India,
the group has global operations in four continents spread across USA, Europe, Japan, Brazil,
South Africa and 25 other emerging markets.

With three multi-therapy divisions and eight specialty divisions, Zydus Cadila is one of the
leading player in the Indian healthcare industry. It is the leading player in the cardiovascular,
gastrointestinal and women's healthcare segments. The group has strong presence in
respiratory, pain management, CNS, anti-infectives, oncology, neurosciences, dermatology and
nephrology segments. It has been able to maintain overall position and market share through
faster growing chronic / lifestyle segments. With several new product introductions and pillar
brands such as Aten, Ocid, Deriphyllin, Pantodac, Atorva, Nucoxia, Mifegest to name a few,

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Zydus Cadila is considered a tour-de-force in therapy management and brand management.

The group has several in-licensing alliances with global multinationals such as Schering AG,
Boehringer Ingelheim, Viatris, etc.

Zydus has Production units at Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Ankleshwar for manufacturing tablets,
injectables, capsules, liquids and APIs.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Cadila Corporate Campus
Sarkhej-Dholka Road
Bhat, Ahmedabad 382210
Contact: Mr Narendra Vyas, Head Human Resources
Tel: 91 2718 225001
Fax: 91 2718 225039
Email: narendra.vyas@cadilapharma.co.in
Website: www.cadilapharma.com

Turnover: Not Disclosed

Staff: 4,000

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies in
India, headquartered at Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat. Over the last five decades, it has
been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products and selling and distributing these
in over 50 countries around the world. An integrated healthcare solutions provider with
pharmaceutical product basket, it caters to over 50 therapeutic areas that include
cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, haematinics, anti-infectives and antibiotics,
respiratory agents, antidiabetics and immunologicals. The company focuses on providing high
quality, appropriately priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated
customer service.

The company has one of the best Research and Development (R&D) setups in India, manned
by more than three hundred and fifty scientists and engineers from various disciplines including
biology, pharmacology, clinical research, chemistry, toxicology, phytochemistry and different
disciplines of engineering. The company also participates in Public-Private partnerships for
developing diagnostic, preventive and curative pharmaceutical and diagnostic products.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals is the first Indian company to get IND approval by USFDA for clinical
trials to be conducted in India. Subsequently, the company has filed four more INDs with
USFDA. Of the five INDs filed, one is for pulmonary tuberculosis; the trial is supported by
Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The rest four are for various types of cancers,
e.g., Lung Cancer, Prostrate cancer, Bladder Cancer and Melanoma. Thus all the INDs are for
providing solutions to major global health care problems. The clinical trials on Prostrate cancer,
Lung cancer and Bladder cancer are supported by Department of Science and Technology to
encourage innovations.

The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities conforming to the most stringent
international cGMP norms vis-à-vis WHO-GMP, WHO, Geneva (GDF site for Anti- TB), TGA
Australia (PIC/S), USFDA, UK- MHRA, MCC-South Africa, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Spread over
hundred acres of land, Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ manufacturing facility at Dholka is the cynosure
of all eyes, well equipped with world-class production facilities. The company’s two API units at
Ankleshwar manufacture a wide-range of APIs and intermediates including three USFDA
certified products. The manufacturing facility at Samba, near Jammu, started its commercial
operations in August 2006. The first overseas formulation manufacturing facility of Cadila
Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has commenced its operations in Ethiopia.

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Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Off. Ashram Road
Ahmedabad 380 009, Gujarat, India
Contact: Mr Ketan Bhatt, Head Human Resources
Mr Mahesh Agarwal, General Manager – Legal & Company Secretary
Tel: 91 79 26585090 / 3060
Fax: 91 79 26582100
Email: ketanbhatt@torrentpharma.com
Website: www.torrentpharma.com

Turnover (2009-10): INR 3.6 billion (£51.43-m)

Staff: 5,519 (R&D employees include 676 scientists)

Torrent augmented its efforts with the expansion of its manufacturing capacity, emphasis on
marketing and creating business opportunities through focus on exports. Torrent
Pharmaceuticals Limited recorded a quantum leap in the year 1994. It has also been rated
India's ninth best company among capital intensive companies in terms of ROCE in a study by
ETIG-BCG in 2001.

It has ambitious plans for the years ahead. The emphasis is on Post-2005 opportunities with
greater focus on the international market, in particular the lucrative North American market.

Torrent’s manufacturing facility at Indrad, Gujarat, was set up in 1989. Indrad facility is at par
with international standards. It complies with WHO, cGMP, MHRA and TGA norms and has
received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management
System) certifications; adequately reflecting Torrent’s commitment towards quality and safety.
Attainment of such standards have also opened the key to gaining footholds in regulated,
lucrative markets like the US and EU for Torrent Pharma.

Torrent has signed an agreement with Novo Nordisk India in August 2005 and part of their
parenteral facility is dedicated for the formulation and packaging of Insulin, exclusively for Novo
Nordisk. The facility will cater to the increased demand for Novo Nordisk Insulin products in
India and will incorporate state of art technology in formulation, filling, inspection and
packaging of Novo Nordisk insulin formulations.

