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Republic of the Philippines

City of Taguig
Taguig City University
Gen. Santos Avenue, Central Bicutan, Taguig City


2019 – 2022 MELJUN CORTES
GOAL: Enhanced OSAS Student Welfare and Development Services
Programs/ Expected Responsible Performance Budget
Strategic Goals Time – Frame
Projects/ Activities Outcome Unit/ Person/s Indicator Requirement
1.Enhance 1.Student Manual 1.0 Revised draft MAY OSAS 95 % Clean Draft -One Colored
Student Welfare to 25019 Revision for BOR Printer-6,500
meet student’s Completed Presentation 10
need for a student (after MANCOM -850 x 10 colored ink
handbook on Review & Final cartridges =Pp8,500)
University policies reprinting of -750x 10 black ink
and Guidelines. Mancom corrected cartridges= Pp,7500
final clean draft -5 Rms White Bond
copy) Paper- 5x 500= 2,500
- 50 white long
folders =Pp300
1.2 Final End of June -Do- 100% 30 Clean Copy’s for
Editing Final Clean TCU
Draft Key Officials
1.4 Mass July -DO- Ready for Mass 2,500 x 50=
production Production Pp125,000 TOTAL
(2,500) cps for Manual Revision
- Pp149,000
2.Improve Work 2.Filling up Unfilled Items filled Up June-July HRMF 3 admin aides 11,440x3x12=
efficiency enhanced items with urgency For improved Assigned in their
Of OSAS Units for 3 OSAS Admin AIDEs efficiency designated
students /welfare (OSAS+ Student Org.+ Place of work
Student Publication ( ie.- OSAS
- Student Org.
- Publication
2. 1 Filling Up Unfilled Items filled up July HRMF 2 add’l RGC’s 25,000 x 2x12
Items: for Admission& -do- Hired for SHS &
SHS One for
- Two (2) additional Admission with
Reg. Guidance respective
Counsellors -do- Psychometricians
-Two (2) July HRMF 18,000x2x12=
2.2 Filling Up Unfilled Item July OIC-Pres. One Publication Pp30,000 x12=
Items Filled Up & HRMF Coordinator in place
I Coordinator- -do-
Student Publication

3. Provide students 3. Student Orientation Orientation on 2nd. Week of OSAS 100 & of Freshmen
orientation based For College Freshmen the TCU Revised August after + other Dep Heads oriented
on the Revised based on the Revised Student Manual & official enrolment
University student Student Manual & other TCU Policies
Manual 2019 other & TCU Policies and Guidelines
Policies , rules and and Guidelines
3.1 OSAS+ Other Units Systematic -do- OSAS Food& water 20x 100 x5
Mass Orientation Orientation + (snacks) for Half days
On Planned HRMF facilitators (AM)=Pp5,000
Topics &Speakers
3.2. Respective Colleges College -do- Deans, College Coor -do-
Orientation Orientation 70x10 x7 college
(half days-for food
Water- 12 x10 x7=
3. 3 Graduate Program Graduate -do- OIC-Pres -d0-
Orientation orientation VPAA, One Sat.
Dean of 10x
Graduate 200x1day=P2,000
3.4 Establish a clear TCU-SAT Dec. OSAS-Admission Admission 33 Tarps
flow chart of Examine Flow chart MIS 33x 750 + On-line
for TCU conduct of TCU- admission Guidance Publication in taguig
SAT activities City & TCU Website
4. Strengthened 4.0 Admission Publication of January OSAS-Admission 95% Coordination 33 Tarps
OSAS Admission Requirements Publicize TUC-SAT done with DepEd 33x 750 + On-line
Policies & Activities Requirement Schools & Publication in taguig
announcement to all City & TCU Website
Taguig Brgys

4.1 Orientation of Clearing Last week of -do- Clear Food

Examiners & Proctors Procedures in March Orientation For orientation
Conduct of TCU- In conductof TCU-Sat 125x 100
SAT to Students
1 batch250 x100=
25, ,000
2nd batch- 125x 100=
4.2 Conduct of TCU-SAT Smooth & orderly 1ST,2ND, AND 3RD -do- 95% Synages
Conduct of TCU- WEEK OF APRIL of TCU-SAT Food-
SAT activities& facilities st
1 batch250 x100=
Prepared & 25, ,000
smoothly done nd
2 batch- 125x 100=
4.3 Retrieval & Closed Door 2nd- 3rd week of -day- A chosen grp 7x 300 for 3 meals x
checking of test Checking of May 7days
documents & TCU-SAT test AM-snacks
preparation of mean booklets & Noon Lunch
score establish standard Pm snacks=14,700
mean Papers for printing
4.4 Posting TCU-SAT TCU Bulletin Brd & 4th week of May Hard copies to
results On-line different TCU Key
officials and the
Office of the
5 Rms x 250=
5 printer ink
12 folders
1 hard bound cover
4.5 Safekeeping -do- March- August OSAS-Admission Documents of One steel cabinet
&Profiling of Guidance & Testing students safely kept needed
student Office , however profiling 1x 6000= Pp6000
applicants done by batch as to
documents test shift .

