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your unique
combination of
natural gifts

Index of Meet the

Organikins Organikins
The Organikins as part of the
Actor p17 Hunter p7 Organic ScoreCard© (OSC) is a tool
Advisor p17 Innkeeper p9
that can help us to identify our life
strategy very accurately.
Apprentice p8 Inventor p10
Believer p10 Joker p9 The word Organikin derives from ‘next of kin’ – in
other words your closest family. (Next of kin – those
Bookworm p10 Life giver p6
persons who are most closely related to a given
Bricklayer p13 Master p8 person.)
So these are your internal blood relatives living inside
Captain p15 Mayor p16
you. We have been born with some of these ‘family
Caretaker p6 Mediator p15 members’ inside us to help us live our lives while
Copyright: other ‘family members’ have joined along the way
2016 TransMind - Chess-player p14 Organiser p9 as we try to cope in life.
Concept and product Diarist p12 Provider p11 This team of Organikins is the first group that we call
upon to help us when we are in trouble. They are
ClariAct - www.clariact.com Doubter p8 Revolutionary p16
Design and layout: also the first ones we use when we need to perform
Out of the Blue Creative Dreamer p12 Seller p11 well. They have come a long way with us – most
Communication Solutions - of them from before the age of 5 years. We know
www.outoftheblue.co.za Dweller p13 Tailor p11 exactly how, where and when to employ them.
Concept Art:
Illustrations and graphics Elder p15 Teacher p17 Some of them were given to us. Others we have
by Nico Simpson - invited long before we could even think. We should
www.claripics.com Explorer p14 Treasure seeker p12
Printing and binding: appreciate them for what they have already done
Print on Demand, Farmer p7 Winemaker p7 for us. At the same time, we should use them to
Tygerberg Junction, do good in life – also to do good for other people.
Junction Road, Grandma p6 Wizard p14 Marc Grond, the designer of the Organic ScoreCard,
Parow Industria 7493 -
www.printondemand.co.za Guru p16 Wrecker p13 believes that the OSC was ‘given’ to him.

2 3

Human brain

Mammal brain

Reptilian brain

Dynamic Red: Emotions
The need or drive to fight, flee or freeze.
Vulnerable This awareness is about agility, speed,
Resisting turbulence and change.

Blue: Stability
Predictability, reliability, staying power.
This is about restrictions or rigid safety,
Rigid recognizable and predictable structure in
Doubtless terms of yourself or the future. Neocortex

Limbic system

Brain stem

Yellow: Trust
Letting go, surrendering, distance
and abstraction. It is about being
Detached unconditional and detached, smiling and
Naive intrinsic safety or absence.

4 5

OrganicScoreCard S IG






Ambition - I show who I am
Motivation - I feel good about myself



Insight - I am proud of what I have been able to experienced

Agility - I am prepared for what is coming



Planning - I am my own best friend

Knowledge - I trust my own inspiration

Norms - I recognise my line of descent in who I am


Position - I really have a place in this world

Structure - I am supported by how I organise my things

Values - I know well where we are with each other

Connection - I am surrounded by people that love me I WE IT
and visa versa Perspective Perspective Perspective
I take full responsibility Responsibility is I have no influence on
Relevance - I know that I am a gift to my environment for my situation something we share what happens.

Roots Roots 7

Carrier Carrier

Grandma Caretaker Life giver Hunter Farmer Winemaker

Existence Existence
The basics of being, the felt right to exist The basics of being, the felt right to exist
My inside

My existance
Grandma Caretaker Life giver Hunter Farmer Wine maker
Grandmothers focus Caretakers are Life givers are Hunters are alert Farmers do what Wine makers have
on being there for all comforting, reliable, powerful, driven, and looking for they do. peace of mind in the
that is needed, content embracing and mobile and able to opportunities to They feel responsible given order, freed from
and the source of rest reassuring. reinvent themselves. confirm themselves for their surroundings. the here and now.
for everyone. They have an attitude They are needed and prove themselves The givenness of life is
They are relied upon
’I can be there for of: ‘trust me, lean on for growth and They want to stay in for sustainability and often translated into a
others from a fulfilled me, rest with me.’ enthusiasm. charge of initiatives. stewardship. natural sense of long-
Self.‘ They know they They have a ‘lust They are industrious term reassurance.
They are anchor points
They love , give safety ‘are who they are’ for life’ and are life- self-starters. in their environment. Their being in life
and embrace from and know they ‘are creating. sometimes feels like
their abundance. trustworthy.’ destiny or magical.