Torrent has to its credit, leading brands in various therapeutic segments. It is a dominant player
in the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular (CV), Central Nervous System (CNS), Gastro-
Intestinal, Diabetology, Anti-infectives and Pain Management. In the domestic market, the focus
is exclusively on ethical allopathic market and the higher end of the institutional market in
urban and semi-urban areas.

To sharpen its focus and enhance its customer reach in the domestic market, Torrent operates
through sales and marketing divisions structured on specific Therapeutic areas. Currently, it has
11 sales and marketing divisions- Vista, Prima, Delta, Psycan, Azuca, Mind, Axon, Neuron,
Omega, Sensa and Alfa, each of which have a clear therapeutic focus.

Torrent Pharma promotes various platforms for knowledge sharing including conferences for
doctors. It continues its efforts towards customer education on various diseases and their
symptoms and cures, thereby increasing customer awareness. Torrent Pharma recently
entered into an agreement with Tasly, one of China’s largest pharma companies, to exclusively
market their blockbuster drug, Cardio-tonic pill, in India.

Staff cost to total sales and operating income ration was 17.20% for FY 2007-08.

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Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd.

Bhadr-Raj Chambers
Swastik Cross Road, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad - 380 009, Gujarat, India
Contact: Mr Deepak Pandya, Company Secretary
Mr Janmejay Vyas, Chairman & Managing Director
Mr Arvind Joshi, Head Human Resources
Tel: +91(79) 26443053 / 26445807 / 26560089
Fax: +91(79) 2642-0198
Email: dishman@dishmangroup.com
Website: www.dishmangroup.com

Turnover (2009-10): INR 4 billion (£57m)

Staff: 200

Dishman is a global outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical industry offering a portfolio of
development, scale-up and manufacturing services. Dishman provides a range of development
and manufacturing solutions at locations in Europe, China and India.

Dishman Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) is involved in high-value,

cost-competitive contract services, process development, process optimisation, manufacture for
late stage clinical and commercial supply.

Dishman Specialty Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of Phase transfer catalysts, high quality
supply of intermediates, fine chemicals, and products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and
related industries.

Dishman Vitamins and Chemicals deals in Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D analogues,
cholesterol and lanolin related products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related markets.

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Intas Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

Plot No. 423 / P / A/ GIDC
Sarkhej - Bavla Highway,
Moraiya, Taluka - Sanand, 382 210
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Contact: Mr Anil Tyagi, Head HR Ms Anita Dev, Incharge-Training
Tel: 91 79 66112501
Tel: +91 - 2717 - 660100/01
Fax: +91 - 2717 - 251189
Email: training@intasbiopharma.co.in / anil.tyagi@intasbiopharma.co.in
Website: www.intasbiopharma.co.in

Intas Biopharmaceuticals Limited (IBPL) is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company based

out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since launch of biotechnology operations in May 2000, Research &
Development (R&D) and Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical products with a special focus on
Oncology (Cancer) are the major thrust areas for the company.

Intas Biopharmaceuticals is India’s first and only biopharmaceuticals company to receive

European Union - Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) certification for its manufacturing

The company’s products are under registration in more than 78 countries. Locally, the company
has strategic tie-ups to penetrate the highly competitive Indian market. Intas Biopharma has
entered into several supply and marketing agreements with reputed international companies in
regulated and semi-regulated markets of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Russia & CIS, South
and Central America and Africa.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Intas Biopharma.

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Concord Biotech Limited.

B-1002, Safal Pegasus,
10th Floor, Nr. Prahladnagar Garden,
100ft Road, Satellite Road,
Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat INDIA.
Contact: Mr Devang, Head HR
Tel: 91 79 40321179 / 02714 222604/ 221904
Fax: 91 79 26937682
Email: concord@concordbiotech.com
Website: http://concordbiotech.com

Established in 2000 Concord Biotech Ltd. is an Ahmedabad based biotechnology firm

manufacturing enzymes and biopharmaceuticals. It is the second company in the world to
produce Tacrolimus – Immunosuppressant. The company is in therapeutic Segment including
Anti-Obesity, Anti-Fungal, Immunosuppressants, Anti Bacterial, Oncology, Oncology & Biologics
/ Biosimilars.

Concord's manufacturing facility is spread over about 28 Acres of land. Concord combines world
class technology and international quality standards, with a capability to deliver fermentation,
semi-synthetic and synthesis based products. Concord has expertise in bringing laboratory
batches to full production scale, through its process engineering competence. The eight
dedicated manufacturing blocks are designed as per the international regulatory requirements,
adhering to cGMP guidelines.

The company houses a sophisticated microbiological laboratory with qualified and trained
microbiologists strictly following cGLP guidelines. The microbiology lab is well equipped for
Maintenance & Propagation of microorganisms, Inoculum supply to plant and in-process quality
check. There are separate clean rooms and lyophilisation facility for long term storage of
microorganisms. The microbiology laboratory at Concord is designed to meet the biosafety level
2 as per the international guidelines for the safety of microbial laboratories as suggested during
the Geneva Convention.