4.6 Preparing soft and -do- March-Dec. -do- 1 Hard drive

hard copy of List of P6,500
TCU-SAT test results
4.7 Provision for Under study End of March 2020 OIC-PRES With Computer lab Computer lab
Walk- In qualified facility
4.8 Secured Under study May -Dec MIS & Office of the Admission Head 1 secured steel Vault
Computerized Exam Registrar MIS & Registrar Pp25,000

4.9 Aligning Exam with Under Study June-july OIC-Press OIC-Press One test committee
K12 Curriculum University Registrar MIS of 7 members
VPAA Registrar 1 weeks
Subject Coor preparation
Collage Dean OSAS (closed door)
Dean 7x300x10 days=
5. Student 5.0 Organize a Staffing and assg. Aug-Dec -do- OSAS 1 Computer
Publication functional student org responsible Publication Head 1 laptap
Publication unit that writers-(i.e. 1 working table with
publicize timely reports headline, 8 monoblock chairs
of student features, news, -1 table for
accomplishments in photography, Publication head
various field of caricature, special 1- electric fan
university endeavours column
5.1 Training of trainers Assigned some Nov-Dec -do- OSAS Publication Registration and
and staff English Faculty & training fee
students Training
and Publication
5.2 Attendance in NCR Active Nov-Dec. -do- -do- Food
& National Press participation in Transpo
conference Nat. Campus Registration
Journalism Accommodation
5.3 Release 1st issue of 1st-initial issue of -Dec. -do- -do- Paper
student Publication student paper & colored printing
5.4 Special report to Special report August-September OSAS Admission 95% done with For quality
city Mayor & OPRES on accuracy assurance data file
Taguig SHS
5.5Research on Under study Sept-December -do- Accomplish - university progress
Trends by TCU-SAT Under a separate report
Results admission Unit
5.6Research on Coordinated with the -do- OSAS Discipline with
problems of TCU Guidance and Testing Guidance & testing A 95% Collaborative 30,000
Students Unit activity
6. RESOURCE DEV. 6.0 Procurement of a Facility of Student July-Dec. Project proposal with A high satisfaction & 1 Bus with ICT
student Bus with ICT transportation during Personal request Positive Acceptance Component
facility trainings & serve as letter signed by all from all ( Educa’l during traffic
training school during student Org. Officers Student Organization )
traffic and CSC officers
6.1 Minor repair Of all The ff.installed May- July OSAS Dean Gen. Fund All Minor repairs
OSAS Unit VPA coordinated with
- Window Grills 1.Window Grills Physical facilities Physical facilities Unit
- Wall Cabinet 2.Wall Cabinets Head
installation 3. New Furnitures
- Replacement 4. One way Mirror
of Worn-out 5. New Door locks
- Inatallation of
mirror in the Aircon repaired
Testing/ Repainting of all
Investigation OSAS Units done
- Repair of OSAS
AIrcon as
-Repainting of
OSAS Units offices
6.3 Installation of Internet Connectivity Efficient& speed in MIS Cabling works 5,000
Internet in all OSAS All OSAS Units delivery of service &
Unit Dean OSAS
6.4 Installation of a -Publication Office
separate Publication secured Total Quality All OSAS Unit Heads
7. Benchmarking for Office Benchmarking Visit & Management& & Staff Networking/partnership Bus/Van car pooling
quality , efficient and Partnership with PUP networking linkage Management by For benchmarking On: & food for
effective client service Taguig and Enderun Objectives – 1. Office assessment &
College,Mckinly Hills, integrated in Client frontline evaluation
Fort Bonifacio Taguig service services
City Mtro. Mala. 2. Record filing
3. Student

8. Strengthened team Team building activity A stress free work December OSAS.Dean, VP 100% stress free 1.600
building activities with lakbay -aral environment Academics & City Hall improved work
Integrating National With o pride of local Education Officials activities
pride of local historical sites:
historical sites 1. Taguig City
2. Bataan&

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