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The product can be marketed along with stationary products, the target customers being college

students and professionals working in an office space. The chief competitors for the product
include products customized for different cords. For example, there are Chinese products in the
market available for managing earphones. The point of differentiation for our product is that the
same product caters to managing different cords like laptop charger, phone chargers, USB cables

The success and failure of the product can be analyzed based on factors such as:
1) Economic: The product being wooden and customized, is costly compared to its Chinese
plastic counterparts. This may lead to the product forming a niche market for itself and
catering only to consumers willing to invest in premium stationary/miscellaneous items.
2) Social: Unlike the other usual plastic products, the proposed wooden product has a good
aesthetic touch.
3) Technological: The product is going to be a successful resource as long as appliances and
gadgets require cords for charging and functioning. There is still a long way to go before
all the appliances become cordless.
4) Environmental: The product being wooden, is a better alternative than a plastic item.
Manufacturing any plastic items leads to emission of harmful gases for the environment,
in addition to being a non-biodegradable product.


Segmentation: The segmentation can be done on the basis of geography which include the top
8 metro cities, then next 20 tier 1 cities and then the remaining cities as well as rural areas.
Other than this, consumers can be segmented on the basis of their profession, primary of
which include students, self employed, businessmen, professiionals working in an office and
corporate space.
We can use the new SEC system for socio-economic classification. Also, segmentation of
consumers can be done on the basis of age groups.

Target: The target consumer includes people residing in top 8 metro cities and next top 20 tier
1 cities, college going youth and professionals working in an office and corporate space,
belonging to SEC A and B.

Positioning: The multi slot cord manager can be used to organize the different cords which
tend to get tangled on a table, leading to a messy workplace. The wooden product also adds to
the aesthetic feel of the office and work space.
4 P’s

Product: The product features include multiple slots which can be used to organize 4 cords at a time.
The product is made out of wood and can be painted according to one’s like. It has an adhesive enabled
base and can be fixed as per requirements.

Price: Based on cost of production, the price can be adjusted between Rs.100-150. Taking into account
the perceived value of the product to the customer, the price of the wooden product can be
manipulated accordingly in the specified range. Also, the competitor’s pricing of plastic alternatives can
be taken into consideration.

Place: The channel of distribution includes ecommerce, stationary and miscellaneous stores catering to
the needs of college going youth and professionals working in an office space. It should also be
strategically placed at stationary sections in super marts and hyper marts, the shelf height being close to
eye level.

Promotion: Promotion strategies must include above the line and below the line marketing skills. Above
the line includes television, print media and online methods. Promotion of e-commerce sites like Flipkart
and Amazon should be done. Below the line strategies include demos at public spaces like malls and
selling through stalls.