The fermentation plants have a total capacity of about 300m3 along with the supporting
equipments. The entire facility has an automated control system which is monitored and
controlled by the expert support team of microbiologist, biochemical engineers, chemists etc.

Concord is an R&D based organisation and hence, scientists at Concord continuously identify &
initiate new projects in the area of fermentation, semi-synthesis & synthesis based products
with an aim to have non-infringing processes for all the products.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Concord.

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Excel Crop Care Limited

13, Aradhana Industrial Development Corporation,
Near Virwani Industrial Estate,
Goregaon - East, Mumbai – 400063.
Contact: Mr Dipesh Shroff, Managing Director
Mr N K Amin, Human Resources VP
Tel: 91-22-42522200
Fax: 91-22-28713037
Email: eccl@excelcropcare.com / amin@excelcropcare.com

Zonal office:
606 Sakar – III, 6th Floor
Opp. Old High Court, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad 380 014, Gujarat, India
Tel: 91 79-7543622/23
Fax: 91 79-7544626
Email: excelahd@excelcropcare.com
Website: www.excelcropcare.com

Turnover: INR 6.2 billion (£88m)

Excel Crop Care Limited has 3 manufacturing plants; over 1200 dedicated employees; a range
of market-leading brands; a distribution network of 40000 dealers; a customer base running
into millions; and a turnover exceeding Rs.3000 million. Not to mention the accumulated
wisdom of 6 decades. With Excel Crop Care, the company is now propagating a more scientific
approach to agriculture, which will do away with wasteful practices and lead to better crop
yields with lesser expenses.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Excel Crop Care.

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Maps (India) Limited

302, Shapath-3
Near GNFC Info Tower, S.G. Road
Ahmedabad 380054, Gujarat, India
Contact: Mr Piyush Palkhiwala, Chairman & Managing Director
Mr Bhavin Bhalkiwala, Head Human Resources
Tel: +91 (79) 26859971-74
Fax: +91 (79) 26859975
Email: careers@mapsenzymes.com
Website: www.mapsenzymes.com

Established in 1975, Map’s is India’s largest producer and exported of industrial enzymes. The
company’s portfolio of enzymes include amylases, proteases, cellulases, xylanase, glucomylase,
pectinase & catalase.

They are one of the top 1000 national private business groups and amongst the top 50 biotech
companies in India. With a complex product portfolio of 60+ products for more than 10
different industries and a sales network spread across 4 continents in 22 countries, their biotech
solutions improve industrial performance and quality while at the same time saving on water,
energy, raw materials and waste.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Maps India Ltd.

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Anil Products Limited

Anil Road, P.O. Box 10009
Ahmedabad 380025, Gujarat, India
Contact: Ms Shalu Chinai, Head HR
Ms Kalpana Pareekh, Head Training
Tel: 91-79-2220 3222
Fax: 91-79-2220 0731
Email: info@anil.co.in / hr@anil.co.in / kalpana.pareekh@anil.co.in
Website: www.anil.co.in

Turnover: INR 500 million (£7m)

Anil Biochem Ltd. is the group company of Anil Products Ltd and is the only company in India
that manufactures Calcium Gluconate by fermentation process. Their key products are Calcium
Gluconate, Sodium Gluconate, Alpha Amylase Enzyme, Protease Enzyme, Amyloglucosidase and

The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a separate submerged enzyme plant,
a tray plant and well equipped R&D facility.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Anil Products.

Quintiles Research (India) Private Limited

B - 101 -106, Shapath IV, Opp. Karnavati Club
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Road
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 380 051
Contact: Ms Hufriz Karkeria, Head HR
Tel: 91 79-6630 3300 / 080 6655 2100
Fax: 91 79-6630 3366
Website: www.quintiles.com/locations/asia/india

Quintiles India is located amidst a rapidly growing local pharmaceutical market. With four
offices, they help clients take advantage of a well-established corporate infrastructure,
government policies favouring R&D, growth in the health insurance sector, and tertiary care
and teaching hospitals available for trials.

Quintiles has experience for studies in oncology, psychiatry, neurology, anti infective,
gastroenterology, ophthalmology, endocrinology and cardiology

Quintiles India has good relationships with leading medical centres and experienced English-
speaking investigators. All studies are conducted to FDA and ICH GCP standards. India’s highly
literate population provides fast, efficient access to broad population groups with common and
special disease profiles, allowing for rapid patient recruitment and faster study start-ups.


Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Quintiles.

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Vadodara is currently not a very well developed market for Life Sciences sector. It has
tremendous potential to develop itself as a Biotechnology Hub. This is because India is on a
growth trajectory in the industry and is all set to make its mark in the global biotechnology
industry, Gujarat has established itself as a key state in the western region for its biotech
capabilities, which in turn presents a huge opportunity to Vadodara. Under Gujarat State
Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM) projects, Vadodara has been made entitled to the maximum
number of projects.

Vadodara is proposed to be a part of 19 out of the 25 biotech projects announced by the state
government. This is an indicator of the potential biotech industries in Vadodara.