Roots Roots 9

Carrier Carrier

Master Apprentice Doubter Joker Organiser Innkeeper

Stability Stability
The necessary support, in people and continuity The necessary support, in people and continuity
My grounding

My friendship
Master Apprentice Doubter Joker Organiser Innkeeper
Masters are naturally Apprentices know Doubters know that Jokers always take the Organisers simply Always willing to be
comfortable in peaceful rest can life is uncertain by initiative in the group, know how to establish there for others, no
themselves and are at only be attained definition; certainty is involving everyone, the social environment matter who they are.
peace. by practicing it an illusion. engaging them in that makes everyone Enormous trust in
They are no longer continuously. The search for an inner what they are doing. feel at ease. people, no exceptions.
focussing on Peace of mind in the life and inner stability They ensure that the They meticulously Kindness is a
themselves. current situation, if means saying goodbye ‘safe’ people do not ensure that everything trademark.
Masters are connected properly guarded, to things that appear ‘escape’ from the is in order, and they Open and welcoming,
to life and they are provides life long stable. collective group. make sure that there making everyone feel
filled with love for balance and stability in Openness to the Good at sensing is something for at ease.
everything. being. situation in the who simply does not everyone.
Being one’s own best here and now feels belong to the group. They are always
companion gives them liberating. there for friends and
a clear view on others colleagues.

Trunk Trunk 11

Builder Builder

Believer Bookworm Inventor Seller Tailor Provider

Empowerment Empowerment
The experienced power to direct one’s life The experienced power to direct one’s life
My creativity

My contribution
Believer Bookworm Inventor Seller Tailor Provider
Believers trust and For bookworms truth Inventors are an Sellers have a keen Tailors listen well to Providers give
then receive all that is something you can inexhaustible source sense of knowing what what others want and them­selves to others.
they need. look up, something of inspiration and others need and what they do their utmost to They trust that ‘what
They really believe that is already ‘known’. creativity. they can therefore deliver this as precisely comes from the
in the power of Always looking for the They always think ‘deliver’. as possible. heart’ will always be
letting go. recognisable source of there is another truth They spend energy They work along welcome.
Believers know an idea. and nothing is set in thinking about familiar lines and Meeting others is
what need to be They regard them­ stone. opportunities and concepts. about mutual fulfil­
known at the right selves as the ones They combine trying to find new They focus to optimize ment and not driven
time they need to presenting knowledge thousands of things ways to come to a their chances of out of necessity.
know it and they are rather than the and turn it into deal. success for others and
open to receive this ones discovering something new. They are enablers of themselves.
knowledge. knowledge. success.

Trunk Trunk 13

Builder Builder

Dreamer Diarist Treasure seeker Wrecker Bricklayer Dweller

Ordering Ordering
The longing for structured being The longing for structured being
My history

My work space
Dreamer Diarist Treasure seeker Wrecker Bricklayer Dweller
Dreamers gratefully Diarists know Treasure seekers are Wreckers yearn to Bricklayers seek order Dwellers can enjoy
accept what life has themselves well and always looking for the be supported. through timing, everything that their
given them – not fill any gaps in this treasure they know They feel this new regularity, resources surroundings has to
only the pluses and knowledge easily. they are. order lies beyond and right insight. offer.
minuses, but also the To do this they They are looking inside chaos. They build to make They can sit back and
lessons. investigate, reflect and outside, and things that are obvious do what they were
If things do not work
It makes them happy and listen to others. reinvent themselves out and if wreckers do and factual the norm. born to do!
to accept why they are They gather over and over again. not find the help to do They do this to help They like the idea that
who they are. information in order They are driven by the their ‘thing’, everything others and themselves they do not have to
The ‘lesser’ traits in to solve the ‘mystery addictive magic of must change. rise to their potential. think about arranging
themselves no longer of me.’ great happiness or the their resources
bother them. final wisdom about themselves.
who they are.

