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Faheem Mustafa

+923085295081• faheemmustafa081@gmail.com• Age: 23 years


Graduated in Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore.
Working as a Demonstrator at University of Management & Technology. Worked as a Researcher
at Dr. Najeeb Lectures’. Worked as a Dietitian in Ajwa Cardio Cleanse (Human Nutrition Clinic).
Worked as an observer/intern in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. Completed two research
projects. Excellent in managing projects, communication, organizing events, managing finance
and using technology.

Professional Working Experience

 Working as a Lecturer at University of Management & Technology, Lahore (24 Oct 2018-
 Worked as a Researcher at Dr. Najeeb Lectures (Feb 2018- Oct 2018)
 Worked as a Dietitian from January, 2017 to February, 2018 in Ajwa Cardio Cleanse
(Human Nutrition Clinic) Jan 2017- Feb 2018
 Worked as an Observer/Intern from August, 2017 to February, 2018in Sir Ganga Ram
Hospital, Lahore. (Aug 2017- Feb 2018)
 3 years teaching experience in different academies (2013-2016)

Education Information
BS (Hons) Nutrition University of Veterinary CGPA: 3.36 2013-2017
& Dietetics & Animal Sciences,
FSc (Medical) Superior College, Okara 80% (Grade A) 2011-2013

Matric (Science) A.R Secondary School of 87% (Grade A+) 2009-2011

Science, Depalpur

 Completed Public Health Nutrition Course- SickKids (Center for Global Child Health)

 Supervised Nutrition Camp organized by Nutrito Club UMT, Lahore

 Participated in "Nutrition Assessment camp" organized by "Nutrition, Health &
Wellness Unit" at Nestle Pakistan Head Office on September 01, 2016.

 Working as a Badge Advisor (2016) in University of Management and Technology,


 Participated in 2nd IDEAS Youth Convention, 2016

 Participated in Food & Nutrition Week, 2015

 Participated in 4th International Halal Conference & Exhibition, 2015

 Participated in International Human Nutrition Conference & Expo, 2015

 Participated in Bilingual Creative Writing Competition, 2015

 Participated in two days Team Building & Capacity Building Workshop, 2014

 Participated in poster competition in relation to World Food Day, 2014

 Member of "Nutritionist Association of Pakistan".

 Worked for nutritional awareness in rural school going children.

 Worked for the improvement of hygienic system of university's and hostel's cafeterias.

 As a “Finance Secretary” of “Nutritionists and Dietitians Society” organized workshops,

seminars and competitions.
 Lead a project titled, “A study on Nutritional Status of Rural School Going Children”.
 Completed two research projects, “A study on nutritional status of rural school going
children” and “Malnutrition matters in Pakistani hospitalized patients”. The first one is in
process to publish
Language Knowledge

Language Level of proficiency Certificate

English Advance English language proficiency

Notable Skills

Proficient in SPSS, Microsoft office

Lecturing and public speaking skills

Honors and Awards

 Received award for serving Nutritionists and Dietitians Society as a Finance Secretary
 Received award in appreciation of guidance in 1st annual dinner organized by UMT, Lahore
 Got 2nd prize in the poster competition organized by UVAS, Lahore (2015)
 Received merit based laptop award from Prime Minister (2017)


 Research on nutrition medicine

 Entrepreneurship


Dr. Umar Bacha Assistant Professor/Chairperson, umar.bacha@umt.edu.pk

Nutrition Sciences Department,
UMT Lahore