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) with State and Central Government
assistance is to set up a Bio - Pharma Tech Park in Savli estate in Vadodara District. GIDC has
earmarked an area of 90 hectares land in the estate for the Bio – Pharma Tech Park

The companies listed here have not shared information pertaining to training budgets. There is
currently no interest in establishing contact with SCI.

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Alembic Ltd
Alembic Road, Vadodara 390003, Gujarat, India
Contact: Mr Chirayu R Amin, Chairman & Managing Director
Mrs Malika C Amin, Whole-time Director
Mr Rajkumar Baheti, Director & President - Finance & Company Secretary
Tel: 91 265-2280550 / 2280880
Fax: 91 265-2282934 / 2281229
Email: alembic@alembic.co.in
Website: www.alembic-india.com

Turnover (2009-10): INR 10 billion (£143 mn)

Staff: 1,000

Alembic started in 1907 with manufacturing facilities in Vadodara (Baroda) and Baddi, with R&D
facilities spearheading landmark research in the areas of Chemistry, Microbiology,
Pharmaceutical Technology and Bio-Equivalence. The company is, a vertically integrated
pharmaceutical company, engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of
pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical substances, and intermediates in India and

The company offers bulk drugs, chemicals and intermediates, and formulations for the
treatment of various diseases in the areas of cardiovascular, diabetic, gastrointestinal,
gynaecological, and geriatric healthcare.

The company manufactures fermentation based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), such
as macrolides, NSAIDs, cephalosporins, and other drugs; branded and generic formulations in
the areas of cough and cold, anti-infective, nutraceuticals, gastro-intestinal, gynaecological,
critical care, antihistamines, pain management, cardiovascular, antibiotics, antibacterials,
analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetics, macrolide, and respiratory; and herbals and
nutraceuticals. It also manufactures antibiotics, antihistamines, analgesics, antidiarrhoeals,
vitamins, and nutritional feed supplements for livestock, pet animals, and poultry.

In addition, Alembic offers contract research and manufacturing services in the area of
chemistry to drug discovery companies worldwide. These services include route identification
and selection, custom synthesis and compound supply of NCEs, process innovation,
development and optimization, preparation and enrichment of impurities, isolation of impurities
using chromatographic techniques and their characterizations, and HPLC and GC based method
development and validation as per protocol. Further, the company provides phosgene chemistry
and manufactures phosgene derivatives, as well as involves in the management of hazardous
reaction by process engineering.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Alembic.

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Gujarat Life Sciences

9, Krishna Estate,
Gorwa, Baroda - 390 016.
Gujarat - India
Contact: Dr M H Mehta, Chairman
Mr Rajesh Umatt, Chief Operating Officer and HR Head
Tel: +91-265-2285611 / +91-265-3290778 / +91-265-3290779
Fax: +91-265-2290053
Email: info@glsbiotech.com
Website: www.glsbiotech.com

Gujarat Life Sciences (P.) Ltd (GLS) was initially established as a not for profit, non-
governmental organization by a team of young scientists-entrepreneurs who returned to India
after educating and training in Australia, Japan and the USA. With other group companies like
Gujarat Gangotri Biotech (P.) Ltd and Global Life Sciences, GLS has not only developed new
generation biotech-based products but also provided breakthrough solutions to safer, cost
effective & eco-friendly products and technologies for agriculture, environment and health-care.

The company is on of the largest producers of microbial products for agriculture and
environment. State-of-art production facilities are established side-by-side to the R&D facilities.
This gives GLS a leading edge and enables a quick transition from lab to plant and immediate
application of new products and technologies.

Large-scale fermentation, formulation and packaging facilities are established to meet the
growing demands from the farmers and industries. The highly qualified production team works
hand-in-hand with the young and strong sales and marketing team, to provide cost-effective
and environment friendly solutions when required, where required.

Agri-biotech inputs ranging for bio fertilizers to biological control and Environ-Biotech solutions
for solid waste, effluent and hazardous wastes are produced in large-quantities to cater to the
growing market requirements.

GLS has diversification planned in areas of specialty chemicals and enzymes which will be
effectively managed partially under the same facilities and in new establishment.

Despite of repeated follow-ups, we were unable to obtain information on training modules and
requirements from Gujarat Lifescience.

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The first three Institutes listed in this part of the report have expressed an interest in having
business discussions with Scottish Colleges. They have not highlighted any particular area for
collaboration but would wish to have wide ranging discussions including joint delivery of
courses, student and faculty exchange.

Each of these three Institutes’ have well-equipped IT labs and the English is the medium of
teaching across their campuses.

Dayanand Sagar Institutions

Shavige Malleswara Hills
Kumaraswamy Layout
Bangalore 560078
Contact: Mr Janardhan – Senior Vice President
Tel: +91 80 4216759 / 26662226
Fax: +91 80 26660789
Email: janardhan.dsi@gmail.com
Website: www.dayanandasagar.edu

Date of Establishment: 1960

Dayananda Sagar Institutions (DSI) is into education offering all major professional courses
through its colleges at a campus in Bangalore.