Crown Crown 15

Architect Architect

Wizard Chess-player Explorer Captain Mediator Elder

Change Change
The felt possibilities for change The felt possibilities for change
My future

My collaboration
Wizard Chess-player Explorer Captain Mediator Elder
Wizards’s strong Chess-players build Explorers are agile, Captains have the urge Mediators like to make Elders have a natural
presence allow them their ideas of the future quick to connect the to take control and appointments and to delegation power -
to just be, regardless of and vision on their dots and therefore know exactly what stick to them. everyone does what
what is coming their reading of the now. ready for anything. to do. Certainty and clarity they need to do
way. Mapping future The pleasure they They make underlying are very important for but within a larger
They do not need to possibilities that are get from all the relationships clear for them. context of doing things
wait for anything or obvious to them. uncertainties coming others to know how together.
They are the reliable
anticipate anything. They can formulate their way turns them they need to work, core of the group. They can and want
They trust they are various scenarios, into excellent change care and live together. to work without
They ensure that
everything they should compare various and development They determine, someone watching
everyone knows where
be and feel free to do options and switch experts. arrange, push and pull over their shoulder.
they stand in terms
what they can and from one to the other. Come what may – where they think it is of one another and in It is about giving
may do. their eagerness is necessary to do so. terms of themselves. people space and
contagious. trusting them to do
the right thing.

Crown Crown 17

Architect Architect

Guru Mayor Revolutionary Actor Teacher Advisor

Adaptation Adaptation
The perceived need to fit in The perceived need to fit in
My origin

My outside
Guru Mayor Revolutionary Actor Teacher Advisor
Gurus are examples Mayors act as Revolutionaries Actors have abundant Teachers maintain Advisors embody
for everyone of how examples for everyone have an eye for the inspiring energy that the perfect balance invitation.
to live life through the when it comes to obstacles that people attracts attention. between what they They show their most
way they create space complying with collectively have Their enthusiasm can do, who they are, endearing smiles and
to think and play. codes of conduct and created. can bring things into and what people want quickly put people
Their natural attraction (cultural) standards. They feel like the Robin movement. to see of them. at ease with their
makes people follow They find compliance Hoods of their world. They take centre stage They also know that kindness.
them on their way. very normal. They fight against to refocus other’s this is why people They want to be
They are decent and what they regard as attention. appreciate them. perceived as inviting
thorough. nonsense, injustice or They know their and open.
unworkable ideas. strengths and have Their friendliness
very high standards for and ability to listen
themselves. make everyone feel

18 19

Single celled Declared human Fulfilled human

Experiencing existential Revealing yourself to the • Valuing yourself as
rights world. I have learned deeply important Fulfilled
that I can get what I • I have learned that I can human
need. I don’t have to ask fulfil myself without Declared
questions about my right doing injustice to human
to be. others. I have learned Single
that I am the most celled
beautiful creation that I
could be. We
Reptile Decoupled Servant human
In constant contact with human • Going beyond yourself Reptile Mammal
everything around, • Detaching, separated to serve humanity
developing reflexes of and feeling at the • I have learned not to Decoupled
survival mercy of everything think and worry about human Inclusive
myself anymore. I am human
• I have learned to trust
and to provide for free to serve the world.
Servant World
human citizen
Mammal Inclusive human Global human
Deeply dependent on • Knowing where you • Connecting and
others and implicitly belong and also what embracing humanity
exploring creativity groups you are not and the earth It
part of • I have learned to deeply
• I have learned what connect to all human
conditional love beings, almost without
means. I know who I words. The earth is the
am among others and only boundary.
through the eyes of

20 Question Summary 21

Write one sentence that summarizes your current natural core strengths.

Initial Invite »
What part of your life do you want
to explore?
First Question »
What question/s are you busy with?
Boost Question »
What deeper question, if you could get
it answered, would help you most?

Core question
What is the one question, if you could get it answered, would help you most Starting point
in life? The question could be about yourself, others or life in general.
1. What will you do?

2. How will you do it?

3. By when will you do it?

If you could rephrase your question, what would it be now?
4. Where will you do it?

5. Who / what will support you to do it?

OrganiCanvas Developed by ClariAct in partnership
with Transmind International.

Identify Utilize Support

Identify 6 of your most visible Describe events where Describe incidents where
gifts (Organikins). Describe your group gained from your gifts were supported
what you identify with. your gifts. by other members in your Helping leaders, individuals and
group. teams deal with organisational
change and acquire awarefulness and
interpersonal skills to deliver sustained
1 high performance within complex
environments as cross-functional,
self-organising teams.
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3 Communicating complex messages

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Graphic facilitation
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4 Creative communication at conferences
Plotting customer journeys
Developing interactive training programs
Redesigning customer experiences
Key note speaking
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