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Science Fair Display Rubric

The student asks a

The student asks a question The student asks a question that
question that is not
that is testable, but it is not is testable and measured
testable or does not make
Testable Question Missing specific or quantifiable quantitatively
0 Points 2 Points 3 Points
1 Points

Too short or too long,

Proper length, missing short Proper length, contains short
missing description of most
description a few of the description of ALL of the
of the following problem,
Missing following, problem, hypothesis, following, problem, hypothesis,
Abstract hypothesis, materials,
0 points materials, variables procedures, materials, variables procedures,
variables procedures,
results and conclusion results and conclusion
results and conclusion
2 points 3 points
1 points
Answers the question, provides
Contains important information
Present but not related to important information for creating
Missing but does not completely
Background Research the topic a hypothesis and designing an
0 points answers the question
2 point experiment
6 points
The student has a The student has a hypothesis
The student has a hypothesis that
hypothesis, but it does not that answers "the question", but
is quantitatively measurable and
Missing answer the "testable it is not quantitatively
Hypothesis answers "the question"
0 Points question" measurable
3 Points
1 Points 2 Points

There is a control and constant,

There are too many There is more than one
dependent variable identified and
Missing undefined variables, no manipulated variable, contains
Experimental Design/ only ONE CLEAR manipulated
0 Points control control and constants
Variables variable
2 Points 4 Points
6 Points

The materials used for the Some, but not ALL materials ALL the materials used for the
project is not listed used for the project are listed project are listed
Materials 0 Points
1 Points 2 Points 3 Points

The audience is able to The audience is able to follow the

The audience is not able to
Missing reproduce the project direction and reproduce the
reproduce the project
Procedure 0 Points somewhat, but only with help project himself
1 Points
2 Points 3 Points

The data tables/graphs are

Uses quantitative data quantitative and answers "the
The data tables/graphs are
Missing tables/graphs but are not question". Tables and charts
* Experiment Results/ 0 Points
qualitative or incomplete
complete, missing titles include appropriate titles and
Display 1 Points
2 Points labels.
3 Points

Student clearly interprets results

The student explains what The student attempts to explain
through logical discussion of
Missing happened, but not WHY it Why but does not connect their
* Data Analysis/ 0 Points happened data with their explanation
results. The student uses data to
Discussion explain WHY!
2 Points 4 Points
6 Points
Overall Score__________/60 points

The pictures represent the

Has pictures, but does not Has pictures that represent the process of the experiment
Visuals/pictures Missing represent the process of process of the experiment but (construction, experimentation,
(Photos must be 0 Points the experiment. does not have captions results) and has captions
original) 2 Points 3 Points
6 Points

The project is a mess. Most of the parts of the display

All parts of the display are labeled
Missing Sections are not labeled are labeled and somewhat easy
and it is easy to follow
Organization/ Neatness 0 Points and out of order to follow
3 Points
1 Points 2 Points

Present but not properly Properly cited contains mostly Proper citation, good mixture of
Bibliography cited contains ALL websites websites websites, books, journals, etc
0 points
1 points 2 points 3 points

Project or approach is Project or approach is common. Project or approach is unique.

Missing unoriginal or below 8th Student made some effort to Student made significant effort to
Originality of the project 0 Points grade level make project their own make project their own
1 Points 2 Points 3 Points

Performs more than one trial

Performs only one or too Performs multiple trials (# of
Missing but not enough to be a valid
few trials trials depends on type of project)
Validity 0 Points project
1 Points 3 Points
2 Points