This institute specialises in polytechnics with science departments that are earmarked as
centres of excellence. They have departments with skill based projects in life sciences. This
institute is upgraded through public private partnership initiatives. They are India’s first Wifi
campus, with 1600 computers, several computer labs and a digital library. Medium of
instruction across the campus is English.

A three member team led by Mr Janardhan, Senior Vice President along with specialists in Life,
Bio, Medical electronics and pharmacy areas are keen to meet the representatives of Scotland
Colleges International.

This Institute is known to UK Trade and Investment.

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JSS Medical Institutions Campus
Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagara
Mysore – 570 015,
Contact : Dr HG Shivakumar - Principal
Dr B Suresh – Vice Chancellor
Tel: +91 821 2548400
Fax:+91 821 2548394
Email : jsspharma@lycos.com
Website: www.jssuni.edu.in

JSS institutions have more than 300 institutions starting from primary education to
postgraduate and research programmes in the fields of Medical Sciences, Engineering &
Technology, Arts & Science, Law and Management. There are about 40,000 students enrolled in
the various institutions with more than 10,000 employees.

Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara University (JSSU), Mysore, Karnataka, comprises of the

JSS Medical College, Mysore
JSS Dental College, Mysore
JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore
JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty

Dr H G Shivakumar along with the Vice Chancellor and with other specialists in life sciences and
Pharmacy studies have expressed an interest in meeting with Scotland Colleges International at
their Mysore campus. Mysore is about 2 hours drive from Bangalore.

This institute was not previously known to UK Trade and Investment.

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Manipal University of Pharmacy

Manipal Towers
II Floor
No 14, HAL Airport Road
Bangalore – 560008
Tel:+91 80 4078 9100
Fax: +91 80 4178 9434
Mobile: +91 97313 33645
Email: Vinaybhat@manipal.edu
Website: www.manipal.edu

Manipal University is amongst the first institutions in the private sector to be recognized as a
Deemed University by the Government of India. It has over 20 constituent institutions that
provide over 180 courses across 13 streams like Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Nursing,
Allied Health, Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Management, Mass Communication, Information
Sciences, Hotel Management, Regenerative Medicine.

Manipal University provides education to over 15,000 students every year. It also has an active
alumni base of over 65,000 students across the world.
Manipal University has facilities like the Innovation Centre, which serves as a valuable
‘incubation centre’ for industry and research.

This institute specialises in polytechnics with science departments that are earmarked as
centres of excellence. They have departments with skill based projects in life sciences. This
institute is upgraded through public private partnership initiatives.

This institute is known to UK Trade and Investment.

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PES Institute of Technology

100 feet Ring Road
Banasankari, 3rd stage
Contact Person: Prof. Rahul Parmar - Director - Collaborations
Tel: +91 080 26721983 , +91 080 26729391
Fax: +91 80 26721308
Email: rahul@pes.edu
Website: www.pes.edu

The Institute offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma programmes in Pharmacy.

Karnataka college of Pharmacy

33/2, Thirumenahalli,
Hegde Nagar Main Road
Jakkur Post, Yelahanka Hobli
Bangalore – 560 064.
Contact: Dr D Ramesh - Principal
Tel: +91 80 65332053, 2857 1484
Fax: +91 80 28562544
Email: ketkcp@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.karnatakacollegeofpharmacy.com

Karnataka College offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma programmes in Pharmacy.

M.S. Ramaiah College of Pharmacy

M.S.R Nagar, M.S.R.I.T Post,
Bangalore- 560 054,
Contact: Mr Shankapal
Tel: +91 80 2360 8942 /2360 3947
Fax: +91 80 2360 7537
Email: srspal@msrsas.org
Website: www.Msrcp.edu

The College offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate programmes in Pharmacy.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

2345/2185, 4th T Block
Bangalore -560041
Tel: +91 80 26342945
Contact: Mr Niranjan
Website: www.Rguhs.ac.in

The Institute offers programmes in Pharmacy and Nursing.

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore 560 012
Tel: +91 80 23600757
Contact Prof Balram - Director
Email : diroff@admin,iisc,ernet.in

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Website: www.iisc.ernet.in

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was conceived as a 'Research Institute' or 'University of
Research' in the 19th century. The Institute began with only two departments: General and
Applied Chemistry and Electro-Technology. As the Institute has grown, several new areas of
research have been established, many of them for the first time in India. The Institute's
departments in fields ranging from Biochemistry to Aerospace Engineering have served to
nucleate research and development in both the public and private sectors. The Institute has
interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Biology, Earth System
Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering for Integrated Systems. An
M.Tech. program in Climate Science has also been introduced. A new Centre for Earth Sciences
has been established and two new centres in the areas of Neuroscience and Climate Change
are expected to begin activities in the near future.

National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
Bellary Road, GKVK
Bangalore – 560065
Contact: Mr Vijay Raghavan
Tel: +91 80 23666001
Email: vijay@ncbs.res.in]saras@ncbs.res.in

The National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), located in Bangalore, is part of the Tata
Institute of Fundamental Research. The mandate of NCBS is fundamental research in the
frontier areas of biology. Their research interests range from the study of single molecules to
ecology and evolution.

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNSACR)

Bangalore-560 064
Contact: Dr Jaya Chandra
Tel: +91 80 22082750
Fax: +91 80 22082766
E-mail: jay@jncasr.ac.in
Website: www.jncasr.ac.in

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) is a multidisciplinary

research institute situated in Jakkur, a locality north of Bangalore. The mandate of the centre is
to pursue and promote world-class research and training covering broad areas ranging from
Materials to Genetics.
The Centre is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and
is a deemed university.

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MS University is keen to have further discussions. June/July is not a good time for them since
they are busy with entrance exams and interviews at that time. The other Institutes have not
shown any particular interest in having discussions for a potential alliance.

MS University of Baroda
Vadodara 390 005
Dr Sarita Gupta, Head, Department of Biochemistry
Tel:+91 0265 2795594
Email: saritagupta9@hotmail.com

Dr M R Yadav, Professor, Department of Pharmacy

Tel: +91 265 2423898
Email: mryadav@sify.com

Dr R Balaraman, Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Tel: +91 265 2434187
Email: rbalaraman2000@gmail.com

Website: www.msubaroda.ac.in / www.bcmsu.ac.in

Courses in the identified sub-sectors:

Masters in Pharmacology, Bio-chemistry, Medical Biotechnology, Environmental Science and
Applied Chemistry
PG diploma in Applied Bio-chemistry, Health Management & Interventions and Environmental
Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
Diploma in Public Health and Industrial Health

Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University

At & Po Pipariya
Ta. Waghodia
Dist. Vadodara 391760
Tel: +91 2668 245262 / 64 / 66
Fax: +91 2668 245292 / 245126
Email: info@sumandeepuniversity.co.in
Website: www.sumandeepuniversity.co.in

Mr N N Shah, Registrar
Dr Jayshree Mehta, Vice Chancellor

Sumandeep Vidypeeth runs the following institutes:

-SBKS Medical Institute & Research Centre
-K M Shah Dental College and Hospital
-Department of Pharmacy
-Sumandeep College of Nursing
-Department of Management

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Courses in the identified sub sectors:

-MBA in Health Care Management
-Master of Pharmacy
-Para Medical diploma courses

All India Institute of Local Self-Government

M.N. Roy Human Development Campus
Plot No.6, F-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex
T.P.S. Road No. 12, Behind Government
Teachers Colony
Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400 051
Tel: +91 22 2657 1713-15
Fax: +91 22 2657 2286
Email: contact@aiilsg.org
Website: www.aiilsg.org

Vadodara Centre
Contact: Mr C N Shah, Regional Director
Nehru Bhavan, Rajmahal Road
Vadodara 390 001
Tel: +91 265 2433 3987
Email: aiilsgvsi@rediffmail.com

AIILSG offers the following courses in the lifesciences sector:

 Public Health
 Hospital Administration
 Medical Laboratory Technology
 Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)
 Nursing


The Institutes listed here have not shown any interest in having further discussions with SCI for
a potential alliance.

University of Goa
Taleigao Plateau
Goa 403 206
Contact: Dr Dileep Deobagkar, Vice Chancellor
Tel: +91 832 651 9001/2
Email: vc@unigoa.ac.in

Faculty of Life Sciences, Goa University

Tel: +91 832 245 1345 – 48 / 245 6480 – 85 / 245 1375 / 245 2019
Fax: +91 832 245 1184 – VC / 245 2889 – Registrar / 245 6108 - COE
Email: registra@unigoa.ac.in / vc@unigoa.ac.in

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Website: www.goauniversity.org

Courses offered:
 PG Diploma in Clinical Research
 PG Diploma in Clinical Genetics and Medical Laboratory Course

Goa College of Pharmacy

18th June Road, St. Inez
Panaji 403 001
Tel: +91 832 222 6882 / 242 1961
Telefax: +91 832 222 6883
Email: gocopharmacy@dataone.in / smarihal@yahoo.com
Website: http://goagovt.nic.in/gcp/

Contact: Prof M G Pai, Principal

Tel: +91 832 222 6883 (D)

Aside of the D Pharm, B Pharm and M Pharm, it also offers a 2-year Diploma in Laboratory

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani - K K Birla Goa Campus
Contact: Dr Halan Prakash, Chemistry Group
Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Pilani, Goa Campus
Zuarinagar, Goa 403 276
Tel: +91 832 258 0344
Fax: +91 832 255 7031
Email: halanprakash@gmail.com / halanprakash@bits-goa.ac.in

M.Sc (Hons) Chemistry as first degree and Ph.D programme.

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Manipal College of Pharmacy Studies (MCOPS) MoU with the University of Wyoming,
Laramie, USA

Manipal College of Pharmacy Studies (MCOPS) has signed a MoU with the University of
Wyoming, Laramie, USA, under which a candidate registered for PhD under Manipal University
will receive training and research guidance in the Laramie campus, leading to a split-campus
PhD. MCOPS has also been awarded a £ 0.19 Million, Department of Science and Technology
DST research grant in collaboration with the US Vitamins, Ltd Mumbai for the development of
biodegradable sustained release formulations.

Manipal University collaboration with other foreign universities

Manipal University has relationships with several US, European and Australian Universities
regarding student and faculty exchange and collaborative research. 14 best students of KMC
Manipal and Mangalore get to do their one month elective clinical training in Utrecht University
and Groningen University in the Netherlands. Scholarships are available to students of Media &
Communication in University of Queensland, Australia and Hochschule Bremen, Germany.
Students of MIT get opportunities to do their internships in various Universities and industries
across the world by being members of The International Association for the Exchange of
Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

Biocon’s Signed MoU with Deakin's University – Australia

Deakin's partnership with Biocon Ltd - one of India's largest biotechnology company - was
formalised in June 2007 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Under the
terms of the MOU, the two organisations have agreed to collaborate and assist each other on a
number of projects. A key priority is the establishment of a Deakin India Research Institute
(DIRI) in Bangalore which will also involve collaborative research with Biocon. The relationship
between Biocon and Deakin is not only about science and communication, but also about
mutual support to develop both organisations in Australia and India with staff and student
exchanges. The proposed Institute will focus on transformational science and technologies at
the intersection of bio, nano and info approaches to drug development, biotechnology, new
materials production and intelligent systems.

The Institute will be closely linked to Deakin's Institute of Technology Research and Innovation
in Geelong - an over-arching Research Institute that encompasses Deakin's Centre for Fibre and
Material Innovative, Intelligent Systems Group, and Institute of Biotechnology. The MOU will
also see Deakin, via its Metabolic Research Unit, undertaking research into metabolic diseases
on behalf of Biocon.

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We recommend that SCI establish contact with Institutes/organisations who have expressed an
interest in having further discussions with them. UKTI Advisers who have worked on collating
this information will be happy to organise a visit programme for the SCI Group as part of an
OMIS. We would also encourage SCI to meet up with the UKTI Advisers when they visit the
relevant cities. The email ids of the various Advisers are:

Mumbai (Goa, Vadodara and Ahmedabad) – Anjali Malkani (anjali.malkani@fco.gov.uk)

Manize Irani (manize.irani@fco.gov.uk)
Bangalore – Priya Varadarajan (priya.varadarajan@fco.gov.uk)
Neeraja (neeraja.s@fco.gov.uk)
Chandigarh – Tanisha Thiara (tanishathiara@gmail.com)

UKTI has an extensive network of Offices across India:

Northern Region
States/Union Territories covered: Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu &
Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh.

British High Commission

New Delhi – 110 021
Tel: (91) 11 2687 2161; Fax: (91) 11 2687 0062
Email: web.newdelhi@fco.gov.uk

British Trade Office

House 751, Sector 8 B
Chandigarh – 160 008
Tel/Fax: (91) 172 4643707
Email: tanishathiara@gmail.com

Southern Region
States covered: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.

British Deputy High Commission

20 Anderson Road
Chennai – 600 006
Tel: (91) 44 4219 2151; Fax: (91) 44 4219 2321
Email: uktichennai@airtelmail.in

British Trade Office

Prestige Takt
23 Kasturba Road Cross
Bangalore – 560 001
Tel: (91) 80 2210 0200; Fax: (91) 80 2210 0400
Email: bto.bangalore@fco.gov.uk

British Trade Office

Regus Mid Town
Level 1, Mid Town Plaza
Road No.1, Banjara Hills

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Hyderabad - 500034
Tel: (91) 40 44334134; Fax: (91) 40 44334444
Email: hyderabad.bto@fco.gov.uk

Eastern Region
States covered: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Manipur,
Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal, Union Territory of
Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

British Deputy High Commission

1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani
Kolkata – 700 071
Tel: (91) 33 2288 5173; Fax: (91) 33 2288 3435
Email: kolkata@fco.gov.uk

Western Region
States covered: Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra.

British Deputy High Commission

11th Floor, Naman Chambers
C/32, G Block,
Bandra Kurla Complex
Mumbai - 400 051
Tel: (91) 22 6650 2222; Fax: (91) 22 6650 2324
Email: postmaster.bomba@fco.gov.uk

British Trade Office

404 Kaivanna,
Near Ambawadi Circle,
Ahmedabad - 380 006
Tel: (91) 79 26467138; Fax: (91) 79 26403537
Email: BTO.Ahmedabad@fco.gov.uk

British Trade Office

5th Floor, 505 B-Wing
MCCIA Trade Tower
International Convention Centre Complex
403A Senapati Bapat Road
Pune - 411 016
Tel: (91) 20 2563 1580; Fax: (91) 20 2563 3570
Email: bto.pune@fco.gov.uk

The UKIBC (UK India Business Council), supported by UKTI, provides support to all
British companies interested in doing business with India. They help British firms to
better access business opportunities in India and provide a range of support
services including office space and recruitment of agents, through their offices in
New Delhi and Mumbai.
Level 9, Platina, G-Block
Plot C-59
Mumbai – 400 051
Tel: (91) 22 3953 0504; Fax: (91) 22 3953 0600
Email: mumbai@ukibc.com

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25 February 2010

Carol Booth
Scotland’s Colleges International
Argyll Court, Castle Business Park
Stirling, FK9 4TY

Dear Carol


OMIS Reference No. IND1378

Thank you for your order reference IND1378. Please always quote this reference in all future

Based on your requirement, I give below a draft Workplan for your approval. You have
identified the following 5 key cities and are keen for us to provide you with market intelligence
in respect of the life sciences sector in these cities:
- Ahmedabad
- Chandigarh
- Goa
- Vadodara
- Bangalore

Within Life Sciences sector, you are keen to focus on the following sub-sectors:
- Applied Bioscience
- Biomedical Science
- Chemistry
- Environmental Science
- Laboratory Practice

Further, the information is required in 3 main areas:

- Industry analysis
- Education and Training Providers
- Competition

Within industry analysis, we will provide you with the following information:
- Overview of Life Sciences sector within these cities (we can research general GDP trend
but not GDP contribution of life sciences in these cities or sub sectors as no such
information is complied in India)
- Top 10 Life Sciences companies by turnover, business split between research and
- Establish if these companies are state owned or private sector

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- Validated contact details for the head of training/personnel in the companies

- Training budgets for these companies and analysis (if possible) by staff
- Establish if there are ongoing CPD requirements for staff training policies

(Please note that quite a few of these companies may be small and may not have a training
budget. For each company that we list, we will only be able to provide information that the
company officials are happy to share with us.)

For Goa, Vadodara and Bangalore, we will also provide the following information:

Training Providers

- List of all education and training institutes categorised according to delivery of courses
in life sciences subject areas, in particular, Polytechnics with science departments;
University departments with skills based initiatives/projects in life sciences; any
Institutes that are earmarked to be Centres of Excellence; any institutes that are to be
upgraded through public private partnership initiatives and from amongst these identify
most useful Institutes to partner with.
- For each of these institutes, validated contact details of international officers, heads of
department for Life Sciences sector
- Out of these institutes, for those which we feel have the capacity to collaborate with
overseas education providers, ascertain interest in collaborating with Scottish education
providers and what the nature of that interest may be – delivery partner, specific
subjects of interest, develop learning and teaching capacity through training of trainers
or exchange of staff.
- IT facilities do these institutes have for students to permit blended learning from
Scottish training providers
- English language availability of teaching staff.

- What other international training providers operate in these cities and provide training
for life sciences curriculum areas
- For these competitors what is the approach to the market and pricing policies
- Obtain any marketing materials used in India. You would prefer to get the marketing
materials in English.

To do this we will:

1. Speak to relevant state Government officials, contacts in the sector to compile an overview
of the sector in these cities.
2. We will use the information currently available with us to shortlist top10 companies within
the life sciences sector in these cities; wherever possible speak to these companies to get
the contact details of the Head of the training/personnel department, establish minimum
entry level qualifications for technical staff, establish the training budgets of these
companies and also try and find out if the companies have any ongoing CPD requirements
for staff.
We will provide whatever information is publically available and which the company is
happy to share with us.
3. We will use our existing database to identify institutions offering courses in life sciences
area. This would comprise Polytechnics with science departments, University departments
with skills based initiatives. Establish if any of these Institutes are earmarked to become
Centres of Excellence and also if any of these are to be upgraded through public private
partnership initiatives.

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4. For these institutes we will provide contact names and full contact details for international
officers and heads of department for life sciences subject.
5. Out of the Institutes that we identify, for those which we feel have the capacity to partner
with overseas education providers, we will ascertain if they are interested in collaborating
with Scottish education providers and the nature of that interest. We will also try and
establish the IT facilities that these Institutes have for students and if these facilities can
support blended learning from Scottish Institutes. We will also ascertain the English
language ability of teaching staff.
6. Competition – we will identify and list other international training providers operating in
these cities within the life sciences curriculum areas, try to establish their approach to the
market and pricing policies and also obtain any marketing material that they use in India.

Service level and cost

Please note that that the OMIS system does not show 2nd tier cities which are the main focus of
your order, besides metro cities. Thus we have included regions based on geographic
distribution of India which is also what appears on the OMIS system.

Hence for North India we will cover Chandigarh, West India will include Goa, Ahmedabad and
Vadodara and South India will include Bangalore.

The total cost for undertaking this report will be £4000 and we would require 9-10 weeks from
the date of your acceptance of this workplan to deliver the required information.

Please also note that we will not be able to start work on this before 15 March 2010 due to the
ongoing OMISs and events happening around this time. Considering 8-9 weeks after 15 March,
I have tentatively put 04 June 2010 as the First Activity delivery date.

Future Action

- Please confirm if you approve of this workplan.

You can do this through the “Accept Workplan” button on the OMIS system before 27
February 2010. Otherwise, please let me know ASAP whether any changes are required.

You should also be aware that any changes to the Workplan after 27 February would mean
cancelling the original order and commissioning a new one. When you accept the Workplan,
you will be required to pay for the service.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Sunita Kapoor
Sr Trade and Investment Adviser

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